Godly Model Creator Chapter 619

Chapter 619 The True Illusion Technique

Chapter 619 - The True Illusion Technique

Su Hao.

Ranked first in the illusion showdown between the beginner classes!

While facing against Su Minghui and others, he had an absolute advantage. Even when facing against twelve at once by himself, he still wiped them.

When facing against a true intermediate class student...

Can he win?


That student rushed over.

Su Hao was still sitting cross-legged and didn't show any signs of movement. What made everyone nervous was that student is now less than ten meters away from Su Hao!

"Quickly move!"

"What is happening to Su Hao?"

Everyone was nervous.

However, no matter how nervous they are, Su Hao's look still had not changed. Under everyone's watch, the student excitedly rushed towards Su Hao and then...

He passed through him.


Everyone's eyes opened wide, and they couldn't help swearing.

What happened?

That student actually ignored Su Hao?

Or did he not notice Su Hao?

Blind spot?

It can't be!

That student charged at Su Hao directly. Even if there were a slight deviation, they would still meet each other. However, it was precisely because of this deviation that made them pass each other.


This idea popped out in everyone's mind.

"It's Aura Hiding Technique."

Finally a teacher spoke out. However, his tone did contain a hint of surprise, "Allowing yourself to blend in with the surrounding environment perfectly; whether it is your aura or temperature! Thus, even when we can see him, in the eyes of the student, he saw nothing just now!"

"Su Hao is literally invisible to him!"


"He could actually hide from an intermediate class student?"

Those students from the beginner class were shocked, "There is actually such a magical technique?"

For them, this is something new. One has to know that the person Su Hao hid from isn't an ordinary student, but an intermediate class student who is talented in illusions!

"Why not?"

Teacher Mo faintly glanced at the crowd and shifted his gaze back to the virtual screen again.

He leisurely said, "This is just concealing oneself from someone. As long as one's illusion is solid enough, you can exert the true power of an illusion. After all, the highest limit of an illusion is the sky itself!

The sky itself!

The students were shocked.


There is such a strong illusion?

On the virtual screen, the illusion showdown was still ongoing.

The number of students in the intermediate class is much less than the beginner classes. Thus, this battle won't be that long. In just three hours of constant confrontations, there is now less than ten students left! These people are without a doubt the strongest ones in the intermediate class. At this moment, there was finally someone who noticed Su Hao.


Su Hao silently calculated the numbers.

Three hours!

Twenty-eight students!

The card of illusion essences in his mind finally blossomed. This is the result of numerous integrations of different yet similar advanced basics of illusions cards. Su Hao's understanding of the basics of illusions was getting deeper and deeper. The distance from a complete understanding is only one line apart!


Energy fluctuated, and he shifted his target to the next student.

However, Su Hao suddenly felt a strong presence peeking on and suddenly looked up. From a distance, a student in black clothes was staring at himself coldly.

Aura Hiding Technique had been broken!

Su Hao's heart skipped a beat. With his mastery in illusion, that student actually managed to crack it with just a look. This student's illusions mastery is definitely not weak!

"You are Su Hao?"

The student in black smirked, "I have heard of what you have done in the beginner classes' showdown. However, you actually dared to join our showdown! You really think we are all fools? Hiding here for so long, what are you trying to do?"

"The illusion energy here is very rich. I am just here to cultivate."

Su Hao shrugged his shoulders, "Why don't you continue your business and I will continue my cultivation? Let's not try to delay each other's time."


The student said in a mocking tone, "On what qualification do you have to bargain with me? You might be strong among the beginner class, but in front of me, you are just a joke!"

"That's a pity."

Su Hao sneered, "Then I guess we have to fight!"


A strong wave of aura emerged.

The energy around Su Hao flashed. Then the energy lumped together, forming a hovering car. Su Hao quickly got into it and drove away.

In front of the virtual screen, everyone was dumbfounded. After they managed to react, they instantly turned furious.

Damn you!

You actually decided to run again?


The student in black grumped and interrupted everyone's thoughts, "You really think that I won't guard against your reality illusion technique?"



In mid-air, all sort of strange machines appeared and the sounds of something breaking echoed. Su Hao who just drove away suddenly felt alarmed.

As he looked behind, his face instantly turned pale.

Beside that student, there were dozens of origin lasers. At this moment, those lasers were all aimed at his hovering car.


Without any hesitation, Su Hao jumped out from the car.


The intertwined energy ray blinded everyone.

The glare from the white light was so bright that no one could not open their eyes. Su Hao's hovering car instantly evaporated. Under this kind of attack, any action to escape from it would be useless.

Su Hao halted and finally decided to face the student head on.

Too strong!

A hovering car is fast, but not agile enough. Under these laser rays, his car is simply a cannon fodder! This opponent managed to grasp this detail well.

"Not going to escape?" The student in black said in a sarcastic tone.

The origin lasers besides him also disintegrated. Since he had destroyed Su Hao's car, he no longer needs the lasers to deal with Su Hao. Besides, using the lasers to attack Su Hao would be like trying to use the lasers to hit a mosquito. It would likely miss.

"You are..." Su Hao's eyes shone.

The data in his mind flashed as he recalled the name list he had.

Soon, a set of information popped out in front of Su Hao.


Zhang Hailing!

Third-year student.

Credit points: 25 points, GPA: 1 point.

Total combat power: 26 points.

Compatibility with illusions: 100%.


"26 points..."

Su Hao's face looked grave.

A 100% compatibility, this is a true genius in illusion!

This indicates that in this illusion domain, this student can use his max strength! He might even be stronger than when in reality!

As for Su Hao?

His total combat power is 25 points!

Even if he is to use all his strength, he would be a little weaker than this student!

"If I use my previous strength, I will definitely lose! If I want to defeat Zhang Hailing, I have to use the advanced basics of illusion which I have just integrated." Su Hao stared at Zhang Hailing, "Alright then..."

"I will consider this as a tempering then!"


"Dark Moon Dream Destroyer!"

Su Hao made his move.

No hesitation!

Since he couldn't hide, then he would face the enemy head on!

This isn't like when he was just starting to attend the beginner class and couldn't use his power. Now, with his own combat strength, coupled with his basics of illusions from every student in the beginner classes and most intermediate class' students, he didn't seem to fall behind in this battle!


A purplish mist began to form, shrouding the surrounding area.

This is a dream!

The basic of the dream is made of illusion. With Su Hao's solid mastery in illusion, the effect had been increased several times! The fascinating purplish aura was like lightning.

Zhang Hailing accidentally took a breath and began to stumble.


A cold light shone.

As it flashed, the dark moon revealed itself. With dense murderous intent, it headed straight to Zhang Hailing. As the moon traveled through the air, it nearly cut off the space along the path!


A huge bronze bell appeared!

Zhang Hailing's figure which was about to be hit suddenly got protected. The sound of the powerful bell rang, instantly waking him up from intoxication.


The bronze bell collided with the dark moon.

Just like a meteor landing on earth, the impact was so huge that Su Hao and Zhang Hailing had to take a step back.

"What a Dark Moon Dream Destroyer!"

Zhang Hailing's eyes were filled with dense killing intent.

In the end, he had a general idea. Su Hao is definitely not his match, but it wouldn't be that far apart. His moment of negligence almost cost him his life.

"To be able to manifest such strength with Dark Moon Dream Destroyer, you should have at least 25 points of combat power. Having such strength in the intermediate class is definitely impressive."

"Great, you're qualified to be my opponent."

Zhang Hailing looked dignified. "Maybe it's time to let you see what a true illusion technique looks like."


Real illusion technique? What does he mean by that?

In front of the virtual screen.

When the students were still awed by Su Hao's strength, they heard this sentence. A true illusion technique? What does he mean?


A teacher suddenly thought of something. "A few days ago, Zhang Hailing asked me about the time difference in an illusion. Could it be..."

"He comprehended it?"

The teachers were also shocked.

The students nearby listened to this conversation and trembled. When they are still struggling with the basics, Zhang Hailing has actually entered into that legendary step!


Only when one comprehends the concept of time successfully than an illusion could be considered as a true one!

Did he really master it?

Everyone looked at the virtual screen again.

"Let's end this."

Zhang Hailing casually looked in front of him. With both hands moving quickly, the energy around him fluctuated. In the blink of an eye, an origin technique was successfully formed in his hand.


A translucent wave shrouded the area.

Su Hao's eyelids twitched as his sense of crisis kept tingling. He didn't hesitate to activate his Circular World and planned to annihilate this energy. However, Su Hao was shocked Su Hao learn that the strange energy actually ignored the world and landed on his body.


In front of him was a plane of emptiness!

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