Godly Model Creator Chapter 647

648 Variable

Su Hao nodded, "Tian Long Court's disciple trial is around the corner. I need to go back to make some preparations. The resources which I owe you from these days, I will pay it back in the future."

"No need."

The fat man scratched his head and said, "Those resources are compensation for all the years I have suffered from the Zhang family, and they are what you helped me earn. To let you use them is naturally a must. If not for your help, I would still be at the bottom being bullied like usual."

"That is different." Su Hao shook his head with a smile, "Alright, you don't have to be at a loss regarding this matter. Your talent itself is originally amazing. As long as you keep training based on this rate, you will soon step into the domain realm! At that time, your words will carry weight in the Zhang family. Your future will also be smoother."

"Unfortunately... if my sister was still..." One could see a hint of sadness from Fatty's expression.

Su Hao's heart skipped a beat, but he refrained from speaking. It's not the time to do so.

"If you have any trouble, feel free to find me." Su Hao quickly glanced at him, "No matter what enemy it is, I will always find a solution to help you."


Fatty's eyes shone. 'No matter what enemy it is'...

He understood the weight of Su Hao's sentence which is why he is shocked. Is that absolute confidence of himself or in Fatty?

"Alright!" Fatty just nodded seriously.

No words are enough to repay a huge favor.

He knew that he owed Su Hao too much.

They didn't say much for this farewell. After Su Hao explained some things Fatty had to be more wary of, he left. After all, Fatty is most likely the younger brother of Blue Dream Butterfly. The moment when Su Hao left the Zhang family's residence, the old and young man pair appeared again, watching Su Hao's back for a long time.

"Su Hao..."

Traces of doubt could be seen within the old man's eyes, "His sudden visit to the Zhang family and roaming around at night, what exactly was he trying to investigate?"

"Xiao San, what had he seen?" The old man suddenly asked Zhang San.

Zhang San shook his head, "Nobody! When he went out at night, I cleared everything. Thus, his night trip ended up bearing no fruit."

"En, that's great then." The old man replied before muttering to himself, "Su Hao is a variable, after all."

"Or else I could make him..."

Zhang San ruthlessly made a cutting gesture, but the old man returned with a glare, "If it was that easy, do we need to wait for you to make a move? With a mysterious peak world esper and that unknown Tian Xing Martial Army behind Su Hao, there are too many factors which we must never provoke or else we will end up as cannon fodder."


Zhang San didn't really understand his explanation, but the old man wasn't bothered by it. Looking into the distance, he smirked, "A variable is not necessarily a bad thing. This world... It seems it will turn chaotic soon!"

Zhang San was stunned.

He couldn't understand the other stuff but this last sentence, he naturally understood it!

In the past, the old man would always mention something becoming chaotic but this time, what he said is none other than the world itself!

The world is going to be chaotic?

Zhang San looked up at the sky. Endlessly complicated emotions were contained within his heart. Chaos?


Only in chaotic time would a hero be born!

Gaoyuan City...

On the highest peak around the area...

Li Tiantian and Lan Tingxu climbed up with a sullen look. They never imagined this journey would be so difficult to walk on since it's circular all the way up. They had to take a detour around all the time before finally reaching the center of the peak.

"Look at this path you choose." Lan Tingxu lamented.

"You can choose to walk by yourself then." Li Tiantian didn't hold himself back, expressing his annoyance.

"Why do you always want to oppose me?" Lan Tingxu's eyes widened, " after all, I am the one who is seeking your pardon. In the future, you will be able to live freely without any sin."

"I was never guilty in the first place." Li Tiantian didn't seem to care about the kind gesture.

"At least, you won't be on the wanted list." Lan Tingxu was somehow irritated by the answer.

"It's not like you can catch me anyways." Li Tiantian mocked.

Lan Tingxu: "..."

This damn little bastard!

Unwillingly he had to admit Li Tiantian's words are true. To catch Li Tiantian isn't an easy task thanks to his talent. The moment Li Tiantian dared to reveal himself, it would be during the moment when there is no danger.

For example... this time!

And last time!

There was once when Lan Tingxu attempted to get through Li Tiantian; however, even after a few years, he still couldn't see Li Tiantian's shadow. He even suspected that during their first meeting, it was Li Tiantian who deliberately disclosed the information of the incoming beast tide in order to request his aid to assist Su Hao.

In other people's eyes, strength surpasses everything!

Especially in this era of origin ability, nobody could deny this single fact!

However, Lan Tingxu knew that the most terrifying thing isn't about total dominance in strength. A professional esper can suppress a specialized esper. A domain esper can suppress a professional esper, and if there is a domain esper as an enemy, then just let a world esper make a move. However, someone with a grade S talent

That is the worst enemy!

Li Tiantian clearly proves this point.

He's too terrifying that it gave others goosebumps.

Of course, Lan Tingxu still didn't know that, in the depth of endless glacier, there is currently a witch named Su Wan floating above a glacier, imbuing endless ice element to a young girl in front of her. A grade S talent which has zero side effects was currently transforming!

The only limitation of grade S talent is its side effects.

Once there are no side effects...

When the restrictions have been removed...

How powerful would it be?

"Finally, we have arrived!" Li Tiantian pointed at somewhere far away.

Lan Tingxu raised his head to have a look. In the distance, the aura of a berserk beast could be felt. It belongs to a king-level beast. Such strength is actually above any average king-level beast.

A half-step domain realm!

"Just as we expected, it's a berserk beast..."

Li Tiantian was just about to say something and when a sudden force came from behind him. He heard a loud bang, and he was stunned when he turned around. From the sky, a huge mountain boulder slammed on the spot he was at earlier. Lan Tingxu had pushed Li Tiantian aside and got himself caught under the boulder instead.


Lan Tingxu spat out a mouthful of blood, "It seems that the density of this mountain is so thick that it actually blocks my spatial ability."

Li Tiantian stared at him in a daze. What nonsense was he uttering? The moment they stepped onto the mountain, their energy utilization had been sealed. It was due to this reason that Lan Tingxu had to experience countless deaths. His spatial ability was rendered useless. It was just that Li Tiantian had never imagined Lan Tingxu to actually save him.

"Why did you save me?"

"Why?" Lan Tingxu's expression was dazed, "Well, no reason. I just recalled the time when you were small. Ugh~"

Yet another mouthful of blood was spurted out. With a pale face, Lan Tingxu continued, "I know you hate me, but... if I'm dead, remember to take care of Little Die..."

Li Tiantian rolled his eyes.

He didn't bother with Lan Tingxu's cliche words.

One's dying words are always touching, but after listening to the same words for a dozen time, can your heart still be moved by them?

"Reverse!" Li Tiantian was too lazy to entertain his nonsense.


Time reversed.

When they reached the top, when Lan Tingxu was irritated to the max by Li Tiantian's words, he suddenly saw a huge boulder incoming. He was about to push Li Tiantian aside when Li Tiantian quickly took a huge leap to the side.

"You" Lan Tingxu's eyes opened wide, "You even knew about this?"

Li Tiantian just casually looked at him. "Obviously."

Lan Tingxu calmly said, "There must be another retard who had died, right?"

"Hahahaha." Li Tiantian suddenly burst in laughter. This time, he laughed so hard that his stomach was in pain.

"What are you laughing at!" Lan Tingxu's face was awkward.

"Thank you."

It was as if Li Tiantian had untied a knot in his heart; he walked forward while laughing in tears, leaving behind the clueless Lan Tingxu, "This guy, he must have said some nonsense again."


No one noticed that some of Li Tiantian's hair had already turned white.

The side effects of a grade S talent are definitely not as simple as one thought they would be.

Gaoyuan City...

Wind surged like a gathering storm; the whole city was shrouded by an inexplicable aura. As for the surrounding peaks, they are all hidden in the midst of thick clouds and fogs. Being unable to see the sky, the situation here is extremely strange. It was this aura which blocked all signals, causing the satellite to be unable to detect the city. Here, it was as if there is nothing but void.

It was not only Li Tiantian's group sent by the Federation.

At the west side of the mountain range, a proudful young man flew across the sky. On his back is a pair of huge wings, angel's wings which are proudly flipping. This is one top tier ability in the flying category.

"Humph, those bunch of losers. I knew they wouldn't be able to find anything."

One could sense arrogance from the way he carries himself.

He might be weak in combat, but when it comes to investigations, he's an expert! Even the origin techniques he learned are used for escape and detection. To enter danger zones are naturally his field. At a young age, he achieved many great accomplishments in the military. Naturally, he would be proud of himself.

"Well, let me see."

The young man flapped his wings, forming green wind.

The mountains in front of him suddenly turned clear as the shield was automatically dissipated. He then flew higher in the sky to provide himself a panoramic view of the mountain range.


Within the mountain range, a person was climbing up a mountain with difficulty.

"To climb up at such a strange time?"


His wings moved in synchronization.

The young man flew over there in a blink of an eye.


That man was somehow afraid by the sudden appearance that he took a few steps back.

"Isn't this something that I should ask instead? To climb up at this time, could you be a berserk beast here?" The young man's eyes lit up.

"No, I'm not."

The man nervously denied and quickly revealed the badge on his chest, "I am a journalist from Federal Daily and came here to report the situation in Gaoyuan City."

"Federal Daily?" The young man was stunned.

Damn it!

He hasn't even had a clear look of the city's situation, and a random journalist appeared here already?

"This is a military secret. Quickly leave this place now or don't blame me for being rude!" The young man said in an angry tone.

"Oh, okay then." The journalist knew that he had seen something which he shouldn't have, but still then still asked cautiously, "I heard that the government has a special esper and his investigative ability is extremely high. Could it be you?"

"It's just a mere talent." The young man was extremely proud but remained modest on the surface.

"I see." The journalist's face brightened, "My idol, many journalists do admire you. Can I have a photo with you?"

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