Godly Model Creator Chapter 607

Chapter 607

Chapter 607 - Powerful Reality Illusion Technique

"If you all want to fight, let's end this quick!"

The man with great physique laughed, "Anyway, I am itching for this fight. Whoever is the one who lasts to the end will be victorious! Not only will you get Su Hao's essence of illusion but also everyone elses, what do you think?"

In these few words, everyone was instantly tempted!

Although the contents of an essence of illusion only contain part of someones knowledge...

However, if it is Su Hao's essence plus the essences of the other four people... No matter who it is, one's strength will definitely increase by several folds!

Just like what the man with huge physique said.

They're all geniuses who wish to step into the intermediate class as quickly as possible. Instead of resorting to stabbing someone from behind, why not fight openly in a fair and square fight. Whoever wins will become the final champion!


Since everyone had made their decision, it's time to make a move!

Those five students weren't some ordinary characters. Their decisive shot isn't something others could compare with. Even the girl named Little Soft, her move was filled with dense killing intent!

All sorts of illusions clashed!

A huge battle broke out!

The strength shown by all five were extremely powerful. Just the aftermath of the clash nearly blew the fog away! Their strength is so high that they are not below Su Minghui's level!


None of them noticed that within the fog, a pair of eyes was looking at them indifferently.

Su Hao!

He had always been standing there!

After being chased by that three-man squad, Su Hao led them for quite some time before had this new strategy. The success rate was about 30% that he couldn't guarantee his plan would work or not! However, he didn't expect the five-person squad was so simple and naive that his plan was able to be executed successfully.

And the interesting part is...

Under normal circumstances, these five-person squad would put their guard up!

Is Su Hao is real or not?

Is it true or false?

They would definitely check it in detail.

But right now, they didn't do so. That three-man team chased Su Hao before they met. In order to wrap things up quick, they quickly killed Su Hao and then moved on to the three-man team. Su Hao's frightened expression as he died and the emergence of his essence of illusion made them believe the story completely.

That man clearly died in front of them!

This was the judgment that they reached.


Su Hao's essence of illusion had successfully tricked them.

Regarding this, he still had to express his thanks to the three-man squad's action. Su Hao truly expressed his gratitude towards them. Of course, if they heard this, they might be so mad that they come back from the dead.

At this moment, the battle in front of him had escalated to a degree which exceeded what Su Hao could intervene with!

For such strength to be equal to Su Minghui, this is definitely something he can't mingle with!

However, luckily after absorbing dozens of essences, Su Hao's mastery on illusion had been so good that the fog unconsciously began to disappear gradually. The fog moved in such a strange way that it perfectly hid his figure.

As of this fact...

Naturally, this couldn't escape from the perception of those five.

As Su Hao died just a little while ago, the fog began to dissipate!


They had affirmed Su Hao's death!

To be subconsciously led by the nose...

Now that's truly terrifying!

"Let's end this quick!"

If the fog completely dissipated, it would definitely attract attention from more students!

Those five agreed.

The battle went up a notch yet again.

Several heavyweight illusions appeared. That alluring, charming girl, Little Soft was the first one to be killed! The other boys are too familiar with her! They're too familiar that she couldn't charm them! When her talent couldn't provide her an advantage, her defeat was inevitable!

With a scream, Little Soft died!

As for the remaining four, they didn't hesitate to blast their attack at their opponents. Their action didn't even show any traces of hesitation. This simply made Su Hao amazed.

Observing this battle, the gain he obtained wasn't small.

Countless illusions were displayed in front of him!

All sorts of magical animals, endless illusion, and also the changing scene which blurred the line between reality and fantasy; these students had the qualification to knock onto the door of the intermediate class!

Two minutes later.

Three more people died!

In the end, the man with huge physique remained!

No wonder he suggested this method because his strength was the best among them!

"Haha!" The man laughed like a madman, "I am the most talented one!"

A stream of light flickered.

The man erased the bloodstains on his body.

Even though he ended up with many souvenirs from the battle, he still survived to the end.

What is the most terrifying fact is that he is still capable of fighting! After comparing the strength between both, Su Hao was shocked to discover that the man's strength wasn't reduced by much!

If he charged at the man, he would die without a doubt!

This isn't what he expected!

Su Hao smiled bitterly. In the plan, shouldn't it be everyone suffering? In the previous N times of battles, the last remaining person would be more or less seriously injured which easily allowed Su Hao to kill them. But this time, the early stage was fine but the end result...

Su Hao couldn't blame his plan wasn't great. All he could say was the opposition is too strong!

"What to do now?"  Su Hao stared at that man as his mind was thinking rapidly!

This scene was strange.

There were eight essences of illusion! And each one of them is enough to make everyone crazy! And here, there were actually eight of them at once!

Not to mention, there was still one from Su Hao!

The man grinned.

With one wave from his hand, he directly grabbed Su Hao's essence of illusion.

However, at this time, an accident happened.


Energy erupted somewhere at a distance away.


Su Hao's essence moved by itself toward the explosion as if it was being pulled away by a powerful force!

"Who?!" The man raged.

"Stop for me!"


With both feet stomping on the ground, the man suddenly charged forward while shaking the ground. To dare snatch from a tiger's mouth, the one responsible for this is simply courting death. Staring at the essence of illusion, the man madly chased.

And the speed of this essence of illusion became even faster than before!


Energy blasted under the feet of the man.

The speed of this burly man is not to be underestimated.

However, due to his anger, he didn't realize that the fog around him gradually became thicker as he charged, hiding the area he was running towards.


Su Hao emerged from the dark and collected all seven essences of illusion.


His brain experienced a shock!

Countless scenes of illusions appeared!

Su Hao madly absorbed everything, the ones from the three-man squad and the other four from the five-man squad. Countless fragments of knowledge and memory flashed.

Very soon, Su Hao fell into deep meditation.




Su Hao didn't dare to slack off for a bit!

Because he was well aware of the situation!

As long as that burly man manages to chase the essence of illusion and find out that everything is a fake, he would return here soon as there aren't any enemies around!

The fog he set up only serves as a hindrance!

It won't have much effect at all!

Right now, it is a duel of time between him and the burly man!

If he wins, he will continue to remain here.

And if he loses, his essence of illusion would stay here!




One by one, Su Hao absorbed the essences of illusion.

At this moment, a raging roar could be heard from far away. Su Hao was shocked hearing the mans cry. He had found out the truth!



Countless roars rang in his eardrums!

That burly man had begun to head back here!

At this time, the thick fogs around him began to resist his movement. With each step, all sort of illusion appeared.

"Get the f*ck away!"

With a roar, the surrounding fog was blasted away.

Su Haos figure was exposed!

The distance from the man and Su Hao was instantly shortened! This is the terrifying strength of the burly man.

There was no longer a gap between the two!

The man raised his head and saw Su Hao's existence.

"Su Hao!" The man brimmed in anger.

As for Su Hao, he just smirked as he absorbed the last one!

The final essence of illusion!

Even without the fog, the big man can't reach him in a short period of time. However, Su Hao didn't take into consideration that the burly man would make an unbelievable move.


Something was summoned followed by a roar!

The man charged over here!

This sound...

Su Hao just heard it, and his face instantly changed.

Damn it!

Can you stop teasing me like this!

This is

A hovering car!

In this illusion domain, one can even create a hovering car? Without an origin magnetic field and energy supply, how could it fly?

Suddenly this thought flashed across his mind, and Su Hao understood the concept behind it.

Energy supply...

The source came from the man's energy itself!

He could create an illusion with his own energy and supply it too. This is a reality illusion technique! The man's strength is indeed the strongest! Not only did he master fantasy illusions, but he also understood the application of reality illusion!s

"Hurry up!"

Su Hao was getting more and more nervous.

The appearance of the hovering car had killed off every advantage he had!

When the fog was present, the hovering car would be unable to orientate itself! Because with all the illusions within the fog, one could easily head to the wrong direction if they did not walk on the ground!

But now the man cleared the fog in front of Su Hao!

In a few seconds, the man would arrive and kill him!


Su Hao was still absorbing the final essence of illusion. At this time, the man's figure was getting closer and closer as the hovering car reached its maximum speed!

Three seconds!

Two seconds!

One second!

The hovering car which was moving at such a rapid pace was about to hit Su Hao's body!


Su Haos eyes suddenly became illuminated in light.

Absorption complete!


His figure flashed.

Su Hao left the spot. The hovering car surprisingly didn't skid; instead, it slammed to the ground and formed a huge pit. The burly man walked out with a fierce look. Looking at Su Hao, his killing intent skyrocketed!

Anyone who had been toyed around like this won't be feeling great!

"Su Hao!"

One could see the mans fiery eyes as he walked one step at a time, "I want you to die!"