Godly Model Creator Chapter 628

Chapter 628: Battle Between World Espers

Chapter 628: Battle Between World Espers!

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"Am I going to die?"

Su Hao's consciousness became hazy.

Because of that strong force, he almost fell into eternal slumber. The aura coming from a world esper is too much for him! Su Hao's gaze was dim and dull as he entered a trance.

Blue Dream Butterfly was about to wake up.

The key point of the illusion deduction was reaching the final stage too.

Su Hao's strength kept changing, but no matter how strong was he, all of it had zero significance under the suppression of absolute power. World esper, what kind of power concept is that?

While in the middle of all this...

Su Hao looked all over the place.

This isn't the illusion department...

What is this place?

While in the hazy state, Su Hao seemed to notice an old man. He couldn't see the man's face, but the voice somehow could be heard clearly.

"Are you angry being toyed around easily like nothing?"

"I am angry." Su Hao's consciousness replied truthfully.

"What do you want?"

That voice seemed to be majestic.

"I want strength!" Su Hao replied without any hesitation, "I want to control my own destiny. I never want something like this day to happen in my life again!"

"This is not something easy."

With a sigh, he expressed his helplessness, "Since you arrived at Zhanzheng College, they have always been clashing with you. All this be because of the fact you're Su Tiancheng's son. Do you hate your father?"

"No!" Su Hao replied without hesitation, "I just hate the fact that I do not have the corresponding strength that I need.."


"So, you wish for power? A power which could even rule Heaven!"

The old man leisurely looked at him, "If I am to give you an invincible world to obtain your own chance, will you be able to grasp it? Will you fight for it?"

"I will!" Su Hao's eyes lit up.

"Good, then I will give you a chance!"

As this casual conversation ended, Su Hao felt that his consciousness once again fell into the previous state of confusion and everything in front of him turned pitch black.


Su Hao opened his eyes again.

In front of him was the same illusion department. That almighty aura coming from the world esper came down from the sky and shrouded him. All the teachers around were stunned under this aura and found it hard to move. Even Teacher Mo was helpless.

However, Su Hao didn't freak out because he remembered the scene earlier. If the one responsible for this isn't the Vice President, then who is?


The sky shattered.

A seemingly unmatched aura rushed over like a fast-moving river and collided with Su Hao's aura, producing a deafening blast.


Countless students fainted on the spot.

All the teachers vomited blood while looking terrified. However, only Su Hao stood there motionless without showing any sign of being affected.

"Who Who is it?" The Vice President threw out the question in an angry tone.

The Dean of the Illusion Department isn't here. Who else dares to resist him now?

"Just leave here in peace," said a casual, soft voice.

Su Hao's heart skipped a beat. That voice... it's the same as the one he heard earlier!

"State your name first!" The Vice President smirked, "I would like to see which strong esper this is. Hiding the head and showing the tail, how could you not even leave your name?"

That voice went silent.

After a while, a sigh echoed, "You're not qualified enough."


The Vice President was furious.

Who is he?

A true Vice President of Zhanzheng College! How many people are above of him in terms of power and strength? And this person actually gave the reason was he isn't qualified?

This is simply a humiliating act!

"You are looking to die!" The Vice President's killing intent spiked up, "Then do you dare to fight against me?!"

After finishing his words, without waiting for another reply from the other party, the Vice President flew up. The surrounding space distorted and with a loud bang, a shocking battle broke out.


The ground trembled.

Everyone was too scared to move.

These two figures vanished from the sky.

However, everyone knew this battle had just begun. It was just that they couldn't see it personally. It was such a sorry fact that they didn't even have the qualification to witness it.

The entire illusion department quaked.

"I can't see."

Su Hao raised his head, but all he saw was a clear sky.

What kind of scene would it be of a battle between two world espers?

"Illusion Decryptor Pupils!!"

Su Hao tried to scan the sky but still saw nothing. Shaking his head, he could only bitterly smile. This isn't an illusion. They are now fighting in places which he can't see.

When will he have such strength?

A newly cultivated motivation was born within his heart.

And now...

Lin Zhonglei once again put his attention on Su Hao, "Humph, you think that with an unknown world esper making a move, you can escape from being punished?"

"You're following me back!" Lin Zhonglei's gaze looked ruthless.

"Try me." Teacher Mo suddenly stood up but quickly dropped back to ground weakly.

"Teacher Mo?!" Su Hao was shocked and quickly went to aid him.

"God damn it!" Teacher Mo was somewhat angry with himself.

Su Hao understood the current situation. A moment ago, that Vice President made a move. That terrifying aura from him was enough to make Teacher Mo and the other teachers suffer a heavy injury!

They are not in a state to fight anymore!

"Now, who else is going to stop me?" Lin Zhonglei laughed, "Su Hao, just accept your fate and follow me back."

"Retard." Su Hao coldly laughed while looking at him, "You really think I don't have any preparation? Yes, I might be helpless against a world esper but you..."

"You're not strong enough to touch my hair!"

"Oh, is that so?" Lin Zhonglei instead looked at him with great interest. "Well, let's see how you are going to stop me!"


Lin Zhonglei attacked.

A powerful force appeared, heading towards Su Hao. Su Hao didn't move at all. All he did was coldly smirk while staring at the incoming threat. Lin Zhonglei had this inexplicable feeling that something was amiss. However, Su Hao was just in front of him. Biting his teeth, he still continued his charge, "Just get on your knees!"


Lin Zhonglei's figure actually got forced away as he took dozens of steps back.

"Who?" Lin Zhonglei was shocked.

In the distance, a figure appeared dressed in ordinary clothes. However, the decorative pattern on the man's body made him feel uneasy, "You're..."

"Su Hao has requested for the entrance trial to enter Tianlong Court. As for the others, dismissed!" The man said indifferently.

Everyone in the scene sucked in a mouthful of cold air. It's the entrance trial for Tianlong Court! No wonder Lin Zhonglei got forced back.

"Tianlong Court!" Lin Zhonglei's face changed greatly.

During this trial, any external influence must be gotten rid of!

Not anyone is qualified to participate in this trial. Even for the trial quota, the numbers are selectively picked. Each student who gets selected, which one of them isn't a genius with pride? Not to mention, there is also that extremely high requirement of reaching more than 20 points in combat strength.

Also, one only has a single chance.

Su Hao actually managed to get his application approved?

His credit points...

The crowd suddenly realized.

Everyone still had the same thought that Su Hao was still a level one professional esper! But the current Su Hao? To successfully breakthrough eight times, he directly leaped to a level nine professional esper and became the proudful son loved by Heaven. If the previous Su Hao didn't meet the requirement, the current Su Hao...

He definitely meets the requirement!

Before his super breakthrough, he actually had a combat strength of 25 points.

And now?

How strong is Su Hao, nobody knew!

Thus, Su Hao applied for this trial and was able to meet its quota easily!

This was Su Hao's intention from the beginning.

By participating in this trial, other people won't have the qualification to make a move against him!

To attack Su Hao now is equivalent to making an enemy out of the entire Tianlong Court. Just randomly pick anyone from there, and their strength would be enough to compete with any domain esper. To make an enemy out of them is just courting one's death!

"Great." Lin Zhonglei gritted his teeth.

For this trial, one is given one month to prepare. During that month, nobody is to touch Su Hao! Even if he is the head of the strategy department, he would only eat ash!

After all, that is Tianlong Court...

The most special existence within Zhanzheng College.

Of course, there are some exceptions. Lin Zhonglei can't make a move, but that doesn't mean other people do not have the qualification to do so. For example, that Vice President!

"I will let you enjoy freedom for a few more minutes." Lin Zhonglei quickly recovered his composure. "When the Vice President defeats this enemy, he will take you away. At that time, nobody would be able to save you!"

Su Hao didn't speak.

Indeed, that is true.

If it was an action coming from a world esper, no matter what trick he uses, he won't be able to offer any resistance. However, after that mysterious old man took action, Su Hao believed that he could win because of how calm he carried himself.

That old man...

Is definitely not a normal person!

Thinking of this, Su Hao laughed at himself. A world esper, which one of them would be a normal character?

"You still can laugh?" Lin Zhonglei coldly grumped, "After bringing you back to the headquarter, let's see how am I going to educate you."

Su Hao didn't pay any attention to him. Instead, he was guessing the identity of the old man. Since entering Zhanzheng College, he had undergone all sort of experiences. Plus, most of them are enemies of Su Tiancheng. Now, even that old man inquired matters about Su Tiancheng too...

Could it be he's someone from Tian Xing Martial Army?

Or is he a friend of my father?

No matter who he is, this was a happy event. With his father's friendly forces taking action, at least he isn't alone for now.


Lin Zhonglei noticed that Su Hao did not pay attention to him, causing his eyes to be filled with hatred, "Once the Vice President is back, I will..."


The sky shook.

Endless aura scattered to the surrounding.

Everyone was stunned by this sudden occurrence. This battle, it seemed that the result would arrive soon. They couldn't help but look at the sky, and a figure appeared first.

"Vice President!" Lin Zhonglei was pleasantly surprised.

Since Vice President appeared first, doesn't that mean he had won the fight?

Lin Zhonglei was about to say something when Vice President landed in front of everyone. The crowd had a clearer look and was stunned. Yes, he was the first one to return back, but his face looked pale with blood stains over his body.

This powerful Vice President was actually injured?!

Everyone had their heart skip a beat.

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