Godly Model Creator Chapter 639

640 Federal Guardian's Death

Universe Creator...

Su Hao loves this name, a name that often appears in fairy tales.


"Naming complete!"

The card was glistering brightly in his mind.

"Done!" Su Hao's spirit rose.

After finishing his preparations, Su Hao started his cultivation for real. After his ten years of time in the Little Dark Room, his mental state is now extremely stable. The destruction of a Nitai artifact benefited him instead. However, there is still a need to stabilize his cultivation.


A light flickered as Su Hao got deeply immersed in his cultivation.

Zhanzheng College.

Within an unknown beautiful attic, a message was sent which stunned a lot of people. In Gaoyuan City, an ordinary city which is situated at the peak of a mountain, a king-leveled beast appeared!

"Is the message accurate?"


"I have seen that place before. There are no strong beasts around. Thus, there shouldn't be any king-leveled beasts appearing there."

"Anyway, let's confirm it first."


With a command issued, the federal guardians were dispatched!

This is their mission.

Under normal circumstances, within the Federation, there should be no king-leveled beasts. Once they appear, it indicates that there must be some beasts which achieved a breakthrough. They needed to be exterminated as quick as possible to prevent any major damage done. However, Gaoyuan City... this name made many people frown.

Years ago...

They had just been there before.

Because one king-leveled beast appeared there, they had paid a huge price to kill it. While they were at it, they cleared off all the berserk beasts around! Any beast approaching king-leveled had all been eradicated by them. In theory...

There shouldn't be any king-leveled beast there at least for a few decades.

"It's weird." Lan Tingxu's brows were slightly wrinkled.

"No matter what, we still have to go and have a look." Zhang Yang's fingers tapped on the table, "Perhaps it is a beast from another place and happened to breakthrough as it passed through Gaoyuan City?"

"True." Lan Tingxu nodded, "If that's the case, let's take a trip there."

"Alright!" Zhang Yang stood up.

"Wait... Why are you both going?"

A voice full of mockery appeared, "When there is a new beast appearing, you two always go together. You guys would obtain all the benefits. Then, we will have nothing. Besides, Gaoyuan City is my guardian site! There is no need for your intervention."

Lan Tingxu turned his head around.

Without even looking, he knew who this is.

Tian Fang!

Previously, the one who wanted Su Hao to smuggle the nuclear weapon into the beast domain, the bastard who tried to detonate the bomb in advance, a member of the Tian family failed in his scheme and instead got imprisoned. Because of this, he hated Su Hao. However, the Tian family quickly sent people out to prove his innocence. After all, the button wasn't pressed by him.

However, after he was freed, he hated Lan Tingxu and the others.

"Is your partner not present?" Lan Tingxu felt a bit strange.

Under normal circumstances, when a new king-leveled beast appears, it would always be a team of two federal guardians being dispatched. After all, if the beast has some sort of unique ability talent, it would be dangerous to face alone. Tian Fang's partner had gone out to complete a mission a few days ago which is why they had not considered him.

"You don't have to bother with my business!" Tian Fang coldly sneered, "Since the beast appeared in my area, then it's my business. Just a mere beast which just broke through, I can settle this by myself."

"Stop trying to show off." Zhang Yang frowned, "Before this matter has been investigated thoroughly, stop this attitude of yours."

"What?!" Tian Fang raged at what he had just heard, "So you guys are guarding the world's peace, but when it comes to me, it's showing off? I am not going to repeat myself. I can settle this alone. Gaoyuan City is the territory that I'm in charge of. Without my permission, stop dreaming of taking a step there!"

Tian Fang's words made everyone speechless.

The other federal guardians who had been observing this scene for entertainment got irritated by his words, "Since you want to monopolize the power, we will not stop you. However, make sure the beast doesn't continue its rampage."

"Of course not." Tian Fang answered with full confidence, "It's just a mere beast who had a recent breakthrough."

Lan Tingxu and Zhang Yang looked at each other without voicing their opinions.

Tian Fang's mentality has been quite a problem, but their relationship with him doesn't seem good enough to stop him. After waiting for Tian Fang's boosting to come to an end, Lan Tingxu announced his plan, "Old man, me and Zhang Yang would be on standby and will act when needed. As for the others, prepare the relevant tools."

"Huh?" A federal guardian was puzzled, "I thought Tian Fang would take care of this?"

"I don't believe him!" Lan Tingxu said without hesitation, "Plus, this matter sounds fishy. I don't think that it's some lucky coincidence. I feel that there must be some unknown problems!"

"You are overthinking it."

"Yes, how could there be a conspiracy."

"It's just a berserk beat. We don't have to make a fuss out of nothing."

Everyone expressed their disagreement to dissuade this plan.

Finally, the head of the strategy department, Pan Hu appeared and suppressed this matter. After a strong request by Tian Fang, in the end, he was tasked to pay a visit there to scout. If something amiss is noted, he is not to act on his own but return and report to the superiors before deciding on the next move.

"I know." Tian Fang impatiently waved his hand.

"Okay, then go." Pan Hu was speechless.

Tian Fang cleaned up and left. Before leaving, he swept his gaze across Lan Tingxu and Zhang Yang. Tian Fang couldn't help displaying the mockery in his eyes. Obviously, he felt that he had won this round.

These two guys actually dared to bother with his territory. This is simply courting one's own death!


Tian Fang left, leaving behind Lan Tingxu and Zhang Yang looking at each other in dismay. In the end, Zhang Yang could only helplessly shrug his shoulders, "Hope our intuition is wrong this time."

However, something unexpected happened.

After Tian Fang left that day, there is no more news of him.

Based on the usual rules, after an esper reaches the scene, he would need to initiate contact for a report before exterminating the beast and then reporting back.

But for Tian Fang...

There is no news at all!

One day, two days, three days!

After three full days, when everyone felt that something was amiss, Tian Fang's news finally reached their ears, but what returned was a dead body! When they saw the body, it was very pale as if it had undergone a bleaching process. The sight caused everyone's face to change.


Everyone in the strategy department was stunned!

A magnificent Federal Guardian actually died?!

Even Lan Tingxu and Zhang Yang were shocked. They guessed that if things went bad, Tian Fang might have suffered severe injuries, but they had not considered that he would die!

This is something which hasn't happened for a very long time.

The strategy department.

The atmosphere was very gloomy, enough that it would terrify people.

Everyone knew that this time, such an incident reeks of trouble.

A Federal Guardian in charge of exterminating king-leveled beast and a beast who has just undergone breakthrough is not enough to be placed as a problem in their eyes! Not to mention, they would usually act in a team of two, watching each other's back while preventing the beast from trying to escape after being defeated.

However, no matter what, they would have never thought...

The beast actually won!

Not only did it win, but it also won very easily! Even a half-step domain esper like Tian Fang didn't have the chance to flee. What kind of terrifying strength is that?

Everyone's facial expression looked bad.

In their home turf, the Federation's territory, for a Federal Guardian to be killed is definitely the biggest irony!

"Exactly what happened there?" Pan Hu was furious, but no one responded.

Here, everyone is the same Federal Guardian as him. Who would have the answer?

At this time, the technician played a video replay, but they were shocked to find out that all the videos, even those captured from satellite were just some black videos.

"Something is wrong." Pan Hu's heart skipped a beat, "Contact Gaoyuan City right now!"


The technician went to investigate, and he quickly obtained news that all eight observation towers were destroyed! Not only that, the entire Gaoyuan city has been shrouded in a strange barrier, preventing any satellite from observing it.

In other words, Gaoyuan City had turned invisible!

Nobody from the outside knows what's happening there!

"God damn it!" With a slap, Pan Hu destroyed a table. His anger was needless to be mentioned, "So, we have lost a Federal Guardian, and we're clueless of the other party's identity?!"

Just when Pan Hu was raging, Lan Tinxu who had been observing Tian Fang's body for a long time suggested an answer which answered Pan Hu's questions.

"It's not one berserk beast." Lan Tingxu's eyes shone.


Everyone was shocked.

Lan Tingxu's fingers ran across Tian Fang's body. Closing his eyes, he voiced out after some time, "I can feel at least two different kinds of auras coming from king-leveled beasts..."

"You said, at least?" Pan Hu's eyes opened wide.

"Yes!" Lan Tingxu nodded, "There is another kind of aura which I can't comprehend. Perhaps it might be the fusion of two kinds of beasts. As for the details, I can't look too much into it."

Everyone went silent.

No wonder Tian Fang couldn't even escape!

A minimum of two!

Moreover, in places like Gaoyuan City which had just undergone a huge scale cleansing, these beasts definitely aren't those that had just broken through but a full-fledged king-leveled berserk beast!

"This is going to be troublesome..." Pan Hu muttered to himself.

A Federal Guardian duty is to guard their territory and not to send oneself to death. When there is a proof of at least two beasts appearing, Pan Hu realized that this matter is not something the strategy department can take care of.

Something bad is about to happen!

"Report it right away!" Pan Hu said without hesitation.

That day, the higher-ups in the Federation were stunned.

For a few king-leveled beasts to appear at once, this has not happened for quite some time! Even though there was the huge scale beast tide in Jianghe City, it was something that they had been prepared for.

But this time...

Everyone didn't know what was actually happening over there!

Should they send a domain esper?


What if the other party is also a domain esper or has strength equivalent to that?

Just when everyone didn't know what to do, Lan Tingxu stood up, "I might have a solution for this matter. I know of one person who has such an ability. However, if we want him to cooperate, we might have to spend a large cost. So, I have a request."


"I want the right to pardon a man."


"Li Tiantian!"

"Li Tiantian?"

Literally, at the same time, Li Tiantian's data appeared which included his talent, his degree of danger, his degree of analysis, and even his relation with Lan Tingxu. Hesitating for a moment, they looked at the state of Gaoyuan City before instantly making a decision.


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