Godly Model Creator Chapter 599

Chapter 599

Chapter 599 - Illusion Domain

At the center of the department.

Students rushed over there as more and more people gathered at the square.

Soon, it was time for the exam to begin. The teachers in charge were all here too. It didnt look grand at all; just a plain-looking scene. Every teacher walked up the stage without using a tiny bit of energy.

The students revealed their admiration seeing this scene because they understood that these teachers were saving energy to prepare for the incoming exam!

It was at this time that dozens of teachers on the stage moved uniformly.


Waves of special illusion energy rushed up the sky at this moment. When they intersected in mid-air, a huge sphere was formed.

This is the aura of a domain formed by dozens of domain espers!

This is the result of their aura integrating!

The sky looked bleak.

At this moment, the only thing left is that huge sphere. It was as if it is the only thing that exists in the whole world.

Right now, this scene enchanted everyone.

What a magnificent sight this is.

Everyone raised their heads and witnessed this phenomenon with sparkling eyes. Suddenly, that huge sphere exploded!


A huge burst rang in their eardrums.

The huge sphere finally could no longer bear the energy it contained. At this very moment, it detonated, energy waves sweeping around, engulfing everyone in the scene in an instant.

Everyone was shocked by this scene. How magnificent it is when energy has been condensed to the extreme before detonating?

That loud bang seemed like it could split Earth and Heaven apart.

When everyone regained their senses, they discovered that...

The world had changed!

At the square of the illusion department, those teachers finally stopped their action in a strained manner. The teachers revealed a gratifying smile upon seeing the students in the square stand there quietly like sculptures.

The illusion showdown begins now!

An illusion domain formed by the joint effort of various teachers; a place filled with a variety of illusions for students to fight within!

Each person skill with illusions...

Everyones ability to survive...

The way everyone fights...

These are all factors taken into consideration for the score evaluation!

This isnt an ordinary battle in virtual reality, but a battle of illusions. The only factor which can make a difference is your skill using illusions!

In the illusion domain, Su Hao looked up in a daze.

When he arrived in the square and watched the teachers condense energy with great interest, he was pondering of how to steal some techniques. However, he was suddenly greeted with a sudden burst of energy. Before managing to evade, he got himself caught in the blast!

Where is this? Su Hao looked around.

He felt that his clothes didnt feel right.

His body had been automatically replaced with the simplest school uniform with the illusion departments logo and a tag used to represent Beginner Class 8. Su Hao finally understood.

This is an illusion domain!

The battlefield of the illusion showdown!

Observing the surrounding environment, it felt empty and desolate. Su Hao felt like he had returned to the ancient world.

So this is an illusion domain?

What kind of world is this?

Su Hao was on a high alert.

After all, he had really underestimated the strength of a domain esper!

Each time when he felt that he understood a domain espers strength, real life would prove him otherwise. And now...

This piece of land isnt a domain, but a standalone world!

If Su Hao didnt guess incorrectly, every student must have been brought into this world. To bring every one of them here with just some thoughts, this kind of strength...

Even if it is a joint effort from various teachers, this feat is enough to amaze Su Hao.

The domain realm is after all the domain realm!

While there is a trace of awe in his heart, Su Hao suddenly noticed that the pattern on his arm flashed for a second, causing that trace of awe to vanish instantly.

Blue Dream Butterfly? Su Hao was stunned.

Its that aura again, that familiar aura!

Although it was for just a second, Su Hao still managed to detect it. Carefully examining the state of his body, Su Hao couldnt help himself for being unable to suppress his joy.

The illusion energy increased again!

Sure enough, he came to the right place!

Su Haos eyes showed a hint of a smile. It seems that it wont be that long before that brat wakes up as long as Su Hao stayed here long enough!

Although my illusions are terrible, it shouldnt be much of a problem to live here. Su Hao pondered.

He subsequently tried to operate the energy within his body which lead to his face changing color.

Something is amiss!

His energy had disappeared!

Model analysis! Su Hao tried to use the energy within his body again, and nothing happened!

Internal force!

No reaction!

Model World!

Yet again nothing happened!

Su Haos face finally turned grave.

All the power in his body had disappeared!

For the first time in history, all the techniques and skills he mastered had disappeared without a trace.

This state...

Su Hao was utterly shocked. So, this is what an illusion domain looks like?

This isnt any ordinary virtual world. Here, all the logic taught outside is meaningless. Whether it be origin techniques or model analysis, they wont work here!

If you want to defeat someone, you can only rely on illusions!

The might of illusions!

He originally planned to steal some cards from other students during this competition and see if he can improve his current situation. But now it seemed that it is a wish.

Su Hao looked at his own body. A normal body without any special strength, just one piece of clothing under his body.


Su Hao squeezed his fists.

The physical strength he had is consistent with real life. So this was his only advantage! When everyone else would be utilizing illusion techniques to fight, he would be the sole person struggling with brute strength!

However, regarding illusion techniques...

The simple ones should be fine right?

Condense! Su Hao tried to create an illusion.

A sword appeared from his palm. It looked exactly the same as the Xinghe Sword; just as he predicted.

Su Haos eyes lit up. This is the world of illusions. Here, he can freely transform anything he wants. For example...


The clothes on Su Haos body changed.

A set of perfect black clothes covered his whole body from head to toe. These clothes are based off the clothes from Tian Xing Martial Army which is used to hide ones identity.

Looking at the Xinghe Sword in his hand, Su Hao made it vanish.

Its useless.

Here is the illusion domain.

Without having any origin techniques, whats the use of having this broken sword?


Su Hao tried to operate the power of illusion, and the surrounding scene changed.

So, its not just limited to items. It is even possible to change the world if one dares to try while here. So, this is how the essence of an illusion domain work.

Su Hao immersed himself in his thoughts.

Su Hao vaguely felt that his understanding of illusions was getting better.

At this moment, a voice filled with excitement came from afar, Su Hao?

Su Hao raised his head up and saw a young man looking at him in excitement from a distance of a dozen meters away. It was as if the young man had struck a jackpot.

You know me? Su Hao was a bit confused. From his memory, he didnt feel that he had seen this young man before.

Haha, of course I know. The trash of class eight! The young man continued, To fight against you, I will definitely be able to show everything which I have learned! Im so lucky!

Ah! Su Hao finally understood. So, he had been marked.

How did you recognize me? Su Hao still had some doubts.

In an illusion domain, everyones clothes have been labeled with their respective identity. No matter how you try to change it, your aura clearly tells others that youre Su Hao from Beginner Class eight. That young man was in cloud nine.

Really? Su Hao swept across the young man with some illusion energy and obtained a message.

Beginner Class ten, Le Yun.

Interesting. Su Hao said with great interest.

Hehe. Le Yun looked at Su Haos facial expression. A hidden smirk appeared in his heart. Just as he suspected!

Le Yun naturally knew the kind of identity Su Hao has and how strong he is. Hes after all one of the top ten most violent men! Previously, after two people from the top ten list entered the illusion department, they directly entered into the advanced class in the blink of an eye. This is why Le Yun was still hesitating for a bit.

To inform Su Hao just now about the inspection was just a test.

When Su Hao tried to examine him, he was able to gauge the strength of Su Haos illusion.

Its too weak!

The powerful Su Hao in real life is just trash here!

Le Yun couldnt help being surprised. It seems like God has innocently given him a huge pie to enjoy.

After understanding Su Haos strength, Le Yun didnt hesitate to attack. Such a rare opportunity, he didnt want someone to snatch his prey.

With a flick of his mind, quicksand appeared under Su Haos feet.

Being surrounded by the rapid drifting sand, as long as Su Hao got himself covered completely, Su Hao will definitely die! After all, he is just like any ordinary person right now!

The realism is 71% with 30% in confusion!

Le Yun was very confident that Su Hao would be drawn into the quicksand. After making the illusion, he quickly noticed shock in Su Haos eyes as Su Hao quickly retreated in panic.

Just drop dead! Le Yuns eyes shone!

Illusion domain!

As long as other people believe the illusion is real, it would work! Even if they know its fake, under the influence of confusion, they will still be affected and unconsciously believe that its true!

This is the great advantage of confusion!

Now, this retreat from Su Hao is equal to sending himself to hell.


Su Hao moved his foot back to the same place.

The joy on Le Yuns face instantly turned into confusion because he saw that even though Su Hao took a step back, he still stepped on the quicksand without any hesitation. Not only that, he actually squatted down and grabbed the quicksand as if he was studying something.