Godly Model Creator Chapter 638

639 Universe Creator

East region of the Federation.

Between the endless mountains, there is a city named Gaoyuan City. Gaoyuan City stands at the top of a mountain, securing an absolute geographic advantage against the wandering beasts. With all sorts of origin weapons, any beast which dared to invade this city would be wiped out instantly.

However, today


An angry, thundering roar echoed.

In the distance, between the misty mountains, a strange berserk beast emerged. Covered in flames, it dyed the sky red.

"Shoot it!"

At the gate of Gaoyuan City, the guards sneered. All these years, there are so many beasts which dared to invade, but didn't they all get wiped out by the origin energy beam?



Rays of light shot out!

Powerful, condensed energy beams hit the target, but what frightened the guards was the beast is actually still safe and sound.

"What happened?"

"Is it because there is no origin energy?"

"No, the origin energy is still in good condition."

The guards were puzzled. These high-altitude weapons systems were extremely strong. Having used these weapons to defend this city for years, they had almost forgotten the sense of alertness.


The beast howled, causing the sky to shake and endless flames descend from the sky. It actually headed towards the city wall with strong killing intent.

"Activate the defenses!"



Blue light illuminated, covering the surrounding. Looking at this scene, the guards took a breath of relief; however, they immediately witnessed the shield showing signs of collapsing.

"How is this possible?"

"This is the most advanced defense we have!"

"What happened?"

Everyone felt fear.


With more flames incoming, this defensive shield which had guarded Gaoyuan city for many years shattered, causing those flames to land on the city.



The ground exploded, forming huge craters.

Now everyone was shocked to discover how formidable these little flames were!

"King-level beast!"

"Damn it; this is definitely a beast at the king-level!"

"It must be a berserk beast who broke through!"

"Quickly run for your life!"

The guards fled in horror. As for some guards, they rushed to the observation room to press the button which indicated a threat at the highest level. However, without able to escape on time, they got killed by the flames coming down from the sky.

After ten seconds, the scene turned into ruins, leaving no lives behind.

The observation tower got destroyed.


The beast roared as the flames within its body surged.

However, it suddenly turned quiet and released a sound akin to a purr. It obediently squatted on the ground, a slender figure slowly walked out from behind it. Touching this berserk beast as if he was stroking a puppy, "Gaoyuan City, I'm back."


"Tian Long Court!"

Su Hao had a look at the sudden letter.

Only after opening the letter was he able to sigh in relief. In the letter, it informed him of the issues regarding cultivation and also some basic outlines of the trial.

The trial to become a disciple of Tian Long Court is extremely strict.

Anyone who is eligible to apply and participate in this trial needs to have at least 30 points of combat strength. However, from 31 to 36 points onwards, it would be impossible to access with common sense.

Students with such strength would generally be at the peak of the professional realm and will soon become a domain esper. Thus, after signing up for this trial, Tian Long Court would issue a training guide in advance to address the current problems faced by the students so they can review and make improvements.

And now...

Su Hao is reading that guidance. The content isn't long. There is only one general point which is before origin energy is exhausted, one must never step into the domain realm or else it would end up as self-destructing your future.

"Self-destruction of the future?"

Su Hao frowned for a bit and continued to read the message. After he finished reading, Su Hao experienced some lingering fear. No wonder Tian Long Court sent such a message out. If not for this warning, one can't imagine how many students would have taken the wrong path!

Crushing talent to build a domain!

Why does one need to crush the talent?

Because in the domain realm, the domain is a reincarnation of the talent itself or in other words, it is the upgrade version of the talent but the form of a domain. Thus, only when one crushes the talent can it be rebuilt into a domain.

This is the process to become a domain esper!

However, there is one point to remember.

Domains rely on the talent itself. Thus, only when one's talent is strong enough will the domain created be powerful! Thus, at this stage, one needs to suppress his talent as much as possible, compressing it to the limit before considering the breakthrough.

Yet another breakthrough which has to reach the limit?

Su Hao muttered to himself.

The power of the talent itself is the building foundation of a domain. At this stage, one might observe minute differences, but when it comes to the domain realm, by not doing so, you might be left behind by thousands of miles.

Thus, everyone is madly cultivating.

Why did Tian Long Court send such a message? Because almost all the disciples who entered only have one purpose, suppressing their own talents!

Because every disciple would be at the peak of the professional realm!

It's the very first time ever for Tian Long Court to stumble across a character like Su Hao who charged into the level nine professional realm. After all, which one of the disciples here didn't work hard before reaching the peak of the professional realm? After undergoing all sort of hardships, they finally manage to enter Tian Long Court.

These students, they're all strong.

Peak professional esper is a very unique level.

The longer you stay here, the higher the benefits you will enjoy in the future! Because this represents an infinite potential, the perfect domain realm!

Imagine how much of a difference between a number with one figure or one with ten figures?

Ten times?


What if it differs by the number base? In this case, when one steps into the domain realm, how much of a difference in strength would that be?

Nobody knows.

However, every disciple in Tian Long Court is aware of this fact that the longer one suppresses themselves, the strength gained would be even stronger when one advances into the domain realm!

Su Hao suddenly thought of Senior Wan Cheng.

That imposing sword alone instantly killed Emperor Flame Tiger! At that time, he felt strange regarding how a peak professional esper could kill a domain esper that easily? Now it seemed that Wan Cheng had long reached the requirement to breakthrough; however, he chose not to. Instead, he kept suppressing his progress crazily.

Using one sword to kill and yet there is still untapped potential?

Exactly how strong is Senior Wan Cheng?

Su Hao thought about it for a moment. Inexplicably, Tian Long Court, this mysterious place, had already convinced him of its might before even stepping into Zhanzheng College.

After all, he still has to undergo the trial and is not considered a formal disciple yet. If one randomly cultivates and his luck is good enough to break through into a domain esper, Tian Long Court would never accept such a student.


Su Hao silently closed the virtual screen.

This message had solved the doubts of what he should do while cultivating. Not only that, but there was also a reminder of his trial date which is roughly a month later.

"One month..." Su Hao still maintained his composure.

A month's time is enough for him to organize his strength.

First of all, his energy quantity. Su Hao observed his body. After this series of breakthroughs, the amount of energy within his body had increased a lot. Under normal circumstances, one will not have such a degree of increment, but with eight consecutive breakthroughs, the increment definitely won't be that little.

Since his energy had increased, obviously his overall strength would follow along.

His biggest gain would be the ability to drag someone into his model world. With no additional cards appearing, this means that it's not a type of technique.

It's purely foundation.

Su Hao understood illusion very well and with some understanding in the spiritual field, he was able to complete the flow of consciousness. This is what a strong foundation brought him.


This is similar to the brilliance of the extreme; it is not categorized under any card but still incredibly powerful.

However, it was because of this completion of the foundation that Su Hao can now start to focus on reality to capture the model world's changes and experiment with the data collected, which is what the true improvement all about!

Due to the problem regarding the method of bringing people into his world, Su Hao can now direct one's consciousness into it. As long as someone gets caught in the most basic illusion, he would be thrown into the model world. However, just because he just learn it a little while ago, each time he attempts to perform this act, he struggles with it.

Why don't I try to consolidate my method?

Su Hao pondered.

If you're not a technique, I will turn you into one!

If you don't have a card, I will give you one then!

Su Hao's began to move. Dissecting the model world's formula, he began to crazily make a deduction.

In the end, Su Hao managed to find the common conversion formula. After several trials and errors, his success rate greatly improved. As long as the person is not stronger than Su Hao by a large margin, no matter who you are, as long as you're not completely immune to Su Hao's illusions, you will be dragged directly into the model world!

And at this moment


A light flickered

"New technique obtained... Conditions to establish a card met... Establishing the self-built card... Complete!"


"The card establishment is completed!"


"The card data is shown below!"

Name: Unknown

Level: Seven Stars

Description: By using powerful illusions, a life consciousness is dragged into the model world and ultimately introduced as new life forms!

Requirement: Foundation of illusion (Extreme), Advanced basic of illusion (Extreme)

"Seven stars!" Su Hao's eyes lit up, "So this is it."

So it is possible to create a new technique even when it seems impossible at first!

If one is to see this scene, his chin would probably hit the ground.

A self-created origin technique!

Only through unlocking certain conditions after achieving extraordinary achievements and surpassing the existing origin techniques is it possible to create an origin technique!

Even if there are some, usually it would be coming from those older generations from the domain realm.

How would they have guessed that for Su Hao, creating a new origin technique is just nothing out of the ordinary?


"Then I will call you Universe Creator!"

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