Godly Model Creator Chapter 633

Chapter 633: Fatty

Chapter 633: Fatty

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Daddy doesn't want to incubate!

Su Hao screamed in his heart. However, when Blue Dream Butterfly remained sleeping for a whole day, he finally couldn't help but do the bitter work.

I have to incubate!

Shi Mingxuan started laughing loudly.

Su Hao looked at him with an ugly expression, "I will teach you a lesson after she comes out."


The illusion energy was utilized.



Su Hao converted his energy into illusion energy and shrouded it around Blue Dream Butterfly's tattoo in an attempt to communicate with her. However, the end result made Su Hao saddened as there wasn't any response.

Is there a problem?

Su Hao began to feel nervous now.

To destroy the seal is definitely not as simple as it looks. Due to the destruction of the illusion domain, that damn demonic flower managed to be eradicated, but what if there is another thing?

The demonic flower is a kind of seal.


Could there be other seals too?

Su Hao wasn't sure.

He knew very little about this strange occurrence happening to Blue Dream Butterfly.

"What should I do now?" Su Hao's thoughts were moving like lightning.

"I thought you already entered twice?"

During the ten years in Little Dark Room, Shi Mingxuan had learned about the situation regarding Blue Dream Butterfly from Su Hao. Naturally, he knew about Su Hao entering into her sea of consciousness twice. "Those two times, how did you get in?"

"Those two times?" Su Hao looked down and recalled.

To imitate the previous two encounters isn't something he had not considered before. However, the situation during those two encounters was strange. It's like a random entrance. Even Su Hao found it ridiculous. Later on, he thought of the condition but still couldn't identify the reason for his entry.

However, if there is one thing which is consistent during both times...

It seemed like Blue Dream Butterfly was in a crisis?

"Could it be I have to wait until she's in a crisis again?" Su Hao frowned.

"Any other thing in common?" Shi Mingxuan tried to remind him.

"Other things..."

Su Hao seemed to think of something, "Another thing in common...the trigger point, er... that damn fatty! It shouldn't be him. However, when I entered both times, he was there."

Su Hao began to analyze step by step.

Fatty is naturally the most common thing, but for him to be the trigger is a little too illogical. Even Su Hao subconsciously chose not to believe it. After all, how could that fatty be the key?

Otherwise, that fatty would be a hidden expert!

Su Hao won't believe it even if he is beaten to death.

"No matter what, it's still a possibility."

Su Hao pondered for a moment and soon made his decision, "I will find that fatty first and see how it goes!"

That fatty will always be in the illusion department, and he has nowhere else to go. Su Hao sent him a message but did not receive a reply. Therefore, Su Hao simply opened his 2D map and locked onto the fatty immediately. Then, he quickly headed to his location. However, when he arrived, the scene in front made him speechless again.

This brat...

He's once again got himself beaten!

As for why Su Hao used the term 'again?'

"Fatty, you have such a big dog gut. You actually dared to not participate in the illusion showdown!" A red-haired student with a gloomy face looked at Fatty and mocked him. There were about five other students following him behind just like some pet dogs. From the look of it, it should be those Zhang family members bullying Fatty again.

"I had diarrhea." Fatty replied in a timid tone.

"Diarrhea your ass!" That red-haired student sent one harsh slap over Fatty, decorating his face with a huge palm imprint, "Who are you trying to deceive? Do you still want to survive? Or could it be that you don't care about your mother anymore?"

Fatty's eyes widen as his fists suddenly tightened.

"What are you staring at!" The red-haired student got annoyed by that, "A disciple who has been expelled, you're not worth a single cent. This time, it's just a small lesson. If there is a next time..."

The red-haired student patted Fatty's face while assuming a mysterious tone, "I will make you regret it."

"Let's go!" The red-haired student turned around and was about to leave.

At that moment, his right hand suddenly got caught by Fatty. Someone who is not easily provoked, once you step on his reverse scale, the anger erupted would be unimaginable.

"Damn Fatty, what're you trying to do?"

"I'm thinking." Fatty's voice wasn't loud. In fact, one could sense a hint of trembling in it, "If, if... I really was having diarrhea and didn't participate in the illusion showdown?"

"I don't care whether you participated or not." The red-haired student looked disdainful with his action, "You think you have any reason to exist if not for us to improve smoothly? Now, let my hand go!"

"What Su Hao said is indeed right." Fatty murmured to himself, "Even if I follow what you want, if there is some accident, my family members would still be bullied. If so, why should I fight instead?"

"What did you say?" The red-haired student frowned.

"I said..." In between Fatty's eyebrows, one could see the brimming anger which had been suppressed all this time, "If I kill you all, will there be anyone who will dare bully my family?"


Everyone's face changed dramatically.

Those few students' faces instantly turned pale. They understood that Fatty's capabilities are ahead of them. Otherwise, why would they force him to participate in the illusion showdown!

If he goes berserk...

"Fatty, don't mess around. Think of your mother..." The red-haired student said nervously.

"Mother..." Fatty hesitated for a second.

"Get lost!" The red-haired student suddenly struggled to free himself and then raged, "Surround him, you actually dare to resist? Today, I will definitely beat you to death!"

"You guys!" Fatty suddenly went into berserk and attacked!

Illusions were appearing everywhere.

That's how an illusion fight began to unfold.

However, Fatty isn't that much stronger than them. After all, although he's talented, under their pressure, he had always given them his essence of illusion which is why it's difficult to get himself far ahead of them. Right now, being besieged by six people at once is a disadvantage.

"Fight!" The red-haired student shouted, "Don't kill him today!"

"Damn, just beat him until he remembers this!"

"Yes, yes."

"He actually dared to resist!"



Fatty protected his vital parts and didn't utter a single word. All he did was stare at them like a predator, which made them have goosebumps.

Su Hao had been spectating this from the start.

He didn't step forward to interfere. If Fatty doesn't live up to his expectation, so what if he saved Fatty? Yes, he might save Fatty today but what about next time?

This road is could only be continued by Fatty alone.

Therefore, Su Hao just remained a bystander.

However, Fatty's performance made Su Hao have a new impression on him. This guy finally figured it out. After this battle, Fatty would probably start to improve himself even more! Without all these hindrances, his strength would soon advance by leaps and bounds; but the most important factor is the transformation of his mindset!


Su Hao made his move.

A light ray flashed. Red-haired student and the others were somehow inexplicably entered into a deadlock. Their bodies swayed a bit as they revealed a sinister expression. Fatty who had been defending all this time felt something was amiss. After having a clearer look at the situation, his eyes turned cold and didn't hesitate to make a move!



As for the rest, Su Hao left them to Fatty.

In just mere few seconds, these guys were reduced to a sorry state, covered in blood and almost dying. Fatty looked at their horrified expression and then stepped forward to slit their throats with his fingernails.

This Fatty is something that they had never seen before.

The red-haired student sweated profusely.

"Don't... don't kill me..." He was so scared that he wet his pants.

"I won't." Fatty smirked, "I know what are you thinking of. You want to report my actions later, right? After leaving here, you will ask your family to take revenge on me, right?"

"No... I don't dare." The red-haired student hurriedly waved his hands.

"Of course you don't dare." Fatty revealed an evil grin, "Remember, you can call your family here at any time, but if they hit me once, I will hit you once. If they bully my mom once, I will let you enjoy my fist once."


Fatty left behind a blood stain on the red-haired student's chest, causing the student to scream in pain.

"This is the first time; therefore, I will spare you." Fatty's expression looked cold, "If there is a next time, I will let you understand what being dead is better than to live means. I, Fatty am used to being bullied and won't bother with it. However, are you sure you all want to join me in this game?"

Red-haired students and the others turned pale.


Indeed, they planned to seek revenge, but Fatty's sentence made them even more afraid.

This guy is crazy!

"We won't. Of course, we won't!" The red-haired student quickly shook his head.

"Great." Fatty smiled sinisterly, "Well, I am actually looking forward to meeting your family. By then, I will have the chance to find you guys and vent my anger. Well, just for your information, your screams earlier sounds like music to me."

Everyone was shocked.

Looking at Fatty's evil look, they finally feared him and confirmed that this Fatty has gone insane!

They must never provoke him anymore!

"Roll out of here!"

With this word of Fatty, the red-haired student and the others quickly fled with their tails between their legs.

After confirming that they had left, Fatty began to sweat heavily, weakly dropping to the ground and sighed in relief, "I won..."


In fact, he had lingering fear during the fight.

That shadow was born in his heart from being bullied all this time, if not because of what Su Hao told him and those guys stepping over the line, Fatty would never resort to this.

But fortunately, he won.

Suddenly, Fatty felt that he had experienced enlightenment. He knew that from today onwards, he wouldn't become a bullying target anymore nor would he allowed him to be bullied.

After quite some time...

Fatty stood up and said respectfully, "I wonder which teacher is helping me?"

"Interesting." Su Hao directly revealed his figure. With his current foundation in illusion, to hide his body from them is an easy task.

"Su Hao?" Fatty was surprised.

"You have potential." Su Hao patted his shoulder.

"Thank you, thank you!" Fatty excitedly said and didn't know what else to say.

"Don't thank me. If you didn't comprehend it yourself, I wouldn't have helped you." Su Hao said indifferently.


Fatty was so proud of himself that he patted his chest which should be at least C cup in size, "If you don't help me, I will probably still be bullied. Perhaps, my mother might be bullied too. I... As long as you say a word, I, Fatty will go through water and tread on fire and will never refuse. Ah, yes!"

Fatty quietly put his head closer, "Recently, I have quite a number of newly-customized beauties. Why don't you..."


Su Hao rolled his eyes and hit his head, "You still do this business? Do you believe I won't give you one harsh slap?"

"Hehe." Fatty awkwardly scratched his head.

Su Hao looked at him seriously. He didn't understand how this wretched Fatty could trigger the entry into Blue Dream Butterfly's sea of consciousness.

Is it a coincidence?

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