Godly Model Creator Chapter 637

638 Problem Regarding Talen

"Me?" Fatty said dumbfounded.

He didn't think that Su Hao would shift the attention to him instead!

Is this some kind of joke?!

Fatty reassessed his strength. Lately, there was a huge breakthrough, becoming a level five professional esper. However, compared to those from the Zhang family who are comparable to the top ten most violent men...

"I don't dare!" Fatty shook his head.

He wished to return, but he hadn't reached the point where he is willing to sacrifice his life. With his current strength, to go back and participate in the trial, what else can he do besides sending himself to death?

"Don't worry." Su Hao smiled and patted his shoulder, "I won't force you, but I think at that time, it will be you who will request to participate instead."

"Huh?" Fatty was at a loss.

"Do you want to improve your strength?"

The way Su Hao smiled was akin to a strange uncle trying to swindle a kid. Fatty hesitated for a long time, but he couldn't resist the temptation to enhance his strength and nodded firmly.


"Then let's get started!"


One of Su Hao's hands was put on his body. With a slight energy fluctuation, a powerful aura instantly engulfed Fatty. At this crucial moment, Fatty thought that he had been peeked at while naked and almost subconsciously activated his spiritual shield.

"Don't move!" Su Hao's stern warning made him stop.

"Origin cultivation techniques..."

"Origin technique..."

All sort of lights intertwined with each other before Su Hao's eyes. This is a scene which Fatty could never see. Cards appeared one by one, each and every cultivation technique, Su Hao easily collected everything and started a session of crazy analysis! With thousands of computers activated within the model world, the process began!

One cultivation technique...

Two cultivation techniques...


One origin technique...

Two origin techniques...


Su Hao had entered into a phase of crazy deduction.

Fatty's shoulder had long been released as Su Hao sat cross-legged. After an hour passed, he opened his eyes which indicated that the deduction is now complete!

"Fatty, remember this well." Su Hao suddenly voiced out.

"Huh?" Fatty was stunned. What does he need to remember?


Su Hao pushed his hand on Fatty's forehead, "Come in!"


With a thunderous roar...

Fatty was forcefully dragged into Su Hao's world. This is the most relaxing attempt since Su Hao learned this trick, all thanks to Fatty not giving any resistance.

"Open your eyes!"

Su Hao didn't utter any nonsense to him and headed straight to the real business!

A character model appeared in front of Fatty. Using the same cultivation techniques which Fatty is familiar with, it began to train the upgraded version.

It's similar but yet different at the same time.

Fatty couldn't understand at first, but after he started mimicking the actions in confusion, he entered a state of excitement. This kind of improvement...

This kind of improvement is insane!

With just one cultivation technique alone, only by refining it once, his strength had improved a lot. What if he is able to complete everything? Energy doesn't have any noticeable effect on this route of talent but if it can act as a supporting role; especially for Fatty's powerful ability talent.

If his other departments are able to keep up, naturally his route of talent would continue to rise.

These years, only God knows how badly he had been suppressed! Even if he is deeply profound in his path of talent, with all his resources taken away, he simply can't improve.

And now...

Su Hao gave him what he needed most.

"I want to improve!"

"I want to break through!"

"I want to go back!"

Fatty screamed a few lines. Both of his eyes were bloodshot as he immersed himself in cultivation. With the character model to guiding him, he began to train every cultivation technique.

"Such high talent." Su Hao dropped some praise.

To be frank, if it weren't for those people suppressing him, perhaps Fatty would be like his sister, climbing all the way to the top. This Fatty indeed gave Su Hao quite a surprise.

"Is he okay?" Blue Dream Butterfly watched with some worry.

She felt concerned about Fatty without knowing why.

"Rest assured." Su Hao smiled, "Hatred could make one blind, but Fatty isn't one who harbors hatred. He only wishes to protect his family. This strength will only make him stronger!"

"Oh." Blue Dream Butterfly nodded while not exactly understanding Su Hao's words.

Su Hao laughed loudly; this little brat is actually a dazzling genius of a powerful clan? Topping every disciple of the clan? This sentence, even if it is him, he dares not say so within Zhanzheng College!

Doesn't this mean...

Before she went missing, this little brat is already stronger than the current him?

Su Hao felt some sharp pain in his heart.

"What happened?"

Blue Dream Butterfly sensed Su Hao's state of mind and pulled his hand.

"Nothing." Su Hao patted her little head. What's the need think about all this? No matter what kind of identity she had in the past, at the very least, she is currently Blue Dream Butterfly and not Zhang Yating!

"I have already found out some clues of your family." Su Hao smiled.

"For real?" Blue Dream Butterfly was surprised.

"En." Su Hao nodded. "Except I'm not quite sure yet. Thus, I won't tell you for now. Only after I have done a full investigation will I tell you so that you won't feel happy for nothing."

"Okay." Blue Dream Butterfly replied excitedly, "I will listen to you."

"This clumsy girl..."

This little brat, she really couldn't see the situation in front of her or perhaps, she hadn't even considered looking at it from another perspective. However, since she put all trust on him, then this matter of Zhang family, he vowed to investigate it to its roots!

"Zhang family, huh..." Su Hao looked at Fatty, and his heart made a decision.


Blue Dream Butterfly's sudden exclamation made Su Hao look down, and he noticed Blue Dream Butterfly had turned back into a butterfly. Her voice just now was communicating directly with his mind.

"Sigh, I just regained my consciousness, so my energy isn't stable yet. I am going to go cultivate." Blue Dream Butterfly emitted a fluorescent flash from her body.

"Hold on..." Su Hao stopped her for a second, "Your current strength seems to be... the domain realm?"

"I think so?" Blue Dream Butterfly wasn't sure either.

"Fool." Su Hao directly grabbed her hand and dragged her consciousness. In reality, her body had returned to the state of a tattoo. "You come over here."

Su Hao sent her into the model world.

"You will practice here starting from now." Su Hao said casually.

"This is..."

Blue Dream Butterfly looked around in shock and suddenly noticed a figure coming over here. She instantly got scared and realized that within the sea of consciousness, there is actually someone else?

"Hey, Su Hao. This girl is..."

Even Shi Mingxuan couldn't help to reveal some hint of surprise.

Damn, he's too aggressive!

Only a few days had passed, Su Hao actually brought a loli in?

"Blue Dream Butterfly."

Su Hao briefly introduced her. Shi Mingxuan instantly understood the current situation. Previously, due to him being unable to leave the model world, he had no other topic to talk about with Su Hao and even suggested his opinion of her state.

"She seems to have reached the domain realm. However, due to this unique breakthrough, she still hasn't mastered the strength of a domain esper."

Su Hao glanced at her state for a second, "You guide her."

"Alright!" Shi Mingxuan replied excitedly. After all, he's a teacher. The matters of teaching other people, just leave them to him! Especially teaching a domain esper, there is nothing better than this.

"Su Hao..." Blue Dream Butterfly voiced out in a timid tone.

"This is a teacher from Zhanzheng College, a domain esper." Su Hao continued, "He can turn you into a qualified domain esper. So, just cultivate here until then."

"Zhanzheng College?"


Blue Dream Butterfly was delighted. Of course, she knows about Zhanzheng College.

Unexpectedly, after she woke up from a deep slumber, Su Hao had already arrived in Zhanzheng College and actually invited a teacher to train her. This is simply amazing.

Of course...

Blue Dream Butterfly obviously was still clueless of what Su Hao had done to Zhanzheng College these days or she would be even more shocked.

After settling the matters regarding Blue Dream Butterfly...

Su Hao left the model world. Thanks to Blue Dream Butterfly, he had succeeded in having three living beings reside in this permanent world; Shi Mingxuan, the towering tree, and Blue Dream Butterfly.

"This place... will eventually become a true world!"

Su Hao was proud of his achievement.

There was never once when he had such strong confidence.

Fatty is not qualified to enter the permanent world. In this temporary world, after Su Hao finished teaching him, he kicked Fatty out without any hesitation. Fatty was very excited that he had learned everything. After thanking Su Hao, he headed back to his dorm to continue training.


It's time for Su Hao to return too.

Finally, Su Hao had the time to reorganize his strength.

During this time in the illusion department, all sorts of events happened. He even had to confront a world esper. However, he obtained a big harvest from this. The most obvious one would be that from now on, he now has a strong background behind him! Although Su Hao still doesn't know that old man's identity.

With this old man, not even Zhanzheng College, the Tian family, the Su family or any other forces would dare touch Su Hao even if they have the capability because it is no longer worth it!

The intimidation of an absolute powerhouse is beyond everything.

And that old man...

Could he be one of those few existences standing at the peak of the hierarchy?

Su Hao tried to guess.

No matter what, the current him does not qualify to know the man's identity. However, one day, when he reaches the strength needed, he will eventually know.

On the other hand, the most exciting part for Su Hao is that his strength had improved by leaps and bounds. With the breakthrough in his talent path, he no longer had to be suppressed anymore.

Level nine professional esper!

After having eight consecutive breakthroughs, he created a new legend.

Only a little bit left...

Only a little push and he could step into the domain realm!

However, Su Hao knew well that this is even more difficult than the previous eight breakthroughs. Especially in his case, the real trouble is incoming!

For ordinary people, it means that one's talent has reached an extreme level of mastery. Taking the next step forward, crushing the talent to build a domain, one would enter into the new realm!

But for Su Hao?

His talent analysis only started. Even in virtualization, it has not yet been completed. If he is to crush the talent, doesn't that mean he will completely abandon his hard work?

However, how can he build a domain without crushing his talent?

Su Hao was at a loss.

At this time, a message solved Su Hao's dilemma. Opening the virtual screen to look at the contents, it was a handwritten cultivation technique and the one who sent this...

It's Tian Long Court!

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