Godly Model Creator Chapter 614

Chapter 614 Unlimited Improvement

Chapter 614 - Unlimited Improvement!


In the illusion domain, it was strangely peaceful.

Su Hao's gaze was very confident. As for the remaining eleven students, no one dared to move.

At first, they thought that Su Hao had used some origin technique. They wished to restore their condition back to normal before coming back here again. However, that didn't seem to be the case!

Su Hao wasn't even in a hurry.

He acted even more leisurely than them, but nobody dared to move because as long as one moved, perhaps the next thing that would happen will be their death.

They felt their scalp go numb every time Su Hao's eyes swept across them.

This is too terrifying!

What strength did Su Minghui possess?!

Even among them, he is ranked at the top. They would never have expected that he would fail to escape from Su Hao!

"Essence of illusion."

Su Hao ignored them and placed his attention to this lump of energy in front of him. Grabbing the essence with one hand, the essence instantly entered into his body.

Su Hao closed his eyes to absorb the information.

"A golden chance!"

All the students' eyes lit up.

"Attack now!"

"You actually dare to absorb it in front of us. You're simply too arrogant!"

"This is the only chance!"

Su Hao's arrogance made them happy.

One requires time to absorb an essence of illusion. The more powerful an essence is, the more time is needed. Not to mention, Su Minghui's essence is of high quality. For Su Hao to absorb the essence, he would at least need dozens of seconds!

"Get rid of him!"

All the students who tried to flee just now came back.

Countless attacks were approaching Su Hao!

However, when those illusions were about to reach Su Hao, his closed eyes suddenly opened, causing light to illuminate in front of them.


With a wave of his hand, all the illusions vanished.

Everyone was overwhelmed with shock.

"Your timing to grab chance is pretty accurate, huh?" Su Hao laughed loudly.

Everyone swallowed their saliva. Just now, what had happened?

How could Su Hao suddenly wake up? Could it be that he was pretending to absorb the essence? But the essence of illusion was clearly gone!

What about their attacks? With so many powerful illusions, even if one is able to defend against them, there should still be some action!

What's with this sudden disappearance without a single trace?

Unknown variables are always the scariest.

They were so startled that they could hardly control themselves.

At this moment, a ray of light emerged from Su Hao's body. This light gave them a familiar feeling. When the light bloomed, they were stunned.

This familiar aura...

Could it be...

"Quickly flee!"


Heaven and Earth shook.

Countless meteors appeared in the sky; under Su Hao's control, they rained down on the crowd just like a comet hitting the Earth.


The ground cracked!

There is no place to escape.

One by one, each meteor fell to the ground with huge momentum, forming a huge catastrophe. Su Minghui needed the others' energy to perform this illusion, but Su Hao completed it himself. Moreover, it was far stronger and terrifying than when Su Minghui used it!

This was simply a large scale catastrophe.

Mountains and rivers ruptured!

River water flowed backward!

A ruin was forming in the illusion domain.

Those eleven students who tried to flee were all killed with a sweep. When Heaven and Earth calmed down, one could see eleven essences of illusion illuminating.

Everyone… got annihilated!

In front of the virtual screen, all the teachers were dumbfounded.

When Su Hao made his move, they were shocked; but when he controlled the countless meteors, they were even more stupefied.

This, this, this...

This is simply unbelievable!

The moment when Su Hao was about to die, he suddenly turned powerful. His strength had surged numerous times. What actually happened to him in the end? Moreover, with Su Hao's talent, even if he learns Su Minghui's origin technique, could he actually use it? In the end, what had happened?

No one knew.


If they paid attention, they would have noticed that right now there was some strange light in Su Hao's eyes.

One red and one blue!

"Finally, it ended!"

Su Hao waved his hand, absorbing all the essence and began to digest on the spot. In fact, he could do so because there is only one person left in the entire illusion domain!


A wave of energy fluctuation covered the entire illusion domain.

Su Hao sat cross-legged.

Numerous data flashed in his mind as thousands of computers within his mind were analyzing something. Inside the model world, a magical origin model could be seen. It is Su Minghui's origin talent.

That's right!

When Su Hao was about to die, a strange force flew in his body which is Su Hao's own energy!

With Blue Dream Butterfly acting as the bridge, Su Hao could actually use his own power within this illusion domain, causing his strength to surge numerous times!

Especially when model analysis was able to be activated...

From that moment, everything was already over.

What strength does Su Hao have?

In real life, he could easily suppress countless people!

Coupled with his current improved illusion mastery, when both complemented each other, the so-called talented students were just a mere joke in front of his eyes!


The computers sorted the information of those eleven people.

Su Hao sat cross-legged.

The things within the illusion domain had been cleared, but what Su Hao was more worried about is the state of Blue Dream Butterfly. Even after absorbing so much energy, she still didn't wake up from her deep slumber.

"Could it be it that it was too extreme..."

Su Hao clenched his fists.

At this rate, he couldn't imagine how long would it take for Blue Dream Butterfly to wake up. He couldn't drag this out any longer! That demonic flower within her sea of consciousness had always been a concern for him.

If her situation got worse...

Su Hao fell into meditation.

With more than a hundred essences, he began to strip them one by one to analyze.

Before this, Su Hao was manually absorbing and digesting the information. However, under the analysis of thousands of computers, everything turned different.

The experience from more than 100 students was easily integrated with no hiccups!

Ordinary students...

Genius students...

That burly man...

Su Minghui...

Numerous pictures flashed rapidly. Su Hao's speed in analyzing was getting faster and faster. Soon, all data had been analyzed and a perfect fusion of data appeared.

There is nothing more perfect than this!

The data in his body is like a DNA strand, interlaced and spiraled among each other. Su Hao's understanding of illusion became more and more profound, and it was constantly improving!

After enrolling for one month, he had studied too many written information!

For Su Hao, reading the written materials was not a waste of time. In a month, Su Hao basically became a living illusion database!

But illusions are something that needs to be practiced.

Any simple information won't serve any practical purpose.

And now...

He had obtained actual combat experience.

The experience from more than 100 students is comparable to the material in the library. With perfect integration from both sources and the aid of thousands of computers, Su Hao had undergone the best transformation.



Energy fluctuated around him.

Not only within the illusion domain but also in real life!

All students had fallen asleep within the square.

Is there any better chance than this?

Su Hao could barely contain his excitement!


Endless energy fluctuated.

Su Hao deliberately avoided the teachers in front of the virtual screen and instead covered all the students present. They were in a deep sleep and clueless of time. Naturally they won't put up their guard.


Model analysis activated!

Each and every ability talent...

Each and every beginner illusion technique...


The illusion card within Su Hao's body refreshed continuously. Everyone has a beginner illusion technique card, but due to the different cultivation and direction they took, some subtle differences were detected. To Su Hao, they all have the same name but contain some differences. Then, he combines them!


Constant fusion!

Su Hao's mastery in illusion once again climbed to a higher level!

While being absent-minded...

Even Su Hao wasn't sure what is his current level in illusion. All he knew was he kept improving himself!

Even those who got killed earlier from the start were not spared.

There is literally no better chance than this.

For a full half an hour, when Su Hao woke up from his cultivation, a blue light flashed within both his eyes as if he had just experienced countless years! Su Hao's mastery in illusion had reached the extreme limit that seems to be impossible to overcome!

"This world..."

Su Hao's eyes shone as he looked at the surrounding world.

This is an illusion domain constructed by the teachers. At first, this seems like a real world to Su Hao. At least, it isn't something they could see.

But now...

Su Hao could easily identify the nodes in this world.

At some spots, he could see the sparkling nodes. Su Hao couldn't pinpoint their actual location, but he clearly knew there is a node in that region!

Is this the architectural foundation of the illusion domain?

He actually saw through the illusion domain!


Su Hao subconsciously tried to grab the node but caught nothing.

He couldn't grab it...

Sure enough, his illusion mastery doesn't meet the minimum requirement.

Su Hao pondered.

Although he didn't catch it, he felt a strange feeling when his hands passed through the node. It let him know that these nodes are the basic foundation for this illusion domain!

He saw it!

But failed to capture it!

If they could be captured?

This thought suddenly flashed in his mind. Does this mean that he could destroy this world? If he could break this world and provide Blue Dream Butterfly with the energy she needs...

Can Blue Dream Butterfly wake up?

Su Hao's heart moved.

Although he didn't know if it will work, this is definitely a good idea. However, it is such a pity that his current level isn't there yet. If he had to reach the level to be able to catch the node, he could only wait for the next time.

"It's time to go out..." Su Hao muttered to himself.


His figure disappeared.

Su Hao left the illusion domain.

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