Godly Model Creator Chapter 618

Chapter 618 Urgent Feeling

Chapter 618 - Urgent Feeling


Su Hao could only utter this word. He could feel an endless crisis shrouding him.

A huge, terrifying aura came from the distance.

"This isn't looking good!"

Su Hao's soul almost left his body.


Su Hao's figure flashed.

With a bang, the ground he stood on was smashed into a huge hole of tens of meters deep. He then stood at the edge of the hole with his hair standing.

That was a close call!

Just a little slower and he would have been killed!

"Damn you."

Su Hao cursed in his heart.

However, before he managed to finish his sentence, he was targeted again. Su Hao's face changed slightly. Sending energy to his feet, he didn't hesitate to escape further away.



All sorts of sounds could be heard from behind him.

They were so loud that even a deaf person could hear it!

The surrounding beautiful trees got destroyed. The ground split into segments while the sky darkened. This is the strength of the opponent. Su Hao didn't even intend to frown.

If not because of a mishap, he would never come here!

Su Hao hid his body for a few minutes to escape. After using origin technique to disguise himself being murdered, he quietly hid.

Only then did the situation turn peaceful.

Su Hao peeked out from within the bushes. After confirming that there are no signs of the opponent's aura, he quietly walked out and looked in the distance. His heart was a bit uneasy.

"Little brat, is she in danger again?"

Su Hao was a little nervous because this is Blue Dream Butterfly's spiritual realm!

When he was chatting with Fatty, he accidentally came here again! This time, he wasn't that lucky. Literally, the moment he entered, he had been detected by the demonic flower and it used all its might in an attempt to kill him!

If not for his strength growing, he would have died many times by now.

"Is this for revenge?" Su Hao said in a low tone.

Obviously, he had forgotten how he toyed around with the demonic flower the last time he came here.

After getting through this crisis, Su Hao pondered for a second and decided to have a look around. To appear here out of nowhere could only mean one thing, Blue Dream Butterfly is in danger again! Could it be that when she acted as a bridge for him to use his origin ability, she used up her energy? This really made Su Hao worry.

"Let's go and have a look."

Since Su Hao made his decision, he headed straight towards the direction of the demonic flower.

The demonic flower had thought that Su Hao died. Naturally, it won't be on guard. After all, its previous attack had consumed a large amount of energy. Right now, it is the best time for it to recover its strength. To waste a second is not something it wishes to do.

Su Hao soon arrived at the territory of the demonic flower.

Within the bushes, he could clearly see Blue Dream Butterfly within the flower bed. Her complexion did not look much better than last time. The pressure is still getting strong, and the demonic flower's body is even larger than last time!

Having taken a glance at it, he was upset.

This flower...

It had such a fast growth rate!

The speed of its growth rate actually exceeded her recovery rate. If this is to continue, she would only end up dying. The only method would probably be using the energy in the illusion domain! However, before this, Su Hao decided to fight for a bit of time for her survival.


Illusion Decryptor Pupils!


Su Hao's eyes lit up!

The world instantly changed its appearance under his gaze especially that flower bed. Under Illusion Decryptor Pupils, it stood out among the masses. Above the petals, there contained countless sparkles decorating them. At first glance, they looked pretty but Su Hao understood that they're all deadly.


"The sea of consciousness is pretty similar to the illusion domain. Although Illusion Decryptor Pupils only retains about one-tenth of its power here, to identify the weakness of this demonic flower is still possible."

Su Hao's gaze felt sharp.

After finding the flaws, he began to take action without hesitation.


The ground had a strong quake!

The instant Su Hao made his move, he already resorted to his best trick.

Although the strength of this demonic flower had been reduced, with the experience from the previous attack, it reacted instantly. In a rage, a terrifying aura swept across Su Hao.

Su Hao got blasted away.

The blackish energy penetrated right through him on the spot, causing his figure to be destroyed directly!

However, that aura still existed. The mad flower swept its giant root, and Su Hao was once again smashed.


Another root swiped down!

Before Su Hao's body received the incoming attack, a small crack suddenly appeared near the demonic flower. Another Su Hao actually popped out from its side illuminated in blue light.

Xinghe Sword in Su Hao's hand revealed itself as it moved towards the demonic flower.


With a stab!

It pierced into the body of the demonic flower.

Su Hao decided not to use any origin techniques because this was fast enough!

With a stab, the sword happened to hit the vital part of the demonic flower. With an angry grumble, a stream of black energy was released to the surrounding. Compared to the attack used against Su Hao before, this is at least ten times stronger. In an instant, Su Hao got engulfed within the energy.


His sight turned black which made him return to reality.

"Died again." Su Hao angrily rubbed his nose.

The power of the demonic flower is so high that the current him still can't compete with it.

"At least I managed to obtain a better chance for that little brat to survive." Su Hao sighed.

However, he was puzzled about who brought him into the sea of consciousness. Was it really that little brat? She was obviously still in deep slumber, but a resonance occurred and brought him into the realm. This kind of strange situation, Su Hao could not tell whether it's good or bad.

"Forget about it. I can only try my best to wake her up as soon as possible or else the situation might change."

Blue Dream Butterfly's situation must not be dragged any longer. The growth speed of the demonic flower had far exceeded his expectation. If it is allowed to grow even more, who knows what might happen next.

After returning to the real world, Su Hao remembered something.

As he looked around, he noticed that fatty Zhan Shanfeng had gone somewhere.


Su Hao shook his head. Having a quick peek at the time, Su Hao realized the illusion showdown was about to start. Thus, he immediately rushed to the venue.

Within the square, the crowd got bigger as each second passed.

During the beginner class assessment, most people were too lazy to spectate it. However, for the intermediate class, those students from the beginner classes came one after another. The experiences and origin techniques from the intermediate class, if they could gain something, that would be a big harvest.


The ball of light burst!

Rich energy fluctuated, sweeping across the audience and covering all the students in the square. Everyone had their body trembled for a second. When they woke up, they had already stepped into a different land.

The intermediate class illusion showdown began!

Colorful and brilliant energy flashed.

The land was vast, decorated with lush forests, endless mountains, and long rivers. This is a boundless land containing a mindblown aura.

The first thing that Su Hao did when he entered is to examine his own body.

"It's still here."

Su Hao was shocked for a bit.

His own skills could still be used!

This meant that within this illusion domain, his plan could begin being implemented without wasting any time!

In the illusion domain, Su Hao's figure didn't move but his energy had been spreading around his body and covering every intermediate student in the center of the square. All the students here are at least a level 5 professional esper. In fact, many of them possess strength far above Su Hao's!

Well, he had to thank the teachers for this.

If not for the illusion showdown, Su Hao might not even be able to scan anyone.

"Locked on!"


Energy fluctuation occurred as he locked his target on one of the students.

Card establishing!



A blue light flashed as the progress was ongoing. Soon, a brand new card appeared in his mind. It's just an ordinary card, advanced basics of illusions.

Different from the basics of illusions, this is a course covered in the intermediate class.

After the basics are taught in the beginner class, one would proceed with advanced courses in the intermediate class, a truly illusion technique! The card was still gray. Su Hao quickly digested the contents of the card because if not, he couldn't carry out the card integration.

Card establishing!

Card reading!

Both processes must be completed at the same time.

Numerous scenes flashed as more data appeared. Su Hao closed his eyes to aid his absorption. For Su Hao who has perfectly mastered the basics, there are still many things which he is clueless of, but that didn't hinder him from learning more. Once, twice, thrice, after repeating the process several times, Su Hao could finally make the new information into his own.

The first card is now complete!

Su Hao's eyes revealed a smile. Then, he switched to his next target. Card establishment began again!

Outside the virtual screen, the students from the beginner classes and teachers were spectating.

However, the scene on the screen somehow made them confused. Countless battles were already happening but somewhere at the corner of the illusion domain, the protagonist of the previous illusion showdown, Su Hao just quietly stood still. Like a cockroach in the corner, there is no sign of movement.

"What is he doing?"

"Is he so afraid that he decided to hide?"

"It shouldn't be? This doesn't seem like his characters."

"He is left with no choice. The gap in strength is too huge after all."

Everyone got themselves involved in this hot discussion.

Su Minghui and the others only managed to exchange a few moves before they got killed. Intermediate class's students are too strong that each and every one of them could wipe out an entire beginner class!

This is the strength of the intermediate class students!

After this showdown was ongoing for half an hour...

Su Minghui and the others all died. The only one who still survived is Su Hao. However, no one could comprehend the current state of Su Hao's action. This isn't a war of time...

So what if he kept delaying...

Su Hao actually hid there for a full half an hour.

This is definitely not something anyone could understand. Charge forward and you might be able to get one or two essences of illusion if you're lucky. To resort to waiting until the end, won't only the only strong ones remain? Those top students in the intermediate class... They're all at the standard of a level eight professional esper.

"Someone is here!" Suddenly a student shouted.

Everyone raised their heads.

Sure enough, not far away from Su Hao, a student was heading towards him. And his position just happened to face Su Hao directly!

"Battle is about to happen!"

Everyone couldn't help but hold their breath.

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