Godly Model Creator Chapter 648

649 Photo

"Take a photo?"

The young man hesitated for a moment. Looking at the eager look of the journalist, he then nodded, "Okay but this must never be spread out or else..."

"Rest assured."

The journalist was very excited.

Directing his camera at the prideful figure of the young man, "Snap!" A photo full of artistic value was born. The young man had a quick glance and was satisfied with the end product.


A photo was instantly printed out from the camera.

The 3D effect was pretty legit.

"Alright then, I'm quite busy. You better leave this place at once!"

The young man continued in an arrogant tone, "If the government discovered this, even I wouldn't be able to save you."


The photo within the journalist's hand suddenly turned strange, "The current Federation's soldiers are still as ignorant as ever."


The man with wings felt something was amiss and even considered he had misheard.

"They're too weak."

The journalist sighed. With a smirk, he shredded the photo without any hesitation. With a loud ripping noise, the perfect photo turned into countless scrap pieces, leisurely falling to the ground.


The young man fumed.

He didn't clearly hear what the journalist said earlier, but he definitely saw the reporter tear his photo with his own eyes. This person, he's actually trying to make a fool out of me?

"Courting death!"

The anger within the young man could no longer be contained. With his wings flapping, he wanted to charge the journalist. However, what stunned him was when his body was moving halfway, he froze.


With a loud, strange sound, his charge was abruptly halted.

Then, the young man was terrified to realize that his body had been frozen, and his current pose was exactly the same as the one in the photo!



Two sounds rang softly.

The young man was so panicked when he noticed that his body and the surrounding space began to tear, forming numerous white cracks. The position where the cracks were formed... He looked at the scattered pieces of the photo on the ground with wide eyes... They're exactly the same!


Blood splattered everywhere.

His body began to deform, but he could only helplessly watch his slowly approaching death in horror before shifting his gaze to the journalist who was standing nearby. In his eyes, only endless fear remained.

This man...

What is his true identity?

"Who are you?!" The young man screamed at the top of his lungs as his last action before death.


The corner of the journalist's mouth rose, forming a smiling arc, "Me? I already told you that I'm a journalist."


The young man's body disintegrated, turning into countless pieces!


A breeze passed by, blowing the debris on the ground away which then turned into countless powder before returning to Mother Earth. At the same time, the young man's remains and his pair of wings disappeared inexplicably. No trace could be found at all.

Heaven and Earth returned to normal.

It was as if nothing had happened here.


The journalist raised his head and then shook the camera on his chest a bit. With a bright smile, he continued to climb the mountain, "I have already said I really am a journalist."

"En, a holographic journalist!"

The journalist's slim figure disappeared as he approached the peak of the mountain.

It was as if the earlier incident didn't happen at all.


The atmosphere in Zhanzheng College wasn't the same as usual.

On the east side of the suburban region, there is a beautiful spot decorated in mountains and rivers. Yes, this place is where, Tian Long Court, the most powerful force of Zhanzheng College is located at. Usually, this place would be peaceful, but today is the day for the disciple assessment. One by one, those powerful students returned to register for the event which is why it attracted many people's attention.

"Look at that, another one in the list of top ten most violent men returned!"

"So many strong applicants!"

"Those who won't appear in public during normal times, every one of them now shows up!"

The crowd was engaged in a heated discussion.

Those who always bully other students, usually they aren't really strong because the ones who are truly powerful are all madmen in cultivating and training. Which one of them would have the luxury to bully others?



The ground trembled.

A burly man with a domineering aura took one step at a time. On his feet, one could see huge, thick chains hanging in between them. As he walked past, deep imprints remained.

"He actually came too?"

Some within the crowd were alarmed.

"Who is he?"

"One of the top ten most violent men, Wang Suo! Having a top tier unique talent, he can lock anything. To describe this normally, he can seal anything! When one faces against him, their strength would be greatly reduced. The chain under his feet is something he did to himself in order to cultivate."

"A maniac..."

The crowd was speechless.

In order to cultivate, he sealed himself? Isn't this something only a madman would do?

Wang Suo's appearance was just the appetizer.

Soon, the strong and well-known students appeared one after another. These people would always stay low-key. Only during this crucial, special moment would they reveal themselves to the public.

The number of students attending this trial stunned everyone.

"This time around, the number of students attending this disciple assessment for Tian Long Court is actually this much?

"The end term is approaching. I guess this is something they have to do."

"Tian Long Court's admittance, isn't there a limit?"

"Who knows, it is different every time."

While the crowd was busy chit-chatting, a figure suddenly charged in. In an instant, the scene went into total silence. Nobody dared to produce a single sound.

They recognized this person.

Su Hao!

There are many strong students in Zhanzheng College, but recently the title of the most popular person belongs to Su Hao without a doubt! Performing a massacre in the school, killing a school teacher, defeating Chen Sheng, the sudden emergence of a peak world esper, each of Su Hao's action stunned everyone and he held the reputation of a walking calamity that no one dared to provoke.


A student revealed a smirk, "Seems that after our absence for several months, interesting events had been happening in the school... Su Hao, huh..."

Su Hao just arrived here.

As for how the crowd reacted, he was clearly able to observe it.

In his 2D map, large red dots kept popping up. Each dot is not any smaller than his!

The number of people as strong as him is no less than ten!

Zhanzheng College is indeed full of crouching tigers and hidden dragons.

Su Hao just casually had a quick glance at everyone before maintaining his expression, walking towards the front door of Tian Long Court. After finishing the registration procedure, he quickly stepped aside to wait.

This disciple trial of Tian Long Court, before it begins, nobody would be able to guess what it is about. Even the previous batch would have a different trial. Thus, one can only wait.

Su Hao closed his eyes to adjust his mind.

Energy fluctuations would occasionally sweep across the surrounding. With Synchronous Playback, everyone's action could be seen. Those around him would occasionally put their guard up. However, if he is to pick someone as the strongest... it should be that man named Wang Suo.

At least, his aura is definitely the strongest!

Everyone is observing each other since each student here is a potential competitor. At this tense moment, the light in front of Tian Long Court's front door suddenly lit up.


The sky suddenly turned red as endless reddish clouds covered it.

The surrounding temperature slowly rose. The clouds continued to linger around as the red stain intensified. The crowd was stunned and didn't know what was happening. Su Hao subconsciously had a look at his 2D map and suddenly revealed a shocked expression. Could it be...


The endless red clouds then split in half.

A dazzling flame descended from the sky and slammed down like a meteorite. The powerful might shocked everyone. In the end, a thin figure emerged from within the flame.

"As I expected, it's a student!"

Su Hao's eyes shone.

What a powerful student...

"A student?"

"This is simply showing off!"

"Who is that? F*ck him... Doesn't he know we're still in the school compounds?"

Someone angrily voiced his discontent. Looking towards the flame, due to the extremely bright light emitted from the flame, he could not identify this student.

When everyone was wondering about the person's identity...

The flame condensed and headed back into the student's body, revealing a plain, ordinary face to the crowd.

"It's actually him!"

"He is also joining!"

"This time, we will get to enjoy a good show."

Numerous students were shocked. The one who was cursing halfway instantly shut his mouth. Obviously, some students must have recognized the identity of this newly-arrived student. Yet another of the top ten most violent men who is famous for his remarkable control over flames and ability talent in that element. The crowd called him Lie Shou.

As for Su Hao, when this man revealed his face, Su Hao was shocked.

It's actually him?

Lie Shou huh...

Su Hao was a bit distracted.

It was as if at this instant, he had returned to the time when he was a third-year high school student. At that time, when he was working hard outside the city to hunt red jackals, he met a young man in Zhanzheng College's uniform. The strength he revealed showed that he was very powerful, and him wiping out the jackal king had stunned Su Hao.

And the student in front of Su Hao right now is precisely the same young man from that time!

"Lie Shou?" Su Hao muttered to himself.

As the flame condensed, Lie Shou walked out slowly. As always, with his cold attitude and arrogance, he ignored everyone's gazes and headed straight to register his name. Soon, after finishing the procedure, Lie Shou coldly glanced at the surroundings. Those around him who met his gaze were very scared and quickly avoided eye contact with him.

At this time...

Lie Shou had a glimpse and seemed to have noticed Su Hao's gaze.

Looking at Su Hao closely, his whole body froze on the spot.

Obviously, he recognized Su Hao.

"It's you?"

Lie Shou could not comprehend this unexpected situation.

About one year ago, that student who was still struggling at 5 points in origin ability is now qualified to participate in Tian Long Court's trial. The surprise which Su Hao brought him far exceeded his understanding. In just one year plus from one who literally has zero talent in cultivation all the way to the peak of professional realm?

Lie Shou felt that his understanding of this world had gone haywire.

Although when one's talent blooms, the breakthrough would be fast but to be this fast... Are you trying to tease me? Lie Shou subconsciously opened his eyes wide.

"Hello, long time no see." Su Hao quickly recovered his mind.

"Long time no see." Lie Shou was still in a daze.

The scene from that day appeared once again. He still felt this is absurd. To reach the peak of the professional realm in one year? Even if he has the material of one that will shock the world, it's still not a feat that any ordinary man could achieve!

Tian Long Court's disciple trial is after all strict in selecting participants.

"To meet again is fate."

After all, Lie Shou is not an ordinary student. He quickly calmed himself and laughed it off, "To meet twice is considered fate itself. Well, during the trial, I can help you once."

"Oh by the way, what is your name?"

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