Godly Model Creator Chapter 620

Chapter 620 She Shouldn't Appear

Chapter 620 - She Shouldn't Appear!

The sun was setting.

Under the mountains, there is a small mountain village. The radiance from the sunset projected a red-orange sky. A loud cry could be heard from far away within the village.

"Hao Er~"

The sound traveled for quite a distance. It was the voice of a certain child.

"Humph! This bad kid, he's hiding here again."

A little girl ran to a giant tree in the distance with her little feet. As she reached there, a figure was lying there, minding his own business with a straw hat covering his face as he slept soundly.

"Bad brother!"

"Get up!"

The little girl angrily kicked him.


The pain caused him to suck in a mouthful of cold air. Standing up abruptly, his straw hat fell, revealing a 13-year-old boy's face.

"Hey little brat. You are too mean with your move!"

"Humph, who asks you to be lazy!"

The little girl pouted. "Go home soon; it's time to eat. Everyone is looking for you. If we can't find you, we will suffer together."

"Alright, alright. I will go back now."

The young boy happily rubbed the little girl's hair and then went back together. However, as he left, that young boy looked at the mountains with some awkwardness.

"What happened?"

The little girl's senses are sharp.

"Somehow I feel that something isn't right."

The young boy shook his head, "Perhaps it's just my imagination. Alright, let's go. Time for dinner."


One tall, one short, two figures walked back to the village under the sunset. Their shadows were getting longer and longer. However, the shadow was a little strange, but it seemed that no one noticed it.

This is an ordinary village.

Hunting for a living, the young ones in the village cultivate to become stronger so they can defeat beasts! The young boy is also from the village, but he is the only exception because he can't cultivate. It's strange because everyone else could do so yet he can never improve his strength.

Forget about him.

Even if it is energy coming from others, it will avoid him too.

The young boy had been puzzled with this problem since the first day.

In the village, this phenomenon is named Tainted Demon. The young man was unintentionally contaminated with something that caused energy to avoid approaching him, making him have no power.

Since then, the young man had become the village's outcast.

Time flew by and one month had passed.

The life in the village was as calm as always. Every day, the young man does the same thing. He would go out and look through some books each day, hoping to crack this issue.

However, nothing was achieved.

If this situation stays the same, this young boy would spend his life here until he's old and return to the earth when he dies.

Today, while the young man was reading a book, he suddenly felt a tremble coming from the ground. When he went out to have a look, he heard a scream from the villagers. It turned out that bandits are here!

"Hand over 3,000 catty of meat, or you will all die."

The bandit leader's stare was filled with dense murderous intent.

The villagers were terrified.

However, they had no strength to resist the other party. Thus, all they could do is to give away the meat that is prepared for the upcoming winter. Only then did the bandits feel satisfied. As they were about to leave, they suddenly halted because they saw a little girl.

A beauty.

"Hey, this small village actually has a pretty little girl?"

Each bandit had their eyes light up.

The little girl was so scared that she took some steps back. The villagers tried to plea for her, but their efforts were in vain. When the young man arrived, he witnessed this scene.

"It's you guys again!"

The young boy was furious.

In the past, they would only request for meat; but today, they had turned their attention to the little girl. This is simply not something bearable anymore! Inexplicably, anger began to brim within the young man's body.

"Brother..." The girl timidly hid behind the young man.

"Smirk, just a little brat, yet you dare mess around in front of us?" The bandit leader said furiously and took out a whip.


A crisp sound of the whip rang.

The young man now was decorated with a bloody-red imprint.

He frowned, but there was not the slightest hint of fear from him.

"What courage!"

The leader's anger went up a notch and took out a blade to slash at the young boy. The incoming blade looked sharp and terrifying!


The blade penetrated into the boy's body.

A huge bloody wound appeared on the boy's body, and this blade almost killed him. However, he still stubbornly looked at the bandit leader and shouted, "Get lost!"

"Great!" The bandit leader's voice sounded cold.

This boy in front of him had that kind of fearless eyes, as if he was looking at a dead man, really annoyed him. He really wished to see if this young boy could stay indifferent all the time.

"Kill the girl."

With a command...

A bandit followed the order and took out a bow and arrow quickly.


A cold light flashed.

"You dare?!"

The boy finally showed his temper and reached out his right hand to grab the arrow. He had a feeling that he could actually catch it.


The arrow passed through his hand.

The boy had some lingering fear. He didn't fear death, but this arrow penetrated his hand and hit the little girl's body behind him.


A bloody flower bloomed.

"Little Ting!"

The young boy's body was cold as it was covered with blood. This blood originated from the little girl. He hurriedly supported her up, but all he grabbed on was a pair of hands with no strength.


The boy's eyes on the bandit leader finally showed signs of change.

His glare was filled with murderous intent.

"Hahaha, this is the expression I like."

The bandit leader laughed loudly, "I have been here for decades and visited this village several times. Yet, I have never seen you or that little girl before. Who are you two?"

"Little Ting is always at home. As for Hao Er, he can't cultivate so he rarely comes out." The village chief trembly replied.

"So this is the case."

The bandit leader sneered, "It's alright to be unable to cultivate. Nowadays, in the society, only being ruthless matters. You kid are ruthless enough. Are you interested in joining me? Forget about one girl. In the future, having every girl in a city for you to enjoy won't be a problem!"

The young boy still maintained his glare at the leader as his hatred grew even deeper.

"If you don't say anything, I will destroy this village!" The bandit leader smirked.

The young man held his fists tight, "I am called Hao Er."

"Your given name!"

"Su Hao!"

The young boy gritted his teeth as he said, but he suddenly stopped.

Su Hao...

This name...

It gave him a different feeling. Inexplicably, he felt that his body had some sort of power that he can use. This is such a magical feeling.

What a ridiculous thought.

Just a moment ago, he felt that he could block the arrow, but the result was he failed.

And this time, this feeling came again.

"Great name. This daddy loves brave kids the most. Let's go. From now on, you're one of us!"

The young boy's expression was a little dazed.

He didn't care about what others are saying around him. He just quietly stood there to feel the power within his body. Even though he knew it was an absurd idea, he still chose to believe.

Choosing to trust himself!


The young man's aura somehow changed.

"Hey, did you listen to what Boss said?"

The bandits around yelled, causing the nearby villagers to drop to the ground on their knees. Under absolute dominance, they had no strength to resist and could only tremble.

"If he doesn't comply, kill him!"

The bandit leader's patience finally reached its limit, "Let me see what qualification he has to be arrogant!"


An arrow was shot at the boy.

However, this time...


The arrow lost its momentum.

Before it managed to get close to the boy, it actually rebounded!


All the bandits' expression had a huge change.

The aura emitted from the young boy became even more different, making him feel mysterious, "Go and kill that bastard!"

All the bandits became wild.

Sounds of horseshoes echoed.

The powerful bandits charged forward, causing each villager to escape in panic. Nobody was paying attention to the young boy who stood at the middle of this mess. With a hand, the horseshoes sound stopped.


A powerful aura burst out.

The closing eyes of the young boy finally opened. At that moment, it was as if they had seen a river flowing backward or Heaven and Earth reversing, and inexplicable panic rose.

The boy made a waving motion with his hand!

All the horses fell down, causing the bandits on top to be thrown off.

"Who are you?" The bandit leader asked in horror.

"Who am I?"

The boy felt his body tremble. Somehow, he began to think of this question seriously.


Who am I...

Who am I?

The boy looked down to ponder as if he was in a state of confusion.

With doubts in his heart, the power within his body began to move on its own. He saw a bunch of young people wearing strange uniforms and also strange scenes...

What are these?

Who am I?


Numerous cracks began to form within the space surrounding the young boy. The shape looked like a spider web. It was such a mysterious scene.


Yet another crisp sound of something breaking.

The scene froze!

Leaving behind the fearful look of the bandits and villagers, the entire space was affected by a powerful consciousness. The young boy's confused look gradually disappeared.

As his consciousness returned, this young boy finally awoke.

"I am Su Hao..."

"I am now in an illusion showdown..."

The young boy muttered to himself as his body began to change unconsciously. As his consciousness returned, he instantly turned into a young man. When he fully awoke, his figure looked completely different. With a light flashing within his hand, a blue sword made its appearance.


With a slash from the sword!

Earth and Heaven shook!


Yet another slash!

The sky collapsed.


The third slash!

Space broke into pieces!

The whole space seemed to turn into pieces of illusion fragments.

"Zhang Hailing!"

"Trying to trap me with an illusion technique?"

The killing intent coming from Su Hao's eyes was so dense as he broke free from the illusion. Zhang Hailing looked at him in horror. Before Zhang Hailing managed to voice out, he already died beneath the sword.


The sword entered his body, causing him to die instantly. However, before his final moments, he pointed at Su Hao in shock while unbelievably saying, "That girl... she shouldn't appear here!"

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