Godly Model Creator Chapter 610

Chapter 610 A Sudden Crisis

Chapter 610 - A Sudden Crisis!

One man!

Destroying an entire class!

If someone said it before this, no one would believe it.

But now...

All the teachers could do was watch the groups of students jumping into the big pot of boiling water prepared by Su Hao speechlessly.

Is it Su Hao too smart or those students are too stupid?

The battles continued to be shown on the screen.

As the situation was getting tenser, the teachers nervously spectated the show. There has never been an illusion showdown in history that could make all the teachers worried.

Unexpectedly, the battles did not last long.

They lasted a mere half an hour!

Countless of death already occurred!

"So fast?"

"It couldn't be that everyone is dead, right?"

"What's happening?!"

Some teachers gasped in shock.

Before at the east region, Su Hao had to fight for a long time. Each time he did so, he had to struggle before escaping, but now it ended quickly? Looking at the data displayed on the virtual screen, they realized that the current Su Hao isn't the same as the one who just entered the illusion domain!

Half an hour!

He literally cleaned them all up!

Su Hao killed all the students who had stepped into the foggy area. In fact, there were some who didn't even have the chance to make a move before getting killed!

In the east region, Su Hao was trying to be as careful as he could and did not dare approach his enemies.

But now...

When necessary, Su Hao even took the initiative to make a move!

An upright battle!

"How could this be possible?"

"Even if he absorbs many essences of illusion, where does he have the time to digest these things? Even if you have more knowledge, you need a long time to familiarize and integrate with the information before you can slowly apply it, right?"

Some teachers were confused.

"True, not to mention, isn't this the first time ever Su Hao stumbled upon an essence of illusion? I remember the first time I absorbed this, the knowledge from the other students clashed with mine in my brain. Only after quite some time did I managed to integrate theirs into mine."

Another teacher said.

Everyone thought so too.

Essence of illusion.

It isn't something that allows you to learn everything just by touching it. After absorption, one needs time to digest it. In addition, this is Su Hao's first time with them.

As of this point, it was something the teachers couldn't comprehend.

However, what they didn't know was for Su Hao, this task is super easy! When reading cards, the same process is happening too. Plus, that kind of information isn't something that a simple fragment of memory could compare with.

After doing it for so long, Su Hao is already accustomed to it.

In the end, the result is the current scene displayed to the teachers.

Su Hao could easily combine the new knowledge with his, and integrate it in a short period of time.

This is Su Hao's growth from his harvest in the east region of illusion domain.

As for the west region.

The same situation repeated again.

Su Hao easily killed more than 90% of them! As for those geniuses with strong might, Su Hao didn't touch them.

Those people are basically those who got nominated for the intermediate class.

Unless they can kill each other, Su Hao will never take the initiative to approach them.

For example...

These few students in the west region.

Su Hao had learned how to analyze simply just from their actions. The result came up with a low probability of them fighting against each other which made him take the initiative to give up.

There wasn't a thrilling battle.

After finishing his job, Su Hao quietly drove away in his hovering car. A few moments later, the foggy area here will disappear completely.

And those who are still wandering in the fog will gain nothing!

"Has it ended?" A teacher opened his mouth and didn't know what to say.

"It's over, I guess." Another teacher said in an uncertain tone.

There was no thrilling scene. Su Hao lurked around silently, like the emperor of shadows. After killing everyone, he quietly left.

Even those in the foggy area had no clue what happened!

Whether it was those alive or dead!

"This is so terrifying!"

Several teachers could feel the goosebumps on their back.

How is Su Hao's strength now?

They now had quite a clear image of it.

In theory, under normal condition, even if they're geniuses, the knowledge to be obtained from the essence is limited. After all, it belonged to someone else right?

Knowledge, theory, and thoughts!

Putting other people's things in your own mind and integrating them is a high-level task! Thus, even those geniuses would absolutely not touch those from lower levels. Otherwise, a lot of messy things would pollute their mind.

So, relying on the essence of illusion to improve?

It's not that possible!

But Su Hao...

He's an exception!

He's not a picky eater.

He dares to absorb any essences of illusion he acquired.

And after the absorption, he could digest it quickly and turn it into his own strength. The way his illusion improved is too quick! Together with Su Hao's super-enhanced comprehension, Su Hao's speed in his progress scared the teachers quite a bit.

The same thing happened in the east region.

In addition to the west region.

Creating two fog areas in a row, everyone already figured out Su Hao's real strength.

At this moment, on the virtual screen, a light ray flashed through the sky. Su Hao was heading in the other direction. When the teachers noticed it, they instantly felt their liver tense up. That direction...


"He can't be going to the north and repeating the same thing, right?" A teacher asked.

Everyone had a look. Wasn't that the case?!

For two consecutive times, Su Hao had tasted the sweetness. After harvesting the east and west region, he turned his target to the north without any hesitation!

This situation is simply moving at the pace of trying to engulf everything in the illusion domain!

The teachers couldn't remain calm.

A test for the students had been turned upside down and no longer carried any significance.

Because they will all be killed by Su Hao, what's the point of the assessment? Enjoying the role as Su Hao's preys?

"What do we do now?"

The teachers did not know what to do.

"Why don't... we forcefully intervene?" Someone asked cautiously.

"How to interfere?"

Teacher Mo sighed. "Su Hao did not violate any rules in the illusion domain. Or to be precise, in the illusion domain, there are no rules!"

"But we can't let him continue like this." Someone complained as they were not happy with this.

"Then what method do you suggest?"

Teacher Mo looked at him with a smile, "If you can think of a good way, perhaps you can share it with us? You can't right? Then, don't simply act without thinking. The Illusion domain is a super powerful Nitai artifact. With our activation, it is impossible to interfere with this illusion space!"

"What we can do now is wait..."

Teacher Mo murmured and put his gaze back on the virtual screen again before continuing in a low tone, "What made me feel uneasy, could it be this? If so, it would be fine. If this is not it... what kind of disaster would it be?"

After a few nearby teachers heard his words, they were stunned.

What does Teacher Mo mean?

Could it be...

Some big incident has yet to occur?

Those few looked at each other and saw worry in their eyes. After so many years of organizing the illusion showdown, each time, it would end without any incidents. Why must it happen now?

Hopefully it is just a mistake.

On the virtual screen, Su Hao unsurprisingly repeated the same thing in the north region and swept dozens of essences!

His strength rose to another level again!

With how this situation progressed, as long as he does the same in the south region, most of the students participating in this illusion showdown would be killed by Su Hao.

Su Hao stood quietly.

After digesting all essence he absorbed earlier, it was time to leave.

Those so-called geniuses, he still didn't dare to approach them due to the danger involved.

The success rate is too low.

If he gets killed too early, that would be a waste. After killing all the ordinary students, he would then shift his attention to those geniuses.

This is Su Hao's plan.

"Let's go!" Su Hao began his journey to the south region.

East, West, North!

Three rounds of absorption had accumulated to hundreds of essences!

Right now, Su Hao's eyes were as bright as ever!

These hundreds of essences had pushed him higher!

However, for other students, even with hundreds of essences in front of them, one could only absorb about three to five. However, this isn't a problem for Su Hao!

"Again!" Su Hao secretly said in his heart.

As long as he completes this last round in the north region, he will be able to master the foundation thanks to these students. After absorbing and integrating their knowledge with his own, it should presumably be enough for him to complete his path in ability talent.

His figure flashed.

Su Hao soon arrived at the north region of the illusion domain.

The scene in front of him was as desolate as always.

Su Hao soon found a quiet spot and began the same plan again. Half an hour later, the foggy area was successfully set up.

Then, Su Hao did not hesitate to expose his aura!


His familiar aura spread to the surrounding.

"Now, the game begins." Su Hao was in high spirits.

In the north region, countless people approached him. When Su Hao was getting ready to set his plan in motion, he felt something was amiss. At this moment, a horrifying aura came from the sky, rushing towards him!


A small area within the foggy got cleared.

A dazzling fire lit up.

A huge claw then tore up the entire space! That foggy area which Su Hao had prepared so well got destroyed by a student! Subsequently, a behemoth flew out and soared.

It was a huge golden-winged bird proudly displaying its wings for a show!

The endless flames spread around, clearing the fog and leaving nothing behind.

The big bird landed and was carrying someone on its back.

Su Hao shockingly raised his head, and his face had a slight change. Not far away, Su Minghui, that burly man, and many so-called geniuses which Su Hao did not dare touch...

Those who're supposed to come and not supposed to come, they had all arrived!

This time, it will be dangerous!

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