Godly Model Creator Chapter 602

Chapter 602

Chapter 602 - Su Minghui's Strength!

Sure enough, I am the fire that attracts moths! Su Hao sighed as he exclaimed.  

As long as he leaked out his aura, someone will rush towards him. Su Hao's previous five opponents were lured this way too.

However, this time he lured a big shot!

Su Minghui!

With combat strength of more than 20 points...

No, this value isn't right. After all, they are in the illusion domain!

The strength which Su Minghui could display here is far from being that simple. If they were in the real world Su Hao wouldn't mind facing him but in this illusion setting...

Retreat! Su Hao turned around without hesitation!

This isn't a joke!

With his current strength in illusion, facing Su Minghui with force is a death sentence!

Did Su Minghui provoke him into joining this illusion showdown for his essence of illusion?

At first, he thought that it was all because of the hatred the Su family had to bear. But now that he knows about the essence, Su Hao finally realized what this brats actual aim is!

His essence of illusion!

100% degrees of realism!

100% degrees of complexity!

Su Minghui had been eyeing those all this time.

Sure enough, I have underestimated him. Su Hao's eyes flashed in coldness.

However, his footsteps never halted. The current him isn't Su Minghuis opponent. In this illusion domain, it's Su Minghuis stage!

Where're are you running?! Su Minghui raged.


Earth and Heaven shook!

Between Earth and Heaven, the clouds condensed as raging sand began to form in mid-air. The scene looked as if a huge beast was about to descend from the sky, full of a terrifying pressure! Su Hao who had just fled for less than a hundred meter noticed that the surrounding rocks cracked as the landscape changed.

Countless huge rocks blasted down!

Giant fissures formed on the ground!

Su Hao's escape route suddenly turned into a crisis in an instant. Every step he takes might end up with him smashed by huge stones. At the same time, he might fall into the land fissures too.

Not good! Su Hao was extremely alarmed.

He has never looked down on Su Minghui's strength.

Just with illusions alone, Su Minghui's combat strength is definitely not something he can handle. However, he never expected that while they're both still in the beginner class, Su Minghui could already create an illusion to this scale.

Such talent is amazing!

I can't stop! Su Hao's feet were fast and nimble!

At this crucial moment, he must never stop!

The moment he stopped, he would be caught by Su Minghui and Fat Tiger. All he could do now is continue sprinting!

Humph, just a level one professional esper. You think I will allow you to escape? Su Minghui sneered.

With both hands clasped together, a bright light flashed.

In this illusion domain, Su Minghui's strength has been maximized. With this action from him, the atmosphere here changed yet again.

A loud bang echoed!

Earth and Heaven quaked!

The figure of Su Hao who had been running non-stop all this while came to a halt.

In front of him appeared a hundred-foot-high earth wall. It stood like a barrier that descended from the sky, completely blocking his escape route.

Illusion wall, it's simple yet robust. Even if you have the energy to spare, you would need to consume a lot of it. Now with just illusions at your expense, I would like to see where are you going!

A trace of disdain flashed in Su Minghui's eyes.


Su Hao did not hesitate at all.


The earth wall shook, but it was still safe and sound.

Ridiculous. Su Minghui laughed out loud while hurrying to catch up to Su Hao, A pathetic student like you who hasn't fully mastered the basics actually plans to break through this illusion wall? This is such a joke!

However, Su Hao didn't bother with his words and kept bombarding his fists.

All his punches landed on the same spot.



A series of punches.

A frog at the bottom of well, with the strength of a common professional esper, only after a certain level of understanding on illusions can one create a force to... What?

Before Su Minghui finished his words, his facial expression changed.


A crisp sound rang.

Su Minghui had an expression of disbelief.

Unexpectedly, a crack formed at the spot where Su Hao struck the illusion wall. Then, as Su Hao kept his rhythm, the cracks spread all over!




This thousand mile of barrier got destroyed by a tiny ant!

When Su Hao destroyed it, the entire illusion wall quickly disintegrated at an incredible pace. With just a blink of an eye, it just disappeared as if it was never there before.


The earth wall collapsed.

How can this be? Su Minghui's pupils suddenly dilated!

The illusion wall!

Even in the real world, dealing with other students would still consume a lot of time and energy. However, in front of him, Su Hao brutally demolished an extremely sturdy illusion wall like it was nothing!

This Fat Tiger was also stunned.

Having followed Su Minghui for a long time, he also had quite an understanding of the illusion wall. He didnt expect it to be destroyed that quickly...

How can this be?


Su Hao had seen through Su Minghui's illusion!

Then, at the fastest speed possible, he found the flaws in the illusion and easily broke Su Minghuis illusion wall! However, this thought seemed even more ridiculous!

How can Su Hao's mastery in illusion rise so fast?

I don't believe it! Su Minghui rushed forward.

Both of his hands were moving at a fast pace as layers of bright light flashed, You can defend against one, but what about two? Three? Lets see how strong you are!


Su Minghui stopped his legs.

He no longer gave chase. Instead, he utilized his illusion wall once again. A tall wall now stood in front of Su Hao. As for Su Hao, he did the simplest movement, punch the wall!

Since Su Minghui halted his chase, Su Hao could escape further away.

Once an earth wall appeared and Su Hao had to destroy it, he was delayed for a few seconds again. Eventually, a strange equilibrium was formed.

One chased while the other one escaped!

There is no alternative!

At this time, Su Minghui finally realized the problem. A problem which he did not dare believe at all. Su Hao's strength had never increased nor did his illusion mastery. However...

This damn Su Hao, the thing he relies on turned out to be his own body!

This answer is even more ridiculous!

In an illusion domain, our body will be synched with reality. How can Su Hao be that powerful?

Su Minghui's eyes were strange, With the number of fists blasted on the wall, this kind of strength is comparable to a berserk beast! No wonder he had such a low credit score but high GPA!

It turned out that this is your secret!

Su Minghui had a feeling that he had caught on to Su Hao's trump card and it gave him confidence. So what if your physical strength is strong?

After all, this is an illusion domain. If he can't even catch someone who only relies on physical fitness, then how could Su Minghui show his face again in the future?

Humph, I will let you see my true strength! Su Minghui stared at Su Hao coldly.

Right now, both were separated by hundreds of meters as Su Hao widened the distance between them again.

At this moment, Su Minghui halted. Strange hand signs were formed with both hands, and a cold light was shot from his hand.

A sharp buzzing pulsed.

Earth and Heaven shook.

The sky seemed to turn heavy, and the ground was being elevated without one being aware of it. The entire scene was enveloped in a strange aura which was heading toward Su Hao.

At this moment, darkness covered the world.

A tearing action formed a crack in the sky, revealing a lump of hot golden flame. This flame flew out from within the gap.

It moved around wildly as it headed at Su Hao.

Su Hao just had a quick glance and felt as if his soul was about to be taken away!

He can't see through it!

While facing others, the only advantage he had was being able to see through an illusion! This was because their confusion level is too low! In addition to their weak degree of realism, he would be able to notice the difference with just a comparison.

But now Su Minghui's attack had a high degree of realism and confusion!

When these two were added together, Su Hao found that no matter how he observed it, he found that he could not see through the golden flame in front of him!

Su Minghui's card?

Su Hao took a deep breath.

Su Hao could easily destroy any ordinary origin technique like the earlier earth wall! When Su Hao looked at Su Minghui, he noticed beads of sweat on Su Minghui's forehead after he revealed this golden flame!

Sure enough, he's using his full strength right now!

I can't stop it!

And I mustn't stop it!

Unless his illusion skill exceeds Su Minghui's, he will be unable to escape. Otherwise, what awaits him is a dead end!

What do I do now? Su Hao's mind was working at the speed of lightning.


That flame seemed discernible, yet very fast.

The dazzling grim reaper already traveled tens of meters and quickly approached Su Hao. An overwhelming momentum suddenly shrouded Su Hao. The golden flame had locked-on to Su Hao...

I will lose? Su Haos eyes narrowed.

It's fine if he wasn't Su Minghui's opponent!

But to lose?

Blue Dream Butterfly has not awakened yet. His journey with illusions has just started, how could it end like this?

Absolutely not!


The golden flame was getting closer.

One could see the reflection of the golden flame from Su Hao's eyes.


Su Haos right hand suddenly made a move.


The entire ground around him sank from his palm. Within a hundred meter square, the ground shook, sending smoke into the air to conceal his figure. Several potholes were formed around Su Hao, and he jumped into one without any hesitation, leaving behind Su Minghui and Fat Tiger with an astonished look.

He escaped? Fat Tiger was stunned.

Su Hao intended to escape?

Doesn't he know that this escape will only make him die faster? To be honest, he has never seen anyone escape this golden flame before!


Su Minghui stared at it blankly and then laughed out loud, Sure enough he's just a frog at the bottom of a well!

This is an illusion domain!

If it is really that easy to dig a pit and escape, how can his golden flame be called a killer move? Golden Flame, it has a locking function...

Su Minghui smiled disdainfully.

The flame jumped along and chased Su Hao from behind.

It followed him closely.

Su Hao suddenly jumped out and fled again to the distance.

It is a pity that at this time, the strange golden flame actually jumped out again. This time, the golden flame accurately jumped in front of Su Hao's escape route as if Su Hao took the initiative to confront it.

The golden flame touched Su Hao.

This created a scene of blossoming golden light.