Godly Model Creator Chapter 632

Chapter 632: Incubate

Chapter 632: Incubate

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"What happened?"

"I'm not sure. Who is that guy beside him with a bloody nose and swollen face?"

"Damn, isn't that Chen Sheng, one of the top ten most violent men?"

"It couldn't be. Let me have a clear look. Wow, it's true! So senior is here to teach him a lesson?"

Everyone was surprised.

When their gaze swept across Su Hao and Chen Sheng, they were obviously dumbstruck.

Chen Sheng ignored the gaze from others and looked at Su Hao seriously, "You have signed up for Tian Long Court's trial. I will also participate. By then, I will definitely defeat you!"

"Alright!" Su Hao just smiled.

Chen Sheng left, leaving behind the crowd who was just bombarded with those words.

"Chen Sheng actually lost to Su Hao?!"


"Two from top ten most violent men... Su Hao relied on his constant battles to achieve that title, but now he possesses an absolute strength."

"Not only that, Tian Long Court's trial..."

"Those two will be participating in it! It seems that this session will be lively."

Su Hao came out, and the Dean left the scene. This large-scale battle finally ended. Those teachers from the illusion department were finally able to catch a breath of relief.

"Teacher Mo." Su Hao quickly went to support him.

"I'm fine." Teacher Mo waved his hand.

His expression was a little lost, "At first, I thought by being at the peak of the domain realm is sufficient to be strong. I never realized that I'm still weak like paper, and actually got harmed with just a wave of aura."

Teacher Mo revealed a smile, mocking himself.

"You will definitely step into the world realm." Su Hao smiled.

"Perhaps." Teacher Mo looked at Su Hao and frowned, "Seems that something must have happened earlier. The atmosphere you are emitting now is calmer."

Su Hao just smiled.

Ding, dong!

A soft sound rang.

Everyone's communication device received a notification.

Su Hao's wrist vibrated. As he opened to have a look, a video announcement from the Dean appeared. He personally issued a command, "Since the beginning of this school, all the teachers who were involved in this scheme to suppress students will be stripped of their title, expelled from the college, and banned from entering Zhanzheng College. As for the conflict between students, just let them solve it between themselves."

Everyone was shocked.

This is an announcement coming from the Dean himself, and it is a higher ranking order than any other command! All the students here knew this refers to Su Hao although it wasn't stated.

Any teacher who suppressed Su Hao will be punished!

This is the attitude of the Dean.

A Dean actually made a move for a student? Just now, what happened inside the barrier? Could it be that old man and the Dean had a duel?

This was something outside of everyone's expectation.

Undoubtedly, for the Dean to even show himself and issue such an order, only that old man is capable of this. However, what kind of identity does that old man have that can make the Dean concede?

Now, it doesn't matter.

The main point here is the command.

Whether directly or indirectly, those involved in the suppression and assassination of Su Hao would be taken away by the law enforcement team.

The command from the Dean wasn't as simple as a few sentences.

With the end of this battle, the outcome went beyond everyone's expectations.

Su Hao, who was weak and kept being suppressed many times, is actually still alive and kicking. As for his enemies, their luck was the total opposite. Even the Vice President had been sacked.

How could this not shock everyone?

What made everyone fearful is that Su Hao, a student who has just entered Zhanzheng College not long ago, kept getting targeted, crushed, and suppressed. He had to struggle each time to overcome the obstacle. However, he now has an existence which can make the Dean concede to support him!

After today, nobody would dare to look down on Su Hao again!

No matter how many times people tried to speculate the force behind Su Hao, all the suspicions vanished after that old man showed himself. If they didn't guess incorrectly, if not because of the Dean's face, that Vice President would have long crossed over the river to hell...

Whether it's from some unknown force or Tian Xing Martial Army...

To be able to make the Dean concede, his strength must have reached the peak of the world realm!

At the same time, many forces received the notice and all actions planned against Su Hao were canceled!

The appearance of a peak world esper is enough to trigger a major earthquake.

After three days passed, the news gradually subsided. Right now, the news of Su Hao's crazy breakthrough began to receive the spotlight.

During this phase of talent's route, it's pretty common to have continuous breakthroughs.

The breakthroughs during the professional realm are indeed the fastest out of all of the realms. Talent is after focused on one's comprehension. Once one achieves enlightenment, you can break through with ease!



That is not a thing.

The road of talent is a process of understanding your talent from zero to a complete comprehension. When one fully understands his talent, it means that he has now reached the next step. But for Su Hao? With just one step to reach what he is today, it's as if a golden carp leaped through the dragon's gate[1]!

Level nine professional esper!

How strong is Su Hao today?

He isn't like those who can easily breakthrough, but their energy fails to catch up. For them, although their strength has improved, they did not have sufficient energy to use and ended up spending more time cultivating energy. As for Su Hao, his amount of energy is huge when compared to those at the same level as him.

Last but not least, about mentality not matching with the strength possessed...

With ten years of self-tempering in the Little Dark Room, who can compare with him?

Not only did Su Hao reach the level nine professional realm, but he also enjoys a solid foundation.

Of course...

Besides Su Hao's breakthrough, his battle with Chen Sheng was more shocking to the school.

Chen Sheng, one of the top ten most violent men, his strength is unquestionable.

Excluding those perverted freaks in Tian Long Court, how many could actually give him a good fight?

However, Su Hao beat him into such sorry state which is too horrifying to witness.

Although nobody spectated their battle, when Chen Sheng came out, his whole body was dyed in blood. As for Su Hao, his clothes were as clean as ever.

What is Su Hao's true strength?

After the last battle with the headquarter, Su Hao's fame rose once again within Zhanzheng College. However, this time, Su Hao's name really shocked everyone.

Using his unbeatable talent and endless potential!

Even those previous strong espers, who commented that Su Hao wouldn't be able to reach the world realm, began to wonder whether their judgment was right or wrong.

Such an excellent talent really can't touch the world realm?

Within the online community, someone quietly uploaded the current status and strength of Su Hao, and it went viral. A storm once again swept across the entire network.

After all, Su Hao is a famed character in the online community.

Previously, due to his struggle in breaking through his bottleneck during the level one professional realm, his fame gradually subdued.

Now with Su Hao's overwhelming breakthroughs, his usual peak popularity returned again. The news of Su Hao creating a record-breaking breakthrough instantly dominated the top list on the Internet.

"Damn, who is the one who said that my Su Hao wouldn't be able to break through?"

"Yes. Come out now. I will beat you to death!"

"Above +1."

Netizens were in a heated discussion.

Once again, Su Hao shocked the world.

Previously, a battle made these term of basic, specialized, and professional realm released to the public. Now, everyone knew the concepts of a strong esper and realized the so-called xx points they used to measure strength is just mere dust in front of powerhouses.

Some were unhappy and no longer had the motivation to move forward.

Some made some breakthroughs and embarked on a new journey.

This classification had changed many people. Now everyone knew what the professional realm means.

A strong esper!

An absolute strong esper!

As for a level nine professional esper?

How long was it since Su Hao stepped into Zhanzheng College? He actually soared all the way up, creating countless insurmountable records.

Where are those who said that Su Hao's potential was exhausted?

Everyone is eager to know what kind of expression they have now.

Also, Su Hao's treatment in Zhanzheng College was also exposed. In fact, many students threatened that if no satisfactory explanation is made, they would never apply for Zhanzheng College next year!

What kind of school is considered as the best school but fails to protect its own student?

This involved Su Hao's life!

What if it was someone else?

Wouldn't he have been killed long ago?

Is this still the same image of Zhanzheng College that public had in mind?

That day, a massive quake occurred in the network world.

The storm caused by Su Hao's shocking breakthrough had stunned everyone. Even those top executives from the Federation were forced to be involved.

Su Hao's fame and great influence had reached the point that they have to pay attention to this.

Even on the Internet, Su Hao is now called a rising future star.

This is an unparalleled glory.

People's heroes are always showered with love, especially Su Hao. He had nothing from the start, a class E talent and eventually he achieved what he has today.

Heaven rewards those who work hard!

Some believed it, while others don't.

However, this is the ultimate hope for them.

Just from this day alone, how many plans against Su Hao were canceled because touching Su Hao at this sensitive moment is a seal to death?

And now...

In the model world, Su Hao was staring blankly at the tattoo of Blue Dream Butterfly. Since absorbing the domain's fragments, she should have woken up. However, he didn't expect her to remain asleep.

This really made Su Hao worry.

What should he do?

"Try to wrap her with the illusion energy to keep her warm. Perhaps by doing so, you can enter into her sea of consciousness again." Shi Mingxuan gave a suggestion with an uncertain tone.

Su Hao's face suddenly turned ugly.

Isn't this just the act of incubation?

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