Godly Model Creator Chapter 616

Chapter 616 Rules

Chapter 616 - Rules!

A light flashed.

Su Hao's eyes were full of mystery.

The energy within his body began to operate in a strange and complicated way before condensing in his eyes. Those mysterious, secret lines nearly crashed when Su Hao analyzed them!

These are definitely not something he could touch right now.

However, this does not prevent Su Hao from studying its purpose. After using it several times to understand the usage better, Su Hao was deeply shocked.


What is an illusion?

How is it formed? A perfect illusion is like a house. When it is formed, one must first build several nodes before being able to form a 3D illusion scene. This process is fast enough to be completed in the blink of an eye.

What shocked Su Hao is that...

His Ocular Technique could actually clearly see those nodes!

Without any sort of talent, with just a glance, everything was stripped naked.

When he was in the illusion domain, it was precisely because of this technique that Su Hao was able to see through the structure of the world with a glance. With no limitation on level or talent, even if the teachers built the illusion, it still can't escape from these eyes.

This is literally the counter to illusions!

Su Hao was amazed by this discovery.

He couldn't help himself from unseeing these nodes. However, this also meant that at least he won't be tricked by any reality illusions. The moment he sees it, he would instantly know it's fake! However, what puzzled Su Hao is how did he manage to comprehend this technique?

Su Hao fell into meditation as he recalled the earlier events.

The scene in the illusion domain was replayed. At this moment, a sudden voice rang in his mind.

"New skill learned... The condition for the card has been met... Self-building card begins... Process complete..."


"The card is set up!"


"The card data is shown below!"


Name: Undefined

Level: Six Stars

Description: The true meaning of an illusion is obtained using the powerful foundation of basic illusions from analyzing essences of illusion. No matter how powerful an illusion technique is, it can never escape these eyes!

Requirements: Beginner illusion (Max)


Yet another self-comprehend origin technique!

Su Hao's heart skipped a beat.

Does this mean that no one has ever achieved this technique before him?

It seemed ridiculous at first glance, but it isn't hard to understand if one thinks about.

There are countless geniuses everywhere in the beginner class. Their understanding of basic illusions are also profound but to reach this threshold is far from enough. Even within basic illusions, there are many branches to choose from. To reach the peak in one branch itself is already difficult enough...

Let alone trying to be an expert in everything.

It has just been 20 years since the chaotic era began. Everyone walked on the path which they are most proficient in. Who would waste their time cultivating everything to perfection?

No one!

And now Su Hao is the first person to do so!

One month of crazily studying the written materials, establishing the beginner illusion card from every beginner class student, and integrating the theory and practical experiences he had; Su Hao was finally able to step into this realm with the aid of thousands of computers.

This unimaginable realm.

When this level is reached, this indicates that Su Hao had truly achieved perfection in basic illusions and nobody could exceed what he achieved today.

Su Hao finally understood the secret to illusions.

Unexpectedly, after understanding the basics of illusion, he could comprehend this technique. Since all illusion requires a foundation, he could see through any illusion with a glance! This technique is still categorized as an illusion, but it is far above any other illusion!

To be precise, it should be placed under illusion detection.

"Since you can see through the illusion, I will name you Illusion Vanisher Pupils." Su Hao thought in his mind.

"Card named successfully."

"Illusion Decryptor Pupils."

Yet another six-star card at his disposal.

Su Hao felt great and excited about his harvest this time.

Not only that, the appearance of Illusion Decryptor Pupils gave him another surprise. If one is able to reach the limit in the basics of illusions, then what about other fields? If those fields are trained to the extreme, will he comprehend something new too?

Having such thoughts, Su Hao's heart now was full of enthusiasm.

Reaching the extreme limit...

That was an unbelievable state.

To achieve the extreme limit is not something easy to be achieved. This is clearly shown when after so many years, with all sort of talents, nobody could touch this realm. Even an illusionist genius like Su Minghui could only focus on certain parts.

Su Hao recalled what he had learned.

The basic illusions he mastered now is at least a hundred times more than Su Minghui!

Moreover, what the more important thing is not the quantity, but the conclusion which could be derived after mastering the basics.

This is actually very easy to understand.

Say a mathematical problem requires a hundred complex formulas.

Su Minghui learned one formula, so he could only look at this question in a daze. As for Su Hao, he learned a hundred formulas. He can try to apply these one hundred formulas to this question and slowly answer it. Finally, if it goes smoothly, Su Hao could then solve the question.

And while solving the question...

Even if one formula is missing, he will obtain 0 points in this question.

After mastering all the formulas, if you still fail to answer it, then you won't get an answer.

This is the true understanding of illusions.

After mastering every bit of the basics, one would reach the extreme limit. To comprehend Illusion Vanisher Pupils means that Su Hao's hard work has been rewarded.

This is the very first time Su Hao ever crazily integrated the same cards.

The effect was definitely extraordinary.

As he pondered this deeper...

Beginner, specialized, professional realm...

All the way until today, what other area had he reached the extreme limit?

To have only one is useless!

The hard work during the early stage is way too demanding. Su Hao's goal has always been breakthroughs, breakthroughs, and breakthroughs. As long as he reached the requirement, he would attempt to breakthrough!

Thinking about it now, what's the point?

Tian Zi eventually got defeated.

However, Su Hao still remembered clearly the words from Tian Zi that day. Since young, Tian Zi took the best route to breakthrough!

Beginner realm, perfect!

Specialization realm, perfect!

Because of this, although he is not fast, the foundation is absolutely solid! If not because of Su Hao's unique model analysis, he probably couldn't even compete with Tian Zi. In other words, he had been using model analysis in place of a foundation?

Everyone has their own talent, and so does Su Hao.

However, unlike everyone's talent, Su Hao's model analysis can be used not only in combat but also at any time and place. But Su Hao mostly used model analysis on tricks which is a total waste!

Model analysis...

To him, what is it?

Su Hao began to think.

A strong card?

A powerful origin technique?

When fighting against enemies, does he depends on model analysis to counterattack? Or during an exam, is he only using it to obtain victory?

Does it only serve such purposes?

All sort of scenes flashed through Su Hao's mind.

He had no resources!

No background!

All the time, he has always been a one-man show!

Whether it is Tian Zi or Zheng Tai, in short, everyone has a strong supporter behind them, providing endless resources. As for Su Hao, he could only move one step forward at a time with extreme difficulty. However, he seemed to have forgotten that model analysis is in fact his best supporter!

Su Tiancheng really left nothing behind?

No, he did!

The mutated model analysis is the gift that Su Tiancheng left behind for him. The biggest card that transcends all resources and background!

However, Su Hao ignored it.

Tian Zi could reach near perfection, so why can't he?


Not only did he wish to be perfect but he also wants to reach the extreme limit at the same time!

Su Hao's spirit was now high. His eyes were filled with a brilliant light. As the scenes flashed through his mind, he suddenly found out what had gone wrong!

How many years has it been since the chaotic era?

More than twenty years.


Are the rules created by the predecessors really perfect?


Absolutely not!

Those are just some rough templates, some prototypes! Before reaching the extreme limit, how could anyone consider it as perfect?

If so, why must he follow their path?

Professional esper...

Domain esper...

Global esper...

These are all just some names used as labels!

The rules are always applied to most people. However, there would always be some exceptions, and those exceptions are the true geniuses.

After walking along this path, Su Hao also began to learn more about the loopholes in the rules.

There are too many to list out!

One can breakthrough into a specialized esper after reaching 20 points in origin ability assessment.

Then... if one keep cultivating? From 20 points to 30 points to 50 points or even 100 points? What would happen if he still hasn't breakthrough?

Does that mean his strength would stay stagnant?

Of course not!

As long as you cultivate, you will grow!

Although it's slower than breaking through directly into a specialized esper, even without the unique skill of a specialized esper, as long as one continued to train all the way, perhaps you might even surpass a specialized esper!

If this is the case for beginner and specialized espers, do the rules cover everything?

The same fact applies to professional esper too.

If Su Hao didn't guess incorrectly, when he was a specialized esper, he could already defeat a professional esper. Plus, it was a strong esper like Bai Feng.

The so-called nine levels are only used as divisions.

Su Hao is only a level one professional esper now.


Those under level 5 professional realm, who would dare to brush their shoulder with him?

No one!

This is Su Hao's might!

Just like the old saying.

The rules only apply to most people!

20 points in origin ability, one need to be ready to break through?

When one is in level nine in the specialized realm, he has to break through?

Level nine professional realm...

This is definitely not the path that Su Hao wished to take!

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