Godly Model Creator Chapter 606

Chapter 606

Chapter 606 - Lending Someone a Knife to Kill

Everyone was looking for Su Hao.

However, how would they know that Su Hao regarded them all as prey while he is hiding within the fog to enjoy his spoils?

"Hehe, this time it's more. A total of five!" Su Hao excitedly exclaimed.

It takes time to absorb an essence of illusion. Nobody would dare touch it while engaging in a fight. Only when the battle truly ends would the person harvest their trophy of glory.

But how would they have considered that even if they ended up as victors, their loot was destined to be absorbed by another?

"The thirty-fifth essence!" Su Hao woke up from the process of absorbing the essence.

A total of thirty-five essences of illusion!

Since entering this illusion domain, Su Hao absorbed a total of thirty-five essences of illusion. Without a doubt, this is a crazy idea nobody would dare imagine.

However, Su Hao did it.

The knowledge of illusions in his mind kept accumulating. Su Hao's understanding in this area became increasingly profound as the fog looked as realistic as ever.

As stated in the textbook, the three basic criteria for an illusion is realism, confusion, and complexity.

The truly powerful illusions are in the advanced classes!

Thirty-five essences of illusion quickly allowed Su Hao's understanding regarding the basic concepts of illusions to reach an unprecedented depth.

"I wonder if I can make my own deductions from this..." Su Hao muttered to himself.

In this illusion domain, his model analysis could not be activated. Thus, he had no way to make a deduction.

Everything will only be revealed when he exits this place.

For the current Su Hao, what he has to do is absorb more essences of illusion in order to provide model analysis with more basic theoretical knowledge for the deduction.

"Let's continue!" Su Haos eyes flashed with strong fighting spirit.

In the fog, the people wandering here were all clearly understood by Su Hao! Even those who act alone, under the guidance of Su Hao, they will meet each other by chance when Su Hao fakes his death.

Then... the battle broke out!

No one was aware of the problem.

In fact, nobody will realize the problem under this fog!

Su Hao's illusion mastery was constantly improving!

This illusion field had become a crazy feast for Su Hao to enhance his strength. One by one, more essences of illusion were displayed in front of his eyes. Su Hao even vaguely felt that he was nearing a breakthrough!

The killing feast was still ongoing.

However, not every task went smoothly.

Su Hao has been successful for N consecutive times, but an accident happened this time.

When Su Hao was killed and the essence of illusion appeared, a three-person squad in front of him actually began a serious discussion on how they should distribute the loot!

Su Hao felt deeply unhappy with how this situation progressed.

These three are good friends!

Moreover, it is not the kind of human beings who are two-faced, but these are true friends.

Therefore, even when facing the essence of illusion which is such an important reward, they were still willing to leave it to the neediest out of the three.

And when that person moved forward to grab the essence of illusion a problem occurred.

"Not good!"

Su Hao realized that the situation wasn't great and made the essence assume the appearance of being absorbed into the body.

However, that student opened his eyes the instant he tried to absorb it.

"This essence of illusion is fake. There is a problem!"

When the man spoke, the others did not have the slightest suspicion as they quickly became alert. Energy fluctuation could be detected all around them.

This is a truly three-person team!

Trusting each other!

Relying on each other!

Su Hao's life-like illusion could only depend on the evil thoughts of mankind due to his poor confusion level. When this factor is no longer valid his illusion is useless!

With a scan, a wave of energy fluctuation flashed.

The fog within a few meters instantly vanished, and Su Hao's hidden figure was revealed.


Su Hao did not hesitate to retreat. At this time, those three saw Su Hao appear and this made them realized the problem. Suddenly their face turned red as they knew they had been played!

"Chase him!" Those three men quickly chased him.

"It turned out to be a fake!"

"If just now, we didn't believe what you said...."

"It will end up..."

As they looked at each other, they finally had some fear.

They suddenly understood.

Everyone regards Su Hao as the prey, how would they know that in in the eyes of Su Hao, the other students are his prey? He is a hunter himself!

Did you notice that the number of students is getting smaller and smaller? The man in the middle spoke.

"It is true."

The other two people were wary, thinking of the scene just now. They seemed to have understood something. "Could it be that others have already been..."

"Yes!" The man in the middle looked very ugly. "If I didn't guess incorrectly, the number shouldn't be small!"

The other two were shocked.

The number isn't small...

They had entered the fog together, and it was with dozens of people!

And now the number of students remaining doesn't even add up to two digits?

This is so terrifying!

Those three were on high alert.

Su Hao is indeed worthy of his title as one of the top ten most violent men.

No matter how strong is he, his mindset is so strong that it is incomparable to others! Even when his strength is weak, he could still toy with everyone!

"What to do now?"

"To chase or not?"

The speed of those three dropped.

Since they already discovered Su Hao's aim, they understood the terror of Su Hao. It caused lingering fear to be born within their hearts.

"What's there to be afraid?" The man in the middle sneered, "Su Hao planned this, and it clearly proves that his strength is too weak! He could only resort to such tricks! You think, if Su Hao is really strong, would he do so? No! He is currently too weak! This is his only way out!"

"For the others, Su Hao is dangerous!"

"Because as long as they are not in the same heart, they may kill each other and themselves. They could get tricked by Su Hao, but we are different!"

"As long as we are united, Su Hao's illusion is useless to us!"

The other two heard it and immediately had their confidence ignited.


What's there to be afraid of?

Let Su Hao kill the others!

This just fitted them well. Su Hao is a hunter to the others, but in front of them, they won't be prey because Su Hao's illusion is useless against them!

Simply put, Su Hao is totally ineffective against the three of them!

"Moreover,  Little Three, your degree of realism has always been the drawback of your strength. Su Hao's essence of illusion fits you." The man in the middle added.

The person called Little Three nodded, "Brother, I will listen to you!"

The three men looked at each other and continued chasing Su Hao.

Right now, they're determined to get Su Hao!

Su Hao was running, and they were chasing.

Regardless of what means Su Hao used, they already understood Su Hao's strength and his strategy. Thus, there is nothing to fear. What they're aiming for is the moment when Su Hao stops running.

Then, they kill him!

However, when they followed Su Hao, their faces instantly turned pale.

In front of the three of them, a five-person squad appeared.

And then the other party saw Su Hao and the three-person team that was chasing Su Hao!

"Attack now!"

Without any hesitation!

The five-person team made their move. Su Hao's figure was directly surrounded by countless illusions, turning into an essence of illusion as he died on the spot! The five-person squad did not stop at all and directly put their gaze on the three-person squad who had chased Su Hao all the way. Once again, they made a decisive shot.

"This isn't looking good!"

Those three men finally felt that they were in a pinch!

Damn it!

They finally realized what was wrong.

They knew Su Haos essence of illusion was a fake, but the others didn't know!

Su Hao led them all the way just to let them clash with this other team. Would these five people hesitate to attack their three-man team?

"This essence of illusion from Su Hao is fake..."

Before the man in the middle finished his words, he was killed on the spot!

For those five to be able to survive up until now, their strength must never be underestimated. In this illusion domain, each move must be decisive because nobody could predict what kind of disaster will be invited from hesitation.

Therefore, they annihilated the three-person team at the speed of lightning!

There is no room for them to talk!

This isn't a joke!

When teams clash, why would they be chatting?

And at this time...

Those three were in deep regret.

If they knew this would happen earlier, why would they chase Su Hao?

They thought that they knew everything regarding Su Hao, especially his strategy. However, they did not expect to end up like this. This is depressing.

"Su Hao..." Those three men bitterly smiled with traces of lingering fear in their eyes.

With such weak strength, he could still turn around the situation in this illusion domain. What if it is in reality? When his full strength is restored?

Su Hao!

He's definitely not one to be provoked!

With such regret, they fell into a deep slumber, leaving behind three lumps of essences.

At this time, the battle finally ceased.

"Sigh, you all are so aggressive. Didn't you see the fear in their eyes during the last moment? You should at least give them a chance to talk." A girl voiced out. Her voice was so sweet and charming.

"During a fight, there is no such nonsense!" A man with great build sneered, "To fight, we must cleanly finish off our enemies. Any nonsense will only make you die faster."

"You guys."

In the middle, there was one flower looking boy said to the girl in a charming tone, "Little Soft... Those three essences, how about you have them?"


Little Soft's eyes flashed as she revealed an alluring look, "Handsome brother, I don't want those three. I only want Su Hao's."


The atmosphere instantly went cold.

Those five stared at each other as a fight broke out again!

Those five had teamed up, but now they were competing with each other. The strength from the three-man team seemed pretty good, but in their eyes, it was nothing.

In their eyes, only Su Haos essence is their goal!

"Hehe, since everyone is unwilling, then we will have to fight!"

The one with great build stepped forward, "Everyone is the leader of a respective class. You all are not only interested in Su Hao's essence of illusion but mine as well, right?"

One could see the others' eyes shine.