Godly Model Creator Chapter 623

Chapter 623: Broken Dream

Chapter 623: Broken Dream!

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A confrontation!

For most of the teachers to stand on the opposite side of Lin Zhonglei is really something out of his expectation.

"How dare you?!"

Lin Zhonglei's face turned ugly. "You all want to rebel?"


Teacher Mo remained fearless, "This is the illusion department, not the headquarter. Over the years, the headquarter has long been decaying. Now you want to drag us down together?"


Lin Zhonglei's face was full of killing intent, "If this is the case, even you will all be captured together!"


A dark green halo vibrated as it appeared from Lin Zhonglei. The world was filled with endless dark green vapor in an attempt to capture everyone.


Lin Zhonglei actually intended to enclose everyone in his domain!

"F*ck off!"

One could see electricity flickering.

A dazzling purplish light burst out, forcefully destroying the surrounding dark green domain. With such powerful might that could rival Heaven, both forces confronted each other in mid-air!

Purplish light...

Greenish light...

This world was now only filled with these two colors.

"Teacher Mo, you really want to resist to the end?" Lin Zhonglei looked at him coldly.

"It's you guys who have overstepped your boundary! These cheap tricks, you think they can be hidden from everyone?" Teacher Mo sneered.

"Great, strategy department, act now!"

Lin Zhonglei commanded, and one began to see lights flickering. Several figures appeared from far away. When the teachers from the illusion department raised their head, their face instantly paled.

Those people...

They're all domain espers!

A total of seven!

The headquarter... could it be it is planning to have a war with its branch departments?

"Capture them!" Lin Zhonglei ordered coldly.

"Make our move now!" Teacher Mo still maintained his fearless look, "Stop them!"


A clash between both sides.

This godly scene had turned into one hell of a fierce fight. The students still around were all dumbfounded. This is a battle which they never imagined before.

A confrontation between domain espers!

The rampaging aura fluctuated in the air. That was coming from a battle between domain espers! This had gone beyond their imagination!

Illusions were blooming everywhere!

Just by glancing around for an extra second, a few students almost got dragged into the illusion domain.

"Don't watch their battle!" Su Hao warned.

He just had a quick peek and almost got dragged too. Once a professional esper gets pulled into this domain, only death awaits him.

The students were so fearful that they looked down at the ground.

"You better take care of yourself."

Zhang Hailing's mouth revealed a hint of coldness, "With the teachers busy fighting, who else can save you right now? Just like Senior Lin said, you have done a huge crime, and it's time for me to take you down!"

"Just with you alone?" Su Hao glanced at him.

"Humph, in the illusion domain, some of my strength is limited." Zhang Hailing stared at Su Hao with a mocking look, "In the illusion domain, you were lucky to be able to escape. This time, you will be permanently put into a deep sleep."

"Pipe Dream!"


Powerful illusion energy broke out.

The ones around were all stunned.

After all, on the virtual screen, they had witnessed its power before. The power of this Pipe Dream, if one accidentally gets dragged in, only death awaits them. Not to mention, based on what Zhang Hailing explained, this move of his is actually stronger than when in the illusion domain?!


The intoxicating yellow aura began to spread.

Su Hao's consciousness instantly became blurry for a moment. His vision turned hallucinatory as if he had stepped into a process of reincarnation. However, at this time, Su Hao's eyes emitted all sorts of lights as countless scenes and pictures were reflected in his eyes.

"Break for me!" Su Hao's mind instantly turned sober.

In front of him, that hallucinatory aura only left behind rows of illusion lines which looked very complicated and annoying to one's eyes. It could no longer confuse Su Hao.

"You're just so-so." Zhang Hailing sneered.

In the illusion domain, that half-finished Pipe Dream was sufficient to nearly kill Su Hao. Now, with his full strength, the might of this attack is at least several times stronger!

He will die!

"Whatever talent or violent men ranking, in front of my powerful Pipe Dream, everything is just a joke..." Zhang Hailing hadn't even finished his sentence yet when he abruptly stopped speaking.

The students around were so scared that they took a few steps back. Cold sweat began to form on their back because a hand suddenly appeared and captured Zhang Hailing.


The hand used its full strength.

Zhang Hailing's neck was grabbed forcefully, causing his face to turn red, "You... you... how could this be?"


Su Hao then pushed him to a wall. With his back slamming against the wall, it almost collapsed. From this action, Zhang Hailing spurted out a mouthful of blood while Su Hao just smiled coldly, watching him.

"You actually intended to use the same trick on me twice? What a joke!"

"You aren't the only one who will have an improvement in strength."

The corners of Su Hao's mouth rose.

As for the students around the scene, they were all stunned. The changes in the situation were too fast! Who would have thought that with Zhang Hailing's strength, he would lose in the blink of an eye?

"Let him go!"

"What guts you have!"

Several shouts came from the crowd.

Su Hao had a look behind him and noticed several students stepping up. They were those who chased him in the illusion domain. A lineup of level eight professional espers!

These people are powerful!

Each one of them is not below Zhang Hailing in strength!

"Well, guys, can you all give me an explanation?"

Su Hao looked at them with a calm gaze, "For the strategy department and you dozen of geniuses to act, it shouldn't be a family clan. So, who is the one who instructed you all to target me?"

"Humph, destroying the illusion domain and the equipment, yet you insist on arguing?" A student rebuked.

"Yes, in the illusion domain, you destroyed the equipment. It's something we personally witnessed. Everyone here can prove it, yet you're trying to deny?"

"If you are not guilty, why would you resist?" Someone warned.

Su Hao shook his head and smiled, "It seems that it will be impossible to know the truth from your mouths. If this is the case, then I can only act myself. As for my mastery in the illusion foundation, I might not be able to produce an illusion, but for some little tricks, it has reached a more profound depth."

Su Hao grabbed Zhang Hailing, and his right palm suddenly slammed onto Zhang Hailing's forehead.


Strange energy flashed, and his view from his eyes changed.



Countless pictures flashed.


With the combination of illusion and backtrack, it caused Zhang Hailing to recall his past subconsciously.

The scene was still moving.

Su Hao just quietly observed it. After some time, he finally got the answer he wanted. It turned out that his last disguise as someone from Tian Xing Martial Army had been discovered. A peak professional esper accidentally saw this when he was using his ability talent.


Everything was revealed.

Previously, Tian Xing Martial Army's appearance had shocked all major forces, causing everyone to avoid taking any action! Now, after confirming it was Su Hao's scheme to fake their presence, Zhanzheng College was very angry. Led by the strategy department, a task to kill Su Hao was released. After the fruitless action in the illusion domain, the order to directly attack him was issued.


It's too easy to find one!

Even if one is to randomly utter a reason, it would justify this event without leaving any uncertainty!

However, they didn't expect that some teachers from the illusion department would actually ignore the orders from the headquarter which led to this sudden battle. When Lin Zhonglei and the others started this fight, they had received confirmation from the strategy department that this killing mission is to proceed.

"So this is the case." Su Hao muttered to himself.

So his scheme had been exposed.

In this origin ability era, it's like this. Unless you're truly powerful, any secret would be naked in front of some strange origin ability.


Is the headquarter really responsible for this?

Su Hao suddenly felt that he no longer has to stay here.

Entering Zhanzheng College was his dream and also his wish to find the truth about his father. Never would he expect that along the journey, he and Zhanzheng College kept clashing with each other.

From the moment he entered Zhanzheng College, there was not a moment that he felt safe.

At first he thought that after entering the illusion department, he finally found his own peace. However, how long did it last? His peaceful days were once again over.

In the past, they were just small forces. This time around, it's coming from Zhanzheng College itself.

This simply disappointed Su Hao!

Without a doubt, one could say that from today onwards, Su Hao and the headquarter of Zhanzheng College will never stand on the same side. There won't be any room to turn around!


It's time to leave?

Su Hao was somewhat in a dilemma. Zhanzheng College...

What is his aim for coming here?

It's to improve his strength!

Here is the best place to cultivate and the perfect place to improve his strength. But now? This has turned into a place that hinders his progress instead. If so, is it really necessary to continue staying here?

After all, this situation isn't a first.

Why is he still unwilling to leave?

Because being here is his dream!

Because being here has always been his goal!

Thus, Su Hao had a deep attachment to Zhanzheng College. Since young till now, enrolling here was his dream.

Thus, he kept waiting.

Always looking forward to that day to arrive!

Even when the school took action on him, he bore no hatred. He hoped that it was just a decision of some teachers and not one coming from the school itself.

Zhanzheng College should be a place to cultivate and not a place for powers to clash against each other!

As of this, he still had such expectations in his heart.

But now...

All those expectations have vanished into thin air!

Including his dream of Zhanzheng College!

"It's time to make a decision!" Su Hao's eyes turned cold.

Countless data flashed through his mind.

In the midst of a major crisis, he must first come up with a way to escape this crisis. Thousands of computers in his brain were running concurrently, processing through countless data.

Soon, a name suddenly popped out.

Su Hao chuckled.


As for the other students, they all saw him holding Zhang Hailing for a long time without any signs of moving and decided to attack. Su Hao sneered and turned around while carrying Zhang Hailing.


Energy fluctuated.

What came next was the endless blooming of bloody flowers.

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