Godly Model Creator Chapter 603

Chapter 603

Chapter 603 - Realistic Illusion Technique!


There was no earth-shattering sound.

The golden light submerged Su Hao's body as the golden flame rose to the sky. In an instant, his body was engulfed, corroded, and vanished.


Fat Tiger swallowed his saliva in horror.

He had seen this scene many times in his life, but he would feel sick each time he sees it! To be evaporated by the wild flame What kind of pain is that?

Su Hao's body disappeared, leaving behind his essence of illusion.

Only now did Su Minghui reveal a smile.

100% degree of realism!

This is the goal which he has been chasing all this time!

It was initially just his arrogance, but after he saw Su Haos performance, he could foresee that if he has the same degree of realism with his talent

No one can match him!

The first three elements in an illusion are just the basics.

However, it was because they are the basics that they're extremely important.

Essence of illusion

100% degree of realism

Su Minghui was a little excited. Looking at the essence of illusion that Su Hao left behind, Su Minghui couldn't help but stretch out his hand.


His palm touched it.

He was stunned. Looking at the essence of illusion, he still maintained his unresponsive look.

What happened?

Once again, he tried to come in contact with his palm, but there isn't any response.

Su Minghui's face turned a little ugly. Could it be that Su Hao's talent is special or is his illusion so great that the essence of illusion left behind turned unique?

This isn't right!

The so-called essence of illusion is only a portion of the illusion showdown.

At most, Su Haos talent can affect the content of the essence of illusion, but as for how it forms itself, that should be under the control of teachers right?

Whats happening?!

Su Minghui once again reached out his hand and received no response.

This damn essence of illusion!

What exactly is happening here?

Su Ming was a bit annoyed and then pointed at Fat Tiger, You come and try.

Fat Tiger was a bit scared as he stepped forward.

He couldn't help being afraid. After all, Fat Tiger knew his boss very well. If he manages to absorb this essence of illusion, he could imagine how he would die instantly under his boss's hands! Thus, when he was in contact with the essence, he wished that it would not have a reaction.

Once his palm came in contact with the essence of illusion, there was no response.

Fat Tiger felt relieved.

Get lost! Su Minghui's face turned black. Pushing Fat Tiger aside, he stared at the essence of illusion in front of them!

He didn't understand what problem had occurred in Su Hao's essence that it can't be absorbed. Could it be that before Su Hao died, he used some trick?

Su Minghui felt frustrated.

The essence of illusion in front of him has a high probability to allow his strength to soar higher. As long as he manages to master it, he can easily improve his strength!

However, this treasure house in front of him closed its door from him.

It is clearly in front of him, but impossible to obtain!

What is this nonsense? Su Minghui felt like he was about to go crazy.

Fat Tiger seemed to have noticed something and carefully whispered to Su Minghui, Boss, this essence of illusion, could it be an illusion?

What illusion nonsense are you spouting!

Su Minghui was getting a little annoyed, "Su Hao clearly died in front of us..."

While speaking halfway, Su Minghui was stunned.

Staring at the essence of illusion in front of him, a series of strange aura ripples emerged from his hand and converged on the essence of illusion.


Light flashed.

The so-called essence of illusion disappeared!

It's fake? Su Minghui's facial expression looked extremely ugly!

How could it be fake! How could it be? With Su Hao's strength, if he uses an illusion, how am I unable to differentiate it?! How could he trick me with his mere strength?! Su Minghui raged.

The cooked duck had fled away!

This essence of illusion would help him greatly! If he managed to learn it, he would save at least a few years of effort. To him, it is simply an invaluable treasure!

And now it's gone!

What made him angered him the most was he didn't even know when it was gone!

The sandpiper and clam fought each other and the fisherman caught both in the end!

Could it be after Su Hao died, someone snatched away his essence of illusion? In this illusion domain, such an incident isn't rare. In fact, Su Minghui had done it before as well. But to snatch away the essence silently in front of him

This illusion showdown, is there any strong esper in illusions participating? Su Minghui asked.

Fat Tiger shook his head.

This is just an assessment for the beginner classes. How could there be a person like that participating?

Su Minghui is already at the peak of the beginner class. Even if there is a strong esper, at most, he would be similar to Su Minghui. It's literally impossible to escape from Su Minghui's view.

If it isn't any strong esper in illusion, then who could it be

Could it be Su Hao? Fat Tiger carefully suggested.

As a bystander, when he saw something amiss with the essence, he already knew what the problem probably is. However, Su Minghui was too confident of himself.

No way! Su Minghui said decisively.

It's fine if it is someone else, but Su Hao? If he wants to use illusions in front of me, he still needs a thousand years! Forget about him! Even if it's someone who is a level four professional esper and master of illusions, he won't be able to escape from being detected by me. Let alone that damn Su Hao.

It's absolutely impossible!

Su Minghui was very confident in himself.

Because he had the strength to back it up!

He saw Su Haos death with his own eyes. If it is an illusion, how could it escape from his sight? What use is Su Haos 1% of confusion?

It's just the same as not having any at all!

This is simply unworthy of being mentioned.

Using 1% confusion when fighting!

It's useless!

"Su Hao is dead."

Su Minghui was so certain of his judgment and said in a murderous tone, Putting this problem aside. I really want to see who is the one that dared to rob my essence of illusion. I will reduce him to ashes!

But Su Hao

What is it about Su Hao? Su Minghui said impatiently.

He clearly said that Su Hao is dead. Why did this damn fatty still entangled him in this matter? Su Minghui couldn't help to have a bad mood since the cooked duck had fled away under his palm.

Su Hao appeared! Fat Tiger said in a weak tone.

So what if he appears Wait, what did you say? Su Minghui suddenly looked at Fat Tiger and asked in disbelief.

Su Hao's aura appeared. Fat Tiger smiled bitterly, Just a second ago

How could this be! Su Minghui was totally stunned!

Su Hao did not die?


If he didn't die, then everything made sense. The corpse, the essence of illusion, they were all illusions, fakes!

However, it was because of this that Su Minghui was wary.

Did he actually get himself deceived by Su Hao?

He is a level four professional esper, one who is at the peak of the beginner class!

As for Su Hao?

He is someone who just entered the beginner class!

He even has zero talent in illusion and a pitiful 1% in confusion!

Under such circumstances, Su Minghui actually got deceived?

Moreover, what is even scarier is that he was deeply immersed in the illusion without even knowing it!

Illusions The most terrible fact is that man is still a creature who relies heavily on visual information. The most terrifying thing is that when something is fake, but he convinced himself that it's real.

Even if it is Su Minghui, he won't be an exception!


Su Minghui finally awoke while covered in cold sweat!

How could it end up like this Su Minghui muttered to himself.

1% huh...

Only 1% confusion!

How could he easily fall for the trick?

All sort of thoughts appeared in his mind.

His temperament turned cold.

At this moment, Su Minghui finally enlighted himself. As the scene earlier replayed in his mind again, he finally understood what happened!

So it turned out to be this Finally, I understand! Su Minghuis eyes flashed in shock.

He finally knew why Su Hao could easily deceive him.


Su Hao's confusion is only 1%!

For ordinary people, especially those studying illusion, it won't have an effect on them.

Su Hao also knew about this.

Thus, from the start, Su Hao never considered using anything like confusion or origin techniques related to it! What's the advantage of confusion?

You point at a donkey and say it's a pig.

And then, in the eyes of others, it would really be a pig!

Whether it's alive, dead, or even barbequed, it will remain a pig in their eyes and no problems will arise.

This is the power of confusion!

When one has a high degree of confusion, the intended victims will be played like a fool and this is the beauty of illusions.


As long as it is an illusion, there will always be the possibility of it being seen through! Especially those illusions with lower degrees of realism, the probability of it being detected would be even higher. The more you try to break common sense with confusion, the greater the chance of it being exposed.

In general, illusions are divided into two categories.

One is realism.

The other is fantasy.

For example, you point at a pig and say it's a dinosaur. It's an entirely different scale.

A dinosaur appearing in modern times?

When you hear this sentence, the average person will consider it a joke. At that time, realism will be useless and one can only rely on confusion to convince others!

Let him believe!

Let him fear!

In reality, an illusion that relies on realism is called reality illusion; an illusion with unlimited imagination and relies on confusion is named fantasy illusion.

One is based on the degree of realism, supplemented with confusion; while the other is mainly based on confusion and supplemented with realism.

This is the concept explored in the intermediate class.

It's more advanced than the foundation!

Su Hao's almost negligible confusion made Su Minghui neglect considering these points. He never imagined that Su Hao would realize this on his own. He also didnt think Su Hao would be able to achieve the most simple, pure reality illusion with his almost perfect degree in realism!

Why he can't differentiate Su Hao's illusion?

Because the degree of realism is 100% and confusion is 0%!

If there is no confusion and looks 100% realistic, how could you see through the illusion?

If Su Minghui didn't guess incorrectly, what was destroyed was an identical origin avatar of Su Hao. During that crucial moment, he must have fled underground.

A terrifying comprehension!

For the first time ever, Su Minghui started fearing Su Hao.