Godly Model Creator Chapter 641

642 It's Great To Have Someone Backing You Up From Behind


"Courting death!"

A series of shouts echoed.

Unlike Zhanzheng College which has a vast area, ordinary forces would usually just huddle together in tall buildings. Since the Zhang family is one of the top ten families, it's not a building but a rarely seen residence. Su Hao's kick landed right on the over ten-meter tall bronze door.


A strong force emerged within Su Hao's foot. This heavy yet ancient looking door produced creaking sounds and eventually collapsed.


The terrifying rumbling sound shocked everyone.

In the Zhang family's courtyard, the ones who just ran over here saw this scene and were dumbfounded. That isn't a regular door, but a thick bronze door more than ten meters in height! Yet, it got kicked opened by a single man. What kind of strength does this man possess?

How could he be human?!

Not to forget, this is the Zhang family!

The Zhang family!

Since the completion of this door, it has become the facade of the Zhang family since then. Nobody dares to touch it. Anyone who approaches this door would feel oppressed. Who actually has the gut to touch it?

But now...

The door was forcefully kicked open!

With a foot!


The few nearby guards were furious.

At that time, it happened to be time to change shifts. Two teams were just about to exchange from inside. This is why nobody stayed outside the door. This sudden kick nearly crushed them to death!

Since the door got destroyed, these two teams rushed over here.

"Huh, it's you?"

Those two teams which just arrived here were stunned.

Because if it's any other person, they might not recognize them, but this Fatty in front of them, they're extremely familiar with him. Previously, it was them who drove him out of the Zhang family. Although they just acted based on their superior's command, they had quite an impression on this pathetic Fatty.

"Long time no see, everyone." Fatty smiled.


Killing intents could be sensed from these guards, "You're no longer a member of the Zhang family. Yet, you dare to act arrogantly. Simply courting death! If we do not take you down and punish you today, aren't we worthless as guards?"


"Take him down!"

Several guards charged forward.

However, at this moment, a loud sound rang.


Su Hao's aura skyrocketed, and his level nine professional esper's strength was revealed without any hesitation. This violent aura instantly suppressed these guards.



They were blasted backward, colliding with those behind them. Screams of pain echoed, and the scene looked terrible.


Fatty was a bit dumbstruck.

He knew that Su Hao is powerful, but he didn't think Su Hao is this strong. These guards are all at the peak of the professional realm! Just randomly pick anyone, and his strength won't be mediocre. However, they got blasted away by Su Hao in just a single move.

This is too formidable!

Fatty squeezed his fist.

He really didn't judge Su Hao wrongly!

At first, Su Hao being one of the top ten most violent men already proved his strength. Now Su Hao's actual strength has actually reached this degree!

For this trip back to the Zhang family, Fatty was full of confidence!

Moreover, he knew that Su Hao acting this way is to create a momentum for himself! Standing here, informing the Zhang family that he, Zhang Shanfeng, has returned!

"How dare you?!" A guard roared in anger and embarrassment.

Fatty didn't wait for the guard to finish his words and stepped forward. Straightening his back, he said with great confidence, "I, Zhang Shanfeng, wish to apply for the assessment of returning to the clan!"


Everyone was stunned and almost thought that they had misheard. Looking at Fatty's expression, they noticed that Fatty has never been as serious as now. Although they found this scene ridiculous, they knew it is actually real.

This Fatty actually intends to return to the family?

"Did I hear wrong?"

"The assessment to return to the clan?"

"Haha, I nearly died from laughter."

Everyone ridiculed him. What kind of assessment is that? There is only one simple requirement, becoming the best one out of one's batch!

Fatty isn't weak. This is a fact known by everyone.

But to be first?

This is simply a laughing matter.

Being ridiculed by everyone, Fatty didn't bother with that. The moment he stepped forward, his heart only had a strong belief, "Are you going to do the procedure or not?"

"Fine!" A guard said coldly.

He wished to see what kind of tricks this Fatty had under his sleeves. Moreover, this matter of assessment isn't something he can decide.

"Go, notify the supervisor."

Those guards communicated with each other in a tone and then led Su Hao and Fatty inside with a mocking gaze.

By the doorway...

A sigh could be heard from the old man, who is in charge of cleaning, as he passed by. Carrying this bronze door which is over ten meters in height and five meters in width, he pointed it towards the direction of the gate.


The bronze door was now in place.

Several guards who remained there saw this scene and had their whole body tremble. Cold sweats began to form on their backs. This...this... What had they just seen? Isn't that the old janitor who sweeps the floor on weekdays? Upon remembering the usual ridicule and curses they throw at this old man, they could feel their legs turn weak.

Not far away.

Su Hao, who had just left, saw this scene with his model analysis. Even he was a bit surprised at that. That heavy door is easy to kick open, but to lift it up? How many times more difficult is that? With his current strength, all he could do is push the door.

This old man...

How strong is he?

"In every place, there would be one cleaning old man who is strong." Su Hao said with a sigh.

The facts are now clear. After all, this is one of the top ten families. Ordinary enemies would be handed to the guards, but if a real enemy appears, these guards would probably serve as cannon fodder like today. Thus, there must be one truly strong esper stationed there.

If not because of Su Hao's special status, being afraid of the mysterious old man, this Zhang family would have long acted on him.

Sure enough, one can act arrogantly as long as there is someone backing him up. Su Hao sighed in relief and followed Fatty inside. Today, Fatty Zhang Shanfeng is the real protagonist.

With both entering, the Zhang family was in a commotion.

All these years...

There are hundreds of disciples in the Zhang family being expelled!

However, nobody managed to return!

How to return?

In the Zhang family, all the rich resources have all been taken away. After leaving this family, one has to rely on himself to earn money and buy resources.

This is the condition of all disciples who have been expelled from the Zhang family.

More than half gave up on cultivating. Some might struggle to make some progress, but compared to those in the Zhang family, it's miles apart!

To be first in the same batch!

Could any average man make it?

This batch alone, several geniuses of the same age as Fatty have reached level nine professional esper! And the strongest one is actually one of the top ten most violent men in Zhanzheng College!

With such strength, how could one triumph over them?

Just the thought of it is already terrifying enough. Thus, even if there is such rile, nobody dared to try until today.

Someone actually tried to take up this challenge, and it was surprisingly the Fatty, Zhang Shanfeng!

Everyone was in an uproar.

"Damn Fatty's brain must have rotted..."

"If Zhang Yating is still alive, perhaps it's possible, but Zhang Shanfeng?"

"Is this some kind of joke?"

"This Fatty, could he have been beaten into a retard after an illusion showdown?"

The Zhang family's members continued to ridicule him. For them who have been diligently cultivating all this time, it seems that they finally get to witness some interesting comedy. Gathering into a crowd, they wished to watch this lively event.

At this time, Su Hoa's pair of eyes was also looking around.

Zhang Shanfeng...

Zhang Yating...

After all, Su Hao has endless curiosity towards the Zhang family.


An energy fluctuation swept the area.

Su Hao quietly expanded his scan all over the Zhang family's residence. Then, a temporary model world was formed in his body which simulated the terrain of this place.

The regions where the Zhang family's members live...

The Zhang family's cultivation region...

The Zhang family's battle arena...


A series of scenes appeared within his mind. In just a moment of effort, the entire Zhang family's residence appeared, forming a complete map.

"How could this be?" Su Hao was shocked!

His surprise wasn't due to the terrain being unique and obscuring his scan, but because nothing obstructed his scan and everything was completely revealed to him! How could this be?

As one of the top ten families!

A force which could rival Zhanzheng College!

Even Zhanzheng College itself has restricted areas such as the library and the strategy room, but Zhang family actually has nothing to guard against?

Zhang family just freely exposes itself?

No way!

Su Hao felt that something is fishy here.

Others might not see it, but he saw that clearly. He could see every brick and tile in the residence clearly. There is no secret room whatsoever.

Is it too small?

Su Hao pondered for a bit.


Energy fluctuation covered even more area, doubling the consumption!

However, unexpectedly, Su Hao still ended up with nothing!

"There is really nothing else!" Su Hao was shocked!

Could it be that the Zhang family has no secret?

If there is no secret... there should be an origin energy library, right? Su Hao tried to find something in the model world but suddenly understood some points. This damn Zhang family must have secretly transferred all their secrets and resources to other places.

"Interesting." Su Hao's mouth revealed a smile.

It's obvious that the Zhang family has revealed that it is hiding something, but Su Hao felt more curious regarding the secret the Zhang family is trying to hide!

At the front courtyard of the Zhang family...

Fatty stood in the middle proudly while being surrounded by a bunch of young disciples. Watching and pointing at Fatty, a man who is in charge of Zhang family's management came out.

"You're the one who wishes to return to the clan?" The supervisor asked in a cold, stern expression.

"Yes!" Fatty replied in a clear voice.

"Great." The supervisor just nodded, "Then come over here to confirm the details."


A virtual screen appeared.

Fatty came forward to confirm the information on the screen. When he saw the image of his own mother, his eyes were slightly shaken.


After the confirmation is done, a stiff smile could be seen from the supervisor's stern expression. In a loud voice, he exclaimed, "It has been such a long time since the last person took this challenge. There is no rule for this challenge and nothing to pay attention to. Anyone can participate in this challenge. In this courtyard, if you are still standing after three hours, then you win!"

With these words, it signified the beginning of this challenge.

Everyone was already teeming with excitement!

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