Godly Model Creator Chapter 64

Gmc Chapter 64

GMC Chapter 0064 Little loli the devil

No wonder!

Su Hao never thought of this. When he first blocked the door, it was mainly to prevent Li Jun from escaping the room. In this investigation room, he could easily beat this guy up, but outside things might not be simple.

Although Li Jun wasnt qualified to enrol in Zhanzheng College, as a graduate from a main university and having served for several years, his origin ability wouldnt be that bad. Coupled with his B-grade flame storm, his power was still quite impressive.

Never had he thought that this little loli was so cunning, approaching the door herself to lock it.

Well done!

Su Hao hugged the little loli and forcefully kissed her delicate face.

I hate it!

With all her strength, the little loli gave him a nice kick, You are indeed lollicon!

Su Hao rolled his eyes. Ignoring this little lolis brain, which was full of nonsense, he turned around, facing the glass wall on one side of the interrogation room.

At this time, you still dont want to open the screen?

The glass in front of him didnt show any reaction at all. Su Hao sneered as he looked at Li Jun, who was lying helplessly on the floor. Aiming his kick at the chest, Su Hao directed his leg there.


A scream of pain echoed within the interrogation room. The glass wall in the room suddenly turned transparent.

Sure enough!

Su Hao looked at the scene outside casually. By this time, all the policemen in the station had already gathered outside, it was just that the door couldnt be opened.

Su Hao, what are you planning to do? If you kill our captain, dont think of leaving here alive! Some men were threatening him.

Su Hao stretched his body and placed a chair back to correct position. Sitting down in a comfortable position, he looked at the little loli, Little brat, what do you say about staying here till your mum comes back? Here its safe, yet comfortable.

No! The little loli shook her head and counted with her little fingers, My stomach will get hungry, I need to eat. Also, I will have to go toilet and need a bath too.

Thats true.

Su Hao said so in a regretful tone and then turned to face the policemen outside the room, Hey, fellow policemen, tell your bureau chief to come here. I need to speak to him personally.

Bastard! Who are you? Dont think that you can meet with our burea.


Yet another painful scream. Su Hao retracted back the leg which he used to kick and looked at the policemen, Aiya, my bad. This interrogation room is quite boring. I guess this is the only fun part


He really went and abused the police station chief for pleasure?!

The policemen took a deep breath and dared not to utter a word. They were afraid Su Hao was going to kick again. Li Jun was in such a sorry state, plus every time Su Hao kicked, it seemed like he wasnt holding back either.

Thinking of this, they immediately contacted the bureau chief.

At this time, the almighty bureau chief was climbing on top of an unknown woman with his little junior standing upright. However, when he received the emergency communication from police station, his little junior instantly dropped dead.

Emergency communication, unless there were special circumstances, such communications wasnt permitted to be used.

He quickly got down from the woman and dialed back. The scene inside the police station made him stunned, especially the current situation in the interrogation room.

The police station chief who was beaten like a pig was lying on the floor in such a sorry state, and the two other policemen next to him were in a coma. There was also one student casually standing there and one cute little loli.

Whats this messed up situation?!

I dont care?

It was a little problem, yet they still dared to disturb their daddy. The bureau chief rushed back to the bed and climbed back on top. Sadly, he found out that it couldnt get harder anymore.


He spent one hundred star dollars to buy this male boosting drug, yet he was just distracted for two minutes and the effect vanished!

Cursing out loud, the bureau chief rushed back to the police station.

Inside the interrogation room.

The little loli wasnt afraid at all. With her big eyes looking around, she seemed bored, Strange uncle, our school is going to train for a choir contest. Why dont you teach me.

O? Su Hao was curious, What song?

The little loli played with her fingers, I think it should be what unity is strength. I myself cant remember. After all, I still havent learned it.

I dont know!

Su Hao firmly waved his hands. He had sung that song so many times during junior high school that he felt sick of it. Right now, even if he was to be beaten to death, he wouldnt sing it again!


The little loli looked down in disappointment. Feeling some guilt, he saw the little loli run to Li Jun, The police shouldve learned this song. Captain, you mustve known this song, right?

Li Juns whole body was in pain. Since when did he have any energy left to bother with her?

The little loli learned from Su Hao and copied the action of kicking, and then angrily asked, Do you know or do you not?


I kn.know Li Jun took a deep cold breath. The little lolis strength wasnt great, but she was kicking at the wound. How could that not hurt?

Then sing for me. If you sing badly, I will kick you again. She said so while pointing at Li Jun.

Uniunity. is strength.. Li Jun sang with a crying face, Si~ pain.I didnt sing it wrong, kay?

Wrong, our teacher said that at the end of the sentence you have to drag it longer. The little loli said seriously.

Li Jun was mad. He was in such a painful state, how could he still able to drag it long?

But when he saw the little lolli was about to kick again, he quickly sang, Uni.unity is strengthstrength strength strength! Uni.unity is strengthstrength strength strength! This strength.as strong as..iron! This strength is as strong as steel! Compared to iron..

Su Hao who was standing besides them looked stunned.

Looking at the little loli carefully once more, it was as if Su Hao was able to see a pair of black horns emerge from her head, a pair of wings on her back, and a little demon tail coming from her buttock.

Instantly, he felt sympathy for Li Jun. At the same time, he was glad that he escaped this torment.

Not only Su Hao, even the policemen outside the interrogation room were dumbfounded too.

Chief Li who was always proudful and majestic, why was he reduced to such a state.

When bureau chief He Qizheng arrived, he was angered by the scene, What happened? Why are you guys assembled here? Get back to your positions!

Uh, bureau chief is here!

Seeing this, all the policemen quickly got back to their seats, leaving only the one in charge to make the report to the bureau chief.

After greeting some officers that were guarding the room, he looked inside and growled, Have you made enough of mess!?

With his obese body perspiring non stop, it was clear that He Qizheng did rush back here.

His roar echoed inside the interrogation room. The little loli was surprised and quickly ran to hide behind Su Hao.

Su Hao looked at her and helplessly shook his head, A dignified bureau chief, scaring little kids is no good.

Heng, beating two officers until theyre in a coma, injuring one into such a sorry state, occupying the interrogation room, ignoring law and now, you dare to threaten me? You think you can get out of here?

He Qizheng said with no fear.

Well, I dont care. Su Hao shrugged, I ask bureau chief here for justice.

What justice? He Qizheng frowned.

Su Hao casually replied, Right now I have reason to suspect that Li Jun and the Piao Ling organization are related. Fact is, Im the one who helped catching those killers from the Piao Ling organization, but this Li Jun is planning to trap me here and let Yang Zixi outside for an opportunity to assassinate her.



Su Hao kicked the door open. He casually walked out from the door as the two officers guarding the room were looking at him.

Holding the little loli, Su Hao looked at He Qizheng, Im pretty sure you know the overview of this incident. If this goes big, Im sure it wont bring you guys any good either. Im here now, you dare to catch me?

How wouldnt I dare?!!

He Qizheng sneered, Just a tiny puny student, yet he thinks hes invincible? Hold him down. Guys, send the evidence and see how many years of imprisonment he would be getting!


One of the officers entered a series of evidence of Su Haos wrongdoing. With data running all over the screen, soon the final result was out.

Hello, according to the new law, the police have no right to convict those who have military merits. If theres enough evidence of guilt, please transfer to Jianghe Citys army.

The cold AI voice echoed within the police station.

He Qizhengs whole body was stiff. Several nearby officers were stunned too.