Godly Model Creator Chapter 640

641 Charge All The Way

Dark clouds covered the sky.

That night, only God knew how many espers were looking up at the stars while secretly being afraid and having a bad feeling. Without knowing why, from this year onward, this world seemed to become more chaotic as the days pass.

Zhanzheng College...

In the dormitory...

Su Hao sat cross-legged and closed his eyes while contemplating.

If you think that he's cultivating, then you're wrong. In his model world, Su Hao was actually standing in front of thousands of computers while deeply immersed in his thoughts.

The matters earlier had come to an end.

The ones who should be dead are dead. Now, nobody dares to touch him anymore. Su Hao is finally able to enjoy true peace. However, before this, there is still one thing that made Su Hao's heart restless.

It is none other than...

Tian Long Court's disciple trial.

This isn't like any usual trial. In fact, it's not something that the top student is qualified to partake. Tian Long Court's disciple trial has always been strange from the start. There's no ranking or scores involved, plus the mortality rate is extremely high. Even during the trial, some suffered a total wipeout.


Tian Long Court gives a preparation time of one month for each participant and for most participants, that month would be the time they bid goodbye to their families.

Because it is very likely that they might not be able to come back.

Thus, those who have applied for the trial would make lots of preparation before doing so. How many would be like Su Hao who suddenly broke through out of nowhere?

However, even if Su Hao is given a second chance, he would not regret his choice.

In front of a crisis, since when did he have the luxury to hesitate?

Only when one is decisive enough, will they survive to the end!

"One month..." Su Hao muttered to himself.

Since he had just stabilized his breakthrough, attempting another breakthrough in such a short period is impossible. Moreover, Su Hao didn't even have any interest to breakthrough into the domain realm now.

What he needs to do now is to exhaust his talent just Tian Long Court had pointed out!

Except how could he exhaust his talent?



Only then would he found the best solution.

Without noticing it...

Su Hao placed his gaze on the thousands of computers in front of him.

Since the appearance of these thousands of computers in his mind, Su Hao's strength had increased by many folds. Whether it is his analytical capability or deductive power, it has improved and provided much aid to Su Hao. However, after Su Hao reached this stage, the role played by these computers decreased; especially recently.

For certain problems he faced, he had to give a random guess. With an unknown number of possibilities, if he is to deduce everything, it would be helpless even with these thousands of computers!

The workload is too large!


It's time to upgrade them?

Su Hao suddenly came up with such thoughts.

If he wants to improve his strength, this is definitely the best way. Once these computers are upgraded, Su Hao's strength would definitely improve again.

This is a core upgrade!

For Su Hao, it's akin to an upgrade of his ability talent!

However, after careful consideration, Su Hao decided to scrub this idea. Reality is after all different from an idea. So far, there are a few places in Zhanzheng College which Su Hao is helpless.

One of them is the library.

And the other one would be the strategic room.

It's fine if you want to read books there, but if one attempts to use energy in these two places, the teachers would definitely pay you a visit to have a chat over some tea. Thus, even if Su Hao has this invincible model analysis, he could only read one book at a time in the library.

As for the strategic room...

Naturally, it would be heavily guarded since it's one of the most important locations in the school. He couldn't even imagine how many protective layers are utilized to shield off any energy. Trying to duplicate anything inside is simply a dream.

"Why don't I increase the quantity?" Su Hao thought for a moment.

In the end, he shook his head, indicating that he's giving up on this idea.

To add additional units is easy but the performance coming from these existing thousands of computers almost reached the limit. Anything more won't bring additional benefit. In other words, quantitatively, it has reached the extreme. Thus, if he wishes to have a real breakthrough, he could only look at it from a qualitative perspective!

Right now, he could only wait for an opportunity.

He put his plan of upgrading the computers on hold.

"Where should I start from then?" Su Hao was in a dilemma.

Because he just realized that as Tian Long Court's disciple trial is approaching, he actually had nothing to improve! Because of his recent crazy breakthrough, he had reached the peak in every aspect!

Should he just settle with slow and steady cultivation?

If it were normal times, that would be fine. However, there is less than a month now from the trial. If he didn't train diligently for it, he wouldn't be confident. Su Hao has never been one who slacks off. As long as it's something that can be achieved with hard work, it's not a problem for him.

"I can't resort to this..."

Su Hao looked at Blue Dream Butterfly and Shi Mingxuan who were training in his model world.


Even that damn giant tree was quietly cultivating. If Su Hao didn't pay any attention to it, he would probably miss this scene.

"Everyone is working hard." Su Hao sighed.

This is what the era of origin ability is all about!

Even a giant tree knows how to work hard. As a part of a species who has evolved over millions of years, he can't make himself worse than this damn giant tree right?

Su Hao's eyes lit up.

Since he couldn't improve in other aspects, he would start from the model world itself. Even if he won't be stepping into the domain realm, for Su Hao who has mastered Universe Creator, it's no different from being a half-step into the domain realm.

Once the enemy is dragged into the model world, only energy would decide the outcome!

"Seems that my energy is still insufficient!" Su Hao understood his flaws well.

In fact, Universe Creator had already given Su Hao some ideas regarding invincibility, which is once he has sufficient energy, Su Hao could recreate the Holy Light and achieved true invincibility!

Of course, this is just his thoughts.

During the beast tide, that horrifying consumption had terrified him. With his current energy capacity, perhaps a few seconds of Holy Light and he would be out of gas.

This isn't a holy but defective product...

Light flashed within Su Hao's eyes. He knew that he had to keep improving his strength in order to increase his chances of success.


Storing energy!

With the existence of Model Reversal, this has provided Su Hao infinite possibilities. As for the energy within the model world? It's too little for him!

His mind was rapidly thinking like electricity.

Since he has a goal, Su Hao began to work out the solution.

In a few breaths, countless ways to obtain energy were laid out; several of them are listed as a high priority by Su Hao.

Among them, there is only one that ranked the highest.

The Zhang family!

"Em... as one of the top ten families, the Zhang family should have lots of resources." Su Hao's mouth revealed a smirk, "If Fatty returns and cooperates with me... Not to forget, the matter of Blue Dream Butterfly, only when he returns to the Zhang family can it be investigated clearly."

Su Hao pondered for a bit and soon made his decision.

"Charge all the way!"

"After all, that's an ATM of energy!"

Su Hao's eyes lit up.

The next day...

Su Hao went to find Fatty and kept instilling confidence on him. With his current strength, his confidence naturally increased by many times. After being brainwashed by Su Hao, he finally decided to visit the Zhang family to make his comeback and beat their faces until it is swollen!

However, Su Hao's attitude made Fatty feel strange. Isn't he the one who got expelled from the Zhang family? Why does he sense that Su Hao is even more excited than him?

"Ugh, ugh. You're my friend." Su Hao replied without even showing any embarrassment.

"Oh." Fatty felt ashamed of his earlier doubts.

"All the best. Try to make a breakthrough as soon as possible." Su Hao patted on his shoulder and exclaimed, "When that time comes, I will accompany you to charge all the way through! We will take back every resource that belongs to us!"


Fatty clenched his fists and replied in high morale. Seems that he didn't notice that what Su Hao mentioned earlier was 'us' instead of 'you'...

The reality proved itself.

Never underestimate this Fatty's determination.

In just one week, after Su Hao emptied all his energy, Fatty finally broke through.

Fatty perfected every cultivation technique that Su Hao improved!

Most of the cultivation techniques Fatty practiced are all exclusive types. After completing these, naturally, his talent would soar to a higher level.

Level seven professional esper!

This is Fatty's latest strength.

When Su Hao knew of this, even he was a little surprised because even for Zhou Wang and the others, they were only able to breakthrough quickly while in the specialized realm. As for the professional realm...

Fatty's talent is indeed higher.

"Let's go!" Su Hao said with high spirits.

"This... should I wait a little longer?"

In the suburban district, in front of the Zhang family's front entrance, Fatty was somewhat nervous and began to hesitate.

"What's there to dilly-dally for?" Su Hao stared at him for a second unhappily, "If we wait any longer, Tian Long Court's disciple trial would have started. Then what will be the point?"

"Huh?" Fatty was at a loss.


Su Hao quickly responded and sincerely convinced him, "Fatty, I will be participating in Tian Long Court's disciple trial in a few days. I don't know when I will be returning. If I don't come back, who can help you? This matter of the Zhang family requires one to step up and intimidate them."

"Intimidate?" Fatty was stunned for a moment, but soon recovered and understood Su Hao's meaning.


It's the Zhang family after all.

Even if the clan head doesn't mind, those little devils would be hard to deal with. Even if Fatty charges in alone, so what if he wins? Just any domain esper selected would have easily subdued him! As for Su Hao, he's different. Nobody dares touch him.

"Su Hao..." Fatty was moved.

Because of this Zhang family matter, he didn't have many friends. Su Hao who is about to participate in the trial actually considered him even when it is currently a crucial moment.

How could Fatty not be moved by Su Hao's action?

"I will go!" Fatty's expression looked firm, "I will defeat them and take back all the resources that belongs to me and return to the Zhang family. Then, I can help you improve for the trial!"

"Such a quick learner..."

What else could Su Hao say?

Without even having to voice out, Fatty already said what he wished to hear.

"Go!" Su Hao's fighting spirit was high.

He also wished to witness what kind of strength the so-called top ten family disciples possess.


Taking a huge step forward, Su Hao kicked open the Zhang family's main door. Behind him, Fatty looked at him in a dumbstruck expression, "Big brother, isn't this a little too aggressive..."

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