Godly Model Creator Chapter 634

634 The Seven Seals

Fatty looked at Su Hao's expression and swallowed his saliva.

"This, Brother Su, God Su, I can make a bead for you, but I do not provide any services myself. But you're my benefactor... Why don't you... be gentle to me?"


Su Hao kicked this brat away with his leg.


He really couldn't stand this Fatty!

This Fatty has a thick face, and he is also a professional esper himself. After struggling to get himself out from the wall, he only awkwardly muttered to himself, "Who asked you to look at me with such an expression? It's the same as those wolves when they look at my custom-made beauties..."


Su Hao rolled his eyes, and his killing intent soared.

Fatty instantly shut up.

"Come here." Su Hao said.

"Oh." Fatty obediently stepped forward.

Su Hao frowned and carefully examined him, "Try and put your guard down on your sea of consciousness."

"Sea of consciousness?" Fatty was a bit shocked.

For an illusionist, that thing is the root of life!

If one's sea of consciousness gets destroyed, the person would be a waste. For most illusions which control other people, all of them began from the sea of consciousness!

At this moment, Su Hao actually asked him to open up his sea of consciousness?

Fatty raised his head and looked at Su Hao's serious expression. He knew that Su Hao wasn't telling a joke. Gritting his teeth while hesitating for a second, he finally chose to trust Su Hao.

Su Hao's eyes revealed a hint of appreciation.

The best part of this Fatty is that he knows how to behave himself based on the situation. Anyway, if he doesn't cooperate, Su Hao would probably coerce him into assisting him.


An energy fluctuation occurred.

Su Hao's heart skipped a beat. This aura


His right arm felt hot. That same aura again!

"This is..."

Su Hao's both eyes opened wide. Before he managed to say something, he felt that the surrounding scene change. Once again he was pulled into some sort of illusion. Those similar scenes appeared again!

It is Blue Dream Butterfly's sea of consciousness!

He actually entered! Su Hao found this unbelievable.


The key turned out to be him!

But why?

The same type of aura... This means that their talent should be pretty similar or perhaps an exact copy! That aura... Su Hao suddenly raised his hand as he thought of something.

Fatty, Zhang Shanfeng!

Blue Dream Butterfly, Zhang Yating!

They're both surnamed Zhang!

Could it be...

Su Hao finally linked this possibility which he had ignored all this time. Doesn't this mean that Zhang Yating is actually a member of the Zhang family clan?

"Things are getting more and more interesting." Su Hao's mouth revealed a smile.

This little brat's identity would be revealed soon. Regardless of her relationship with Fatty, Su Hao felt that he is getting closer and closer to the truth.

"Soon, the truth will be revealed."

The scene in front of him changed.

Before Su Hao managed to open his eyes, a berserk killing aura already reached him.

"It's that demonic flower again!"

Twitching his eyebrows, Su Hao was already prepared for any sneak attacks. Looking behind him, he saw waves of black aura heading towards him.

This time, it was more horrifying than before!

"That grandson's strength skyrocketed again."

Su Hao felt that something wasn't right. That demonic flower should have been destroyed during the previous illusion domain from that powerful force. How could it turn out to be stronger than before?


Yet another wave of aura incoming.


With a glare, Su Hao activated the Circular World, and a powerful force pulsed from the opening

When the black aura was five feet from Su Hao, it disappeared without a trace. However, in just a blink of an eye, it appeared within Su Hao's palm and was sent away.


The momentum was enormous and didn't pale in comparison to before!

He had entered here three times and had been killed by the demonic flower twice. This time, he didn't wish to hide but to confront it head-on.


Su Hao's radiance of extreme lit up his whole body as he charged at the demonic flower. Along the way, he blocked countless black auras.

After a moment, he finally arrived at its location.

The scene in front of him made Su Hao worried even more. Blue Dream Butterfly did absorb the energy coming from the illusion domain, and that energy wrapped her around like a massive cocoon. However, the demonic flower's growth is even more terrifying, and it extended countless vines to wrap around the huge cocoon.

The black aura filled the air.

Su Hao's killing aura went up a notch.

"This demonic flower actually became even stronger."

Su Hao glanced at the surrounding. It was a land of death. All the trees and flowers had withered, turning into energy to support this demonic flower. Behind this demonic flower was a giant tree, standing tall like a barrier protecting this flower.

Flashing rune-like patterns circled above the giant tree.

"This thing..."

Su Hao's eyes flashed. The three scenes of this giant tree were recalled from his memory within the model world. After some reorganization, Su Hao returned to the past.

During his first time here, that pattern had seven circles.

Then, it turned into six circles during his second visit.

And now, this pattern...

Only has one circle left!

"It's a seal!"

Su Hao suddenly understood everything. This is the seal on Blue Dream Butterfly. It's not about that damn demonic flower but this giant tree instead! In the past, it was hidden within the forest; but this time, in order to resist the sudden resistance coming from Blue Dream Butterfly, the seal's strength was consumed.

And now, it finally exposed itself!

"The first time I came here, I exhausted the demonic flower's energy, and the seal replenished it. The second time here, a seal was used up. And now, due to that powerful impact from the illusion domain, four seals got consumed. Thus..."

"Only the last one remains!"

Su Hao solved the puzzle. As long as the last one is removed, Blue Dream Butterfly would be unsealed.

"Great." Su Hao smirked. Since he knew what is happening, then he has nothing to be afraid of.

The time needed to analyze this seemed long, but in the model world with the aid of thousands of computers, it only took him a short time.



Su Hao stood far away and began to clash with this demonic flower.

That's right, a direct clash!

Countless black aura appeared!

With Circular World activated, it acted like a giant black hole in front of Su Hao. All the black aura was rendered useless after they entered into the world. Instead, it would be emitted out of the world after a rotation.

The energy rate consumed by the demonic flower is crazy.

This kind of battle looked retarded, but for a demonic flower with such an obvious IQ deficit, this tactic surprisingly worked in his favor. After three minutes of the continuous loop, the power of the flower became weaker and weaker. At the final moment, Su Hao summoned his bow and made a shot.

Xinghe Arrow erupted.

With an arrow...

He killed this demonic flower!


The demonic flower shattered into pieces and the darkness filling the sky disappeared without a trace. Su Hao calmly witnessed it vanish, and his mind became much better. Because this time, the final pattern on the huge tree, the last seal disappeared!


A thundering roar echoed!

The surrounding space trembled, and that huge tree was swaying around, trying to break free. Su Hao instantly became shocked, "WTF, it's actually a plant beast?"


The giant tree uprooted itself from the ground.

Su Hao had witnessed an out-of-this-world scene. This towering tree has roots as legs and branches as hands similar to a human.


Its branches swiped around in anger.

One of them was heading towards Su Hao, and he quickly evaded it. The ground formed a fissure from the attack, and it eventually deepened to a bottomless pit.

Su Hao understood.

This is the last seal, but it is also the strongest of the seven seals!

"You really think I can't take on you?" Su Hao smirked.

"Dark Moon Dream Destroyer!"


He finally used an origin technique!

Su Hao began to suppress the seal. After the crescent moon cut through countless branches along its path, its direction actually deviated.


The moon passed through the trunk of the giant tree.

His attack failed.


This giant tree didn't give any mercy. A large branch swiped towards him instantly. Su Hao almost got caught this time. The might of this giant tree was beyond his initial expectation, and he could not compete with it at all!

Su Hao's aura erupted. With the surrounding aura condensing, he sent a violent blow.

"Matchless Aura!"

The wind moved violently!

In an instant, the branches shook vigorously as leaves fell.

This thick tree quickly turned into a bare pole having bare branches and looked miserable.


The tree roared in anger, and the whole sea of consciousness went haywire.

The endless energy surrounding the scene all returned to the tree which included those vines covering the massive cocoon.

Blue Dream Butterfly's seal was finally lifted!

Before Su Hao had the time to be pleasantly surprised...


Yet another branch swiped towards him.

The impact was not weaker than an earthquake.

Su Hao's expression changed considerably. He must not let this tree continue to rampage like this!

This is Blue Dream Butterfly's sea of consciousness which is why he did not dare to mess around here. If this place got destroyed, even if Blue Dream Butterfly manages to regain her consciousness, it would be meaningless.


The tree swung another branch Su Hao, and he grit his teeth while receiving it head-on.


Blood sprayed out from his mouth.

Su Hao took a step back forcefully before managing to hold on.

"This damn tree!"

Su Hao was almost certain that this giant tree has its own independent consciousness. It's not something that the demonic flower's instinct could compare with. In other words, this giant tree is the main system of how this seal operates!

"A mere giant tree actually plans to play tricks!"

"You really think I won't be able to find a way out?"

Su Hao smirked and wiped the blood around his mouth, "Since you took your reins back, the seal of Blue Dream Butterfly has been lifted. So, watch me as I destroy you now!"


With a step forward, the light emitted from Su Hao's hands flickered, and he instantly headed towards the tree. The dazzling light ignored the tree's defense and directly shrouded it.

"This world is too small." Su Hao sneered, "Why don't you come over to my world to play?"


Those two figures vanished.

In the sea of consciousness, only the massive silkworm cocoon was blooming with brilliance as the surrounding flowers and trees were gradually recovering.

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