Godly Model Creator Chapter 627

Chapter 627: Desperate Measures

Chapter 627: Desperate Measures

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Su Hao sneered, "You will not have the opportunity!"


Infinite attacks were incoming.

The fight finally proceeded to the final stage.

Everyone knew that this is the final climax. That Su Hao's mad state was coming to an end while the man with three eyes had turned crazy.

The moment when this strange force coming from the breakthrough vanishes, a direct confrontation between Su Hao and the man will unfold.

This time, one of them will die!

Su Hao broke through seven times. However, after that momentum from the breakthrough vanished, would his real strength rival the man with three eyes?

Nobody knew!

The man with three eyes is without a doubt the top existence within the intermediate classes. Nobody could touch his hair because of his unique ability talent, the third eye.

Under the view of that eye, no attack can hide from it.

If not for Su Hao's continuous breakthroughs level by level being too terrifying, the man with three eyes would have made his move by now. Now, all he could do is to bear with it!

After killing more than ten people at once, Su Hao's murderous intent was unquestionable!

With the help from this strange energy, Su Hao entered into the absolute peak condition. Under such situation, Su Hao is literally invincible. If the man wants to taste victory, he has to wait!

He is aiming for the moment when Su Hao's temporarily gained strength is exhausted.

And that moment was around the corner!


The man with three eyes exposed his aura in an eruption.

Staring at Su Hao, he was waiting for that moment.

Right now, Su Hao's strength kept growing. Even when he knew the crisis is just in front of him, there weren't any signs of hesitation. His degree of arrogance shocked many.

The final two seconds!

The final second!


Some signs of sluggishness could be detected from Su Hao's aura.


That man attacked.

Powerful force erupted from his fists, the seemingly endless brilliance scattered from the sky. The purplish light covered the entire square so nobody could hide his presence. His third eye could detect Su Hao's each and every move. This is definitely one powerful ability.


Su Hao's movement turned slow as if he had been frozen.

The faint purplish light originated from that strange eye and started flickering. It left Su Hao in a petrified state. At the same time, a powerful offensive move appeared from the man's fist. Using his ability talent as a guide, a stream of powerful energy headed towards Su Hao.


Everyone seemed to lose their sight.

All they see was that flickering purplish light. This was an attack coming from the man with three eyes, Never Fantasy! Even if this is classified under illusions, it could actually emit a terrifying force.

However, is it truly an illusion type?


This is the mystery contained within the third eye.

Right now, the world had lost its color. Only the mysterious purplish light remained. Su Hao's figure was as if he had been surrounded in mud; slowly struggling to move. It seemed that his death is almost certain now.

"Finally, it ends..."

This thought appeared in everyone's mind.

What a heaven-defying existence.

Is his life going to end like this?

Su Hao is much younger than that man with three eyes. If they're from the same batch, he could definitely overwhelm that man with ease. However, there are no 'if's' in this world.

No matter how talented he is by being able to kill more than ten geniuses, he still couldn't escape his fate from being killed!

It's not because Su Hao is weak but the man with three eyes being too patient!

In this fight, everyone could clearly see that Su Hao's strength made one despair. In fact, he even provoked that man countless times. However, this man was patient enough that even when all of his companions in front of him, he still didn't let go of his determination!


The moment when Su Hao's power returned to normal!

Only then did he proceed to attack.

This is a terrifying character. With such a powerful ability talent combined with a strong and decisive mindset, such an existence would usually survive until the end.

"What a pity..."

The crowd felt a bit regretful for Su Hao.

Su Hao is indeed strong and has exceptional talent, but too bad he met a more ruthless person!

"Su Hao!" Teacher Mo was anxious.


Lin Zhonglei's attack bloomed in front of his eyes and nearly inflicted heavy damage on Teacher Mo, "Hey, Teacher Mo. Should you be diverting your attention away during a battle?"

Lin Zhonglei returned the same words to Teacher Mo!

He can't leave this fight!

Right now, it seemed that the battle was about to be over at any moment.


An aura of madness could be seen from the man with three eyes, "I will bury you alongside with them!"


It seemed long, but all it took was a single moment!

Su Hao, who is now in a near-petrified condition, couldn't even perform a single action to dodge. When the attack was a centimeter away from him, he was shrouded in an endless purplish light...


Everyone lost their vision due to the sudden change in brightness.


Crazed laughter echoed in the scene. However, before this laughter finished, it was abruptly stopped.

"What happened?"

This thought flashed in everyone's mind. The next second, they could feel a sudden burst of aura which made them have an unbelievable thought. Could it be...


A series of dense aura waves rose up the sky.

One could see the color disappear from the crowd's face.

Within the endless purplish light, the shape a human body revealed itself with extreme radiance illuminating from all over the body.


The man with three eyes pointed at him in shock. That figure was none other than Su Hao!

For the eighth time!

Su Hao actually broke through eight times in succession!

Everyone could no longer comprehend this scene anymore!

This is definitely unheard of! It surpasses the legendary limit which has been thought to be impossible to break! Not only once, but twice! What kind of achievement is this?


Su Hao was not stopping his footsteps.

Appearing directly in front of the man with three eyes, one of his hands hit the man without any hesitation. The powerful force emitted from his palm caused the man to vomit blood on the spot.


Su Hao smirked and stretched out his finger. It was illuminated with a dense radiance, he then used it to poke the man.


It went straight between the man's eyebrows.


A powerful energy burst!

It's a battle between Su Hao's finger and the purplish light from the third eye.


The glare from the confrontation gradually disappeared which allowed the crowd to recover their vision. However, when they raised their heads, they turned pale.

In front of Su Hao, a hollow hole was left between the eyebrow of that man. Pointing at Su Hao in disbelief, his figure finally lost its strength, drop to the ground.


This powerful illusion genius died!

At the center of this event, only Su Hao remained. Standing there coldly, the radiance coming from his body began to subside, returning to a normal appearance. However, right now, his indifferent acts made the crowd terrified! This battle was destined to be a scene which they would never forget their entire life!

"Finally, it ends..."

The dead bodies left on the scene, no matter who they were, they were all proudful talents from the illusion department. However, today, they are all dead!

One man killed them all!

An existence who mastered illusions to the extreme and even completed eight consecutive breakthroughs, a character who eclipsed every other genius, Su Hao!

Far away.

Even those battles between teachers were stopped abruptly.

"You won't regret it?"

Lin Zhonglei's gaze was as cold as ever. Since everyone is dead, he knew that he might not be able to take down Su Hao today, "Those students, they're all nurtured under your wings."

Teacher Mo's look was unchanged, "No matter how strong they are, the fact that they are traitors remains unchanged!"

As of the man with three eyes and the others, he knew them clearly.

Yesterday, these people were something the department was proud of, but now they were labeled as traitors!

Regarding traitors, the department isn't tolerant of them!

The illusion department has its own pride and will never allow a traitor to coexist nor would it allow its disciples to become a running dog for others who struggle for power. Because as long as you enter into this circle, you will lose any possibility of becoming the strongest esper!

They have no regrets!

"Great." Lin Zhonglei sneered, "I will see how you are going to explain this to the Dean."

With this battle concluded, it had shocked everyone and changed their view of this world. It's destined to be spread around, turning into a legend.

One versus a team of geniuses, Su Hao is destined to rise in popularity.

However, the reality was far from being as simple as a battle. Su Hao's battle is indeed a win. However, killing more than ten geniuses, is that really fine? Even if it were an act of self-defense, those who are hostile to Su Hao would never think so. Not to forget...

This time, the one representing them comes from the headquarter!

Now, with Teacher Mo and the other teachers taking action...

This is no longer a personal dispute, but a challenge between the headquarter and the illusion department!

"Your Dean isn't here in recent days which is why you all dare to be this arrogant!"

"You don't have to worry about that."

Teacher Mo sneered. "When he comes back, I will explain it to him."

"Explain it to him?"

Lin Zhonglei laughed, "Before that, why don't you think about how you're going explain this to our Vice President?"

"What?" Teacher Mo realized then something was amiss. Could it be...


An extremely strong aura appeared. From the sky, a figure appeared as he looked down. His ordinary face made all the teachers pale in an instant.

This aura...

A world esper!

The Vice President of the headquarter!

"I want to take Su Hao away. You have anything to say?"

The Vice President opened his mouth. His voice was soft, yet it made Teacher Mo vomit blood on the spot. Even though he is a peak domain esper, he still couldn't bear a sentence from a world esper.

"You can't take him away." Teacher Mo wiped off the blood from the corner of his mouth, "We can only decide after our Dean is back."

"Your Dean?"

That Vice President turned cold, "Then wait until he's back and find me. Today, I would like to see who will stop me!"


Endless light shrouded Su Hao's body. Even though he had just broken through many levels at once, there was no room to retaliate in front of such a strong person! He had a plan, but he never considered that the one who would be involved turned out to be a world esper! And this world esper's move was very decisive, without giving him a chance!


Su Hao's eyesight turned blurry.

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