Godly Model Creator Chapter 612

Chapter 612 One Versus Twelve

Chapter 612 - One Versus Twelve!


The world seemed to be distorted.

Layers of illusion emerged. This isn't like those basic degrees of realism or confusion. With the help of powerful origin techniques, realism and confusion had been perfectly integrated. At first glance, one could never be able to differentiate them from being reality or illusion. Let alone trying to decipher them.

Double-edged swords.

They fell from the sky!

The swords made from cold steel headed towards Su Hao. Twelve different kinds of origin techniques, twelve killing machines intertwined in the air. Each machine only had one aim, to eliminate Su Hao.

Illusion origin technique!

"Su Hao, die!"

"Fleeting Time!" A student yelled out.

A strange light suddenly illuminated the surrounding 100 meters. Su Hao's figure turned stiff. He felt that every action of his was like struggling to move within some mud.

The teachers were shocked.

It turned out to be Fleeting Time!

It's a powerful intermediate illusion. By utilizing an incomparable talent and confusion, it created a sensation in the heart that made one feel that time is moving strangely as if it had turned slow.

This is a very powerful origin technique.

However, only those in the intermediate class would be taught this technique. Plus, if one wishes to train this technique, not only do you need a strong confusion level as a requirement, your ability talent also needs to match it. Thus, not many are able to use this technique. They didn't expect someone would use it, and he's from the beginner class!

"Thousand Illusions!"

In front of Su Hao, that burly man suddenly stepped forward and attacked. It's another intermediate attack!

In a radius of 100 meters, gravity kept increasing!

The target of the gravitational force wasn't on Su Hao, but the illusions around them. The moment when Thousand Illusions made its debut, literally every other illusion became more condensed, terrifying, and even more realistic!


Layers of illusion rained down.

The ground cracked!

Under Su Hao's feet, a huge hole was formed, overwhelming everyone with shock!

Heavy pressure!

This isn't normal gravity. Before the attack took place, with just the illusion alone, Su Hao was pressured down. For a student to have such strength... is terrifying.

The burly man stared at Su Hao like he was sentencing him to die.

When he chased Su Hao last time, he depleted his energy and he couldn't even create a hovering car. The remaining energy could only be used for self-protection. However, this time, it was different. He would never give Su Hao a chance to escape!

Su Hao must die!


A group of teachers was so excited that they could barely contain themselves, "I knew it. Now, that's their actual strength!"

While in the beginner class, not only did they show that they had the qualification to enter the intermediate class, but also learned the techniques taught in the intermediate class by themselves. These students have unlimited potential.

"It's about to end..."

"These illusions are real physical attacks. This time, Su Hao probably can't resist."

"Even if you manage to find the sweet spot, you will still be destroyed by the mighty power of the illusion!"

"He will die!"

These were the judgment of the teachers.

This wasn't normal aura attacks anymore. Once it detonates, the power produced would be more terrifying. With Su Hao at the center, he had to bear most of the force produced!

Thus, if he doesn't resort to detonating the attack, it would still be fine. If he decides to proceed...

Su Hao will die.

Not to mention, under the influence of Fleeting Time, Su Hao was carrying an unknown weight that made his body stiff.

"I'm about to die."

This thought flashed within his mind.

He had been prepared for a huge battle.

However, he did not expect these students to be this powerful!

He could resist against basic illusions, but intermediate illusion techniques have far exceeded the scope which he understood. The knowledge he mastered was totally useless in helping him to resolve this pinch!

"This doesn't seem to be good!" Su Hao's heart skipped a beat.


All sort of illusions clashed!

Under the influence of Thousand Illusions, Su Hao got overwhelmed completely. The powerful illusion techniques finally shone at this moment.


The world shook!

The illusions are coming!

Su Hao's heart turned cold. The horrifying attack rubbed against his skin, leaving countless bloody wounds behind. The terrifying energy directly bombarded Su Hao's body, chest, shoulders, arms...


When he was about to go into a coma...

Su Hao was shocked to sense that when the force passed through his arm, his right arm was heating up and the source was coming from the tattoo of Blue Dream Butterfly. It kept shining and flashing non-stop.

"This is..." Su Hao felt delighted.


Before he even had the chance to make an action...

Su Hao could feel that his right hand moved on its own!


His right arm suddenly blocked in front of Su Hao, and directly entered the center of the illusion explosion.


Heaven and Earth grew bright!

"What's happening?!"

"What happened?"

Everyone was stunned.

Because even if in front of the virtual screen, one could only see a white scene which is the effect after the energy disrupted the broadcast.

"It's Su Hao. At the last moment, he actually went for the central point again and detonated the attack!"

One of the teachers present analyzed.

"What does he want to do?"

Everyone was surprised.

They already knew this attack wasn't an imposing aura illusion, but a true illusion attack. Su Hao's approach would just invite the Grim Reaper!

"He is courting death!"

"Or perhaps he gave up..."

"Or was he ignorant enough to think that he can use the same method to destroy the attack?" Someone laughed.

At this moment, on the virtual screen, the bright light gradually disappeared and the figure of the ones on the scene gradually appeared. However, when they had a clear image of the scene, everyone turned pale in shock!

Su Hao still stood tall!

Safe and sound!

"How could this be?"

Everyone was completely shocked.

Those twelve students who surrounded Su Hao, their facial color instantly changed.

The reason they decided to band together and attack Su Hao wasn't because they're afraid of him, but worried that he would escape. They would never consider themselves to be weaker than Su Hao.

But now...

This is too terrifying!

The twelve students' attacks actually got blocked with just his hand!

What kind of concept is this?

Even those from the intermediate class, they shouldn't have such strength right?

Su Hao, a student from the beginner class, a level one professional esper could actually be this powerful?! The more they thought of this, the more unbelievable it is.

Everyone was dumbfounded.

Su Minghui trembled even more.

Just how long was it...

He still remembered when Su Hao just entered the illusion domain, he had to run away from Su Minghui. But now with 12 people joining hands, they couldn't actually touch Su Hao?

This speed in improvement...

It's too terrifying!

In fact, they weren't the only ones stunned. Even Su Hao was amazed. What happened?

At the moment when all the illusions came at him, Su Hao's right arm forcefully moved and blocked for him while reaching the balance point yet again.

And then...

All the momentum from the illusions poured into his body.

He literally had to receive every bit of attack from everyone!

And these attacks, when the momentum was pouring into Su Hao's body, they were actually absorbed by his right hand.

A thought flashed through Su Hao's mind.

On his right arm, Blue Dream Butterfly's tattoo became clearer than before.

She absorbed the power coming from the illusion!

Su Hao was surprised.

It could actually be used like this?

Blue Dream Butterfly absorbed the power from these people and used it to recover her strength. It is an incredible method! This is Blue Dream Butterfly's talent, this illusion domain is her stage! With this speed, it won't be long before she regains her consciousness.

"Hahahaha." Su Hao burst into laughter.

The little brat is finally about to wake up.


Looking at Su Hao's appearance, Su Minghui suddenly turned furious, "Just gaining a little advantage and you have become like a madman. It's just a defensive illusion technique. Let me see how many times can you use the same technique?"

"Charge!" Su Minghui gave an order.

Everyone once again surrounded Su Hao.

The more powerful an origin technique, the longer the preparation time is needed.

Su Hao just used it once. His current state should be his most vulnerable state. It would be an ideal time to attack him now. After all, they had twelve geniuses on their side.



Countless illusions reappeared.

Reality type...

Fantasy type...

Literally every illusion mastered by them were used against Su Hao. In an instant, the scene turned extremely bright as all sorts of illusions and powerful killing machines clashed.


To their surprise, under the same attack, Su Hao still did not suffer any damage. With a sudden bright light illuminating him, their attacks were easily neutralized. Not only that, Su Hao actually attacked them while defending.

For a time, it was difficult to solve the problem.

"What is this origin technique?"

Everyone was overwhelmed with shock.

The impression they had was there has never been such a strong defensive technique! Like an insurmountable barrier, Su Hao's right arm melted every incoming illusion!

"An origin technique from the intermediate class?"

Some teachers gasped in shock.

"No, it's impossible. Even those origin techniques from the intermediate class can't be this powerful!" A teacher retorted.

"What the hell is it then?"

The teachers could no longer comprehend it, "An origin technique which I have never seen before. Is it originating from some ruins or is it something that Su Hao created himself?"

If it is the former, that would be fine. However, if it's the latter...

What kind of comprehension is that?

On the virtual screen, the battle was still ongoing.

Those twelve students didn't slow down at all and kept launching their killing moves non-stop at Su Hao. However, Su Hao just stood still at the middle, tearing all the incoming illusions with his hand.


The spot which Su Hao was standing on turned into total chaos.

One versus twelve!

He actually didn't fall behind!




Those students began to have goosebumps.

This is after all an illusion domain, their territory! Su Hao, a student who just arrived here a month ago actually defeated them in their own turf?

Plus, it's one versus twelve!

Such irony!

Is this the zero talent student they kept ridiculing? With such a level of understanding in illusion, if Su Hao has zero talent, then they who have been toyed around by Su Hao, what are they then?

Having this thought in their minds...

They could feel their livers twitching and their actions unconsciously turning slower.

"Keep going!"

Su Hao's eyes brimmed in confidence, "The so-called geniuses in illusions, is this your limit? A group of waste. Your teacher might be watching us now. Don't try to shame them."

He could feel the concentrated energy in the tattoo constantly increasing.

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