Godly Model Creator Chapter 643

644 What Happened In The Past?

He evaded it?

How is this possible?!

Zhang Jiu was shocked.

"Eva... evaded?"

The unique part of this origin technique is its rapid, instant, and sudden outburst which nobody could escape from. Even when this is used against many peak professional espers, they all failed to dodge!

This damn Fatty How could he evade it?

"Daddy doesn't believe it!" Zhang Jiu raged. Yet, another origin technique erupted from his hands.


Fatty quietly evaded it again.

This time the crowd seemed to notice something as well, "Something isn't right."

"How should I phrase it?"

"When Zhang Jiu used all his strength, he definitely could suppress Fatty completely. At first, I thought Fatty couldn't withstand any longer; however, not only is Fatty still persisting, but he also seems to be free from being suppressed!"


When everyone had a closer look, that seemed to be the case.

Before this, Fatty had been forced to a dead end, but now he began to find his momentum again. Instead, Zhang Jiu's expression was getting worse as the fight continued as if he had stumbled upon something unbelievable.


"Forbidden technique?"

Zhang Jiu seemed to have thought of something, "His strength suddenly increased. He's probably using some forbidden technique. Let me see how many times you can use it!"


Zhang Jiu's attacks became even more aggressive. The bloody aura emitted from his whole body erupted. As the might of his ability talent activated, the powerful bloody aura surrounded the area. All sorts of illusion techniques coming from Fatty couldn't affect him at all.

"Ability talent Zhang Jiu finally turned serious."

"Hehe, this little Fatty, he's about to be finished."

The bloody aura was still surging.

A red tide formed around him.

The current Zhang Jiu was akin to a reincarnated demon. The pace and strength of his attacks had climbed to an unbelievable level. He looked extremely terrifying being surrounded by the bloody aura.However, people were also astonished by the fact that Fatty, who is always assuming the attitude of a yes-man, also changed!

His figure was as mobile as the wind.

No matter how aggressive Zhang Jiu attacked, this Fatty would always evade the calamity.

The current pace was much quicker by an unknown amount. Even the spectators were dazzled. In fact, numerous people could no longer identify the attacks used.

The battle intensified.

"What a terrifying ability? So this is Zhang Jiu's ability talent?"

"Yes. However, what terrifies me more is that Fatty. He actually didn't fall behind. Isn't his talent about the illusion domain? How did it turn out to be strange like this?"

"Not sure, perhaps it's a forbidden technique?"


With the constant explosions from the clash, the crowd watched with their blood surging. Nobody noticed that the distant Su Hao had both his eyes flashing as countless pictures were played.

Illusion Reality!

Via the transmission through the sea of consciousness, Su Hao actually passed on his deduction to Fatty!

This is something he thought of when he was bored.

Just like the chicken bones.

There are many origin techniques which are similar to this. The number of those that could transmit their voice isn't small. As for Su Hao, to rely on his ability talent, he needed the other person's cooperation.

To open one's sea of consciousness?

Who would do that for him!

Thus, this method is destined to end up as chicken ribs.

However, with Fatty's unconditional trust, Su Hao was quite surprised to find out that these chicken ribs actually played such an extraordinary effect.

Zhang Jiu wasn't only facing the lone Fatty right now. Instead, it's Fatty plus Illusion Reality!

Su Hao's Illusory Reality!

How strong is the current Su Hao? He's a character who quickly entered the top ten most violent men list. Zhang Jiu is only a peak professional esper. The so-called origin technique he utilized in front of Su Hao is naturally full of flaws. With the flaws transmitted to Fatty, he was akin to using cheats. How could Zhang win under this condition?

As expected...

After continuing for another two minutes, Zhang Jiu could no longer hold on. After Fatty easily evaded several times, he easily beat Zhang Jiu.

Fatty won.

The crowd was speechless.

This scene was beyond their expectation. That wasn't a nobody but Zhang Jiu! He's a well-known figure within the disciples' circle. With peak professional realm strength, he actually got defeated?

Could it be he threw the match?

How could that be?

Everyone clearly saw it. Zhang Jiu had used all of his might. The thing which went beyond their expectation should be Fatty's strength when he used all of his might. It's too strong! That right timing in his offense and quick footwork, this man who got expelled from Zhang family previously actually possessed such strength?

The crowd was speechless for a long time.

"Let me try!" One of the people who came together with Zhang Jiu stepped forward.

However, unlike the previous ones, this young man's expression was full of seriousness. There was no hint of arrogance at all. Obviously, Fatty's strength finally gained recognition from everyone.

But, so what if he was serious?

In just five minutes.

An utter defeat!

Another peak professional esper was defeated!

Soon, more espers stepped forward, but they still couldn't escape the fate of being defeated by Fatty. One, two, three people... Nobody exceeded the five-minute mark!

This time, the Zhang family's disciples were genuinely stunned.

Witnessing those peak professional disciples whom they thought to be invincible rapidly entering the stage like a flowing river and then get easily defeated by Fatty...

This intense scene made everyone feel unbelievable.



Is Fatty really invincible?

"Anyone else?" Fatty calmly asked. Without the tone of arrogance he had earlier, yet it still made the crowd feel his dominance. Anyone else?

How much of confidence is in that question!

The crowd looked at each other in dismay.

Three hours!

Fatty really stood there for three hours, and they actually failed to defeat him! If not because resorting to a gang up is too shameful, they would have all charge forward together!

"Too bad, Senior Zhang San isn't here..." Someone muttered.

One by one, people joined the conversation, "Yes, if Senior Zhang San was here..."

Fatty stood there fearlessly, "If Zhang San is here, ask him to come then! I don't mind having a duel with him. If he isn't here, then stop uttering nonsense! Here, how strong is Zhang San isn't related to you. Even if I lose to him, the fact that I defeat you all remains!"

Everyone was speechless.


So what if Zhang San is here?

Would Zhang San's victory over Fatty override the fact that Fatty defeated them?

At Zhang family backyard.

In this beautiful courtyard, an old man and a young man were spectating this scene in the front yard of the Zhang family through a virtual screen, witnessing Fatty's arrogant declaration.

Anger could be seen between this young man's eyebrows, "Master, let me go meet him!"

"No need." The old man casually waved his hand, "The reason Zhang family set up this rule is to ensure geniuses return. This Fatty can't compete with you, but he meets the requirement. So what if you make a move and scare him off?"

"But, Master..." The young man said in an unwilling tone, "On what qualification does he have to be this arrogant?"

"Then wait for him to enter and then challenge him." The old man laughed, "No matter what, he's a disciple of the Zhang family. Since he has worked hard to return, then let him be a part of the Zhang family. San Er, you're too impatient. I think you need some meditation."

"Yes, Master." The young man lowered his head.

However, he didn't notice the gloomy red light within his master's eyes.

After all, this young man is still naive.

And his name, San Er...

This young man is none other than the number one genius within Zhang family's younger generation, Zhang San! A simple name yet it managed to shock many which made the Zhang family proud. Who would have thought that Zhang San had quietly returned to the residence? However, the dialogue between both of them closed the curtain of this challenge.

The three hours period had passed.

Nobody stepped forward.

Fatty emerged as victorious!

When the supervisor announced that Fatty is now officially a Zhang family's disciple, even Fatty was stunned on the spot... This is too unreal! He had fantasized this moment countless times, but he never expected it to be this easy to achieve.

He succeeded!

"I am back?" Fatty looked at his hands in disbelief.

"Yes, you are back." Su Hao laughed, "From today onward, you can proudly say your own name, Zhang Shanfeng from the Zhang family!"

"I'm back Mum!"

Fatty suddenly yelled and ran towards his own courtyard. Su Hao just watched from afar, knowing that Fatty was heading to his family.

During these years, he indeed suffered quite a lot.

At this moment, as Fatty left the scene, the atmosphere turned lively. Each one of them exclaimed in surprise at Fatty's return to the Zhang family.

And one of the conversations caught Su Hao's attention.

"I never would have thought that after Zhang Yating, another genius would emerge!"

"Yeah, if Zhang Yating were still here, without a doubt, she would be number one."

"This pair of brother and sister..."

"If not..."

"Shhh, stop uttering nonsense."

While engaging in this hot topic, the crowd quietly dispersed.

Su Hao's eyebrows lightly twitched Sure enough, he knew that this matter wouldn't be this simple. Something must have happened when Zhang Yating met her end.

"Exactly what had happened to the Zhang family?" Su Hao muttered to himself.

Since this is a matter regarding Blue Dream Butterfly, he would definitely investigate this to its root!

As for Fatty's official return, there were still plenty of formalities that needed to be completed. Even if he wished to meet the head of the Zhang family, this leader would probably be busy that he won't accept the meeting. In the evening, he did come to meet Su Hao for a second but got dragged away due to the Zhang family's matters.

As for Su Hao, who was placed in a guest room, he quietly cultivated.

That night the Zhang family was peaceful.

Nobody noticed that Su Hao had quietly climbed up and rushed towards the one who mentioned Zhang Yating this afternoon. He wanted to know what had happened that night during Zhang Yating's incident.

Late at night, it was as quiet as ever.

With model analysis activated, Su Hao easily found his target. He knocked this man unconscious and dragged this pitiful unconscious man out of the Zhang family's dormitory.



The scene in front of him changed into something hallucinatory. At this moment, he returned to the night a few years ago. The same bright moon in a clear night, a girl was practicing in the courtyard.

Su Hao had a quick glance. She was indeed Blue Dream Butterfly.

However, just as he was about to say something, Su Hao felt a sudden unusual palpitation. Inexplicably turning his head back, a faint black shadow flashed from behind.

That was a pair of bloody red eyes or perhaps a pair of bloody fangs...

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