Godly Model Creator Chapter 645

646 There's A Retard I Know

"Things are getting more and more interesting."

Su Hao looked cold.

If the clues are broken, then is there no way to continue this investigation?

Not really!

For other people, that might be the case, but for him... there would always be a way. It's just that this is the Zhang family's residence. Unless he is left with no other alternatives, he will not use that method.

Thus, he kept waiting.

"I hope there is still someone else from the Zhang family who knows what happened that night."

Su Hao carried this young man back to his room and disappeared into the darkness.

Later that night this young man regained consciousness and suddenly noticed the sharp pain at the back of his head. "Damn it, who sneak attacked me in the middle of the night?!"

His angry roar echoed within his room.

What responded to him was the unknown number of smelly socks which had not been washed for months...

One night quietly passed.

Gaoyuan City.

The mountain range seemed endless.

Under some mountains, a middle-aged man and a young man were struggling to climb a mountain. One step forward at a time, their trek looked difficult.

"Li Tiantian, are you sure it's here?" The middle-aged man had some doubts.

"Uncle Lan, if you don't believe, you can just choose not to tag along." Li Tiantian just casually glanced at him.

Lan Tingxu no longer voiced out. If he didn't wish to tag along would he have spent all this time climbing this damn mountain while gasping for air? Would he put the effort to apply for Li Tiantian's pardon?

"Are you sure there are no dangers ahead?" Lan Tingxu asked slightly annoyed, "You need to be aware of the fact that the entire Gaoyuan City is waiting for our news to save them! If we die... Gaoyuan City will be in danger!"

"Why not just let a world esper take action? Then everything will be settled." Li Tiantian said indifferently.

"Gaoyuan city is within the mountain range. The mountains here definitely can't survive a world esper's attack. When an esper of such caliber attacks, the entire Gaoyuan City would instantly vanish!" Lan Tingxu continued while clenching his teeth, "Thus, the millions of lives in Gaoyuan City are in our hands!"

"We must find the enemy!"

"And we must learn about what is actually happening here!"

"Fine." Li Tiantian just gave a casual response.

As they both engaged in conversation, they arrived at a stone bridge which connected two mountains. They cautiously approached it. Lan Tingxu was a bit nervous, "This thing isn't dangerous, right?"

"Of course it isn't dangerous." Li Tiantian said calmly.

"Good!" Lan Tingxu took a huge step forward.


A huge hole formed under his foot as he placed it down. As Lan Tingxu stepped on empty air, the bridge seemed to block his ability, causing him to be unable to put up any resistance. Due to the sudden collapse of the stone bridge, Lan Tingxu couldn't react on time and was pulled into the depth of the abyss.

"Li Tiantian, you!" With a mad scream, Lan Tingxu fell into the abyss.

Li Tiantian sighed, "Damn it, I knew it would end up like this..."


With both eyes closed...

Li Tiantian's surroundings fluctuated. Being surrounded by light that rotated like a whirlpool, the place was illuminated. Li Tiantian's expression looked serene as a word was uttered from his mouth, "Reverse!"


Time and space rewound!

The surrounding scene changed, and it turned back to the point before this incident happened!

"This thing, it's really not dangerous?" Lan Tingxu asked with a hint of nervousness.

"If I'm you, I won't step on it." Li Tiantian indifferently answered and then took a detour even though the trip would take longer. Lan Tingxu could only follow him closely, "If you didn't walk on it, how would you know what kind of danger is there?"

"There was a retard who helped me test it before."

"Oh? Where is he now?"

"He fell to death."

Lan Tingxu nodded, "Sure enough, he's a retard."

Li Tiantian: "..."

A few minutes later...

Both were about to reach the highest peak. The surrounding mountains are steep and imposing. There is only this one path in front of them. Staring at the path for a moment, Li Tiantian decisively said, "If I didn't guess incorrectly, that bastard must be ahead. However, this path isn't good to walk on."

"There is danger ahead?" Lan Tingxu asked, still having his trust in Li Tiantian.

"Well, the moment you step on it, the surrounding rock wall will collapse. Whether you're a professional esper or a domain esper, only death awaits!"

Li Tiantian's expression looked serious.

"How you know about this?" Lan Tingxu felt a little strange.

"Just now, there was a retard who helped me to verify it." Li Tiantian replied instantly.

"Just now?" Lan Tingxu felt something was amiss. Currently isn't there only the two of them here? He didn't step on it, and Li Tiantian obviously won't do so himself. Could it be there is someone else?

"Oops, my mistake." Li Tiantian continued without batting his eyes, "I meant in the past."

"I see. Then he ended up dead?"


Lan Tingxu sighed, "Seems like you know many retards."

Li Tiantian, "...Yes."

Finishing his words, he glanced at Lan Tingxu for a second. Lan Tingxu felt something weird from his action, "Why are you looking at me?"

"No reason."

Li Tiantian shook his head. Looking at a distant mountain, "So this is the highest peak of the mountains near Gaoyuan City? Hmmm... let's go up then. I'm looking forward to this... I felt a strange aura. We will take a detour from the side."


Both of them left the spot.

Very quickly, they disappeared into the thick clouds.

Two days later.

In the Zhang family's courtyard, Su Hao sat cross-legged while silently training.

One needs to take note that the Zhang family's resources are indeed terrifying. Since that damn Fatty, Zhang Shanfeng, managed to claim his title as the number one disciple within his batch, the Zhang family instantly provided him with endless resources without any reserve.

It's simple logic.

Without any resources, he could claim the number one spot!

What if he is now blessed with resources?

Won't Fatty's strength increase even more?!

As for the issue of his loyalty...

Well, everyone could clearly see with their own eyes what Fatty had done for his mother all these years. This is someone who is loyal and filial to his family. After all, isn't his mother still in the Zhang family?

In fact, these few days...

Several strong espers from the Zhang family actually went ahead to gift expensive resources which could be used to prolong his mother's life.

Su Hao had been acting as if this is none of his business.

However, nobody knew that Fatty had given all his resources to Su Hao because he knew that every achievement he has today is all thanks to Su Hao. Su Hao is going to participate in the Tian Long Court's trial pretty soon. Thus, he wished to contribute something to Su Hao.

With abundant resources, Su Hao madly cultivated for two days straight.

His absorption rate is as terrifying as ever!

Fatty's one month of resources; when it came to Su Hao, he only needed to spend three days to consume all of it which stunned Fatty. Fatty knew that Su Hao is strong and that his consumption would be higher than usual.


Isn't this too fast?

Nobody knew that what Su Hao did was transform the energy into a permanent model, and suppressed it within his body until it erupted.


A thundering roar echoed within the model world.

Su Hao sat cross-legged and silently evaluated what happened.

Eighty percent!

After numerous deductions and modifications, he is now able to convert up to 80% of external energy into a permanent model.

This meant that...

For each bottle of energy drug, Su Hao could utilize 80% of it!

Eighty percent!

Plus, there wasn't any need to spend time recovering or on cooldowns!

As long as it is needed, Su Hao could easily destroy the permanent model at any time. After his two-day cultivation session, Su Hao had a look at the current state of his body. Now he can have a round of battles without worrying about energy!

Peak professional esper?

Half-step domain esper?

He could easily destroy any of them!

This is the confidence Su Hao had from his dominating battles. Of course, with the current energy, it could only support him once. Well, this is a minor problem.

Su Hao awoke from his deep cultivation.

Although Su Hao was cultivating, he continued investigating Zhang Yating's matter. However, he was still left empty handed!

His investigation during that day came from a conversation between several young men.

Normally, nobody would believe their words! For such a huge family, there would naturally be some who would spread rumors, so finding the truth would be difficult.

It was just that Su Hao was lucky enough that he met the young man that day.

In the past two days, many people mentioned this matter, but after Su Hao investigations, he found nothing. These young men just blatantly uttered nonsense!

Zhang Yating's matter seemed to be stuck here and could no longer proceed.

As expected...

Since she left, there was no longer any news of her.

Since that young man wasn't able to tag along, he could forget about the others witnessing the incident. The time of her disappearance did match Fatty's description.

It seems that she indeed disappeared during that window of time.

Su Hao pondered for a bit.

It looks like it's necessary for me to take a trip!

Su Hao's eyes shone.

For other people, without any more clues it would mean that the investigation would halt, but for Su Hao, as long as there is a clue, it would be enough! That night, with the scene that young man saw, it's sufficient for him to deduce the whole incident.

Since he knew the time and place, for him to find something would be as easy as ABC!

"However, I have to waste some energy." Su Hao felt slightly glum. For Zhang Yating's, he had to be careful.

Is Zhang Yating really a blue dream butterfly?

Did everything happen as he imagined?

He wasn't sure.

Even if the percentage is high, this world is still full of surprises. Thus, up until now, he still hadn't informed Blue Dream Butterfly of anything.

Humans aren't afraid of not having hope.

What depresses others more is when you are given hope but it is later taken away, that kind of blow feels horrible.

Thus, unless a definite conclusion is reached, Su Hao would never tell Blue Dream Butterfly about what he is currently doing without confirming things first.

Even when he was investigating, he would close the link of the model world so Blue Dream Butterfly and Shi Mingxuan could concentrate on learning how to use a domain realm's strength.

"It's about to begin." Su Hao took a deep breath.

Since there are no more clues, he would resort to using his own method.

That night, The clouds obscured the moon.

Within the Zhang family's compound, everyone was already asleep in their beds. Su Hao quietly appeared from the dark, walking towards the place where the incident happened, that familiar courtyard.

"It's here." Su Hao arrived at the place.

After six years past, there wasn't even the slightest change here. Not even a speck of dust could be seen! Su Hao glanced at the door and understood instantly. An energy barrier...

This place had become a restricted area, preventing anyone from entering!

No wonder there weren't any changes.

Was it because of Zhang Yating's death or some other purpose?

"The incident which happened that night is finally about to be revealed..." Su Hao muttered to himself.

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