Godly Model Creator Chapter 61

Gmc Chapter 61

Chapter 0061 Piao Ling Organization

In the suspension car.

Su Hao casually drove as the little loli next to him stared at him with her big eyes filled with curiosity.

Military merits!

Only before starting to drive had Su Hao recalled the fact that he had military merits, which was previously thrown behind his mind! To be frank, he always thought that military merits were useless and yet they served a purpose there.

This was the reason he was so brave and kept driving.

If Captain Zhou heard about Su Hao using military merits as a drivers license, he wondered whether he would vomit blood on the spot.

After sending off the little loli to school and ensuring her safety up to the point of entering the school gate, Su Hao immediately started his cultivation within the car.

It was unnecessary to think about the schools security. After all, it wasnt only ordinary civilian children that studied there, but also those rich officials kids. Thus, the school was a completely safe fortress. Su Hao wasnt worried at all.

A day went by in just the blink of an eye. Su Hao slowly restored his origin ability energy while at the same time slowly progressing his origin ability transition technique.


For other students, after purchasing origin ability transition technique, they needed to carefully study it and then cultivate it wholeheartedly. Only then would they slowly master it.

As for Su Hao?

Model analysis required the consumption of origin ability energy, which was used to replace the time needed to study. In other words, the time he had saved to study turned into a need for energy.

As long as he had enough energy to consume, learning something instantly wasnt difficult.

However..in Su Haos case, what he was lacking was none other than origin ability energy! Thus, what he could do now was to keep using advanced origin ability cultivation method to restore back his energy. Then, he would move forward one step at a time.

Well, he wasnt in a rush.

At present, he only had this one card to analyse. Even if his energy was full, it would be a waste. In this situation, he couldnt afford to live with an empty tank.


The alarm rang and Su Haos eyes suddenly opened. It seemed like time was up!

The little loli had finished her classes!

After opening his communication device, Su Hao entered little lolis name and soon her information appeared on the virtual screen.

Activate auto-search!


Su Hao pointed his communication device at the school gate. Small boxes appeared on the virtual screen, detecting every human exiting the school gate to recognise their face.

A few moment later, among lots of student that were appearing, a small box suddenly locked on the face of little loli.

Su Hao got out from the car to fetch her.

Come, lets go back home.

Strange uncle, dont tell me that you are here the whole day. Little loli looked at Su Hao with her big, surprised eyes, Wont you feel hungry?

This, this little brat knew how to care about others?

Su Hao felt much more pleased now, Im still alright. It wont be too late when we go back and have dinner.

Little loli muttered to herself, This lolicons patience is indeed formidable.

Su Hao: .


This loli is so damn annoying!

While leisurely driving back, a flash of light from the rear mirror attracted Su Haos attention. He took a closer look at it.

But he found nothing.

Strange, am I mistaken?

Su Hao wrinkled his eyebrows. He couldnt have seen it wrong, but yet, nothing was behind. Logically thinking, there could only be one possibility

Activate heat detection!

Received.activating heat detection.please hold on for a moment.heat detection complete.

Looking at the notification on the virtual screen, Su Hao, with one hand, dragged the virtual screen towards the car navigation system. The screen then changed to the information from the virtual screen.


Su Hao, with his right wrist, clicked the direction of heat detection to the rear of the car. On the screen, three red human like figures suddenly appeared with a very vivid box frame surrounding them.

You could hide a car, but a humans body heat and the heat coming from the car engine couldnt be hidden! Under heat detection, the so-called stealth function was simply a joke.

Wow! What is this? Little loli was surprised.

Su Hao sneered, The latest kind of invisible car. Using origin ability energy and blending with the surrounding environment, making it as if its transparent in general. Due to the potential security risks, such production is banned. It must have been illegal to create such a vehicle!

Waa, so amazing! Little loli was totally clueless about the danger it might bring upon her. Lets make one and play with it too.

I think the most important thing to do now is toescape! Su Hao glanced at her for a moment, Little girl, fasten your seat belt well, Im going to speed up!


Little lolis seat belt was fastened.

Su Hao immediately opened the driving assistant panel. With sudden acceleration, leaving a stream of light ray behind, he dashed away from the invisible car. Noticing something was not right, the car behind closely followed Su Hao.

Through the heat detection, Su Hao could clearly see every one of the cars movements.

In fact, shaking off the car was pretty simple, he just need to drift around in an area with lots of cars. Since other drivers wouldnt notice the invisible car, very soon an accident was bound to happen.

But doing such a thing would involve innocent bystanders, which he couldnt bring himself to do.

After once again increasing the acceleration of the car, the little loli screamed loudly, Strange uncle, do you even know how to drive!!!

How could I not. Su Hao coldly smiled. This brother here played Need for Speed countless times in junior high school.

The little loli was silenced and burst into tears. Although she was young, that didnt hinder her from knowing that Need for Speed was just a racing game.

Su Hao really didnt know how to drive.

Under normal conditions, with the aid of a cars automatic navigation system, it wouldnt be much of a problem when driven at normal speeds.

However, in the current situation, the only thing Su Hao knew how to do was accelerate!

After looking in one direction, he would suddenly accelerate!

The traffic system of Jianghu city had a suspended orbiting ray in the sky and all vehicles were moving within the ray; only Su Haos car deviated from the ray. It was a truly eye-catching scenery as he accelerated towards a random direction.

At almost the very next second, the traffic alarm was triggered.


Several police cars instantly rushed towards him and surrounded Su Haos car. However, when surrounding Su Hao, a police car behind seemed to have hit something, producing a banging sound.

Su Hao managed to connect to the police navigation system and quickly sent a screenshot of his current communication devices screen over.

The traffic police acted decisively and began their hunt for the invisible car.

The governments equipment was naturally more advanced than Su Haos. Once the heat detector was activated, everything was clearly seen within the circumference of 100 meters. Thus, currently, the invisible cars were exposed!

After the traffic police exchanged communication several times, they started to surround the invisible cars.

After using a thick smoke to reveal the outline of the car, the car fell to the ground. In a panic, the car dashed in another direction. It was just unlucky that an old lady was crossing the road in the direction the car was heading at. If this was to continue, she was bound to be hit.

Damn it!

Su Hao cursed for a second. He rushed towards the scene but sadly, his old car technology wasnt something created to serve the purpose of saving people. At such a speed, the deviation from the actual target was quite a margin.

Fortunately, a flash of light ray passed by.

A police car rushed forward and hit the car to a different direction with a huge impact before gorgeously drifting and landing safely.

Compared to Su Hao, such people were professionals!

Su Hao, with lots of difficulty, finally managed to stop his car. Bringing the little loli along, he ran to the scene. The invisible car had been hit to a very sorry state. Two people in black spit a mouthful of blood out. Obviously, they suffered serious injuries.

The traffic police were trying to come forward when Su Hao suddenly shouted, Wait! Hold on!

The traffic police looked at him in surprise and Su Hao quickly covered the little lolis eyes without warning. He clearly saw that in the invisible car, the two men in black had produced a trace of white smoke and then their bodies gradually evaporated.

In just a blink of an eye, the two men and their car disappeared into thin air just like that.

After the little loli strugglingly removed Su Haos hands, she didnt manage to see anything. With a pair of burning eyes, she stared at Su Hao.

The traffic police were all dumbfounded too. Su Haos face turned black and his heart was beating heavily. Corpse decomposition liquid that guy also had it. This must be the work of the Piao Ling organisation.

Last time, his one encounter with the Piao Ling organisation had given him the opportunity to obtain that mysterious card.

Never did he expect that this time, while protecting the little loli, Yang Zixi, that he would encounter the killers from the Piao Ling organisation again. For the little loli, three killers were dispatched!

What exactly happened with Teacher Yang?

Wait.three killers?

Su Haos face changed again. Rushing to the area where the car disappeared, he looked at the liquid on the ground. Based on his past experience using the liquid..such an amount.wasnt enough!

Just now he also seemed to only notice two people, so what about the third person?

Su Hao looked around every corner. Nope! No trace of the third person. It seemed that the man had disappeared into the endless crowd of people.


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