Godly Model Creator Chapter 636

637 Brother And Sister


When Su Hao heard Fatty say that word, he felt some tremors in his liver. Now, what kind of situation is about to unfold?

Blue Dream Butterfly turned around her head in confusion. Looking at this stupefied Fatty, she quickly hid behind Su Hao while pulling the corner of his clothes, "Who is this?"

"Sister, it's me." Fatty was very excited, "Zhang Shanfeng, the lunatic."

"I don't know." Blue Dream Butterfly shook her head firmly.

Fatty, who was still excited, wanted to say something but abruptly held back. Looking at Blue Dream Butterfly in detail, he could only bitterly smile, "True; my elder sister has been away for many years. Yet, you're still a little girl. Sorry, I must have been mistaken."

"I am sorry." Fatty apologized to Su Hao, and his expression showed a hint of disappointment.

"Elder sister?"

On the contrary, it was Su Hao who realized it.

It felt somewhat strange at first, but if he thinks about it carefully, the current scene should be the norm! Blue Dream Butterfly had an accident at the age of sixteen. That news had already been five years ago. In other words...

This little brat is actually older than him!

This cute, little loli is actually the oldest one here?

"What is your sister's name?" Su Hao pulled Blue Dream Butterfly as he asked with a deep gaze.

"Zhang Yating." Fatty replied in disappointment.

Su Hao could felt her grip tighten. She might be dazed, but she's not stupid. Su Hao's deliberate questioning made her realize there is something behind his action. Patting her little hand as a sign for her to not be worried, he looked back at Fatty.

"Can you tell me more about your sister?"

"My sister?" Fatty scratched his head and didn't know why Su Hao asked this. However, looking at Blue Dream Butterfly, who looked like his sister, showing a curious look, he sighed and began to open his heavy mouth.

Su Hao listened carefully.

In fact, there wasn't a shocking story. It's just a story of a family being bullied in a huge clan. Fatty's father had died when he was young, and Fatty's family of three members turned weak. Zhang Yating, due to her good figure, it was unknown how many people were aiming for her attention.

Under desperation, while she was still young, she stepped up to protect her family from harm. With her talent, she didn't succumb to anyone. When she was twelve years old, she revealed her talent and was looked at highly by the Zhang family's head, turning into his personal disciple.

Since then, no one dared to bully them!

At the age of sixteen, Zhang Yating became the strongest one within her peers. All Zhang family disciples could not compete with her at all. Eventually, she became the most prized disciple.


One day, while Zhang Yating was doing a mission outside, she got herself injured and died.

As for the later parts, one could guess what happened without having to be told.

With Zhang Yating's disappearance, how could those who had been suppressed all this time by her let this chance go? Their target would naturally be Zhang Shanfeng. After a few years later, they drove him out from the clan. Moreover, due to his elderly mother, he had to receive all sorts of mistreatments without being able to retaliate.

"Is she dead?" Su Hao asked.

"En." Fatty smiled bitterly, "Her body was sent back. There wasn't any sign of injury but a scar from a berserk beast's claw. Some sort of strong beast must have attacked her..."

Having said until here, Fatty paused for a second, "This matter is very common. In the wilderness, one might not know when he would stumble upon a powerful beast! Although those king-level beasts won't be able to set their foot here, in case, the beasts over here suddenly had a breakthrough..."

Fatty shook his head, "This kind of thing is too common."

"En." Su Hao nodded in agreement. This is what the era of origin ability all about. Outside a city, there is no such thing as absolute security. Just that... based on what Fatty said, is Zhang Yating really dead?

Her body was sent back.

Her physical body was definitely dead but what about her soul?

This might seem like a normal occurrence, but when applied to Zhang Yating, it turned out to be strange. The same timeline of her disappearance, the same appearance which Fatty mistook her for, plus their familiar auras, Su Hao was pretty much certain!

Blue Dream Butterfly is that person!


What actually happened in the middle?

What happened within the Zhang family?

Su Hao's eyes unconsciously squinted. Based on the scale of the underground laboratory where Blue Dream Butterfly's experiment took place, it clearly showed that a huge force must be backing this project from behind. Su Hao had even investigated this matter on some killing organizations such as Piaoling Organization. In the end, a killing organization had no such need to do so!

Killing people...

By transforming someone into a berserk beast, it would be even harder to kill a target!

As soon as the beast's aura is leaked out before they managed to get close to the target, one could be detected and captured. It's literally impossible to walk into a human city, let alone attempting an assassination. Thus, it should not be any killing organization behind this.

However, if it isn't a killing organization, then who could it be? Was it an enemy of the Zhang family? Or some characters from the top ten clans?

Su Hao looked down to ponder.

He failed to find anything.

However, that didn't prevent him from recognizing this point!

Even though he knew Zhang Shanfeng is her little brother, she must not reconcile with him yet! To be able to complete this experiment of placing a human's soul into a berserk beast, the scale must be something out of his imagination. This is definitely not something he can currently resolve. If somehow, someone manages to realize there is a successful escapee, at that time, Su Hao and this little brat would be in deep trouble.

After over one year...

Su Hao almost forgot about this incident and the conspiracy that was left in Jianghe City. In the end, he was able to get some clues.


Su Hao recalled that in the wilderness outside of Jianghe City, that lab had been frozen as if it came from the ice age, what was the relation with Blue Dream Butterfly's experiment?

"Everything will be solved sooner or later." Su Hao said to himself.

"What a pitiful sister." Blue Dream Butterfly was touched, listening to the story, "Indeed a great sister and much smarter than me."

Su Hao: "..."

Looking at Blue Dream Butterfly, who was showing a pitiful and envious look, Su Hao became speechless. Little brat, do you know that the Zhang Yating we are talking about is you?


This little brat's body could actually achieve the status of a queen?

Su Hao glanced up and down at her bumpy figure. "Well... not bad."

"What is not bad?" Blue Dream Butterfly's ears twitched, and she quickly looked at Su Hao.

"Cough, Nothing."

Su Hao brushed off the comment and then looked at Fatty, "I would have never expected you to have such a past. However, although you managed to stand up against those bastards, I'm afraid it won't last for long. I believe after they recover and forget about the pain, they will come back for you. Plus..."

"With what you said earlier, I'm afraid that they aren't the only one who bully you. You can't be trying to suppress every family member that does so?"

Fatty went silent.

What Su Hao said, how could he not know about it?

However, this was the only way he can think of.

For his family!

Su Hao observed his expression and the corner of his mouth raised a smile, "Have you ever thought of returning to the Zhang family?"


Fatty's face turned bright for a second before it quickly faded away.

Go back to the Zhang family?

He naturally had considered this option.

However, in order to do so as someone who had violated the rules and regulations set up by the clan, he had to undergo a trial assessment and defeat all the disciples from his batch before being able to stay.

If he's strong enough to defeat them or other clan disciples from an earlier batch, the family will make an exception for him as he has proved his talent!

This is the Zhang family's style.

As long as you're talented, they can break the rules for you.

In the past, Zhang Yating climbed all the way to the top by herself and even managed to catch the attention of the clan leader to accept her as his personal disciple. Zhang Yating is fine, but what about Fatty?

Accessing his strength, Fatty could only sigh helplessly.

"How strong is the Zhang family?" Su Hao glanced at him for a second.

Fatty thought for a moment and then left a shocking statement, "Not any weaker than Zhanzheng College."


Su Hao's heart skipped a beat.

Not weaker than Zhanzheng College?

Even though his mind had prepared to know how strong Zhang family is, Su Hao still stunned. How is this possible?

This is Zhanzheng College, the top university offered by the Federation!

Zhang family unexpectedly...

"Impossible!" Su Hao shook his head, "As far as I can tell, many talented ones like Tian Zi for example, don't they still join Zhanzheng College?"

"It's different." Fatty shook his head, "In term of enrollment, the families definitely can't compete with Zhanzheng College. However, the family's cohesion is much stronger. Plus, they don't have this concept of graduating. Once you're born a Zhang family's member, you will die as one! After all these years, I can't imagine how strong the clan would be."

"If the Zhang family is like this, what about the other families then? The Tian family?"

Su Hao was shocked by these words. He had been climbing up all the way from Jianghe City. Even when his strength continued to improve, it seemed that he had been ignorant of these families. Although Fatty isn't strong, he has been in the Zhang family since young. Obviously, he is well versed in this matter.

As Su Hao thought carefully, he finally understood.

Zhanzheng College represents the government, the Federation!

The other families represent only themselves!

At the beginning of the war, when the Federation was at its weakest link, those strong and powerful forces banded together to form a powerful family clan.

This is also the origin of the top ten families.

In this chaotic world...

The chaotic era was the worst time but also the best chance to gain dominance. All the current cities, which one of them didn't rise in power during this troubled time?

Thinking of this, Su Hao now has a deep understanding of these families' strength.

No wonder Zhanzheng College would be afraid of the Tian family...

However, Fatty's words also made Su Hao realized this, "If you say so, those from the same batch as you, even if the number can't be compared with Zhanzheng College, in term of strength..."

Fatty smiled bitterly, "It's comparable with the top ten most violent men!"

"Great!" Instead, Su Hao was brimming with adrenaline, "Then have a duel with them!"

"You want to fight with them?" Fatty's eyes opened wide.

"Not me." Su Hao looked at him with a smile, "You."

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