Godly Model Creator Chapter 601

Chapter 601

Chapter 601 - Mobile Jackpot

These brats...

Teacher Mo helplessly looked at these teachers. In the end, he could only remain silent. After contemplating, in the end, he still returned his attention back to the illusion domain.

The others saw him and didnt bother with his act.

They were already used to it after recent years. Teacher Mos temperament makes him strictly follow the rules and is not something that can be easily changed.

Everyone just concentrated on their meal. There were only times when they had a quick peek. Well, it cant be helped. Once an illusion domain is created, it will usually last for the whole day. Who can be that patient! In the beginning, everyone would still remain at their posts, but as time goes by, they no longer have that enthusiasm anymore.

To stay here and guard the domain is already being considerate enough.

Illusion domains stability test!

Test completed! Requirement met: 99%!

Undergoing durability test!

Test completed, the domain is able to last for another 48 hours!


Teacher Mo silently read this data.

The stability is met.

As for duration, it is more than enough.

Even other data met the requirement.

In theory, there shouldnt be any problems.

But without knowing why, there is this strong feeling that something was amiss within Teacher Mos heart. As if today, some problems will occur!

And this feeling of his, he had no way to explain it to others.

Its like...


Hope that its just my imagination... Teacher Mo muttered to himself.

In the illusion domain, all sort of battles were happening everywhere.

As long as two students came across together, a battle would occur. However, due to the illusion domains massive area, some students still havent seen another student. They could only sense the strange illusion aura.

Somewhere in the domain, Fat Tiger was walking around cautiously against a mountain wall. It seemed that he didnt notice a figure quietly lurking closely behind him.

There was a hint of joy from the look of that figure.

Fat Tiger from Class Eight, it actually turned out to be that trash!

This is freebie is mine!


The figure flickered.

Illusionary chains suddenly appeared, and Fat Tiger was stunned. Before he managed to escape, he was trapped in this illusion chain. The student who attacked Fat Tiger exclaimed, Haha, youre dead, Fat Tiger!


A soft bang and the sinister laughter instantly stopped.

That students eyes abruptly turned dull. It seemed that he had seen something terrifying, followed by him collapsing to the ground.

Not far behind him, a figure appeared.

It was Su Minghui!

Hehe, Boss. Our cooperation isnt bad right? Fat Tiger said proudly.

Looking at the chain on his hand which seemed to have a higher degree of realism than his own illusion, he tried to destroy it with all sort of means but everything was futile, Boss, this...


With one hand from Su Minghui, the chain was broken.


At this time, on the ground, the students figure vanished, leaving behind an essence of illusion. Su Minghuis eyebrow wrinkled for a bit, Go and absorb this.

Many thanks, Boss! Fat Tiger expressed his gratitude.

If he was alone, how could he defeat an opponent who is close the same level as him this easily? But with Boss here, everything is possible!

At first, he thought that he was here as a slave!

Never did he expect that he would gain a harvest!

After taking the essence, Fat Tiger quickly absorbed it.

Su Minghui glanced at him for a second and then said, Use your talent and pinpoint Su Haos position.

Huh? Fat Tiger was shocked.

Pinpoint Su Haos location?

Could it be that Boss wants to...

However, this place is an illusion domain. Not only is there personal rankings, but there is also the class ranking to consider. If Su Hao is to be killed right now...

Do you have an opinion? Su Minghuis expression looked sharp!

Nope! Fat Tiger hurriedly waved his hand.

Humph. Su Minghui coldly snorted, Since I was able to carry Class Eight to the top last time, I can definitely do the same feat again! As for Su Hao? Hes useless!

Yes! Fat Tiger wiped off his sweat beads.

Talent activated!

The illusionary scene in front him suddenly turned a little blurred. Every figure disappeared without a trace. Within Fat Tigers eyes, there was only a lump of strange red dots.

Let me search...

Su Haos aura, I remembered it from the last time!

Around here not here I found him!

Fat Tigers eyes shone brightly.

Lets go! Su Minghui grabbed Fat Tiger and headed to Su Has current location.

Within the illusion domain, all sorts of battles were happening.

Within this short period of time, many people experienced a heavy confrontation. As for those who are weak, they didnt even have the chance to escape and got eliminated.

Somewhere in the domain, a student who was wandering around got stunned by a hint of an aura. After careful observation, the student was shocked.

This aura...

Level one professional esper!

Su Hao!

Su Haos strength was formidable, but in this illusion domain, Su Haos actual strength was too weak. With his confusion level of 0%, he was tempting other students to attack him.

I am mobile experience points, come and kill me!

Being unable to harm others is one thing. More importantly, Su Haos understanding of illusions and its complexity is far ahead of others!

What does this mean?

By killing Su Hao, they would be able to know how to increase their realism and complexity to 100%!

Even if its just an essence of illusion, it would be enough to help them improve!

Mobile experience?


This is more like a mobile jackpot!

Sure enough, its his first time here. The student smirked.

For those who experienced this before, nobody would be stupid to wander around.

Especially with the way he exposed his aura.

Hes just inviting the grim reaper to himself!

What top ten most violent men, I think hes more like a retard. The student ridiculed Su Hao and sneaked around him silently, The perfect simulation and complexity, soon I will obtain them!


The students figure flashed.

A dagger appeared in his hand out of thin air. Bursting forward with a dazzling light, he didnt hesitate to stab Su Hao!


A dense illusion aura blossomed!

At this moment, Su Hao finally seemed to react. Turning around abruptly, he looked at the sudden incoming dagger and raised his hand to resist!

Youre hoping to block this? That student laughed.

What kind of joke is this?

This dagger, even if its just an illusion, is an illusion weapon which he condensed countless times. In a sense, this is his energy weapon! How many times has he tried to temper it, sharpen it? Does this look like something that can be blocked with one hand?

The dagger stabbed through Su Haos palm without any resistance.

The student couldnt help but rejoice, Now, leave your essence of illusion!

He used all his strength for his stab and was ready to complete the final blow. However, he was stunned to find that his dagger couldnt move.

A sharp dagger pierced through Su Haos hand.

And then...

It was stuck!

How was it stuck in Su Haos palm?

How can this be?!

The student panicked and tried to pull out his dagger, but it was immovable like Mountain Tai.

Darn it!

The student cursed and felt something wasnt right. As he was about to retreat, he felt a huge fist fall from the sky and headed towards his own stomach!

That was a punch from Su Hao!

Before the fist even arrived, he already felt endless killing intent!


The student gritted his teeth, I cant kill you. Then, what can you do to me? This is an illusion domain! The strength condensed in your fist, no matter how real it is, there is no confusion to it! Any student who learns illusion will know its fake with one glance!

The student was very confident.

Without any confusion, he wont be tricked!

Really? Su Hao said leisurely.

In an instant, his iron fist slammed on to the students body!


One hit kill!

That students confident look suddenly turned stiff as he looked at Su Hao with a look of shock. Then he looked at his own body which was almost shattered by Su Hao.

I actually got confused by you?

No, its not that!

There is no confusion! Its your body. Your body is this strong?

The student unwillingly closed his eyes.

In an illusion showdown, who would have considered physical fitness?

Everyone here is in the professional realm. Their physical strength should be pretty similar. At most, there would only be some subtle gaps. The only thing that matters here is illusions. Who would bother with how strong your physical fitness is? Even with a full score of 400 points in physical fitness, it wont play much of a role here.

No matter what, he would have never considered this factor.

Who knew there is an abnormal person whose strength is not from his talent or origin energy, but from his true physical body!

The fifth one! Su Hao said while looking at the disappearing body.

Since understanding the true meaning behind this illusion showdown, Su Hao began to kill without mercy! This was the best chance for him to improve his strength. How could he pass it up?

In the beginning, he was carefully approaching his opponent and then attacking with his might. However, there was once when he got exposed by his target. He discovered that he had subconsciously thought hes the hunter here. How would he know that in the eyes of others, he was just prey?

In the end, Su Hao resorted to a more convenient method.

By leaking out his aura, he would lure enemies here.

Easy and convenient.

Absorbing the essence of the dead student, Su Hao faintly felt that his understanding of illusions had reached a deeper level.

My level has improved again... Su Hao was secretly pleased with himself.

Just as he was about to leave, two figures appeared from a distance. Noticing Su Hao, they directly headed towards him without any hesitation.

Phew. Su Hao raised his head up, and he subconsciously blinked for a second.

It turned out to be them!

Su Minghui and Fat Tiger!