Godly Model Creator Chapter 600

Chapter 600

Chapter 600 - Illusion Technique Essence

How is this possible?! Le Yun was alarmed.

With his level of confusion, how is he unable to bewilder Su Hao? After all, Su Hao is someone who has zero talent in illusion! In this illusion domain, Su Haos strength should be irrelevant!

This situation shouldnt happen!

Impossible! Le Yun roared in rage!

As his fingers moved like a wave, a huge eagle appeared in the sky with its sharp claws heading towards Su Hao. As it descended from the sky, one could see how strong the momentum it is generating now!


The cold wind was split in half.

The surrounding aura fluctuated, covering every corner surrounding Su Hao. At this moment, Su Hao thought it looked like the deceased Falcon Emperor. This eagle had a huge figure, and its aura is incomparable. Isnt is similar to Falcon Emperor? This appearance really makes one nostalgic.

Su Hao sighed emotionally.

The claw of the giant eagle was getting closer and closer to Su Hao. The sharp claws flashed a cold light that showed Su Haos reflection.


The claws passed through Su Hao without causing an impact!

Just as he predicted.

Su Hao calmly smiled.

As for Le Yun, he looked at this scene in disbelief. It was ignored yet again! This illusion had been ignored again! This, how was he unable to confuse Su Hao?!

You how is this possible? Le Yun finally was able to feel the heat plummet around him as fear began to linger in his heart.

Su Hao smiled and shook his head.

With a huge step forward, he easily covered one hundred meters in a flash!

Before Le Yun managed to react, Su Hao already arrived in front of him.

This isnt good!

Le Yun was extremely shocked and wanted to activate an illusion to create space for him to flee. However, Su Hao raised his hand and struck Le Yun.

A huge force came from Su Haos body.

This force... Le Yuns eyes turned clear, This is an illusion!

In his heart, Su Haos illusion had zero confusion in it. Its impossible to make Le Yun fall for this trick. As long as he believed that it is not real, it will be impossible for Su Hao to harm him.

However, just as the idea popped up in his mind...


With a palm, Le Yun was slammed to the ground.

Combined with another punch directly on his heart, Le Yun who was still reminding himself that the attack was fake, died instantly! Before dying, Le Yun finally realized it after receiving the attack.

Damn it!

That isnt an illusion!

How can a normal human have such a strong physical body?

Isnt this a cheat?!

Le Yun died.

His figure gradually dissipated and drifted together with the blowing breeze.

So it turns out to be like this. Su Hao was extremely excited.

Just now, he was worried that he might have to tap out early. This would delay Blue Dream Butterfly from waking up. However, it seemed that it would be all right! He already figured out the properties of this illusion domain!

Yes, he had zero points in confusion. He didnt have the ability to convince his opponents that his illusions are real even though it looks realistic.

However, he has his own unique characteristic.

Which is one hundred percent in realism!

No matter what kind of illusion Su Hao creates, the degree of realism will be one hundred percent. No matter how complicated the illusion is to create, Su Hao could easily perfect it.

Of course, the illusions confusion will be zero as usual.

He cant confuse others especially those who are in illusion field. As long as Su Hao makes an illusion, no matter how real the illusion is, they would be able to tell its fake with just a glance.


Can they confuse Su Hao?

Lei Yuns strength is not bad.

With the combination of 71% in realism and 30% in confusion, when both factors played together, the effect is nothing to be ashamed of. However, with a glance, Su Hao could clearly identify the illusion and unconsciously compare the illusion with his. The same illusion will then appear in Su Haos heart.

Then Su Hao would find the differences!

A huge difference!

Su Hao knew that Le Yuns illusion was fake, but that 30% confusion made Su Hao subconsciously believe it was real. The quicksand earlier was real. If he didnt evade, he would die! After all, this is the illusion domain. A high level of confusion will be enough to make one believe it wholeheartedly.

Su Hao couldnt differentiate the truth either.

Just now, he almost drowned in the quicksand.

However, when he compared it with his own illusion, Su Hao found out the problem and Le Yuns illusion was instantly broken.

Le Yuns 71% of realism versus Su Haos 100%!

The contrast between the two illusions!

71% is actually pretty close to real, but it still pales in comparison to Su Haos near perfect simulation.

It was too much of a contrast!

After noticing the difference, Su Hao awakened from the confusion which made Le Yuns illusion invalid!

In short, if the degree of realism is too low, it should be ineffective against me. Su Hao concluded.

As long as he didnt meet any abnormal person with an extremely high level of realism or confusion, those low-level illusions shouldnt pose any problem to him.

While Su Hao pondered this, Le Yuns body had dissipated entirely. However, what surprised Su Hao was that the place where Le Yuns body vanished, a lump of pure energy stayed there like a firefly shining dazzlingly.

Huh? Su Hao observed it curiously.

Su Hao gently reached out his hand to grab it and caught the mass of energy in his palm. Before Su Hao could react, it flowed into his body along his arm.


A loud rumble echoed in his body.

That strange energy burst in Su Haos mind and revealed a scene.

This scene surprised Su Hao because it was too familiar to him. However, here is an illusion domain!

All sort of scenes flashed within his mind.

Su Hao remembered and then stored everything he saw.

When Su Hao returned to reality, he was pleasantly surprised. It turned out to be Le Yuns experience when he trained his illusion!

So this is how it works!

Su Hao was amazed.

No wonder so many people were greatly interested in this showdown!

No wonder so many people wished to participate in this illusion showdown!

The rewards and ranks were all secondary! The most important factor here lies in the cultivations experiences! Because this is an illusion field, when one dies, some fragment will be left behind!

The essence of an illusion!

Although it was merely a fragment, it is still a hard-earned experience.

And these are extremely invaluable to the current Su Hao!

What is the purpose of him coming here?

Is it to learn more about illusions!

It is to train his illusions!

In fact, before he came here, he already planned to establish cards from other students. However, life is always full of twists and turns. Everyones powerful mental barrier made him gave up on this plan. But now, in this illusion showdown, he was surprised again.

The essence of illusion?

Su Hao closed his eyes to recall.

This is merely involving beginner classes. There wont be much for high leveled illusion techniques, but each persons specialization is different after all. Le Yuns cultivation knowledge and experience will definitely benefit Su Hao.

Soon, Le Yuns knowledge was absorbed completely.

There wasnt much data to absorb in the first place. After all, it was just some tiny fragments from his death.

However, this match had changed Su Haos mindset. At first, he intended to stay longer to aid Blue Dream Butterfly.

But now he has a new goal!

Is there anything more fun than killing others to gain their cultivation experience?

Su Hao had stayed at the level one professional realm for too long!

Even when his strength was constantly improving, his static progress in his realm still made him depressed. He never forgot his purpose for joining the illusion department. To learn lots about illusions!

Then he would use illusion as a platform to step into the spiritual world!

The spiritual world is too terrifying that without a suitable talent, one can never touch it! However, it isnt the same for illusions. Since Su Hao is here, as long it is not an absolute obstacle, he is confident that he can overcome it. As long as there is a glimmer of hope, Su Hao would still take that path!

For others, it might be a one in a million chance!

But for him, as long as he deduces perfectly and is implemented carefully, it would be 100 percent!

This is Su Haos pride!

Subconsciously, Su Haos eyes flashed in excitement. Regarding this illusion, he finally turned serious.

Illusion domain here I come!

As his figure drifted, Su Hao vanished from this place.

In the illusion departments square...

All the teachers were leisurely sitting on the chairs. The table was filled with all sorts of food, and some teachers were actually eating! Countless virtual screens were floating in mid-air, displaying the scene happening in the illusion domain as if a movie was being played on a giant screen.

Teacher Mo who was in charge of the illusion domain watched those brats, and countless black lines appeared on his forehead.

He knew it!

Each time, it would turn out like this!

No matter how many times he had reminded them, those brats would be lazy after creating the illusion domain. In fact, after an illusion domain is set up, as long as there is a continuous supply of energy, everything will be fine. With the schools powerful machine to supply energy, it is understandable for the teachers to take a rest.

Pay attention. Teacher Mo helplessly reminded them.

Rest assured, Old Mo. What kind of problem will arise? Someone laughed at his warning.

Yeah, we have done this a few times each year, and we have never encountered a problem. This is just an illusion domain. No problem will occur.

Other teachers laughed, Even if you die, in reality, youre actually just asleep.

You should maintain your image. If the students see this... Teacher Mo was really speechless.

Sigh, no worry. Another teacher said, The time for the illusion domain to start and end is in our hands! If a student dies, he will enjoy a nap. Only when the illusion showdown truly ends will everyone wake up. How could any student witness this?


Come here, Teacher Mo. This hairy crab is pretty legit. Do you want one?