Godly Model Creator Chapter 598

Chapter 598

Chapter 598 - A Confrontation of Illusion Technique!

After the last battle, you have been hiding in the classroom all the time. Su Minghui coldly said.

After the last battle, he didnt expect Su Hao to ignore him completely. Whether he was in the classroom or his own dormitory, Su Minghui had no chance to make a move. Su Hao had been training all this time! When Su Minghui attempted to attack Su Hao several times, he was dragged back to reality after realizing where theyre at now. This frustrated him greatly.

Huh, so? Su Hao replied without hesitation.

Do you dare to fight against me? Su Minghui sneered.

Su Hao was too lazy to even lift his eyelids, Not interested.

Oh, youre so afraid that you dare not confront with me in this battle of illusion? Su Minghui suddenly revealed a strange smile, A showdown in illusion is included in the schools assessment after all. Do you dare to join or not? Of course, youre just a visiting student. You can choose to not participate. Why dont you consider it? Its fine if youre afraid.

Su Minghui taunted as if like he is trying to instigate Su Hao to be mad and agree.

What he had never imagined was at this time, Su Hao actually looked down with an expression which seemed like he is really considering Su Minghuis suggestion.

Su Minghuis eyes unconsciously widened.


Is this brat really considering it?

Su Minghuis face revealed a speechless look.

Youngsters nowadays, which one of them isnt arrogant! Because of their might, because of their future, everyone has their own arrogance! Especially while being slapped directly on the face in such a situation, this is something no one could bear!

If its someone else, he would have been very angered by now.

Even when knowing hes weaker, he would still fight with his life!

Not to forget Su Haos reputation is very big.

After all, there arent many freshmen with such strength. If he refuses to fight, the influence on his name wont be small.

After all, this was just a battle in illusion and not a death match!

If he doesnt even dare to fight in such a battle, the rumor regarding Su Haos exhaustion in his potential will spread like wildfire. Many spectators were just waiting to humiliate Su Hao even more. However, Su Minghui never thought that Su Hao would actually consider this option!

In fact, Su Hao was really considering it.

However, instead of thinking of his fame, he was thinking of the meaning behind this matter. After having such strength, Su Hao was already immune to the so-called fame! Compared to those students in the illusion department, Su Hao has undergone more experiences.

A showdown in illusion... Su Hao muttered to himself.

He heard of this before. While in high school, it was actually a part of the midterm exam. Except in Zhanzheng College, it is now considered a practical test. During the illusion showdown, one student will be selected to fight against another while the teachers give a corresponding score to each student.

Additionally, this test is also an opportunity for Su Minghui to enter into the intermediate class.

As for the purpose, Su Hao didnt even have to guess.

The only thing Su Hao is considering is, is it worth it?

He would definitely fail this exam.

Due to having close to a zero score in confusion, his illusion basically did nothing against an illusion master. After all, this is the illusion department. He cant take out Xinghe Sword to kill all the students! To gain the final victory, he has to use illusions to defeat his opponents!

Thus, this exam, on the surface doesnt mean a thing to him.

However, Su Haos eyes flashed with a different motive.

Touching the butterfly tattoo on his arm, he didnt know how long Blue Dream Butterfly would take to wake up. Its too slow to rely on the illusion departments energy!

But if there is an illusion platform, the result would be completely different.

Su Haos eyes lit up.

Not only that, with the illusion showdown as a cover, it allows him to use his model analysis inconspicuously. Perhaps the barrier which has been unsolvable all this time will be solved using these people?

Su Hao raised his head and looked at Su Minghuis eyes with a more friendlier look.

Well, lets see. After all, its still a Su family member reminding me.

When will the illusion showdown be held?

Three days from now!

Then, see you during the showdown. Su Hao laughed.

Su Minghui looked at him in some confusion. Instantly, his face turned red. He has been tricked again!

This damn Su Hao!

Three days later, in the illusion department.

The department was full of people. After all, it was the illusion showdown of beginner classes. This competition would be the chance to verify everyones strength since each student will display their true strength in front of the public. Then, based on the parameters set on the machine, the school will give the final result.

Every class was secretly competing against each other.

Some were nervous, some were jealous, and some were excited. These people were all geniuses wherever they go. Just like Bai Feng, they were dazzling professional espers, but here theyre only ordinary students.

Each class in the school will have a corresponding rank. The final rating will be given to the class based on the average scores of the students in the class.

Previously, Beginner Class 8 had been at the bottom until Su Minghui began to improve last year. In recent months, the class has been carried all the way to sixth place!

Thus, each time when the exam is held, every student in the class will be excited.

This time, we might reach the fifth rank.

I think so too.

Everyone was in this heated discussion when a voice suddenly interrupted their discussion, Wow, isnt this student from Beginner Class eight?

The crowd turned around, and their faces turned black.

Beginner Class ten!

The one leading this bunch is the leader of the class. The leader smiled and walked over. Looking at the students from class eight, he laughed in a mocking tone, Oh, as excited as usual. You all really think that your class can improve even further?

Hehe. Fat Tiger smiled, Why not? If I guess it right, we placed sixth in the previous exam. As for you all ranked tenth. Such a pitiful kid, perhaps you can only find your existence from this aspect?

Many students from class ten wanted to charge forward, but their leader stopped them.

Then, they stared at Fat Tiger fiercely as if they cant wait any longer to eat him whole.

The leader sneered at Fat Tiger, Really? You guys used to be at the bottom. You think Su Minghui can save you all by himself? Oh yeah, I suddenly remember that Su Minghui is about to enter the intermediate class. At that time, you shrimp soldiers and crab generals...

The students of class eight turned pale.

Its a good thing for Su Minghui to get stronger.

However, as that leader mentioned, Su Minghui is strong enough to enter the intermediate class. When that happens, they will end up at the bottom again!

This kind of honor belongs to Su Minghui and not them.

Humph, so what then? Fat Tiger said with a grin, At least, you guys are currently at the bottom. Do you even have anyone to carry your class?

Who said we dont? The leader suddenly smiled strangely, You really think that this time, you can be the first?

Fat Tiger was stunned, What are you trying to say?

Hahaha, you forgot about that violent man in your class? I hope you can maintain sixth place later. Hahaha. The leader laughed and left the students of class eight.

Su Hao...

They actually forgot about him!

One of the top ten most violent men!

Is Su Hao weak?


Although his confusion is close to zero, hes perfect in other aspects. He has a solid foundation too. In the eyes of outsiders, there are absolutely no problems.

But this time, he would be facing students who mastered illusion!

No matter how real it is, others will instantly know that it is an illusion!

While both contestants will use illusions to confront each other, only the one with the better confusion score would win.

There is even a legend that said a top-tier illusion technique could make one feel like that they spent a long time in the blink of an eye.

As for Su Hao, what he lacked is this.

Each class doesnt have many students. Thus, the classs ranking can be easily affected. For example, Su Minghui along could single-handedly carry the class from tenth, all the way to sixth! In the same way, if youre weak, you can easily drag your class ranking back to the bottom!

Without any doubt, Su Hao is this student.

At this moment, everyone could imagine Su Hao being placed last, causing their class ranking to return to tenth and those from class ten mocking them. What made them sad was Su Haos strength far exceeds them that they cant even threaten him or release their steam on him.

Thinking of this, everyone felt disgusted as if they had swallowed a fly.

Why didnt he go to class ten?

Some sighed as they thought this.

Hes just a visiting student. Why dont we prevent him from participating? Someone suggested.

Fat Tiger shook his head, You think that Teacher Zhou Ru will agree?

Everyone sighed again.

They understood Teacher Zhou Rus temper.

Hes like a traditional teacher from ancient times. A typical old, persistent man who will never give up on any student, not even Su Hao. This was clearly seen from his recent attitude.

To make Teacher Zhou Ru change his mind and give up on Su Hao is even harder than going to Heaven.

Then, we just let it proceed like this?

They said in an unwilling tone.

Probably not... Fat Tiger shook his head, Su Minghui has improved again recently. He should be able to carry us even further. Even if this is his last fight before going to the intermediate class, he will end it in style.

Everyone revealed a complicated look.

For Su Minghui, class eight is just a stepping stone; but for those who simply can never reach the intermediate class, this class is the one they will be in until they graduate!

Illusion showdown!

It is a personal achievement, and each class glory too!