Godly Model Creator Chapter 646

647 Retrace

"Let's begin!"

Light flashed within Su Hao's eyes.

Su Hao observed this courtyard in detail without forcefully destroying the barrier because if he triggered an alarm, it might bring the entire Zhang family's attention over here. Even if he currently has a strong force to back him up, to sneak into the unauthorized place of someone's territory in the middle of the night, the consequences he has to face once discovered might be too much to bear.


With both hands dancing in front of him, Su Hao yelled, "Backtrack!"


Time rewound.

The scene changed at a rapid rate, but Su Hao didn't lose his sight. Since the location has been determined, he only needed to set the time to that night six years ago.


"It's this moment!" Su Hao made a huge waving motion and tapped on the air.

The time froze!

The past had reappeared!

Backtracking, begin!


Everything which happened to be witnessed by that young man was recreated in front of Su Hao. That cold bloody monster, Zhang Yating's figure, and the strange light of the clairvoyance! Everything is now clear after time was retraced.

Three people...

One scene...

The rendering was completed.

The scene right now did have some differences than what he saw previously.

After all, something from one's perspective which has been influenced by the mind's subjective consciousness would be different from a third camera view. However, the overall difference wasn't huge, and Su Hao managed to recognize everything quickly.


The bloody monster got defeated.

Zhang Yating grabbed it, noticed the clairvoyance, and then everything returned to normal. The last scene which Su Hao saw was her leaving the scene with the bloody monster.


Her figure flickered and vanished.

"Slow down the speed!" Su Hao gently tapped, and the image suddenly slowed down.

Zhang Yating's body instantly turned clear. She was heading to none other than her master's place. Su Hao proceeded to follow her closely.

In real life, Su Hao was walking in the same direction too.

However, the scene he saw was completely different from his current surrounding. Right now, it was as if Su Hao had traveled back in time to that night.


Su Hao's figure flickered, barely able to keep up.

The time didn't take long.

Zhang Yating continued her way together with the bloody monster. Su Hao had been in high alert all this while, thinking that they would meet some sort of monster, but unexpectedly...

It didn't happen!

There was no enemy!

Just like that, Zhang Yating reached her master's place! In fact, she managed to walk all the way to her master's courtyard safely.

There wasn't any danger!

"This..." Su Hao was stunned.

What is happening here?

There wasn't any danger?

This doesn't make sense!

Since Zhang Yating had seen her master, how did she disappear? Could it be after she left this place? Then why didn't her master mention anything about this?

Something is amiss here!

Su Hao's heart skipped a beat.

However, he did not dare try to proceed any further because ahead of him is the place where the Zhang family members live. With Su Hao's current strength, entering uninvited is a death sentence!

His clues were useless after arriving here!

"Darn!" Su Hao couldn't help but curse.

When he thought of a solution on how to solve a problem, more problems would arise! This is simply... one hell of a puzzle!

"What exactly happened that night?" Su Hao could no longer proceed in his investigation.

Looking around, Su Hao saw that the courtyard of the Zhang family's head was brightly lit up. He knew he couldn't continue otherwise the patrol team would rush over here and that would be the end of him.

"Forget it. It's time to go back." Su Hao shook his head and turned around.


Su Hao's whole body tingled in fear.

A pair of bloody pupils flashed right in front of his eyes. The distance between him and these pupils was less than one millimeter. In fact, Su Hao's face actually came into contact with it!


Su Hao had goosebumps all over his body!

With his pores fully opened, he dared not move as his heart kept beating wildly! The distance was too close, and the scare nearly stopped his heart from working.

What should I do now?

Have I been discovered?

With this thought echoing in his mind, Su Hao almost made a move. However, Su Hao seemed to have thought of something and then checked the 2D map which calmed him down completely. There was no red dot on the map.

In other words ...

This isn't real!


Su Hao took a deep breath.

Stepping aside, sure enough, the blood-shot eyes were still staring at the same courtyard. Sighing in relief, he began to curse. Those eyes nearly scared him to death.

This bloody monster is extremely terrifying.

Especially the eyes!

Even after six years had passed, even when he was looking at this from a third person view, Su Hao still subconsciously got himself dragged into this memory.

But why would it be here?

Su Hao clearly remembered there was another one in Zhang Yating's hand!


Su Hao recalled and compared the previous bloody monster with this one in front of him, and surprisingly... it wasn't the same one!

In other words, there were two bloody monsters which appeared that night!

This isn't the end product of an experiment but a type which is still in the experimental phase! Does this mean that there was a batch coming from the experiment consisting of these bloody monsters?

Su Hao sucked in a mouthful of cold air upon thinking of this.


The experiment reeks of blood!

So, what the news reported before was just a small part of the whole picture. What was mentioned in the news was just the discovery of an experimental monster labeled as a failed product, but the number was never mentioned! Thinking about this, which experiment doesn't involve thousands of test runs?

And those bloody monsters...

What is their exact number?

This unknown creator could easily rival a peak professional esper! Which organization was this insane that it dared to carry out such experiments? Piao Ling Organization? Or some other mysterious organization?

Su Hao shook his head slightly.

This bloody monster still maintained its glare from a distance towards the same location. Zhang Yating still hadn't left after all this time. Meanwhile, a patrol team passed by. Su Hao quietly evaded them. After making sure they had left, he continued to observe quietly.

He felt that something was amiss.

The bloody monster kept glaring at this one spot. Zhang Yating didn't appear since then, and the clues were all pointing to this place. Could it be the problem is on the head of the Zhang family? Did he harm Zhang Yating?

He suddenly had this urge to know when Zhang Yating would come out...

Half an hour later, Zhang Yating reappeared!

However, the moment she made her appearance, a light flashed. She actually charged towards Su Hao's direction. He was stunned for a second but quickly recovered. Her goal was that bloody monster.


As expected!

The bloody monster was easily defeated.

Zhang Yating grabbed it like before without showing any changes in her expression.

Soon, an aircraft powered by origin energy appeared. Zhang Yating coldly grabbed this monster along before taking off with the aircraft, leaving the Zhang family's residence.

Nobody noticed this scene.

"She safely came out... It seems that the head didn't harm her."

Su Hao began to analyze deeper with the current information he had. Since it was not the Zhang family's head, where did Zhang Yating go? Su Hao's heart yearned for the answer, and he followed her.

Except he obviously couldn't enter the aircraft.

Luckily he didn't have to physically enter. As his figure flickered, Su Hao placed his field of vision on the aircraft before it took off and he noticed a line.

It was the destination.

Target: Gaoyuan City!

"Gaoyuan City?" Su Hao quietly remembered this name and looked at the departing aircraft. If he didn't guess incorrectly, it should be the last place she visited.

After leaving, she never returned!

Until later on, when a certain secret laboratory got destroyed, and Zhang Yating's body was sent back here. Then, she was cremated, buried, and returned to Mother Earth.

"Zhang Yating..."

"Blue Dream Butterfly..."

Su Hao kept silence.

Now, everything is pointing at Gaoyuan City! Su Hao knew that if he is to investigate further regarding Blue Dream Butterfly and Zhang Yating's past, he would have to personally go for a trip there.

"Seems that this can't be done quickly."

Su Hao sighed. He had to attend Tian Long Court's disciple trial. Only after this trial ended could he plan a visit to Gaoyuan City.


Light flashed.

The backtracking was deactivated.

Su Hao's figure quietly disappeared from the spot.

Time passed by.

For half a month, Su Hao didn't move as he madly cultivated in the Zhang family's residence.

The Zhang family was still pretty cool with Su Hao cultivating here. After all, there is a terrifying world esper powerhouse backing him up from behind! Besides, with Su Hao's relation with Fatty, it isn't a bad idea if they could make Su Hao feel indebted to them. Plus, how many resources can one man consume?

Thus on that day...

The Zhang family's supervisor had made a decision which he would regret for the rest of his life, "Rest assured. There is nothing to worry about. Every resource you use today is under our family's tab!"

The Zhang family's supervisor still remembered that green light coming from Su Hao's eyes that day.

One day!

In just one day!

Su Hao consumed a hundred times more than what the domain espers in the Zhang family could!

A hundred times!

And it's domain espers!

When the Zhang family's supervisor saw the resources in their origin library drop significantly, his face turned green on the spot. Rumors said that he slapped himself a hundred times, but this is not something that can be verified.

In short...

Su Hao's madness in consuming resources stunned everyone.

At the same time, Zhang family's cultivation room was located at a unique spot. By cultivating here, the effect is ten times stronger than other places! Being the top disciple of his batch, Fatty naturally had the qualification to access this room, but this reward had been quietly given to Su Hao. For the past half a month, this spot was where Su Hao madly cultivated!


Another endless energy fluctuation flashed.

"Five times!"

Su Hao woke up from his cultivation.

His current body now stored an abundant amount of energy since many permanent models had been established. With Su Hao's means, that was sufficient enough to support five of his all-out attacks.

"Five times, it should be enough." Su Hao got up.

Since every business here has been completed, it was time to leave.

"You're leaving?" Fatty quickly reacted.

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