Godly Model Creator Chapter 604

Chapter 604

Chapter 604 - Ocean of Fog

Su Hao slipped away.

What Su Minghui guessed was totally on point.

When Su Hao threw an exact clone of himself, he already slipped away through the hole he formed.

Su Hao may not know much regarding illusions.

But he knew when to combine illusions with reality in a crucial moment, that's the most terrifying point!

Since absorbing those five essences of illusion from his victims, Su Hao's familiarity with illusions has escalated! What he could not understand before the showdown were all solved one by one.

And those two types of illusion techniques...

He now understood the concepts.

Under normal circumstances, fantasy illusions are definitely much stronger than the reality illusions! After all, if you try to make someone believe a pig is a dinosaur, that's an impossible feat to achieve! However, when the enemy is confused, the power of a dinosaur will always far exceed a pig!

Thanks to Su Hao's zero mastery in confusion, he could only walk the reality illusion path.

These two type of illusions are the advanced courses for the intermediate class.

However, he vaguely discovered something from the essences he absorbed from the other students and utilized it when he attempted to escape earlier.

The effect was great!

Of course, it was also mainly thanks to it being Su Hao's first time using it in front of Su Minghui. Most likely, the next time Su Hao tried to use his reality illusion again, Su Minghui would be prepared for it!

However, at least he had escaped.

Su Hao's footsteps were fast. He literally hadn't stopped until now. That Su Minghui could even detect him from far away; Su Hao must never allow Su Minghui a chance to catch up.

However, after a few minutes, the sounds of a fight could be heard somewhere in front of him.

Someone is fighting? Su Hao's eyes shone.

With huge strides, Su Hao could see two students fighting.

Huh, it's actually from Class Eight? Su Hao was wary.

In the domain...

These two students were so into their battle that it was impossible to separate them.

The surrounding area was filled with all sorts of illusions. Terrifying berserk beasts were accompanied with all sorts of techniques. Right now, in front of one student, a gigantic tiger head opened its mouth and consumed all the incoming attacks from the opposition, causing their efforts to be in vain!

The clash was quite even!

The student who was being suppressed got terrified as he felt someone approaching him, Su Hao?

He was a student from Class Eight, and the one opposite him is a student from Class Ten. Right now, he was the one being suppressed and walking on a tightrope. If Su Hao were even a second late, he would probably be killed!

Someone is here? The student from Class Ten was alarmed.

In one-to-one confrontation...

He was only able to gain the upper hand, but now it seemed that such a situation will be hard to maintain. If there is more to join, he would be in a pinch! However, just as he raised his head up, he couldn't help to smile.

Su Hao?

I thought it was whom but turned out to be Su Hao... In this illusion domain, how much of your actual strength that you're able to use?

Su Hao grinned and didn't speak.

With a flash, he instantly dashed towards the student's body and sent a downwards punch.


An illusion shield appeared, blocking Su Haos path. However, that didn't last for even a second as Su Hao instantly reduced it to fragments.

Su Hao's punch penetrated the shield and headed towards the student.


Powerful momentum appeared.

With a mouthful of blood, that student died instantly!

Dead... He's dead? The student from Class Eight was extremely shocked.

As someone from the same class, how could he be unclear of Su Hao's level of mastery in illusion?

The reason he called Su Hao earlier, wasn't it so that Su Hao would come and back him up so he might have a chance to escape.

But he didnt expect the student from Class Ten to die like this!

Just one move!

There wasn't any gorgeous illusion, just an ordinary punch.

This is Su Haos strength?

Whether it is in real life or an illusion domain, he is still terrifying!

The student from Class Eight suddenly had a feeling of regret. If he knew Su Hao is this strong, during class, shouldn't he suck up to Su Hao more?

However, he had joined in ridiculing Su Hao quite often.

Looking at Su Hao slowly turning around, the student pondered for a bit and then decided to say, Su Hao, thank you for saving me. Sorry, I shouldnt have ridiculed you during class

I am not saving you.

This one sentence clearly revealed his intention.

The student was completely shocked. Before he managed to respond, he saw a black shadow appearing in front of him. The next second, his body suffered immeasurable pain.

His vision turned dark.

Before dying...

He still couldn't believe what was happening.

Could it be Su Hao had...

Killed him?

With this thought in his mind, he lost consciousness.

Hehe, two essences of illusions. Su Hao's eyes sparkled.

Reaching out his hand to grab them, these two essences fused into his body. While doing so, he closed his eyes to organize the new information.

As for the bad blood between Class Eight and Class Ten...

What does that have to do with him?

When they're outside, they really thought that he didn't know the fact that they have been ridiculing him behind his back? In this illusion domain, to actually hope he would save them is simply a ridiculous wish!


Absorption completed!

Su Hao opened his eyes!

With these two additional essences, Su Hao felt that his understanding of illusions once again reached another level. However, it's still far from his goal!

After all, the beginner class is all about the foundation.

Su Hao had calculated that if he wants to reach his goal, he would need to at least understand and integrate all the knowledge of the beginner class. As of this fact, even Su Minghui dared not think of it.

After all, everyone had something they specialized in.

Well... then I have to absorb more essence of illusion, I guess? Su Hao said to himself.

Since other people wish to kill him, why shouldnt he kill them?

The so-called illusion domain is simply a stage for the hunters and the hunted. It was a battle royale with the beginner classes to see who could last the longest!

Then, if everyone else is killed will the foundation in illusion be completed?

Su Haos mind had this crazy idea emerge.


In any industry, there will be many specializations. Even in illusion, it is divided into many paths. Everyone here has their own understanding of illusions.

To master every aspect of the foundation is literally impossible!

But if he kills everyone and absorbs everyone's essence of illusion?

One could see the craziness in Su Hao's eyes.

This is not impossible!

He had to look one by one?

That's too troublesome!

As long as he leaked out his aura in this illusion domain, it will attract other people to knock on his door. This would be his chance to kill the other students. However, the problem is as soon as he does so, Su Minghui will find him no matter how far he away he is!

Is it because Fat Tiger?

However, it is a problem.

Su Hao pondered for a long time.

In the end, he decided to make a move!

He would pick a spot further away before exposing his aura. After killing his prey, he would hide his aura and flee before Su Minghui arrives!

That's it!

For the time being, I will not consider Su Minghui.

Lets start!

Su Hao began his actions.

Currently in the illusion domain, those powerful students were now wandering around, searching for suitable opponents. For them, those at the bottom level aren't worth the effort to make a move!

Those inferior essences of illusion, they're useless to absorb!

It is simply a waste of energy!

Therefore, their only goal is to go after those as strong as themselves! As long as the essence of these people is worth their shot or someone like Su Hao!

100% degree of realism!

It would be enough for them to make a move.

In the illusion domain.

Everyone was brimming in confidence, hunting for prey. However, other students also viewed them as prey. It was just that they didn't realize that they had all become prey for one student!

In the east region of the illusion field.

An aura suddenly broke out, causing a commotion among countless students.

This aura

Su Hao!

He has exposed his aura and seems to have been targeted by someone! The battle is too fierce that he had to expose his aura.

Haha, God blesses me!

Su Haos essence of illusion is mine! Nobody can steal it from me!

A voice rang.

On the east region of the illusion domain, it instantly became chaotic. Everyone madly rushed over to that aura. The temptation of 100% degrees of realism was enough for everyone to be moved.

Level one professional esper...

Level four professional esper...

Literally every student went insane. For those students at the bottom level, as long they managed to grab an opportunity, even if they died, it would be worth!

As for those who are strong...

Su Hao!

They're determined to get him!

However, when they rushed to the spot where the aura was exposed, they were stunned.

What appeared in front of them turned out to be an ocean of fog!

The gray fog surrounded an entire one hundred meter square. It was so thick that one could hardly see their fingers on their hands.


Since when is there such a place in the illusion domain?

Everyone was alarmed.


Some strong students pondered for a moment. After careful observation, they could only shake their head, I can't see this through! This fog is no different from real fog, and it doesn't make one wish to enter. This doesn't seem to be someones illusion!

Could this be real fog?

No, there is no difference between this fog and reality. It doesn't make one wish to enter. A 100% degree of realism and 1% confusion, isn't this made by Su Hao? Someone reminded them.

That statement awoke everyone. That seemed to be the case!

To have such unique characteristics, besides Su Hao, who else could it be?

But what was he planning to do with this fog?

It wouldnt harm them!

Sure enough, they knew that Su Hao's illusion is too weak in comparison. His illusion, he actually used it to create this?

It is simply a waste!

For Su Hao to have 100% degree of realism is simply a waste!

Yeah, if I have 100% degree of realism, my strength will definitely increase. Then, who can be my opponent in the beginner class?

Stop talking nonsense, what does Su Hao want to do with this fog?

Everyone pondered.

What is this fog covering?

To cover...

He wants to escape!