Godly Model Creator Chapter 617

Chapter 617 Ambush?

Chapter 617 - Ambush?

If he wishes to go further, there are a few key points he has to remember.

Integrating his pharmacy skill, cultivating his Origin Characteristic, Origin Avatar, transforming his origin ability, talent, and so on.

It's not the time to bother with the so-called nine level rules.

Only when you feel that it is the most appropriate time!

Or even...

The extreme limit!

Only then could someone be a true powerhouse!

Only by doing so that his strength could improve the fastest!

So what about that domain esper?

World esper?

Rules are there to suppress one!

As long as you are able to manifest your own potential and strength to the fullest, the so-called rank skipping challenge won't be a problem at all!

From the start of his journey to now, he had been wasting a lot of time for the opportunity to improve his strength!

Each time he had reached the so-called ninth level, he would rush to the next step. His potential had not been used up at all. This was such a waste! At that time, he had too many enemies. Each and every one of them forced him to keep pushing himself.

This is simply drinking poison in trying to quench thirst!

The gains would never make up the losses suffered!

And now?

Since he had escaped the crisis temporarily, why can't he change himself?

Up until now, Su Hao finally understood the so-called perfect promotion by the big families. He also knew why they are much stronger than ones at the same level as them. It was because when at a certain crucial level, they decided to stay longer to accumulate more.

Ordinary men might require one month to break through!

As for a genius, he might just need one week but decided to keep cultivating for two weeks which is equivalent to two months for ordinary people. Even though it is still half the duration of ordinary ones, the accumulation is denser!

Talent is indeed very important!

And to perfectly squeeze out every bit of your potential is even more important!

"So I have been taking the wrong path all this while..." Su Hao muttered to himself.


He actually had an absurd idea.

If during the beginner realm, when one decides against advancing and keep cultivating from 10 points, 100 points, 1,000 points to even 10,000 points or even millions of points!

At that time...

Can he exceed the so-called domain and world espers?

Why not?!

Su Hao's expression looked bright.

If beginner esper could do so, why can't specialized or professional esper do so? Now, Su Hao had a better and more accurate understanding of his own strength.

The rules are set up by the strong.

So when he becomes a strong esper, he can make a better rule and now... he is about to take his own path!

An illusion showdown just ended not long ago.

The illusion showdown for intermediate class is about to start soon. This is definitely the best chance for Su Hao. Not to mention, Blue Dream Butterfly is still waiting for him to save her.

To shatter the illusion domain?

Su Hao pondered.

Now with Illusion Decryptor Pupils in his hands, he could clearly see the nodes within the illusion domain. If he could destroy the nodes and shatter the illusion domain, that powerful illusion energy contained within can then be channeled to Blue Dream Butterfly to aid her in destroying that demonic flower.

And there is only one chance.

The moment when the illusion domain collapses!

This is something Su Hao deduced. As of now, it's feasible!

Of course, the catch here is Su Hao's Illusion Decryptor Pupils need to be improved so that not only he can see the nodes, but also identifies the way to break them!

As for how to improve Illusion Decryptor Pupils?

The basics of illusion from the intermediate classes!

To reach the limit!

Based on Su Hao's deduction, the success rate is as high as 90%!

"Prepare for war!"

Su Hao sat cross-legged and quietly recovered his energy to prepare for this illusion showdown. There must not be any mishaps in this operation!

Three days is not long.

Time passed by in the blink of an eye.

The illusion showdown of the intermediate class is finally about to start. Many students walked towards the square. The number of students in the intermediate class isn't high, but each one of them is strong enough to cause goosebumps.

Su Hao left his room and walked towards the square.

However, he did not think that while on the way there, he would see Zhang Shanfeng, that fatty!

"What?" Su Hao was a little surprised.

Because at this time, this wretched fatty actually got himself beaten up! A few students who are obviously stronger than the fatty smashed him to the ground. His nose and face had such a huge swell.

"Damn, you're just a disgrace to the Zhang family!"



The fatty received another round of beatings.

Su Hao frowned for a bit. His gaze swept across those few students who are responsible for the bullying. Their strength is around a level five professional esper. From the looks of it, they should be students from the intermediate class. Although he didn't recognize them, from their conversation, they should be from the Zhang family. Sigh, Zhanzheng College is truly a mess.


Su Hao stepped forward and revealed a powerful aura.


Those few students were furious at the interruption and turned around. When they saw Su Hao, they were surprised too. After all, they still had some impression on this man who single-handedly destroyed the beginner classes.

"Who dares to interrupt matters regarding the Zhang family?" One student shouted.

"Zhang family?"

Su Hao smirked, "This is Zhanzheng College. I do not know that there is any other family here. Or else, why don't we call a teacher here to have a discussion?"


The student stared at Su Hao. "You really think that after rampaging in the beginner classes, you can now show off in front of us intermediate class students? Which one of us here weren't geniuses in the beginner class?"

This is the arrogance coming from the intermediate class!

After all, those who are eligible to enter the intermediate class are basically among the best in the beginner class.

"Oh, why don't you have a try?" Su Hao took a step closer.

His aura kept increasing!

Those students' face instantly turned pale as they took a step back. After all, this is not the illusion domain. Su Hao's fame as a violent man is too formidable.

"We will be waiting for you in the illusion domain!"

They stared at him coldly and then left the scene.

"Let's go!"

As for the other students, they followed their lead.

Su Hao shook his head and then helped the fatty stand up. Having a closer look, Su Hao realized this brat put up his guard quite well. Without fighting back, he only suffered minor injuries. Apart from his pale looking face, he didn't have any injuries worth mentioning.

"Smirk, seems that you're pretty skilled in defense." Su Hao emphasized that.


Fatty smiled. This isn't something worth showing off.

"Why are they beating you?" Su Hao was somewhat curious.

"Forcing me to participate in the illusion showdown."

Fatty smiled bitterly, "Each time before the illusion showdown, they will force me to participate and then take my essence to improve their strength..."

"How come you don't resist?" Su Hao's eyebrows twitched.

Although he couldn't see through the true strength of fatty, based on the 2D map, he knew this man is much stronger than those bastards!

Such strength...

He actually resorted to being passively beaten?

What is he aiming for?

"You saw through it."

Fatty's face was a bit ugly as he unwillingly explained, "I am after all a member of Zhang family. Although I have been expelled, my family members..."

Su Hao instantly understood.

"Your family isn't having a good time in the Zhang family?"


"Why don't you invite them out?"

"For such family, how could it be easy to leave after joining a family like theirs?"

One could see a hint of loneliness on Fatty's facial expression, "It's easy to beat them, but they will bring trouble to my parents later. Thus, I can only be beaten like this."

Fatty squeezed his fists.

He wasn't willing, but he was left with no choice.


Su Hao sneered, "If I am you, I will choose another way."


Fatty was at a loss.

"Fight! Make them yield to you!"

Su Hao's eyes turned cold. "To dare bully my parents, the next time we meet, I will beat them again! Turn them into a waste! I will beat them each time we meet! I will repeat it until they no longer dare retaliate. I will fight until every member of the Zhang family will avoid me when they see me and won't make things difficult for my parents."

Fatty was stunned.

This method... was brutal!

He did not doubt that if Su Hao really encountered such a situation, he would definitely do as he described. He won't be soft at all! As for himself...

Fatty smiled bitterly, "I don't have that strength of yours."

"Strength is cultivated by oneself."

Su Hao patted his shoulder. "You will only let yourself fall into a vicious circle. With all your resources taken away, how can your strength improve?"

"I know."

Fatty was feeling down and shook his head, "Forget about it. Why are you helping me then?"

"Help you?"

Su Hao scratched his chin for a second.

He really didn't consider this problem. He just saw Fatty earlier and subconsciously took action, "Hmmm, well you're pleasing to my eyes or perhaps just my intuition?"

Fatty opened his mouth and then closed it.

Since he was expelled, how many of his so-called friends left him in the blink of an eye? Now, Su Hao decided to help him just because he looked pleasing?

"Thank you!"

Fatty seriously showed his gratitude.


Su Hao patted his shoulder. Just as he was about to say something, he suddenly felt a change of things around him.


A powerful force enveloped him.

Su Hao's heart skipped a beat.


Someone made a move!


The scene switched in an instant. At this crucial moment, Su Hao had to do his best to respond.

Su Hao's thoughts are like electricity.

Could it be some strong esper take action?


Su Hao had been keeping his guard up all this time. On the 2D map, he didn't see any strong esper around him. If it is someone who made a move outside of his map range, how strong would they be?


Right now, there was only Fatty in front of him.

Could it be...

Fatty is the one responsible?

Is this a trap made by Fatty?


His eyes lit up as Illusion Decryptor Pupils activated!

Su Hao was in high alert and was ready to cope with this sudden situation. However, when he saw the surrounding scenery carefully, he was stunned.


"It's actually this place?"

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