Godly Model Creator Chapter 629

Chapter 629: Little Black Room

Chapter 629: Little Black Room

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A breeze silently blew against their face.

Everyone was extremely terrified in their heart. Nobody dared to voice out.

The Vice President's hands were producing some green fluorescence light as he tried to recover his injury, but it didn't seem to be effective. That scar from the fight was like an imprint on his body.

The stench of blood...

A horrifying scene...

Lin Zhonglei was even more terrified than the others that his face looked ashen. He couldn't utter a single word. For even the Vice President to lose, what is the identity of the strong esper who suddenly appeared?


The Vice President was fuming from the humiliation. Under the public's eyes, he as the Vice President was put into such a sorry state! This is simply unforgivable!

"You dare to invade my Zhanzheng College?" The Vice President's roar echoed and shook the entire college.

Regardless of what identity he has or what he was here for, the Vice President wanted him to understand the fact that he is now facing the entire Zhanzheng College! No how high is his individual strength, Zhanzheng College has not only one world esper!

What the Vice President received as a reply is one big smack.


A pinkish palm imprint decorated the Vice President's face as it began to swell.

"You're courting death!"

Clearly, the Vice President was furious with how he is being treated.

Just as he was about to do something, the surroundings once again experienced changes.

Somewhere deep within the college, a ray of light emerged, soaring up the sky. One could see countless energy particles formed in mid-air. As they condensed together, forming back into a lump of energy before landing, the figure of a middle-aged man then appeared.

His appearance seemed ordinary. Even if he is to be thrown into the middle of a crowd, his presence won't attract any attention. However, when everyone saw his face, they were stunned.

No matter which corner you go within Zhanzheng College, you can see his figure.

Whether you wish to see or loathe him, you will notice his existence, Cheng Tianya, Dean of Zhanzheng College!


The Vice President was overwhelmed with shock that his face turned even paler than before.

"You've disappointed me."

Cheng Tianya just looked at him with great disappointment, yet the Vice President already sweated profusely, "Dean, I..."

"Just dismiss yourself." Cheng Tianya waved his hand, "Go to the closed room and meditate. When you have figured it all out, then you can exit by yourself."


Now only did he finally dismiss himself from the scene with a grave expression.

And now...

All the students weren't able to even catch their breath properly with how this event escalated. The Vice President actually got kicked out here, this was beyond anyone's expectation. As for Lin Zhonglei, he would be a much worse position. Even an important character like the Vice President is helpless, how could a mere nobody like him escape?

As he was attempting to defend himself with words...

Lin Zhonglei noticed that Dean's gaze wasn't even on him.

He was put in an awkward moment, should he be grateful or sad? A thought then popped up in this mind. He as a small fry didn't even qualify to be glared at by the Dean.

"Seems that you're really in seclusion."

In the air, the air shook, creating a series of soundwaves which projected the old man's voice, "3D projection, this is one of Zhanzheng College's new technology, I guess? Are you really that lazy that you're not willing to spend any energy?"

"Aren't you the same?" The Dean laughed it off, "To come over to my Zhanzheng College, you actually use a doppelganger of yours. Aren't you being too arrogant?"


Everyone trembled upon hearing that word.

Even Su Hao himself couldn't help to suck a mouthful of cold air. The one who gave a slap on the Vice President is just a doppelganger?! Based on the aura alone, this man is pretty much similar to the Dean. Does this mean that this old man is also one of those standing at the peak of this world?

"The road to becoming the strongest esper..."

A sigh followed this sentence.


As light flickered, these two seemed to have communicated among themselves without allowing any outsiders to eavesdrop. A while later, the Dean looked at Su Hao thoughtfully, "Could it be the one who you're interested in is actually him?"

"Yes." The old man responded.

"His identity should be a huge burden for you if I'm not mistaken." The Dean seemed to purposely remind him.

"No problem." The old man shook his head, "Some matters, one needs to face it eventually."

"But his world imprint..." The Dean had some doubts.

"Is there only one way to step into the world esper realm? The origin era only passed over 20 years now. We have come across a path, but are you sure there won't be another path in the future?" The old man looked very calm.

The Dean turned silent and once again looked at Su Hao, "Since you're the one who chose him, you decide then. However, I need to know whether he is talented enough to reach that step or not."

"Of course." The old man smiled.

Su Hao, who tried to listen to their conversation attentively, was puzzled.

What does that mean? What do they mean by chosen, talent, and world imprint? Those two just casually exchanged words, but Su Hao felt like he is listening to an imperial edict.

"In this illusion department, I have a personal disciple too. Su Hao, you go and have an exchange with him."

After muttering to himself, the Dean finally voiced out, "You don't have to fight to the death or try too hard. Just let me see your talent and potential, it should be fine."

Su Hao looked at the old man.

The old man was still surrounded with some sort of radiance, so Su Hao still wasn't able to see his face. Nodding gently, the old man said, "Go. Prove your talent to exchange for peace in Zhanzheng College."

Su Hao finally understood his intention.

He had to prove himself in front of the Dean so that nobody would dare to make a move on him from today onwards.

In the eyes of these two powerful existences, the illusion department and Zhanzheng College are mere nothings. All they wish to see is his talent and potential.

"Alright!" Su Hao agreed.

Now that he had broken through, he is also eager to test what sort of strength he possesses today. However, since the man with three eyes got ousted, there is nobody left from the intermediate class who can potentially give him a run for his money. Could it be...

Far away, a light flickered.

A student who had quite a rough-looking expression walked over and paid respects to the Dean, "Master."

"En." The Dean casually raised his finger, "You go and have a duel with Su Hao. Allow me to see your talent."


Light shone within that student's eyes.

The same words were uttered to him by the Dean.

With data flashing in front of him, Su Hao finally knew the identity of this student. Advanced class, one of the top ten most violent men in the school, Chen Sheng!

The peak of the professional realm!


With a wave from the old man...

Threads of aura formed and blocked the surrounding area. "You two, just show what you can do without overstepping the boundary and that should be fine."

Su Hao looked at Chen Sheng.

Both stared at each other and began to measure their strengths!

Don't get over the limit?

How could that be!

Su Hao didn't know who this old man is, but since the old man helped and chose him, then at this moment, he's obviously representing the old man.

And Chen Sheng is the representative of the Dean.

The duel between them isn't just some simple spar, but also an indirect battle between those two strong characters. Su Hao took a deep breath to adjust his mind. This battle, he must win!

"This name of Su Hao, I have long heard of it." Chen Sheng calmly dropped this comment. The aura emitted within his body gradually transformed, "In a little over a month here in the illusion department, you have broken all sorts of records. This battle, I have been longing for!"


Waves of ripples formed.

The scene in front of Su Hao actually changed.

After all, Chen Seng is an experienced illusionist. As a peak professional esper in the advanced class, his mastery of illusion is too much of a gap when compared with Su Hao. Without Su Hao being aware of it, he had actually made the first move.

"What is this illusion?" Su Hao frowned.

His heartbeat was much harder than usual.

A sense of uneasiness which is hard to suppress emerged within his heart. One could see killing intent from Su Hao's gaze. Clenching his fists, this sort of feeling...

It had appeared once again.

Irritated, depressed, anxious, in just a short moment, countless emotions were summoned into his heart. This feeling which could drive one to insane made Su Hao's right fist clench hard that his nails penetrated his palm, leaving behind some bloodstains.

This feeling, he was too familiar with them!

When he was with Chen Yiran during early days, weren't those feeling that made him feel so much pain that he wished to end his life the same as now?

He wanted to meet her but he couldn't.

He could only quietly look from far away.

Yearning for strength, he could only madly cultivate and temper himself in order to let him forget Chen Yiran and gradually get rid of the pain. Those periods were one of the most depressing days in Su Hao's life.

Like a purgatory, he had to torment himself every day.

These are definitely experiences which he won't forget in a lifetime.

He had once thought that he had forgotten about it. Never would he expect that at this moment, he would recall that feeling again. The irritating feeling in his heart was still brewing.

"Chen Yiran..." Su Hao whispered softly.


With computers within his mind working hard, all the negative emotions got suppressed!

Seeing the light at the end of the tunnel, those feeling within Su Hao's heart instantly faded away. He is now back to his usual calmness, maintaining his peak condition.

"An interference technique?" Su Hao muttered to himself.

In illusions, he had faced such a technique before. It looks simple but is extremely terrifying. One could easily mobilize the most negative emotions hidden in the target's heart.

If you have been desperate all this time, you will be disheartened.

If you're feeling uneasy, you won't be able to stay calm.


These weren't the only reasons that contributed to its terror. If the caster is strong enough, he could even touch the depths of one's heart, directly changing their nature.

This illusion is undeniably powerful.

Unfortunately, it is useless against Su Hao. After tempering himself for so long, if he can't control his emotions, how could he be strong? Seeing through the world of mortals and ignoring the life affairs, Su Hao can't achieve such a mindset. However, with the existence of thousands of computers within his mind, he could easily suppress any negative emotion.

"So this is it about interference technique?" Su Hao smirked.

The beating sound of his heart became clear again. Su Hao noticed that the surrounding scene kept changing in a way that it was targeting him.

"What're you trying to do?"

An influx of data entered into his brain, and it was quickly synchronized with the scene.


The surrounding area shook.

Those grotesque, strange scenes vanished, leaving behind a land of nothingness in front of Su Hao. Under his feet, it was pitch black. His surrounding is also pitch black. Even when he raised his head, what greeted him is pitch black nothingness.

An unusual quietness.

Not a single sound could be heard.

Not even a sign of any movement.

Su Hao touched the ground under his feet and wasn't able to sense any texture. It was as if he was now standing on the void.

"Some kind of illusion technique?" Su Hao's heart twitched. He suddenly knew of what this is.

In the textbook, there is such an illusion being described. Plain and simple, but the effect is very obvious. It requires a high understanding of illusion to master it. Thus, not many could use it. In this field of illusion, it has an official name, Little Black Room.

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