Godly Model Creator Chapter 605

Chapter 605

Chapter 605 - Darkness Consumes Darkness!

"He wants to escape!" Someone exclaimed, causing everyone to come to a realization.

"Yeah, he must have accidentally exposed his aura earlier while confronting another student, but now that the battle has ended and we arrived here, Su Hao created this fog to avoid getting caught!"

"I understand with your explanation. If so, we must not let him flee!"

"His essence is mine!"

"Hey, it depends on your strength! It's first come, first serve. If you have the capability, then you get to enjoy the profit."

Everyone's murderous intent was soaring.


Everyone rushed towards the ocean of fog.

Currently everyone in the east region of the illusion domain rushed into the fog to begin a crazy chase for Su Hao's essence of illusion.

One student carefully stayed behind to observe the fog.

His talent is his sixth sense.

It has served him well in the field of illusion, but more importantly, he had a very sensitive intuition. His innate sense of danger began to grow stronger in his heart!

The moment he stepped into the fog, he could feel his danger sense tingling!


It's extremely dangerous!

"This place..."

Once again, he raised his head. Looking at his surrounding filled with thick fog, his alert mode triggered itself again.

Although he didn't know why, since he had this feeling, he didn't hesitate to turn around and leave. This is because his intuition had never betrayed him before!

Obviously this student didn't realize the decision he made was the correct one.

A place where one couldn't even see his own fingers, a group of students filled with murderous intent, and Su Hao is hiding in this ocean of fog; it's destined to be a bloodbath!

Within the fog.

When everyone entered, literally the very next second, they lost their sense of direction. All they could do is wander around without a lead. Any movement or conflict around them raised the alertness in their heart. A large group of people eventually divided themselves into smaller groups and began to search for Su Hao.


After searching for a moment, they still could not obtain any clue regarding Su Hao's location. They were getting irritated with the way things were going.

And at this moment...

In front of a three-person squad, Su Hao appeared.

Su Hao was running with his tail between his legs when he saw those three students nearby. His face turned pale, and he turned around to flee in the other direction.

It took those three students a second before they finally reacted. One could see their face brimming in ecstasy.

Su Hao!

It turned out to be him!

It seemed that luck is on their side!

While the others are working hard to find him, Su Hao already sent himself to their door!

Chase him!

Those three directly charged at him. Nobody voiced out to alert the others. Why would they do so? Since they have discovered Su Hao, everyone else is an enemy. With the three of them, the situation is already chaotic. If they alert the others, then they won't have their share.

Having this thought in their mind...

Those three looked at each other with eyes full of hostility.

"Don't be reckless."

"We will settle this after killing Su Hao." Someone suggested, and the other two nodded.

Su Hao fled in panic. Except he was currently injured and got caught pretty soon. Those three didn't utter any nonsense. At the same time, those three activated their illusion techniques and killed Su Hao on the spot. On the ground, a lump of dazzling light was left behind.

Essence of illusion!

Those students were so excited that their eyes turned fiery.

Since this essence originated from the one who has a 100% degree of realism!

If they're able to absorb a part of it, their strength is destined to improve!

"Brother Liu, Brother Zhang, this essence of illusion, why dont you two let me have it?" The man in the middle said in a hoarse voice, "I'm sure you all realize that I am already a level four professional esper. Perhaps I will be going to the intermediate class next year. At that time, I will definitely take care of you two."


The one who is called Brother Liu smiled, "This year is my fourth year."

The other two went silent.


This meant that he would be leaving Zhanzheng College next year!

The essence of illusion in front of him is the only chance for him to improve!

He must never let it slip from his hand!

Besides Su Hao, who else has this abnormal 100% degree of realism? Moreover, it was so perfect that it appeared in front of Brother Liu at such a time. This is simply a reward from Heaven!

The atmosphere around those three turned tense!

Unconsciously, the illusion energy was condensed in their hand.

At this moment, a flicker of light could be seen in the distance. It seemed that someone was coming over. Although thanks to the fog, they weren't able to identify the incoming enemy, they couldn't afford to wait any longer!


The man called Brother Zhang who had yet to speak finally made a move.

As soon as he attacked, he blasted those two away and then his body quickly headed towards Su Hao's essence of illusion.

"Get lost!"

The other two had been prepared for this long ago.

A chaotic fight finally broke out!

In front of this essence of illusion, those three engaged in a battle. Plus, in order to not attract attention, they aimed to finish this fight in the shortest time. Using their trump cards right from the start, they attacked without any hesitation.

All sort of illusions clashed!

The surrounding energy shook!

In less than a dozen seconds, this heavyweight battle came to a conclusion.

This battle between three men ended up with Brother Zhang as the victor. Exchanging one of his arms, he destroyed the other two!

"Hehe, compared to this daddy, you two are still kids." Brother Zhang sneered.

One arm for two lives, definitely worth it!

This is after all the illusion domain. As long as you exit later, everything will still be intact!

And the most important thing is the essence of illusion in front of him!

There were three essences of illusion in front of him.

One from Su Hao, and the other two from his companions.

At first, being able to obtain one was already a pleasant surprise for him. Never would he think that in the end, he would be obtaining three at once. This is simply a great blessing from Heaven!

Let's start with Su Hao's!

Brother Zhang excitedly grabbed one of the essences of illusion. It was at this moment that a shadow quietly appeared behind him. With a huge momentum striking him from behind, Brother Zhang's body suddenly turned stiff. As his vision turned dark, he fainted to the ground.

In his dying moments, only one thought flashed in his mind.

Damn it! The darkness had consumed darkness!

Brother Zhang was dead.

He didn't expect after such a hard fought battle, he would end up with this conclusion! He was stabbed from behind? Who is the one responsible for this?!

He would have never imagined this.

Of course, if this Brother Zhang could witness the scene before his death, he would vomit blood from anger!

Just as he died, the essence of illusion which supposedly belonged to Su Hao vanished without a trace. As for the dark shadow behind, it was none other than Su Hao!

"Three essences of illusion at once!" Su Hao revealed a smile.

The last time Su Minghui pressured and chased him around, he grasped this new application of illusion. After all, this is the only technique he can perform in this illusion domain.

If it were the others, they would probably attack instantly!

With the existence of confusion, even if they're sending themselves to death, they would still believe that their action is the right one. However, Su Hao couldn't do so.

Thus he could only create a scene and utilize a plot to make up for his weakness!

To point at a dinosaur and convince someone that it's a pig is definitely difficult.

But to point at a pig and inform others it's a pig?

Everyone would obviously believe his words!

Right now, Su Hao was using the greed from the other students. They couldn't wait to encounter Su Hao and kill him. They couldn't wait to absorb his essence of illusion. With Su Hao's near perfect degree of realism...

How many people will use an illusion to distinguish whether it's real or not?

How many people could tell?


Su Hao reached out his hand.

Su Hao absorbed those three essences of illusion.

The basic knowledge quickly appeared and merged with what Su Hao already mastered.

Closing his eyes, Su Hao could tell that those three essences were definitely stronger than the ones he absorbed before by N number of times!

This made Su Hao's understanding of illusion deepen by another level!

Nobody noticed that this ocean of fog had undergone a subtle change. Unconsciously, the concentration of the fog had thickened by a slight margin. This indicated that Su Haos strength had increased!

"Great." Su Hao opened his eyes with satisfaction.

After all, he had just arrived in this illusion department not long ago.

Everyone's learning and insights definitely provided great help to him. Those three essences of illusion had allowed him to learn more of knowledge and experience of illusion.

This allowed his illusion to be even more realistic than ever.

"Let's continue!"

After Su Hao finished absorbing the essences, his heart was on cloud nine.

His hunt began again!

Within the fog.

From time to time, one could sense energy fluctuating, but when others rushed over there, nothing could be seen. This meant that the battle had already ended.

Everyone was still searching for Su Hao.

But all their efforts were in vain.

One minute...

Two minutes...

Five minutes

Ten minutes

Half an hour passed. They had searched every corner of this ocean of fog. Yet, there was no sign of Su Hao's existence or his aura!

"Whats happening?!"

"Could it be that Su Hao already fled?"

Someone raged, "Impossible! When Su Hao's aura leaked out, we arrived here. As long as he exited this fog, he would never be able to escape from my vision! He hasn't left yet!"

Someone immediately refuted the idea.

"Or perhaps... He had been killed?" Someone guessed.

As for the rest, they stared at him coldly, causing the student to shut his mouth immediately.

Su Hao got killed?

How could it be?

Such a stupid question...

They were still in the fog after all!

This is an illusion made by Su Hao. If Su Hao dies, this illusion would also lose its source of energy and gradually collapse. Based on the scale of this fog, if Su Hao really died, the fog would naturally disappear in roughly three minutes.

As long as this fog exists, it means that Su Hao is still alive!

"Where is this guy hiding?" Someone asked in annoyance.

Right now, it was just among those students who were in the east region of the illusion domain.

If they found Su Hao, they could still compete for their luck. But if this situation is to continue and attract people from other regions...

At that time, this place would be a battlefield of illusions!

Who would be able to snatch Su Hao away under such conditions?