Godly Model Creator Chapter 60

Gmc Chapter 60

Chapter 0060 I hate loli!

A biting cold breeze!

Su Hao suddenly turned around and seized the unknown object approaching him. However, he felt something wasnt right when he captured the object. When he took a closer look at it, it was actually just a mere slipper.

When he raised his head, the little loli Yang Ziyi was standing in front of him. Her cute face was filled with murderous intent as she stared at him while barefoot.

Su Hao was totally clueless as he felt it was strange, Whats going on?

Whats going on? Yang Ziyi was getting more furious, You lolicon middle aged pedophile! Not sleeping at night and secretly opening peoples room. Also, holding peoples textbooks while showing that perverted smile. The only thing left was not salivating!

Su Hao looked down, he was really still holding her textbook. His face turned bad, but still.what does this little girls head contain?


In the end, whos the perverted one!

Not feeling good, he put back the textbook on the table, and then immediately got up and held little loli up.

Hhheaeaa, bastard! Whatre you trying to do?! Go die, lolicon! The little loli could be seen desperately struggling to get off of Su Hao. Her still developing body kept rubbing against Su Hao, which triggered his nerve, If you still move around, I will throw you outside!

The little loli instantly behaved herself and stopped moving. However, her mouth still whispered, Indeed a lolicon.

Su Hao removed the quilt and then threw her on the bed before covering her up, Quickly, have a nap. You can still rest for an hour before I send you to school.

Watching little loli with the quilt tightly wrapping her body while staring at him, Su Hao began to feel a headache. The next three days, they wouldnt be that easy to get past.

Only thirteen years old and yet already so dirty minded, he couldnt imagine her futureHowever, to develop to this degree at this age seemed not that bad.NO! What the heck am I thinking!

Su Hao rolled his eyes. Thinking back to Chen Yirans perfect figure, he quickly eliminate that little girl out of his brain. Then, he sat on the carpet cross legged and began to meditate.

Rays of origin ability began to illuminating around his body. Su Hao immersed himself into the space within his brain. Looking at the space, the only card which was not illuminating was the beginner origin ability transition!

These days, he was slowly discovering the contents of the card. In the end, what he could see was the scary consumption rate of origin ability energy.

After emptying the fuel tank in his body several times, the progress of the card was not even reaching halfway! It seemed that to completely master the card, a period of time was needed.

Once again, the progress moved a little.

Su Hao dared not exhaust all the energy in his body since these few days there might be danger approaching. He only allowed 10% consumption to make sure that his body was always ready for any foe.

Moreover, his real task.was to carry the little loli along and run.

The new function of model analysis: terrain modeling, was super useful and gave an absolute advantage, especially when running away. Su Hao began to have a more positive impression on his own model analysis.

An hour passed by in a blink of an eye.

The little loli had gone back to her dream long ago. After Su Hao made breakfast for her, he then waked her up. The little loli half consciously walked to the dining table and took a mouthfuland she spit it out!

So disgusting! What medicine did you put in it, strange uncle!

Su Haos face turned bad yet again, I really hate loli!

At first, he wanted to just throw this girl to his mum, but thinking of the potential danger they might encounter.if it was just the little loli alone, he could still carry her along and run. If he had to protect more people, then nobody would be able to run.

Having tried one mouthful himself, Su Haos eyebrows wrinkled. Alright, it wasnt that delicious indeed.but still, it wasnt bad to that point. At the very least, it wasnt any worse than the food in the school cafeteria.

How bad it is to eat it? Su Hao stared at her.

Compared to mums food, of course it is hard to eat. Little loli complained with dissatisfaction, I want to order food delivery!

No! Su Hao immediately rejected the idea. This wasnt something to joke about. Any individual could casually put drugs into food. Hurry and eat it! If not, youll have to go to school with empty stomach!

Child abuse. Little loli muttered to herself and swallowed the food with an ugly expression. It seemed as if this was the greatest test in her life.

Su Haos mouth twitched. He was resisting planning to tie up this kid and beat her.

Finally, after finishing her breakfast, Su Hao was ready to send her to school. His mind began to spin on how to send her safely to school..how to prepare for any potential attack.how to protect the little loli instantly..how to defeat the foe.

Only when he had ensured his perfect plan did he bring her outside.

Entering the car, after fastening the seat belt on the little loli who was sitting at the front passenger seat, she voiced out as Su Hao was about to start the engine of the hovering car, Strange uncle, do you even have a drivers license..


Su Haos facial expression changed. Only now did he realize what was the mistake in his plan.

Generally, any high school student would go for a drivers license test during free time. As for him, since his family couldnt afford such a luxury and also, he himself didnt have time for it, naturally he would put that idea out from his mind.

Only now did he remember that, and it looked like.he really didnt have a drivers license.

Am I supposed to take this girl to school by bus?

Su Hao glanced at that mischievous little brat and frowned. No, no, no. This is too dangerous. If I drive it only takes me ten minutes, but with bus it will be at least half an hour!

The little loli naturally noticed Su Haos facial expression and yet again daringly stabbed at his heart, Strange uncle.dont tell me youre a novice.


Su Haos mouth twitched. At such a task as being a bodyguard, he was indeed a novice. Even he didnt do his homework well before accepting this task. But to let a little girl condemn him like so, it was really..


He stepped all the way on the throttle and immediately rushed out!

The suspension car dashed out with a stream of light ray trailing behind, disappearing into the sky. The little loli dared not speak, as her face turned pale and she tightly held onto the grab handle and mumbled.

Mummy.at this time next year, remember to burn paper for Ziyi.pervert strange uncle is bringing Ziyi to die together..

Su Hao attentively listened and immediately rolled his eyes again.

He felt that it was necessary for him to visit the little lolis school and see what their teacher actually taught them.

As Su Hao drove the suspension car within the air space, he carefully observed the surrounding. If there was any unusual car, he would keenly eye it.

Su Hao didnt want to make any mistakes in his first task as bodyguard for his most respected teachers daughter..

Luckily, he didnt encounter any abnormal vehicles. Instead, as he was approaching the school gate, Su Hao himself was seen as abnormal car and was stopped by a police officer.

Hello, sir. We need to check your identity. A police officer gave his salute and then asked Su Hao for his cooperation.

Alright! Su Hao replied.

An instrument which emits green light ray appeared on the polices hand. Facing the front of the car and scanning, countless information instantly appeared.

The police officers expression instantly turned wary.

A student without a driving license..bringing a pale looking little loli.. this looks like human trafficking

But still, the police equipment was so advanced that it was able to match up data between the two. A second later, the relationship between Su Hao and Yang Zixi appeared.

The police had a look and only then did he feel relieved, Student, because you dont have a drivers license, Im afraid that we will have to temporarily seize the car. You have to get the license and pay the fine to get the car back.

Su Hao faintly smiled, Have a closer look at my information below.


The police was caught in surprise for a moment. He had a clearer look once again on the virtual screen and looked surprised. Once again saluting, Sorry, I hope you will understand the trouble we are causing you.

After that, the police let him pass. Su Hao smiled indifferently. Once again, the suspension car started up and sped away.

The other police officer nearby was stunned, Whats the situation here?

The police officer bitterly laughed and directly set the virtual screen to public. When the police officer nearby had a look, he was surprised as well, Military merits?!

Who is this kid? He even has military merits?

Yes, military merits!

In this era, to be able to achieve military merits, such individuals are true heroes. Naturally they would have privileges. A youth having military merits at this age, could it be people from the state secret department?