Godly Model Creator Chapter 630

Chapter 630: Ten Years Of Self Tempering

Chapter 630: Ten Years of Self Tempering

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"Huffff Pufff!"

Within the Little Dark Room...

Su Hao seemed to be able to hear only his own breathing and heartbeat. On the surface, this looked simple, but Su Hao knew the dangers hidden behind that deceiving look.

The absence of sound.

The absence of light.

Losing his sense of time, he didn't know how long it has passed, but there was still no sign of any changes around. Inevitably, omens of incoming dangers could be felt.

"I can't let this continue like this!"

Su Hao was alarmed.

Sure enough, it's one hell of a scary illusion. For any ordinary person, losing the sense of time, without able to have any conversation, and secluded for endless years would make them insane.


Su Hao quickly shifted his thoughts.

However, as Su Hao tried to call upon the energy within his body, it was in vain!

He instantly understood that not a lot of time has passed in the real world. His energy still belonged to the amount in the real world. To cultivate here is definitely not logical at all.

He knew where he is.

He also knew he is in an illusion. However, how to solve it, when to exit, these questions couldn't be cracked at all. The reason? It's simple. This Little Dark Room couldn't be deciphered.

The only way to break this technique is consumption!

Using this technique consumes one's energy!

However, how much energy does Chen Sheng have to spare?

Nobody knows.

Even Su Hao is clueless regarding how much energy the Little Dark Room consumes. This is the horror behind this technique, stripping away your future, leaving you hopeless and insane within this world of dark and emptiness.

If it is any normal person, he would have gone crazy by now!

But Su Hao?

His ability to suppress any negative emotion allows him to stay calm and think rationally. Since he couldn't cultivate, Su Hao simply entered the model world of his body and began to learn on his own.

The computers within Su Hao's mind had recorded all sorts of information. Finally, he had the time to organize them, review them, and seek advice from Shi Mingxuan when he encountered a problem.

Yes, Shi Mingxuan!

That supposedly dead teacher, this is definitely something Chen Sheng must have never thought of.

To be trapped in darkness alone does make one crazy, but not for Su Hao. There are all sorts of things within his model world and a school teacher to accompany him. What's there to be afraid of?

Studying, seeking advice, training, fighting, and occasionally watching movies together with Shi Mingxuan; Su Hao's days unexpectedly became easy going and slow paced. As for the problems regarding his ability talent, he even managed to obtain the solution. Right now, he had a feeling that his foundation was getting more solid than ever.

Time quietly passed and the Little Dark Room was still standing tall.

Su Hao had a look at the time recorded on the computer. Ten years had passed.

Ten years!

Su Hao's temperament had become extremely calm. After mixing with each other for years, Shi Mingxuan had turned into good friends with Su Hao.

This is obviously something unexpected.

Due to Shi Mingxuan not holding anything back, Su Hao's understanding of talent, the professional realm, and domains became even deeper. His future path turned even clearer.

After ten years of tempering himself, Su Hao's aura became even more stable.

Holding a book in his hand, Su Hao was discussing with Shi Mingxuan regarding the key points in this book. Occasionally, they would spar amongst themselves.

"Ten years..." Su Hao took a sip of tea and casually said.

"En." Shi Mingxuan who was weeding the wheat fields replied, "This guy named Chen Sheng is pretty impressive. Little Dark Room's energy consumption is quite demanding. Just a student and he's able to support ten years of it; it's definitely an amazing feat."

"Huh? Previously when I was in that something pipe dream or whatever, ten years plus had passed too."

Su Hao was a little confused by Shi Mingxuan's remarks.

Little Dark Room has zero scenes. With nothingness, ten years should be quite easy to reach, right?

"It's not the same."

Shi Mingxuan seemed to understand Su Hao's thought, "With Pipe Dream, you still possess your strength. However, you don't realize it. When you know how to summon your strength, you will then break free from it. However, in this Little Dark Room, your strength is sealed off. The only way to exit is to wait!"

Having said so, then this Little Dark Room would consume more energy.

"Not only is its consumption huge, under normal situations, one month is already more than enough to drive someone crazy." Shi Mingxuan continued his explanation, "Even for a domain esper, it's impossible to persist for ten years. If I did not guess incorrectly, that student must have utilized something special."

"A Nitai artifact, huh..." Su Hao narrowed his eyes.

"En, but he doesn't know that it helped you instead." Shi Mingxuan smiled, "You have been suppressing your strength for so long. To breakthrough eight successive times, it should be unstable at first. With these ten years of tempering, your foundation became even more solid instead. This can be considered a blessing in disguise."



While they were both conversing...

Su Hao suddenly felt a violent vibration coming from the Little Dark Room. It was about to collapse. Then, he returned back to his consciousness, "The Little Dark Room finally collapses."

"Haha, then go." Shi Mingxuan laughed.


Su Hao returned, and the pitch blackness in front of him finally showed signs of changing.

His sealed strength finally broke free.

In the real world, Chen Sheng sat cross-legged with a millstone spinning in front of him; while a dense, endless black aura shrouded Su Hao.

The initial interference technique is just a small illusion. His real aim is this Little Dark Room. While the millstone was rotating, a row of inked color numbers floated on top. As time moved, in just one minute, three hundred numbers had passed.

And now, the number shown is above 3,650!

This indicated the amount of time that passed in the Little Dark Room!

This represented that it had undergone 3,650 days!

Even the Dean and that old man showed signs of subtle expression while watching this. Ten years, even a domain esper would be devastated to face ten years of darkness!

However, for Su Hao's state they ignored this.

Su Hao's face was as calm as ever. In fact, his temperament became even better than before. There weren't any signs of anxiety or insanity. It was as if this Little Dark Room did not affect him.

What kind of situation is this?

Chen Sheng didn't know. He did not dare stop.

Under normal circumstances, generally, when the number reaches 30, he would be able to see the opponent collapse. In fact, some can't even endure for a day! Up until now, the longest record he ever saw is one extremely strong esper who could withstand for a full year.

And now...

Ten years!

A full decade!



Fractures began to form on top of the millstone. Chen Sheng gritted his teeth, insisting on continuing. This Nitai artifact which was found in some ancient ruins finally was about to be destroyed.

However, he kept insisting on continuing!

He's a disciple of the Dean. This battle carries a significant meaning. He must not allow himself to fail!


An influx of energy came.

Chen Sheng injected his final bits of energy. That millstone which had been rotating since the start finally could no longer persist. It exploded in the air, turning into fine powder.

At that moment, Su Hao opened his eyes.

"He really is fine!" Chen Sheng was shocked.

Ten years!

Ten years of loneliness, someone actually managed to persist for that long?

Ten years of time, he even thought Su Hao died.

Not far away, the Dean and the old man were emotionally moved.

Asking themselves, when they were at the same age, possessing similar strength, facing such an attack, being sealed in Little Dark Room for ten years straight, it is very likely that only death awaits them.

There is nothing to deny!

But now, Su Hao managed to exit fine. Plus, his spiritual state is still as vigorous as ever. In fact, he wasn't even affected a tiny bit.

"How is this possible?" Chen Sheng let out this sentence in anger.

One could even see bloodstains on his gums. He had sacrificed a powerful Nitai artifact, yet it caused no harm to Su Hao?

This is absolutely unacceptable!


The destroyed millstone...

The endless dark aura, with Chen Sheng's final maneuver, covered Su Hao again. As this powerful Nitai artifact broke, its final power burst out.

"Dark Annihilation!"


Su Hao tried to kick this Little Dark Room with one of his feet, only to sense that the scene in front of him changed again. It's actually not the real world.

"This is..."

"Another illusion?"

Su Hao tried to sense it.

Observing his surroundings...

The scene looked terrifying. On top of the sky, countless meteorites were incoming. All sorts of beasts emerged, eradicating mankind. Houses were destroyed, families were slaughtered; without knowing when, he got dragged into such a scene.

This is a scene which Su Hao feared the most.

"A fake?"


A girl died, vomiting blood towards Su Hao. While she could hardly maintain her consciousness, she uttered, "Brother..."

That familiar sound rang in his ears.

At that time, those berserk beasts seemed to have noticed Su Hao. With a roar, they charged towards him. Several gargantuan beasts tried to stomp him flat.

"It's so realistic..."

Su Hao's figure moved for a bit. He actually didn't receive any influence.

Even if his sister fell in front of him, Su Hao's eyes still remained clear and calm. After a decade of tempering himself, Su Hao's current state of mind is as stable as Mountain Tai.

This sort of illusion won't affect him at all.

"If this came before the Little Dark Room, I really might have fallen into the trap." Su Hao smiled casually, "Break for me!"

With Illusion Decryptor Pupils activate, Su Hao just gently tapped and the surrounding scene collapsed, turning into fragments. Su Hao returned to reality!


In the distance, Chen Sheng spurted out a mouthful of blood. He couldn't even stand steadily. Meanwhile, Su Hao's state was the complete opposite. To trap Su Hao, the price he paid wasn't small!

"How is this possible?" Chen Sheng stared at Su Hao dumbstruck.

Since Su Hao broke through the Little Dark Room, he had expected that Su Hao might be able to decipher his illusion, but he never thought Su Hao would make it seem that easy!

So casual!

Su Hao didn't even lose a single hair from his body.

"Sorry to say that I have fewer encounters with illusion. So, you get to make a move first. Now, it's my turn." The corner of Su Hao's mouth was brimming with a smile.


Endless light rays expanded.

After merging both the illusion domain and the spiritual field, he is finally able to make his first attack.

"Welcome to my world."

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