Godly Model Creator Chapter 642

643 Cheating

It started!

With these words from the supervisor, it ignited everyone's spirit.

After three hours, if he is still standing tall?

What a proudful feat would that be?!

If Fatty really manages to do so, doesn't that mean that there is nobody from the same batch who could compete with him?

"Let me go first!" A level seven professional esper, a young man stepped forward and arrogantly pointed his finger at Fatty, "Damn Fatty, with such minute strength, you wish to destroy the Zhang family? You have overestimated yourself. Allow me to show you how I am going to destroy you today!"

Fatty just turned around and looked at Su Hao. Su Hao didn't say anything, but the corner of his mouth raised slightly, indicating that it's a go!

"Let's do this!" Fatty clenched his fists and charged forward.


All sort of illusions appeared.

While seemingly infinite scenes appeared, Fatty's figure didn't move. With a burst of aura coming from his body, an ancient giant monster appeared from his back, revealing a terrifying might!


The young man on the other side instantly got blasted away.

The crowd was stunned.


He lost?

In just one move?!

With just a single move?!

Although this young man might not be among the strongest, at least he's at the standard of a level seven professional esper. How could he be defeated in just a single move?

"Let me do it!" Another person came forward.


Defeated in one move!

Everyone was stunned and finally began to treat this challenge from Fatty seriously. Could it be that he really improved his strength? Thinking of this, everyone couldn't help but feel shocked. When Fatty got driven out from the family, what kind of strength did he have? After leaving Zhang family, how could he actually improve instead?

Su Hao just observed from the sideline with a smile.

The scene in front of him didn't surprise him at all. Fatty originally had untapped talent and strength. However, after Su Hao's improvements, his overall strength has already increased by multiple folds and is definitely not something that the Zhang family's disciples could match!

"I don't believe it!"

Another person stepped forward while not being convinced and pointed at Fatty, "I want to see what's your actual current strength. Accept this move of mine, Bright Illusionary Finger!"


The surrounding air vibrated.

Fatty smirked and assumed the same action with his finger pointed out, "Bright Illusionary Finger!"


With both fingers confronting each other, they clashed in mid-air. However, Fatty's Bright Illusionary Finger, even after the clash, it kept moving forward with the same momentum and blasted the man away.

Another victory!

In one move!

At this time, no matter how stupid one is, he would know something is amiss.

For Fatty to return, he must have been well prepared and already reached the stage of being able to destroy any ordinary Zhang family's disciples!

"He actually improved!"

"One move to destroy a level seven professional esper. He should at least be at the standard of a level eight professional esper!"

"He must have stumbled upon a lucky encounter. Otherwise, how could he improve this quickly?!"

"Let's go and call the others here!"

Everyone was in this hot discussion.

As for Fatty, he just stood there proudly as his heart was brimming in confidence. Since when has he had such a state? Since when did he dare to have such thoughts?

Now, with Su Hao's aid, he did!

He would fight them uprightly!

The challenge was still ongoing!

Su Hao just continued to watch the scene unfold with his cold expression. He knew that the true enemies of Fatty aren't these people. The so-called first rank in a batch won't be just a mere title.

Without having time to think longer, countless people were rushing over; even when there is no reward for them.

They must participate in this challenge!

This isn't a joke!

Fatty's strength actually surpassed them after being expelled for quite some time. Doesn't that indicate that Fatty's talent far exceeds theirs?

This is not something they could tolerate!

One hour later.

How many people had come here but they were all defeated by Fatty? There isn't any suspense. Even a level nine professional esper could not escape from this fate.

Two hours later.

A small number of people came over here, but once again, they were all destroyed by Fatty without any suspense.

"Damn it!"

"This damn Fatty is too arrogant!"

Everyone cursed in their heart.

"What about Big Brother Zhang San?"

"I think he went out for a journey to temper himself."

"Humph, this damn Fatty. Could it be he knew Brother Zhang San isn't here that he chose this time to come back?"

"I think so or else, how could he be this coincident?"

Everyone condemned him, At this moment, Su Hao's expression while watching this drama unfold finally changed. On the 2D map, several large red dots could be seen coming here. Such strength isn't something that current disciples here could have.

The truly powerful Zhang family's disciples finally made their debut!

Fatty's true opponents!

When these few men came and saw Fatty, they couldn't help to laugh, "I thought it was someone else, but it turned out to be Brother Fatty. Thanks for your help in the previous illusion showdown."


The others laughed out loud.

During the previous illusion showdown, they had threatened Fatty and used him as a springboard. Never would one expect them to be the core disciples of the Zhang family.

"It's you guys..."

Fatty's eyes turned red, and his heart began to have some fear.

These men's abilities are greater than his!

The Zhang family's resources aren't given out for free. With endless resources to aid them, their progress definitely would be so fast that one couldn't imagine.

Plus, as a family force, they won't be giving resources to everyone like Zhanzheng College. They only had to provide to their own people. Since one is able to enjoy more resources, naturally the chances to give birth to stronger espers would be higher. This is also the very reason why even when the Zhang family might be smaller in number, it's enough to rival Zhanzheng College.

The peak of the professional realm!

These people are all peak professional espers!

He couldn't win against them!

Fatty swallowed a mouthful of saliva and subconsciously looked at Su Hao. As for Su Hao, he only casually made a gesture which indicated...


"How calm is he?" Fatty smiled bitterly.

He really didn't understand. Even he had no confidence. Where does Su Hao's confidence come from? However, recalling Su Hao's instruction, Fatty took a deep breath and pointed at one of them.

"Grandson, you dare to step forward?"


Everyone was in an uproar.

This Fatty is too aggressive!

"Senior Zhang Jiu, destroy him!"

"Yes, how could we bear with this? At least, not me!"

"He's simply courting death!"

Everyone added fuel to the fire, making the young man that Fatty pointed at to be furious. Since he entered the peak of the professional realm, this was the first time someone was this arrogant in front of him!

This is simply a naive arrogance!

"Kid, you are looking for death!" Zhang Jiu glared at Fatty and the fire within his heart detonated. His companions around him laughed, "Zhang Jiu, you actually got called up by Fatty. This is so funny that my stomach hurts."

"Hahaha, seems that you're being looked down upon."

"Go ahead. He has already called you."

Zhang Jiu's rage kept increasing the longer he listened. As his eyes were filled with murderous intent, he stared at Fatty, "Damn Fatty, today, I won't let you leave here alive!"

Fatty looked at him innocently. Subconsciously, he peaked at Su Hao. These words aren't what he wished to say... Su Hao, can he really cover for me later?


Without even giving any time for Fatty to think, Zhang Jiu already made his move.

Unlike previous battles, Zhang Jiu's strength is obviously much better than the common disciples. The moment when this battle began, both of them already entered into a heated fight!

"Huh? He actually managed to block it!"

"Just when I was informed that Fatty defeated a level nine professional esper. I still couldn't believe it, but now it seems that it was true."

"To be able to defeat a level nine professional esper and block an attack from a peak professional esper, this Fatty really has made his preparations before coming here. Too bad, he's still quite a distance away from Zhang Jiu."

Everyone could clearly see it.

Fatty indeed possessed quite a good strength. However, after confronting Zhang Jiu, he's obviously at a disadvantage.

Plus, it's a complete disadvantage.



Fatty was forced into a retreat. Every origin technique which he had mastered had all been used, yet Zhang Jiu easily deciphered all of them. Instead, he had to struggle to resist Zhang Jiu's every attack.

"He can't hold much longer!"

Fatty bit his teeth, "Almost..."

Su Hao quietly observed this scene. Letting Fatty fight by himself is in order to temper his mental state. However, Fatty is still one step behind. If this continues any longer, he would most likely be defeated by Zhang Jiu.

It's time for Su Hao to make his move.


Light flashed within both eyes of his.

Su Hao activated his model analysis and an energy fluctuation headed toward nobody but Fatty!

This action, nobody noticed it at all!


Fatty's sea of consciousness once again appeared. This time, at a corner, there was a hint of odd fluctuation, It seemed like a backdoor.

This is what Su Hao's instruction is!

When the battle turns unfavorable, open your sea of consciousness!

It doesn't have to be big. Just a small hole is enough, and Su Hao wished to use this small piece of consciousness to do things such as data transmission!


Light flashed in both of Su Hao's eyes.

Illusion Reality activated!

In an instant...

The scene in front of Su Hao changed. One red and one blue, that familiar scene appeared. The scene of Zhang Jiu and Fatty fighting each other was slowed down, and every little movement could be seen clearly. With thousands of computers running, the result of each scene's deduction was soon out.

At this moment, Su Hao's mouth revealed a smile.



Energy fluctuated as infinite amounts of data rushed towards Fatty's sea of consciousness like a river.

Fatty who was struggling up until now was suddenly stunned.

His whole body trembled.

He couldn't help but open his eyes wide in disbelief.

The sea of consciousness, what kind of place is that? It's the depth of a person's mind. Unless one has absolute trust of the other person, nobody will dare to expose it! If one cast some illusion or strange soul technique to control you, you will be a slave until death!

Therefore, no matter how trustful one is, it's very hard to open up your sea of consciousness to other people.

As for Fatty, because of the previous matter, he had opened it up once. Thus, this time, after Su Hao told him to do so, he still chose to believe Su Hao's words without reservation.

As for how to win, he still couldn't comprehend it.

But now...

Fatty was stunned to look at the scene in his mind. his whole person was stupefied on the spot that his movement subconsciously slowed down for a bit. Zhang Jiu who was dueling with Fatty noticed it.


"Your strength is already not sufficient to defeat me. Yet, during our battle, you still dare to be distracted?"

Zhang Jiu was furious. Accelerating his movement, a powerful origin technique appeared.

However, unexpectedly...


Fatty did a strange sliding movement, and he actually managed to evade it!

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