Godly Model Creator Chapter 624

Chapter 624: Radiance Of Extreme

Chapter 624: Radiance of Extreme

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Everyone was shocked as they subconsciously sucked in a mouthful of cold air.

Zhang Hailing is dead.

When the attack from the other students came, Su Hao decisively used him as a shield. Zhang Hailing's eyes opened wide as he died unwillingly. Obviously, he didn't imagine that he would die under the hands of his companions.



The man who attacked earlier pointed at Su Hao in horror, "You have such a ruthless heart!"

"Ruthless, huh?"

Su Hao's eyes casually swept across them, "Interesting. You all tried to kill me, but now I'm ruthless. I'm just defending myself, but you guys don't consider yourselves as being ruthless. This is indeed interesting."

Su Hao laughed loudly.

The surrounding people had their heart skip a beat.

Without knowing why, they had this feeling that Su Hao had changed.

He's no longer the same as before.

In the university, it is the place to hone oneself and undergo psychological changes. Su Hao who had overcome many crises became even more determined than before.

This is a process of thoughts filled with darkness.

And now...

Su Hao had emerged from this darkness!

This world filled with all sort of crisis, how could one continue living under such conditions? To be able to do so, one needs to have a strong mentality besides strength itself.

Some live righteously and die with honor, while some continue to live without a purpose. Instead of being humiliated for life, it's better to die than live.

If it is you, which one would you choose?

To be alive...

What is the meaning of being alive?

To live with your heart, that is the true meaning behind living.

Su Tiancheng's son, this title made Su Hao suffered a lot. Unconsciously, it had shifted his mindset to focus on surviving. However, is he still being himself by doing so?

Previously, the him who went and challenged Sun Yaotian, where is him now?

Previously, the him who would rather die than retreat, where is him now?

As each second passed...

Su Hao's body emitted some sort of confidence which became more apparent. When everyone around glanced at him, they felt fear. That aura steadily made them terrified.

Far away within a void.

An old man stood on top of a summit, silently watching this scene. His face didn't show any expression, but one could see a hint of joy between his eyebrows, "Child, you finally come forth..."


With a change in his mindset, his reasoning became even clearer than before!

Su Hao's mind was very calm. All his impatience and restlessness disappeared at once, leaving behind a peaceful and unshakable heart.

The energy within his body ran smoother than ever! The near perfection of his foundation in illusion coupled with his talent began to merge on their own! With thousands of computers to aid this operation, with illusion as the starting point, his journey to the spiritual world finally showed progress in reaching perfection. The current him was on the verge of breaking through.

Energy flashed.

His body was like a long river with the never-ending flow of water! The light coming from Su Hao shocked countless people around him.

Even the teachers who were fighting in the distance were alarmed.


Li Zhonglei blasted an attack but was intercepted by Teacher Mo who was full of smiled, "Let the young ones solve the problems between themselves."

"You're courting death!"

Lin Zhonglei's murderous intent continue to heighten. Knowing that he couldn't reach Su Hao before dealing with Teacher Mo, he continued the fight.

And at this moment, the light of Su Hao's body turned brighter and brighter.

"What's happening?"

The crowd was terrified.

"This is a state of a tranquil heart; he's breaking through!" Someone reacted.

"For someone talented like Su Hao, he had stayed as a level one professional esper for too long. Not only due to the bottleneck he faced of strength, but also the shadow within his heart. Now, once he breaks through, he will obviously be something out of this world."

"Stop him!"

"Interrupt him!"

Those students finally made their move. Su Hao's strength originally was stronger than them. All they had is an advantage in numbers. If Su Hao is to break through now...


All sorts of illusions appeared.

Half of the sky was literally covered with illusions.

However, all the illusions that approached Su Hao collapsed on their own, failing to touch even a single strand of his hair. Forget about interrupting Su Hao; those illusions already disintegrated before then.

"How could this be?"

The students were shocked.

"It's that light from his body that is shining into the surrounding!"

Someone recognized this scene and shouted, "That is a light coming from one who has cultivated illusions to the extreme. After so many years, nobody has been able to reach this stage. Thus, it has always been a legend. Yet, Su Hao has reached this stage now!"


Everyone literally couldn't open their eyes.

It was extremely bright!

In the textbook, on the last page, there was some introduction about this occurrence! However, nobody has ever seen it and considered it a fantasy coming from the predecessor.

They never thought that someone would actually reach this stage!

And this person...

It turned out to be Su Hao!

He only stepped into the illusion department for about a month, and yet he managed to cultivate illusions to the extreme!

What is a genius?

Now, this guy in front is the true genius!

While being enveloped by the radiance of extreme, it protects his body. This is the embodiment of the foundation in illusion. Any basic illusion which approaches Su Hao would decompose by themselves, turning into the most basic energy!

Plus, this process doesn't require any control from Su Hao!



Countless basic illusions continued to approach him but met the same fate.


Su Hao didn't move at all while the light emitted from his body became stronger with each passing second as if his body is a star!

"We can't let him continue like this!" Someone said scared.

Each time the light coming from Su Hao turned brighter, the fear within their hearts became stronger. Su Hao's achievement was too shocking to them.

"Since basic illusions are useless, then we will use more powerful ones."

They finally realized this fact.

"Let me do it!"

A student strode forward. "I also mastered the foundation of illusion. In this field which is my home turf, I don't believe that he can surpass me."


The student made his move, causing the surrounding area to quake.

And then...

They saw a terrible scene.

Above the sky, a huge mountain appeared. With a wave of his hand, it felt down from the sky!

"Sure enough, it's a high-level illusion!"

"With great strength, he has broken away from the foundation of illusion and reached the level of the advanced class!"

"The top genius of the intermediate class has already touched the edge of the advanced class!"

"What terrifying strength!"

The students from beginner class were stunned.

To be able to understand advanced illusions, even if it doesn't reach the extreme level of Su Hao, such mastery in illusion is definitely impressive. Such an existence is definitely not something they can compare with.

At that moment, this advanced illusion from the student was something they're familiar with.

A very powerful advanced illusion - Apex of Mountain Tai!


As the mountain slammed down, the surrounding crowd had to flee.

That huge mountain slammed down on Su Hao. Even with the radiance of extreme, while facing against an advanced illusion, it only managed to weaken some of its might.


Countless students trembled.

What a powerful illusion this is!

"Su Hao is going to meet his end!"

"The radiance of extreme is useless here. Since Su Hao is breaking through, he can't resist at all. Even if he escapes from death, he will suffer serious injuries."

"A generation of arrogance..." Someone sighed.

The radiance of extreme, this was the very first time it appeared in history! Before managing to show its might, he was killed as he tried to break through! Such a pity.

At this moment...

The dust from the slam had settled down.

In front of everyone, there was only a mountain! Su Hao's figure could no longer be seen!

"He died just like that?"

Everyone felt regret.

At this time, some glanced the scene for a bit. At first, they revealed a bit of doubt and then instantly changed their expression, "Look, below that gigantic mountain..."


All the students looked over there and were dumbstruck.


The mountain slammed down!

However, at this time, the mountain didn't land on the ground! The mountain was now about one meter above from the ground. Yes, it slammed down but didn't land!


The mountain showed sign of vibrating.

It rose up slowly!




In everyone's eyes, that mountain which was already about to land began to rise slowly. It's now more than two meters above the ground. Under the mountain was a dazzling sun!

"It has risen up..."

Everyone muttered to themselves.

What a terrifying scene!

One person, lifting up a mountain by himself! Even if this mountain is an illusion, its weight definitely rivals an actual one.

"Break for me!"

A cold voice rang in their eardrum.

Under the eyes of the public, the mountain was brutally shattered, causing countless rocks to fly around. After about ten meters away from the ground, the illusion the dissipated, turning into energy!

A gigantic mountain was gone just like that.


The student, who made this attack earlier, vomited blood.

With his current strength, to use this move is a little too forceful. Never would he expect that not only did he fail to suppress Su Hao, he instead suffered a backlash!

"Did he break through?" Someone said in a fearful tone.


One student stared at Su Hao with cold eyes. There was actually a third eye in between his eyebrows, "He's still breaking through. His strength is still the same. Just now, it just that the radiance of extreme managed to find a flow in Apex of Mountain Tai. The flow is too huge that it's far from perfection."

That student's face turned red.

"We absolutely can't let him breakthrough!"

Su Hao as a level one professional esper is already so powerful. Once he breaks through, would they survive? They knew very well how ruthless Su Hao is.

"At least he moved, indicating that the breakthrough was interrupted!"

The three-eyed student said, "To attempt a break through again, the feeling earlier is long gone. Let's continue doing so. We will let him die while trying to break through today!"

"It's my turn now!"

Another intermediate class student stood up and attacked without mercy.

With a wave, the sky changed. In mid-air, water began to form and pour out heavily. The scene looked like a waterfall.

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