Godly Model Creator Chapter 622

Chapter 622: A Situation Outside Of Ones Expectations

Chapter 622: A Situation Outside of One’s Expectations!

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A Situation Outside of One's Expectations!

The sky looked gloomy.

On the sky, one could see lightning flashing. It seemed that all the teachers outside were using every bit of energy they could spend to madly attack as if doomsday is approaching in the illusion domain.

The land cracked open.

The rocks began to float.

Somewhere within a ruin full of rocks...

More than a dozen professional espers expert in illusions used their most powerful attacks. Each attack is filled with dense murderous intent. If these hit someone, his consciousness would probably suffer backlash directly. Even when he wakes up in reality, he will end up in a vegetative state.

In front of everyone's attacks, that figure looked minute.

It was as if in the next second, this figure would disappear at any moment.

However, everything was in a standstill! With this wave of Su Hao's hand, the whole world got caught in a strange silence at this very second.

The time was still.


To be exact.

It should be the entire time and space stood still.


Inexplicably, everyone's body began to dissipate and turned into specks of lights. Just like that, they vanished from the surface.

After everyone vanished, it was time for the plants to dissipate. After all forms of life disappeared, this world was completely empty, leaving behind an endless void.

It was such a peaceful atmosphere.


A strange sound could be heard.

In the void, a strange pattern flashed.

Even though all existence had vanished, the pattern still remained here in the shape of a butterfly.

While still confused, the butterfly opened its eyes and awkwardly moved its wings, forming a huge gust.


In the endless void, those disappearing specks of lights, they began to spin around quicker and quicker like a giant vortex due to the gust. Being absorbed into this vortex like a black hole, they all headed towards the butterfly.

Every bit…

Every speck of light…

Like a giant galaxy, they rotated around the center. As the butterfly's wings gently flapped, all the energy converged into the black hole.

Endless power was pouring in.

At first, Su Hao thought that he would return to reality. He did not think that he would be able to witness such a scene. The scene in front of him actually transformed back into a vast forest from an endless void.


It's Blue Dream Butterfly's sea of consciousness!

Su Hao looked stunned. Right now, that giant demonic flower had grown into an entirely different scale. It was now even more powerful than the first time he saw it by a huge margin!


At the center of the demonic flower...

Where Blue Dream Butterfly had been trapped, her body was illuminating a dazzling light as if she is a huge cocoon, waiting for the right moment to be born.

The demonic flower was extremely alarmed, but it was unable to reverse the situation.


Su Hao seemed to hear the sound of the cocoon rupturing. Each fissure radiated terrifying energy, suppressing the demonic flower.


Another crisp breaking sound could be heard.

The cocoon continued its cracking process.

In fact, one could faintly see a young girl quietly curled up like a sleeping baby. At this moment, she opened her eyes.


The cocoon ruptured.

Terrifying energy burst out from within it, covering the whole world. The demonic flower showed an ugly look. Without being able to resist, it got wiped out! This isn't even an offensive attack. Just the escaping energy was sufficient to suppress this terrifying demonic flower completely!

"This..." Su Hao was deeply shocked.

This scene far exceeded his expectation.

Whether it is the scene of a galaxy or the scene of her rebirth, they are both far beyond his imagination. What kind of power is this?

What kind of thing is sealed inside Blue Dream Butterfly's body?

Su Hao didn't have the time to think about it.


The scene in front of him suddenly turned bright white.

In the school square, Teacher Mo and others were madly attacking the illusion domain. However, two minutes had not arrived yet, and one could already notice some cracks on the Nitai artifact. Countless people were shocked!

"What happened?"

"Could it be that we destroyed it?"

"No way!"

Teacher Mo rejected this idea, "This is something that could bear the huge amount of energy needed to support the illusion domain. How could our attacks destroy it?"

Teacher Mo stepped forward to have a look, and his face changed slightly, "This is internal destruction! The destruction happened within the illusion domain."

"What?!" Every teacher raged.

"Exactly what do they want to do?!"

"They failed to kill Su Hao, so they decided to drag everyone into the water?" One teacher clenched his fists with force, "Those damn bastards, they have crossed the line too much."

"Quick, call the maintenance staff." An engineer rushed to help.

However, after undergoing the repair for just a moment, the interior once again cracked. This made everyone unable to sit still. This is simply trying to obliterate the illusion domain!

"Teacher Mo?!"

Everyone looked at him.

Teacher Mo's mouth revealed a hint of bitterness. "Since the internal is destroyed, it's impossible to reserve the situation anymore."


Just as Teacher Mo finished his words, this Nitai artifact which has been preserved for many years in the illusion department broke into pieces and was completely destroyed!


A wave of terrifying energy swept across the surrounding.

All the students suddenly regained their consciousness as they slowly opened their heavy eyelids.

As for the teachers, the first one they paid attention to is Su Hao because they knew the enemy's aim is him. If Su Hao dies…


Su Hao opened his eyes.

"Still alive?" Teacher Mo looked at him in surprise.

"Hello, Teacher Mo." Su Hao respectfully saluted him. This teacher deserved every bit of his respect.

"Haha, it's great as long as you're alive." Teacher Mo was very happy.

Everyone woke up in succession. At this time, they realized what happened just now. They then panicked for a bit. If there was really an accident earlier… then, wouldn't everyone die?

This thought was too terrifying!

As for those students who acted on Su Hao, they insisted it was just an illusion showdown between students. As for what was happening behind this, they had no clue!

"I can't accept your reasons."

Teacher Mo sneered, "This is the illusion department, my turf. Trying to act innocent here? Guys, come and catch them all!"


Countless people from the law enforcement team rushed over.

Here is the illusion department!

Teacher Mo has the power to do so.

"Who dares?!"

A student screamed and looked at Teacher Mo coldly. "I respect you as a senior in this illusion field. However, if you think you can reverse black and white, abusing your power, then you're wrong. Even if this is the illusion department, it still belongs to Zhanzheng College!"


Energy fluctuated.

A space tear suddenly formed in the air.

A figure appeared from the space tear. Just before he landed, the aura he emitted already stunned everyone at the scene. This is totally a domain esper!

Plus, he's one of the strongest in this realm!

"Hey, Teacher Mo. You really think that this is your back garden?"


That man asked a question. His voice was loud like thunder that this question of his roared in everyone's eardrum.

"It's actually you?"

Teacher Mo's face turned ugly as he sneered, "You could have just been a good school's head of the strategy department. Why did you run over to my illusion department? You dare to act beyond your authority?"

Zhanzheng College, head of the strategy department, Lin Zhonglei.

"Of course I don't..."

Lin Zhonglei looked at Teacher Mo and then took out a command paper, "It is said that there is a problem with this illusion assessment. Thus, I am here to investigate this matter. Based on the investigation, you are suspected of privately manipulating the illusion showdown, causing the Nitai artifact to be destroyed. The loss is definitely significant. I'm afraid you have to explain this to me."

"What about evidence?" Teacher Mo's eyes were not showing any weakness.

Lin Zhonglei looked at those teachers from the illusion department. There were actually a few teachers who stepped forward and then went behind Lin Zhonglei.

"Old Wang, you actually?!"

"Brother Liu, you..."

Some teachers looked at them in disbelief. They couldn't imagine these buddies of theirs had defected to the other side at this crucial moment.

"Sorry, I want to be righteous for the justice in my heart." The man called Brother Liu said so to everyone.


As for other defectors, one could see some comfort in their eyes.

"You guys..."

"Forget about talking any nonsense with them." Teacher Mo waved his hand. However, there wasn't any sign of anger from him.

Instead, he just looked at Lin Zhonglei, "You old fox, you have such authority. However, have you ever thought that those from your batch have already entered the world realm? You're the only one left still struggling within the domain realm, right? This is all because your heart is too polluted!"

"You don't have to care of my matters!"

There was a hint of anger, coming from Lin Zhonglei's words, "What qualifications do you have to nag me? After today's matter ends, you can just quit from your position and peacefully train. You no longer have to bother with the matters regarding the illusion department. Destroying the Nitai artifact, no matter how much your contribution is, you still have to pay the price!"

"Oh, so?"

Instead, Teacher Mo got even more curious, "Is there anything else?"

"As for Su Hao, he's not as lucky as you. Just a mere student, he actually dared to participate in this conspiracy. He definitely had his part in this Nitai artifact destruction. For the rest of his life, he will have to spend it in prison." Lin Zhonglei sneered.

He then looked at Su Hao, "You need to pay the price for all of your actions."

Su Hao's eyebrows twitched.

"You are not angry?" Teacher Mo didn't bother with Lin Zhonglei. Instead, he looked at Su Hao.

Or to be precise, which student could remain cool after being framed like this? However, Su Hao still as calm as always.

"There is no fear if one isn't wrong." Su Hao confidently said in a righteous tone. He really had nothing to be angry about.

After all, he was the one who destroyed the equipment and the illusion domain itself. What is there to be angry about?

"Great, you're indeed the proudful son of Heaven." Teacher Mo laughed. "Today, Teacher will accompany you. I would like to see for myself whether there is still justice in Zhanzheng College."


A powerful momentum surged, and it didn't pale in comparison to the one in the forest earlier!

"Let's go together!"

With a bang, a few teachers stepped forward and fought.

Among them, there was actually a bunch of teachers who had a bad impression of Su Hao, "No matter how much I hate him, he is still a student of my illusion department. I would like to see who dares to act in front of me?!"

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