Godly Model Creator Chapter 609

Chapter 609 Jumping For Dumplings

Chapter 609 - Jumping for Dumplings

This is also possible?

Yes, it's possible!

Reality illusion techniques aren't just a simple tool. Only when fantasy and reality are fused together will the effect it brings be extremely terrifying!

But interchanging between fantasy and reality?

That is difficult to do!

And now...

Su Hao did it!


Once, twice, and counting as more battles broke out, all the teachers were stunned watching Su Hao accomplish this multiple times. Those who participated in the illusion showdown are all professional espers!

To be a professional esper at such an age, which one isn't a genius?

Which one has no talent?

They aren't retards!

But now, these people are all being easily deceived by Su Hao. One can't just blame it all on them. The best explanation would be Su Hao's methods are super effective!

Certain teachers' faces darkened when they saw the final fight. Seeing how easily Su Hao toyed around with their class's geniuses.

"So strong."

Everyone was sure.

"What nonsense are you uttering?" The Class One teacher secretly disagreed in his heart.

However, when the burly man won like a man, this made their facial color turned better. Now, this is supposed to be what a true illusion showdown all about!

"Good!" Class One teacher praised as he felt much better.

That was his student!

How could his student get crushed by a nobody like Su Hao?

"Huh, this time Su Hao isn't in a good spot."

Everyone started discussing.

"From the looks of it, it seems that this won't last long."

"This student from Class One is strong enough to win that battle, and he wasn't hurt much. Pretty soon, he will be entering the intermediate class."

"That student is about to find out."

"Su Hao is about to lose."

"To reach this step, Su Hao is already considered amazing."

Everyone discussed emotionally.

As for Teacher Mo, he only stared at the virtual screen. His instinct told him that Su Hao being this calm means that he wouldn't admit defeat easily.

Sure enough.

Just as the thought appeared in his heart, the scene on the virtual screen changed again.

Controlling the essence of illusion to flee by pretending that an enemy was responsible for this, Su Hao utilized this half true, half fake fusion to deceive the student. Then, when the hovering car appeared and those two clashed in mid-air, every teacher reacted.

"This... is this really an assessment for the beginner class?"

"This is totally at the level of the intermediate class!"

"These two are definitely leaders! Although Su Hao doesn't have any talent for confusion, perhaps he might be able to walk in a path that belongs to himself."


Class One teacher's face turned dark, "What's there to be amazed? With Su Hao's ability, can he escape from this chase? Wait till they come out from the illusion showdown, the strength of these two will be turned upside down."

The other teachers just kept silent.

If Su Hao loses...

This student will definitely obtain the essence of illusion.

But will Su Hao lose?

After continuously judging incorrectly twice, everyone wouldn't dare make a final conclusion anymore.

"Although they're both on hovering cars, the speed is different. Su Hao is about to lose." Class One teacher said without hesitation.

"Do you think so?" Teacher Mo suddenly asked.

"Of course."

Class One teacher sneered, "Even if one absorbs many essences of illusion, time is still needed to comprehend. Don't forget that he just entered the illusion department not long ago..."

The Class One teacher suddenly stopped halfway through his explanation.

Because at this moment, a dazzling reddish flame flashed as both cars collided!

Everyone was puzzled.

Then the situation escalated to a series of firework-like explosions which stunned everyone. At the end, when Su Hao finally managed to shake the man off, the teachers were completely dumbstruck.

Su Hao...

He won just like that?


He didn't have to!

Although on the surface, it looked like a chase but from the teachers' observation, they could see that Su Hao had the initiative from the start to the end. There was not even a slight trace of fear.


Then, he would be running away confidently!

Such a brilliant and magnificent style!

The clash between hovering cars had added colors to this dull chase.

"This child..."

Teacher Mo looked at Su Hao for such a long time that he still couldn't remain calm.

Even if it is a reality illusion, everyone is accustomed to the combination of realism and confusion. After all, as long as there is confusion, one can easily confuse others, leading them into the illusion's rhythm but now...

Su Hao!

This student who is labeled as having zero talent in confusion.

Forcibly using his own extremely powerful degree of realism, coupled with the perfect rhythm of fantasy and reality to display a thrilling battle!

"It can actually be used like this?"

This is the most frequently heard sentence by Teacher Mo today.

Even within the teachers, not many are capable of this smooth rhythm!

Their strength is strong. Their illusion level is definitely far above Su Hao's, but after stripping away the confusion, nobody can guarantee that they would be doing better than Su Hao!

This is Su Hao's talent.

It isn't an ability talent but a truly talented understanding of the illusion field which far exceeds others.

"With such ability, he should be able to enter the intermediate class, right?" Teacher Mo suddenly spoke.

The scene went silent.

Intermediate class.

The illusion showdown, in addition to the score assessment, it also serves as an assessment for the more talented students.

Among them, the five-person squad that just fought each other, Su Minghui and the others, a total of 18 people. Among them, Su Hao isn't included! Because of the strength that Su Hao showed before, there was no nomination for him. Now, Teacher Mo was the first one to nominate him.

"I agree!"

"I also agree!"

Many teachers seconded this decision.

This isn't a joke. The students they nominated before have been killed by Su Hao. If Su Hao couldn't enter, then those who got killed by Su Hao...

What are they then?

By hook or crook, Su Hao must enter the intermediate class.


Teacher Mo nodded. "Let's keep watching. I feel that this illusion showdown will not end like this..."

Every teacher was getting excited.

This time, they finally got serious.

In the past, usually, they would only be serious at the final moment. However, just a few hours into the showdown, they were now paying attention to the virtual screen.

Su Hao smoothly left the scene.

As for the burly man, he meditated where he landed.

As for the others, they were searching for Su Hao.

Within the illusion domain, the battle seemed to have just begun.


Light flashed.

Su Hao was traveling at high speeds in his hovering car.

He admitted that the battle in the ocean of fog was extremely thrilling. As long as he took one wrong step, he would be killed on the spot! There was literally no opportunity to cover any mistake.

After all...

The burly man was much stronger than him in illusions.

"If not because of him wasting lots of energy in the previous fight, I'm afraid it will be hard to escape from him."

Su Hao analyzed the situation just now.

The man's energy capacity isn't as much as his. That is a certainty.

In fact, Su Hao's energy right now is already comparable to a domain esper's! For the man to defeat him in this aspect, that's 100% impossible!

However, the consumption of energy is an issue.

The same hovering car, the energy consumed by Su Hao is at least ten times more than the burly man! During the chase, the total energy consumed by him far exceeded the man. If not because of the abundant energy within his body, Su Hao would have died.

"This time it was alright. However, if there is a next time when his energy is full..." Su Hao muttered to himself.

He needs to improve his skills more!

Even if he has lots of energy to spare, he must not waste it like this.

He needs to improve his strength again. Otherwise, if he is to stumble upon the burly man again, only death would be awaiting him! Oh yeah, there is also that brat Su Minghui...

"Seems that my improvement isn't sufficient." Su Hao muttered to himself.

Since he had planned a grand scheme in the east region, the only one who is still alive is the burly man alone. That guy should be still resting at the spot he landed. Nobody would be able to know the news in advance. This indicates that...

Su Hao can continue this scheme!


Su Hao drove his hovering car and directly entered the center of the west region.


The fog reappeared!

Su Hao cautiously set up the fog illusion. Just like previously, this ocean of fog covered a thousand mile radius... took a full hour to set up!

"Done!" Su Hao said to himself.

Everything was ready.

This time, his level and understanding of illusion had improved. He does not know how much his improvement is, but he is confident is not lacking! My little friends in the west region of the illusion domain...

Come and have a visit!


Su Hao suddenly exposed his aura!

Everyone who was nearby felt excited. This aura...

Su Hao!

There was almost no difference when compared to the east region of the illusion domain. When Su Hao exposed his aura, a large number of people charged at him.

Su Hao, 100% degree of realism!

Many were aiming for that!

In front of the foggy area, the students only hesitated for a second before rushing in.

In front of the virtual screen, all the teachers covered their faces and felt ashamed for their students' IQ. It's so obvious, how could you not see it?!

They were speechless. All they could do is to watch their students slowly jump into the trap one by one.

However, they seemed to have forgotten that when Su Hao did the same thing in the east region, they also got tricked themselves. If not for them spectating this competition through the virtual screen, who would have thought that Su Hao actually planned to kill everyone?!

This is simply madness!

On the virtual screen, battles were continuously happening.

Now that Su Hao's his strength increased, his mastery of illusions improved and became even more potent within the foggy area, allowing him to kill countless students. As for clearing the fog...

Su Hao took an hour for it. How could it be cleared in such a short amount of time?

Do not forget that all the students were hoping that the other strong students didn't notice Su Hao's aura so that they might be able to take his essence of illusion.

With fantasy, reality, psychology, and a combination of other various factors, this battle was displayed in front of every teacher.

"Damn it. It's not a dumpling, why is he still jumping into the trap?"

"Don't you know how to use your brain?"

The teacher of Class One raged.

At first, it was already a shame that several geniuses under his class got killed in the east region. However, watching his students rush in greedily in the west region, he could sense his anger continue to escalate.

If this situation continues, Su Hao will eliminate Class One by himself!

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