Godly Model Creator Chapter 6

Gmc Chapter 6

Chapter 0006 Origin ability firm

This big scale gossip was going on for a long time. Whenever Su Hao was walking around on campus, from time to time, some students would be pointing at him from a distance away.

Facing such situations, Su Hao could only bitterly smiled. During battle, he could seal himself off from any distractions. However, during normal times, he was still unable to get used to such situations. Out of desperation, he simply rushed back to his classroom and wanted to review the battle.

This time, his luck greatly contributed to winning. As for Chen Yifengs current strength, to suppress his origin ability to 5 was not an easy feat. If he had just casually used a more advanced skill, he was afraid that his origin ability would instantly go past the value of 5.

Thus, every single attack of his, Chen Yifeng would have to think twice to ensure his attack would be at a value of 5. Most ordinary people wouldnt notice that Chen Yifeng had to take extra time for his attacks, rendering them not as fluid and reducing the displayed proficiency. However, Su Hao who was fighting could keenly notice this and realised that his skills paled greatly in comparison, the incident was just like an eye opener for him.

The school bell rang and the class teacher Yang Ziqing came in and resumed her teaching on origin ability cultivation.

Breathe..let your power follow your lead, control it. Let it flow slowly in the route which you have learned until it has completed one cycle.

Yang Ziqing led her students to carry out origin ability cultivation.

Su Hao instantly activated his model analysis ability. Facing the direction of Yang Ziqing, a model of her immediately established in his mind and one of her origin ability cards appeared and floated around her model.

This was the latest discovery of Su Hao.

Although creating model consumed quite a bit of his origin ability energy, if he just extracted one ability card instead of trying to throw a net and extract every ability card, the energy consumption would be much lower.

Thus, he only extracted out Yang Ziqings cultivation card.

Name               : Advanced origin ability cultivation

Rating              : 2 stars

Introduction   : Origin ability cultivation, the basic method to increase origin ability energy. Higher levels will greatly enhance the amount of energy stored and its recovery rate.

She really deserves to be our class teacher. Su Hao licked his lips, In our class, most of the students have not even mastered beginner cultivation. If they have some insight also, they would only reach beginner at most. As for the very few geniuses, they would most probably reach intermediate. Yet, our class teacher has reached advanced level. This is the first time I obtained a 2-star card, obviously it would be better than the others.

As long as he mastered advanced cultivation, he would be able to rise up in a straight line to the clear sky, having almost endless origin ability energy.

With both eyes closed, Su Hao began analyzing the card.

Card selection completedadvanced origin ability cultivationanalyzing..establishment of model.card model establishment completed.


A black card appeared in the middle of Su Haos brain. His heart rate began to surge as the integration with the card started.


A moment later, the energy which he painstakingly recover was instantly emptied. Su Hao was dumbfounded right on the spot. He had just used his origin ability and now, not able to recover back even one percent.  He understood that he would not be able to complete the fusion at one go but.

Looking at the gray card which only lighted up at a very small area, Su Hao was speechless. It was only one in a thousand!

What this meant was even if he recovered his energy to the fullest, he would need at least a full three months in order to understand this card.

Yet, a duration of three months was absolutely worth it. As for most people, dont say three months, even if 3 years or 3 decades, being able to master advanced cultivation was something very difficult and worth celebrating.

But..one month later would be the mock exam. This was the best chance to enter the natural selection class!

Anyone who enters this natural selection class would be hopping into a high-speed train and become a part of the schools most important figures! This would represent an enlarging rift between them and ordinary students.

Having strong qualified teachers, rich resources of the school, and powerful training. If the gap was too large, it would be hard to catch up. This was the best time to be on the better side of this split for the highest glory, for the chance to have an entry into Zhangzheng college!

If I want to enter Zhangzeng college, I must quickly enhance my strength. To do so, I would have to rely on model analysis but

No, I cant wait for it to slowly recover.

Su Hao thought for quite a long time before finally thinking of a brilliant idea.

At the market, there were stores selling medicine to recover origin ability energy. After consuming the medicine, you would be able to recover your energy at very fast rate. In fact, to think of such an idea was not exactly innovative, it was just that Su Hao subconsciously ignored it. It was all because of ..money!

Even the lowest grade recovery medicine would cost him 10,000 star dollars. For Su Hao, affording this price was something which he could only dream of. Even if he sold himself, he would still not able to afford it.

Su Hao thought for a moment before finally making a decision.

Work! Earn money! Buy the recovery medicine!

The amount of high school students working part time was quite a large number. Some were doing it for cultivation while some were trying to make money. As their qualifications and talents were different from each other, most of them will choose work at one particular place origin ability firm!

The so-called origin ability firm, is just a place to accept missions. It is a medium for the customers to issue missions and any interested parties or individuals to accept the missions. Once the mission is completed, they would be able to receive the corresponding rewards.

Besides the service fees which are a bit murky, it is basically safe and reliable.

The origin ability firm was huge. At the hall in the first floor, there were lots of ATM like machines as a self service platform. Anyone would be able to get any information by using the machine.

Su Hao walked to the front of a self service platform. With a stroke on the screen with his hand, information about Wu Hao appeared. Lines of strange missions were listed on the screen.

Help Zhang San to find his lost pet dog, task reward: 30 star dollar, task level: 1 star

Help Li Si find his lost phone, task reward: 50 star dollar, task level: 1 star

Help Xiao Ming finish his homework..

What the f*ck!

Su Hao looked at the screen and started to sweat. These types of missions can also be issued?

Such low star money reward, tasks which could make anyones hair stand. As he was cursing a few words, shua! The information on the screen refreshed. The task to find puppy and doing homework were gone. This indicated that someone had accepted the mission!

Okay then. Su Hao then helplessly went to the menu selection. On the results filtering tab, he deselected displaying 1-star missions!


The screen flashed and new task information appeared. He then browsed through all the 2-star tasks, cracking information on the hard disk, one day receptionist at a bar, martial art sparring for a day.

Su Hao then continued scrolling seriously.

For these missions, those with suitable origin abilities would be able to complete the task with ease and obtain thousands of star dollars. As Su Hao was reading the information about these tasks, he somehow was unable to find any jobs which suit him.

Obviously a Jianghe citys building did not collapse. The bridge had not collapsed and no building was being built. Thus, he could not find any relevant mission for his model analysis.

Su Hao could only smile bitterly. He continued to scroll down and the moment when he was about to give up, he suddenly came across a line of information: Collect one star grass, task reward: one bottle of low level origin ability recovery medicine, task level: 2 stars

Low level origin ability recovery medicine! Su Haos eyes shined and quickly opened the detail of the task.

This is a task to collect. The collection location is at the hillside of a small hill outside the city which is the habitat of star grass.

Outside the city. Su Hao somehow hesitated. No wonder it offered such a high reward. Although the location to harvest the grass was not far away from the city, in the current era as long as you are not in the city at any moment, there will surely be a risk of danger! You would never know when a fearful beast would appear.


Su Hao clenched his teeth and memorized the task number to register it at the counter.

The identification verification process was completed in just a few breaths. However, when the registrar at the counter noticed Su Haos origin ability was only 5, he quickly advised, This student, the place to collect star grass usually would be frequented by some fearful beasts. With an origin ability of 6 you can barely confront them. At least you will still be able to escape if you are unable to beat it. Why dont you reconsider?

Su Hao firmly shook his head. Seeing this, the registrar no longer tried to persuade him. After all, he had seen these kind of people too often.

Many thanks.

After finishing the registration, Su Hao then walked towards the direction of the outer city. With a distance of only 3 miles, it should not take much time. It was just that he could hear sounds of gossip from his back.

Another one who values money more than his life.

Yea. They are pushing their luck too much. These days, how many people had died from such missions. Why is this task listed as 2 stars?

You are right. In my opinion, how could this be a 2-star task? This was clearly a 3-star combat mission. Usually most of the time, you would have to encounter fearful beasts. This is such a fraud!