Godly Model Creator Chapter 63

Gmc Chapter 63

Chapter 0063 Groundless accusation

After being secretly teased by Su Hao, Li Jun quickly changed the topic, Are you confident of your judgement at that time?

Nope, Su Hao shook his head. Since there are many kinds of white smoke phenomenon, especially coming from the body, I still wont be able to be 100 percent sure its body decomposing fluid. However..my judgement seems to not be that bad. Even if theres one percent chance of danger, I shouldnt let the traffic police take the risk!

Even if its not body decomposing liquid, there are chances that the temperature in the car is too high, which might lead to explosions. Su Hao continued pressing, Dont tell me that in this situation, Im supposed to let the traffic police to be in such danger? Naturally, as a good citizen, I should stop them from doing so.

Su Hao looked at Li Jun with a puzzling look. Such an expression made Li Jun felt even more like an idiot. That look was as if asking if once you joined police team, you were supposed to go and die?

Without a doubt, Li Jun was sure that if the record of this scene were to be seen by his comrades from the police traffic team, they would probably hate him.

Obviously he was the one who supposed to do the questioning here, but was unknowingly being led by Su Hao instead. Without being clear of the situation he was in, he was slowly, but surely, led into the pit.

Li Juns face turned cold. Seeing that faint smile on Su Hao, he suddenly understood that he had been seen through!

Since he had been seen through, then there was no longer any need for him to act.

Su Hao, according to the traffic police, you looked like you were stopping them but you might have be taken that opportunity to throw body decomposing fluid into the scene to destroy evidence. Li Jun sneered.

Then whats my motive? Su Hao smiled indifferently.

About a motive, there are lots of possibilities. For example, you had a slow progress in Yang Ziqings class during the first two years, but somehow in your third year in high school you suddenly improved rapidly. It was probably because Yang Ziqing delayed your progress that you feel sadness in your heart. Perhaps, you have some bad intention to Yang Ziqing and so on. Li Jun just blurted out random reasons.

Su Hao was stunned. Such a reason, couldnt he think of something more realistic?

When he looked down and noticed the huge eyes of the little loli, that cute and charming face..oh well..

Indeed, that seems tempting..NONONO! What the heck was he thinking? Daddy isnt a lolicon!

Besides, his heart already had Chen Yiran.

Just because of this pathetic reason, you want to press charges on me? Su Haos brows moved. With a faint smile, he continued, Just for Sun Yaotian, you guys are even willing to throw your life away.

A flash of killing intent appeared on Li Juns face. Su Hao was able to notice that very moment. After all, these days he had been hunting berserk beasts for quite some time. Naturally, he would be sensitive to killing intent.

With just a word, his heart now was already clear and sure enough, his speculation was right!

Sun Yaotian!

Originally, he thought of waiting until a few years later, but since Sun Yaotian had made his move, then Su Hao wont be reserved either. Due to the agreement between Sun and Chen family, Sun Yaotian only dared to sneakily make his move.

Under such a situation, what was so terrifying about him?

Li Jun looked at him and voiced out, Sorry, student Su Hao. Due to the possibility of the suspicions we have of you, we need to temporarily detain you. Forgive me for any trouble that we might have caused you. Once you are proven not guilty, we will immediately release you with compensation.

A set of general sentences, easy to understand. No matter how you looked at it, there wouldnt be any loopholes.

Li Juns suspicions were simply nonsense, but the police could detain anyone for any reason. Of course, they only dared to detain for a maximum of 24 hours.

Sun Yaotian was bringing trouble to Su Hao, taking this opportunity to make his move in the police station. However, once Su Hao was detained here, sooner or later, there would be countless pieces of evidence fabricated. Perhaps, evidence of Su Hao being one of killers from Piao Ling organization might be a possibility too.

At that time, if Su Hao was really hung for punishment, what could the Chen family do? For a dead man, would they seek for an explanation? Obviously not, at most Chen Yiran would take care of his mother and sister.

If these were normal days, Su Hao wouldnt mind playing with them, but this time.when he was detained, what about little loli?

Never did he forget that there was still a killer out there.

Originally, he was being cooperative with the police station, hoping that they would help him in catching the killer. But now it seemed like that plan had backfired on him instead.

Being targeted by a killer, shes now in danger. Su Hao held the little lolis hand tight, If you want to detain me, then let her stay with me here. I dont mind accompanying you guys in the investigation.

Im sorry, Su Hao. Li Jun said casually, Because you are under suspicion, we cant let the victim stay here with you. During this period of time, we will be the ones to protect Miss Yang Zixi. Taker her away!

After that, two policemen came in and intended to bring Yang Zixi away.

The little loli was surprised and took two steps backwards, hiding behind Su Hao.

Both of them smiled bitterly and looked at Li Jun.Of course, he tried to justify his order, Miss Yang Zixi is still small and vulnerable to abduction. For the time being, forcefully take her away. When Yang Ziqing is back, I will personally explain to her.

Both of the policemen stepped forward, heading towards the little loli.


One of the policemens figures went stiff. Su Hao casually caught his wrist, Mr. police, bullying a child is no good. While Im still not angry, get out from here.

Let go!

That policeman raged and threw Su Haos hand off of him. If you dare to make a move again, I will arrest you under the identity of a suspect. When that happens, things wont be this easy anymore.

Really? Su Hao sneered. Looking at the policeman once again trying to reach the little loli, he didnt hesitate at all to catch his wrist again.


Su Hao gently twisted his wrist while at the same time a kick was directed out. In just a single moment, the policemans wrist and ankle were destroyed by Su Hao, causing him to lie on the floor helplessly.




At almost the same time, Su Hao made his move at the other policeman. With his right elbow, he hit the same spot on the chest three times. The last hit seemed to carry a much stronger force and the policeman flew backwards to the wall, sticking there mercilessly. Traces of blood could be seen on his mouth.

In less than two seconds, two policemen were brought to the ground.


Su Hao kicked the chair over. Flying through the air, it crashed into the door of the investigation room.


The door was completely sealed.

Only then did Li Jun react. His face changed. With his right hand stretched out, a flame was floating within his hand. He was ready to throw it at Su Hao, but this here was an investigation room!

The distance between Su Hao and him was only one metre, how would Su Hao let him make any moves?


In the blink of an eye, Su Hao rushed forward and grabbed Li Juns wrist to destroy it.


A flame ball was shot at the wall, leaving a mass of black gas. It seemed that the wall in the investigation room had been reinforced numerous times, since it was strong against origin ability.

What were the consequences of being brought into close combat with Su Hao?

Apparently, Li Jun didnt carefully investigate his ability, resulting him to be unable to make a move. Outside he could easily toy around with Su Hao, but here..in such a small environment, and with the fact that Su Hao had the advantage of initiating, his strong origin ability was totally unable to play any role.

After exchanging five moves, Li Jun was fighting while withstanding the pain. Then, he found an opening to fight back.


Red hot flames emerged from his whole body. The flame began spreading to the surroundings. Of course, the first one in the receiving end was none other than Su Hao!

With just one glance, Su Hao was able to identify it. This ability was.. flame storm!

B-class ability, flame storm!

Flame, one of the elemental abilities. There were countless of abilities with the flame element, each having their own distinct characteristics. Flame storm was just one of them. One of its special characteristic was that it wont harm the user and its main advantage was defense.

Once the flame covered the whole body, the foe wouldnt dare to attack at a close range. Elemental attacks might work, but with other abilities, the foe would be burned to death, perhaps before even getting close!

Wasnt this to get rid of him?

Su Hao sneered. Knowing his ability, did he still think of leaving here in one piece?

Fighting points, burst!

At first, Su Hao, who still wanted to accumulate more energy, suddenly didnt hesitate to burst his energy. Without fear, he faced off Li Juns attack with his fist. The ability coming out from Li Jun was once again returned back by Su Hao.

Su Hao didnt care at all about his clothes being burned off to near nothingness. Facing Li Jun, his attacks kept getting more ferocious.



Beating Li Jun to near death, Su Hao then pinned him down to the ground.

A drop of water could be heard in the room. There wasnt even the slightest movement.

Strange, it had been quite some time now. The policemen outside, why had they still not rushed in?

Su Hao was even planned to forcefully get himself out of the police station. When he looked back, only then did he realized that the little loli had secretly ran over when he wasnt paying attention to her, locking the door from inside!


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