Godly Model Creator Chapter 613

Chapter 613 Total Annihilation

Chapter 613 - Total Annihilation!

"Courting death!"

Hearing this, they could no longer hold their anger.

This Su Hao, he's simply an arrogant bastard!

Su Hao literally summoned every ounce of anger from them, but all of their attacks were easily neutralized by Su Hao, leaving them nowhere to vent.


Su Minghui groaned before finally speaking, "Everyone, lend me your strength."

Since the start of the battle, he had been trying to act righteously without showing too much arrogance. This time, he finally revealed his true colors.


A light flashed, and Su Minghui's body emitted endless fluorescent light.

As for the rest, they injected their energy into Su Minghui. The light emitted from his body became even brighter, causing the illusion domain to shake. There were actually signs of it about to collapse.

"Die!" Su Minghui waved his hand.

From the sky, huge bluish meteors fell and formed huge pits on the ground.


The ground cracked!

A great earthquake was happening!

Su Hao's footsteps were fast as he evaded the incoming meteors. However, there were too many falling meteors. There was literally no place to hide. Trying to avoid all of them until the end proved to be a difficult task too.

"Don't you want to defend?"

"I will let you defend as much as you wish!"



Su Minghui waved his hand and even manipulated the falling meteors to charge at Su Hao.


Su Hao coldly snorted. Lifting his right arm, the meteors burst and Su Hao absorbed all the energy contained within them. He didn't receive any injuries at all which made everyone else stunned.

This is too terrifying!

Every falling star, when it landed on the ground, what came after that was a huge disaster.

However, Su Hao completely defended against that. What kind of origin technique is this?




Endless meteors fell.

Su Hao's face finally turned ugly. Even if Blue Dream Butterfly absorbed all the illusion energy, she still needs time to digest and transform it into her own power to suppress that flower bed.

However, the speed of attacks he faced was too quick!

The absorption rate is much greater than the digestion rate, causing the energy to saturate.

After all, he is just one man!

The opposition has a total of twelve people!

In the illusion domain, if he is to face Su Minghui alone now, his current illusion level definitely will not fall behind. However, to face twelve men with strength equivalent to Su Minghui at once, it's a bit too extreme! Especially when the twelve of them joined hands together.

"Can you still hold on?" Su Minghui laughed.

Su Hao's state naturally could not be hidden from him. There is never an invincible origin technique in this world. Before he hadn't found the flaw. But now, he has found it.


Yet another star erupted.

The illusion power finally no longer got completely absorbed. There was finally a sign of Su Hao receiving damage. His whole body got blasted away, slamming against a mountain behind him with blood spurting from his mouth.

"It's about to end!"

In front of the virtual screen.

The teachers were shocked.

A battle from the beginner class, the scale had exceeded everyone's expectations. Even if they're placed in the intermediate class, they would be leaders too. Especially Su Minghui and Su Hao, they were too powerful, that it is almost unbelievable!

"To be able to resist against Su Minghui and the others for such a long time, Su Hao should be proud of his feat."

"Unfortunately... he still lost."

Everyone somehow had regrets.

Su Hao is strong enough!

But it is under the fact that he still hasn't lost.

If he fails this time, his essence of illusion would be acquired by Su Minghui. After Su Minghui has a surge in strength, would Su Hao able to defeat him?

The essences of illusion are the benefits students can gain here.

Numerous teachers have spent huge costs and resources to create this domain. All just for these potential students to keep improving!

Only Zhanzheng College has the capability to do so.

As for battles between geniuses, it would end in just a blink of an eye. They had witnessed this many times. During a showdown, occasionally one would fail. When they meet again in future, the situation won't be the same anymore. This illusion showdown is an assessment and a great opportunity to gain insights at the same time.

If you are able to grasp it, you will be able to fly to a higher realm!


Another bright scene appeared in front of the teachers.

The dazzling light shone again. After Su Hao was smashed into the distance, Su Minghui did not slow down. With big hand movements, all the meteors slammed down, charging at Su Hao.



The dazzling light occupied everyone's vision!

In front of everyone, it was just a white scene.


Su Hao spurted out a mouthful of blood.

After hardly resisting a star, he finally couldn't hold it.

The team of twelve people is too strong for him!


Yet another star exploded.

Su Hao could hear thunderous sounds hitting his eardrums. His whole body had turned into a weak state. All the attack in front turned into illusions, forming blood trails all over his body before changing into nothingness.

I'm about to lose...

Su Hao understood.

However, he is going to lose like this?

He wasn't satisfied with this!

However, so what if he wasn't satisfied?

Here… is an illusion domain after all.


Yet another star slammed into Su Hao.

Right on his chest!

Su Hao's body was now badly mangled, and he was already nearing his end.

Sure enough... he was about to lose.

Su Hao's consciousness was getting more and more blurry. Far away, he can even see an incoming object. He knew it was another falling star.

He wasn't willing to end like this!

Su Hao roared in his heart.

So what if they had more people?

If it is in the real world, no matter how many there are, it won't be effective against him!

However, here is an illusion domain which only takes into account battles of illusions! Even though he has a strong fighting power, he is just an ordinary student here.

He was unwilling!

This thought flashed in his mind again.

He could accept failure, but not this kind of failure!

To lose to a member of the Su family...

Absolutely not!


A light sound echoed.

In Su Hao's ears, the sound was as loud as thunder. A powerful force reached his body. It did not bring any effect to Su Hao nor was it able to resist attacks for him. However, Su Hao was shocked. A glimmer of hope illuminated in both of his eyes, revealing a hint of ecstasy.

This feeling...


During the final moment when the star fell...

Terrifying energy broke out, changing the color of this world.

Everyone could no longer see anything. The dazzling white light filled the entire world. For quite some time, this scene went on before finally ending.

The star attack quietly stopped.

The world went back to normal.

Those twelve students finally became excited. Since Su Hao died, their targets would now be among themselves!

Some nearly initiated their attacks immediately.

However, after being tricked by Su Hao many times, even when Su Hao was dead, they still carefully observed the spot where he was.

However, this look turned them into madness.

That location.

That place.

Being blasted by a few meteors, forming a huge crater, one could tell how powerful the attack was. However, within the huge crater, a figure was still standing tall as stable as Mountain Tai.

"Su Hao!"

"How could this be?"

"How could he still be alive!"

Everyone was overwhelmed with shock.

Such scale of an attack, such level...

How could he be fine!


Su Minghui's both pupils shrunk. Finally, he could no longer remain calm. This powerful origin technique which allowed him to combine the others' energy to kill Su Hao...

However, he never thought that Su Hao was actually able to stop it!

And he did it that easily!


Su Minghui's eyes suddenly turned strange, "Your body has been destroyed. How can it be recovered! This is absolutely impossible!"

Everyone trembled.

At this moment, they realized it. Wasn't that the case here?

Just now, Su Hao was blasted with meteors and his whole body nearly got destroyed. If not because of him holding his breath, perhaps he might not even live to resist the final star attack.

But now, his body actually did not suffer any damage?

"Impossible?" Su Hao smiled.

"Nothing is impossible in an illusion domain!" Su Hao casually said while taking one step forward at a time.

His actions contained a trace of mystery, forcing them to take a step back. The scene in front of them really shocked them to the core.

"To be frank, I have to thank you all."

Su Hao leisurely took his step without even putting his guard up.

"If not because of your hot pursuit, how would I know the mystery behind the essences of illusion? If not for your pursuit, how could I gather so many essences? If not for your pursuit, how could I comprehend everyone's essence in such a short time while practically in a battle?"

Speaking of this, Su Hao suddenly smirked, revealing his row of white teeth, "If it wasn't because of your pursuit, how could I absorb your essences..."


Everyone was extremely alert.

Goosebump manifested all over their body.

No matter how confident they are about themselves, they couldn't escape from feeling something was amiss.

The current Su Hao was too terrifying!


Everyone fled with their tail between their legs.

They actually escaped.

"What are you doing?"

Su Minghui was furious, "He just trying to make himself mysterious. If we don't kill him now, then when will it be? Here is illusion domain, our territory..."


Su Minghui's words halted.

A sword easily pierced through him.

Su Hao's figure flashed and instantly appeared in front of him with laughter, "Since you don't believe, then I will start with you. Your illusion, I'm looking forward to it."

"This speed..."

Su Minghui looked at him with his eyes widen as he dared not believe what he had just seen, "How could you..."

"Nothing is impossible." Su Hao grinned.


Su Minghui's neck was twisted off on the spot. Soon, his figure vanished just like that, leaving behind a lump of light on the spot.

This was Su Minghui's essence of illusion!

He actually died?!

In just a snap of Su Hao's fingers!

Everyone had cold sweat. What was actually happening here?

Su Hao's gaze swept across everyone as he revealed a smile, "Perfect state, strength fully recovered... this feeling is so great."

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