Godly Model Creator Chapter 62

Gmc Chapter 62

GMC 0062    Another confrontation

More and more people gathered and surrounded the scene.

At this time, the traffic police recovered from the shocking scene, Sir, please follow us back for an investigation.

Although they could see what was going on, since this was a case where there was a death while chasing, there was still a standard procedure which they needed to follow.

Su Hao walked towards the little loli and dragged her along to follow them back to the police station. Since the situation had drastically changed, this case was to be handed over from the traffic police to the police station.

Sir, we need to check your identity. A policeman politely asked him.

Su Hao nodded and stood up.

Rays of blue light flashed and passed his body. As long as there was a tiny bit of DNA trace there, any human identity could be easily identified.

Surely enough, Su Haos personal information appeared on the screen.

And his identity was none other than a student from the natural selection class of the high school in Jianghe City.

Wow, talented student. The policeman in-charge laughed. Seeing that super high 1200 points in the exam, he naturally knew that Su Hao was a strong individual. In the future, he would be an existence looked up upon in Zhanzheng College. Such a person, he dared not offend him for no reason.

Dont worry, this is just a normal procedure. The policeman quickly explained.

En. Su Hao smiled and nodded.

The little loli was silent all the time in front of strangers. With both hands grabbing onto Su Hao tightly, she leaned against him.

Every individual present there waited for a moment before Su Hao was led into an interrogation room. Su Haos brow wrinkled. As far as he knew, normally general procedure would be done in the public hall. The interrogation room..isnt that the place for suspects or criminals?

As for the reason for Su Haos questioning, the policeman bitterly laughed, Because this case is a bit extraordinary, the Captain personally intervened, and as for the suspected organization.to ask about that at the public hall might be a bit too inconvenient.

Su Hao was relieved, but he insisted on bringing the little loli along.

After the policeman considered for a moment, he could only agreed to the request.

Together with little loli, Su Hao entered the interrogation room. The scene was almost similar to what he imagined. With one side of the wall covered with a black glass which could only be seen through from outside.

In the middle of the interrogation room, a transparent glass table was placed.

However, when Su Hao had a closer look, the material on top of the table was actually not glass, but a screen. Such an unique table was naturally a transparent screen equipped with a computer.

Su Hao took the little loli to sit at one side of the table and soon a policeman entered the room.

Hello, my name is Li Jun, first brigade captain of Jianghe City Police Department. The policeman introduced himself to Su Hao. He had a burly figure and together with his short hair, he looked neat and capable.

If theres anything, please ask quickly. We have to go back fast. Su Hao said casually.

En, alright. Li Jun tapped on the table with his fingers. One by one, images began to pop up on the screen. Impressively, they were all of the scene just now.

Can you tell us what exactly happened here as precisely as you can? Li Jun asked.

Noticing that Li Jun didnt record anything, Su Hao could guess that all the dialogue here would probably be recorded or videotaped. After pondering for a moment, he answered, When I was bringing Zixi back home, I accidentally found out that someone was tailing us from behind with killing intent. So, I purposely drove out of the designated track to trigger the traffic police alarm. When the police traffic arrived, I then took the initiative to share what I found with them, which then led to their effort in capturing the killers.

Really? Li Jun thought for a moment and then had a glance at little loli, What is the relationship between you two?

Su Hao frowned. Why ask something which you already know of? He didnt believe that there was no record about his mission that the police department didnt know of.

Su Hao put the doubt in his heart aside and answered cautiously, She is the child of my class teacher. These two days, my class teacher wont be here so Im taking care of her.

So its like that. Li Jun nodded. How did you notice the foes car? As far as we know, the car was in stealth mode. With naked eyes, it would simply be impossible to see.

Su Hao waved the communication device on his wrist, Heat detector. Although its not as advanced as the one used by the traffic police, its still easy to detect the killers.

Alright. Li Jun continued, So, how did you find out about their identity and give out a warning? According to the scene recorded by police traffic, when they were dying, you stopped the police from having contact with the bodies. In the end, the bodies and car, including all the clues, disappeared without a trace.

En? Within Su Haos eyes, coldness flashed by. I saw traces of white smoke coming out, so I just guessed that it might be corpse decomposing drug.

How could you guess that it was corpses decomposing drug with just the white smoke? Li Jun was still smiling as he asked, As far as we know, only those familiar with corpse decomposing drug would know about it. Ordinary people wouldnt know at all.

Su Haos eyes were completely cold.

At this point, if he still couldnt notice the problem he was facing now, then he would be a retard. This Li Jun seemed to be polite, but in fact, he was just taking every calculative step. From the beginning of the questioning, if Su Hao made any wrong moves, he would be in deep trouble!

Someone framed him!

It was just that, who was it?

This whole thing, could it be a conspiracy?

No, impossible. The other party was, after all, the Piao Ling organization! With such a familiar method, it couldnt be wrong! If it was really the Piao Ling organization, they wouldnt be plotting something like this. In fact, they would make their move in front of Su Hao directly. The few people that the organization dispatched werent strong. Obviously, their target was none other than Yang Zixi.

Teacher Yang probably predicted something like this would happen, that was why she requested such task.

Therefore, the organization wanted to kill, not a conspiracy. Also, the goal wasnt him. Well, things were becoming more interesting.

The only possibility was that someone noticed this incident, saw him entering police station, and intended to plot against him..who was that person?

Su Hao thought back to recent individuals he came in contact with.

Zhou Wang? Nope, thats a no. Although he kept pressuring Zhou Wang into second rank, from his few interaction with Zhou Wang, Zhou Wang was just a simple person. He was just an otaku freak in cultivation, this kind of plot wasnt something he was capable of doing.

Then, the next one would be Zhao Feng. Not willing to be defeated by him? If it was before, then it would be possible, but after Su Hao gave him some pointers for him to breakthrough, Zhao Feng was extremely grateful. How could he still hate Su Hao?

The last individual would be Bai Xiaosheng. After all, Su Hao did rake up mission points from him. It was quite a wealth. However, they were just cooperating together. Plus, this guy had been a repeater for five years. How could he be so shortsighted and do such a thing?

So all that was left, Su Haos only enemy, seemed to be the one and only..Sun Yaotian!

Originally, he thought that this bastard would just mind his own business, however this time..while not even being clear of the situation, he wanted to backstab Su Hao?

A cold light flashed within Su Haos eyes.

Hey, can you please answer my question. Seeing that Su Hao went silent for quite a while, Li Jun politely urged him.

Ah~ Su Hao seemed to be surprised and embarrassedly looked at Li Jun, Sorry, Im a bit emotionally unstable. After all, this is the first time encountering such an incident, especially involving death, haiz

Yes, we can understand such thing. But still, we hope you will cooperate and answer. Li Jun continued to kindly remind Su Hao, but this time there was a hint of urgency in his tone. He already knew that Su Hao was about to jump into the pit. All this was an act to delay it.

Su Haos heart sneered. From his facial expression, an extremely proud face could be seen, Its very simple. Its because Im Su Hao!

Li Jun was stunned. What kind of reply was this?

Looking at Li Juns expression, Su Hao immediately explained, You guys must have seen my data right? I, Su Hao, am ranked first in the high school of Jianghe City and am also the top in the natural selection class. Theoretical basis of 190 points, close to full score.

In order to achieve such a high score, I learned a lot of things, and studied a lot of extra information. The specific phenomena of the corpse decomposing drug is just one of them. Theres also the usage of star grass and the favourite berserk beasts that are eaten by the prairie lion. Even the habits of the berserk red jackal living outside of Jianghe City, I also know. Su Hao said seriously.

O, yea. Captain Li, whats your score in theoretical basis? Su Hao kindly asked.

Embarrassment could be seen on Li Juns face.

To work here and smoothly increase his rank to a captain, for sure he was a graduate from a top university but.still, he wasnt from Zhanzheng College. Thus, his theoretical basis was at best 150-ish. Although he always felt that he wasnt that bad, right now, when compared with Su Hao, he seemed like an idiot.

Especially, Su Hao could have a hidden meaning in telling him that all of these are just basics. Li Jun asking such a question, wasnt that just making him look like an idiot? Such basic knowledge, you dont know it? Oh, your theoretical basis is only 150 points, no wonder..Although Su Hao didnt say it all loud, Li Jun seemed to feel such an intent.