Godly Model Creator Chapter 621

Chapter 621: Bane Of Others' Existence

Chapter 621: Bane of Others' Existence

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More than ten people chased him.

Su Hao's footsteps were moving at a rapid pace as he fled as hard as he could. No matter who it is, one could see that this is a battle of time. If Su Hao gets caught, he will die horribly.

In front of the virtual screen, Teacher Mo and the other teachers were in the process of attacking the domain, racing against time.

Two minutes!

As long as they continued for two more minutes, Su Hao would be able to free himself.

The teachers were relieved watching Su Hao run without any thoughts of confronting the enemies and trying to delay for more time. Luckily, Su Hao didn't charge forward and die in vain.

"Speed up!" Teacher Mo urged.

As for the other students, they were all dumbfounded.

Everything changed too quickly.

No one expected that Teacher Mo would suddenly make his move, killing one of the teachers. They didn't expect that this battle would end up like this.

Right now, they could only look at the virtual screen in a daze.

However, this does not prevent them from learning some new common sense which is to never approach and provoke Su Hao in the future. This guy is definitely the bane of other people's existence.

No matter where he goes, the situation would be even worse than the ancient manga character, Conan.

In the illusion domain, after Su Hao broke out from the circular entrapment, he quickly fled without wasting a second. When the rest of the students arrived, all they saw are dozens of scattered shadows.

"This shadow..."

"One of them is the real one!"

"Humph, trying to split us up?"

"Leave this to me!"

A student mocked the attempt and then transformed into numerous figures to chase every shadow. In the blink of an eye, he killed every shadow, but none of them were Su Hao.

"Sure enough, they're all fake!"

The other students' face turned bad. They nearly got tricked.

"Where is he then?"

"Leave this to me!"

Another student stepped forward. Gently laying down on the ground, his ears moved as some sort of strange energy ripple spread. Suddenly, he stared at some empty space and blasted out his origin technique towards the empty space.


The empty space split open.

Su Hao appeared, causing them to cry out in surprise. He actually came out from the empty space.

"You're clearly using a physical type talent. In this illusion domain, you can actually use an unrelated origin ability?" Su Hao was a bit surprised. Could it be that this brat is the same as him, able to use own strength as one wishes?


That student smirked, "This isn't an ability talent. It's just an origin technique which I created from my ability talent. It can break any illusion. Since this is related to illusions, obviously I can use it here."

"Really?" Su Hao responded, but he quickly left them behind.

"Where are you trying to flee to?!"

"Chase him!"

They all screamed. Under this situation, how could they allow Su Hao to escape successfully?


Clouds of mist curled up in between.

All sorts of illusions appeared as several beasts dashed out from within the clouds, charging at Su Hao. With strong killing intent, they desired to flatten Su Hao once and for all.

"Get lost!"

Su Hao jumped into the sky and turned around to shoot a number of arrows.


Xinghe Arrows shot out and killed those beasts.

These few students actually failed to stop Su Hao.

With this one confrontation, Su Hao managed to get out in one piece.


The energy began to undergo changes.

Su Hao's whole body emitted a faint glow. The foundation of illusion is now perfected as the card within his body glowed, indicating that intermediate basic illusion is completed again.

Illusion Decryptor Pupils went through a transformation!


Light flashed.

Su Hao had a look around, and this whole illusion domain consisted of many nodes supporting this world. This is just like the structure and pillar of a house, and Su Hao saw them in a glance. As long as these nodes are destroyed, he would be able to break this domain easily!

"Should I start?" Su Hao's eyes narrowed.

In the illusion domain, there are nodes all over the place. For Su Hao, trying to destroy them isn't difficult; but if he does so directly, even a fool will notice who is responsible for this act! This illusion domain is very important to the illusion department. If he destroys it, it will be one hell of a serious crime.

Therefore, Su Hao needs an opportunity.

A chance to get through everyone without them noticing his plan!

"Alright, then what I am supposed to do?"

Su Hao looked down while pondering. However, his feet hadn't stopped for even a second. He still maintained the same quick pace.

An energy fluctuation could be felt.

The cards had all been merged together!

Su Hao's model analysis is finally unrestricted that he is able to allocate some of its power on something else. He subconsciously had a quick peek at the situation outside, and he was stunned instantly.

"Those people..."

"They're actually here for me?"

Su Hao felt that this is a bit absurd.

At first, he thought that those students were just here for his degree of realism. He would never have imagined that they are here for his head. Now, who is the one taking action this time?

"What hatred!"

Su Hao's expression turned cold. Since the other side is following the path to his own doom, then don't blame him for being harsh!

Just on time...

This is a chance knocking on his front door!

The ancient Nitai artifact is very magical. Yet it still uses some sort of equipment to display the scene in the domain to the virtual screen. Under Synchronous Playback, Su Hao used his energy to invade, before causing a fluctuation to detonate!



Several pieces of equipment emitted black smoke and got destroyed immediately!

In an instant, all scenes on the virtual screen disappeared at the same time!

"What happened?"

All the teachers got caught by surprise from the sudden turn of events.

"Damn, they're ready to take action!"

A teacher furiously said, "They don't want us to witness the situation inside the domain? Such a poisonous move; quick, break this Nitai artifact!"

Everyone was brimming in anger.

Unable to stop this illusion domain!

Yet, the virtual screen malfunctioned!

Su Hao became the target of some sort of assassination plan!

Everything here led to one conclusion, a huge conspiracy. What was even more hateful is that the school has spent a lot of money on those resources, and now they are all destroyed!

This is something intolerable!


Energy surged.

Several teachers squeezed out more energy in order to break this illusion domain before Su Hao got killed. It was just that the person they thought was the victim all this time is the one responsible for destroying the equipment.


Su Hao started destroying a node.

He had been running all this time while being chased by dozens of geniuses from intermediate class. However, his feet hadn't stopped moving at all. As he passed by, he destroyed the nearby nodes!

Not even one node was missed!

If someone could see the nodes in the illusion domain, they would notice that Su Hao is like a locust passing through a farm and destroying all the plants.


With a huge hand movement, Su Hao destroyed another dozen nodes!

"The 2820th!"

Su Hao's eyes were as cold as ever.

In just a short period of time, he literally circled this whole domain. Since the number of students in the intermediate class isn't huge, the size of the illusion domain had shrunk by quite a margin.

Based on his observation, there are a total of 3,000 illusion nodes here.

Now, only 180 nodes left!

As long as the final 180 nodes are destroyed, the entire illusion domain will become like a building without any structural support and eventually collapse.


His figure flashed and Su Hao directly headed to the spot with the last nodes.

Under the gaze of Illusion Decryptor Pupils, the final 180 nodes are within this mountain in front of him!


Su Hao tried to destroy the mountain.

A powerful force caused a quake, but the mountain was still safe and sound.

"I can't penetrate it..."

Su Hao tried to pass through this mountain illusion, but when he touched the surface, it seemed cold as if this is a real mountain.

This is a combination of reality and fantasy illusions.

This is the powerful protection from a Nitai artifact. In order words, the final 180 nodes are the final line of defense in this illusion domain.


Su Hao sent out another punch.

The mountain didn't show any sign of movement.

He failed to break it!

This is the might of an illusion.

If you can see through an illusion, then you can easily pass through it or even destroy it. If you consider this as real, then it would be an immovable mountain that no one can shake! Right now, this combination of reality and fantasy illusion far exceeds Su Hao's understanding. Even if he knows it is fake, he failed to crack it.

"God damn it!"

Su Hao began to feel nervous now.

As he raised his head, the sky was emitting some sort of loud banging sounds as if Heaven and Earth might collapse at any moment.

This was coming from the school teachers' joint attack.

The time left for him… is running out!


On his arm, the tattoo kept flashing in a pattern. Su Hao's heart skipped a beat. Blue Dream Butterfly's condition wasn't really favorable now. He must destroy this as soon as possible!

"It's Su Hao!"

"Finally, we found you!"

A commotion could be heard.


Su Hao looked back. Those students from the intermediate class finally caught up to him. Unlike last time, they finally managed to encircle Su Hao!

"This time I want to see where you are going to escape!"

"Humph, can you escape now?"

"This time he is dead for sure!"

A series of ridicule could be heard.

Su Hao frowned as he looked at them, "We do not know each other. I really want to know who you all are and why are you targeting me?"


A student sneered, "What you mean by targeting you? We're just students from the intermediate class. What we're doing now is just the usual illusion showdown."

"Yes, yes."

"Don't talk nonsense with him anymore. Attack him now!"

With a bang, this group of students suddenly made their move.


Su Hao's eyes shone as if he was thinking of something. His figure stepped back and approached the mountain behind him. With an energy fluctuation, an illusion appeared, merging him with the mountain and then he vanished.

"Where is he?"

"He should be hiding inside the mountain!"

"Blast it open!"

With a command, numerous powerful origin techniques were launched at the mountain in front of them. This is a joint attack coming from more than ten intermediate professional espers!

In this illusion domain, such might is already beyond the limit. After lasting for less than ten seconds, the mountain finally shattered.

Su Hao's figure was now visible to them.

"Kill him!"

Everyone sneered.

With the mountain disappearing, only plain land remained here. This time, Su Hao had no way to escape!


With many powerful attack incoming, Su Hao just looked at them coldly at this moment of life and death. There was even a hint of mockery in his gaze.

"The game is now over."


Su Hao destroyed the final nodes.

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