Godly Model Creator Chapter 649

650 Trial Mission

"Su Hao." Su Hao replied without hiding anything.

"En, Su Hao. I will remember."

Lie Shou patted on his shoulder, "In the future, if anyone dares bully you, you can use my name. Hold on... this name sounds familiar. Su Hao... Could it be..."

Lie Shou's both eyes suddenly widened, "You're that Su Hao?"

"Although I am not sure which Su Hao you're referring to..." Su Hao paused for a moment, "But in Zhanzheng College, I should be the only one with this name."

"It's actually you?!" Lei Shou looked at Su Hao in disbelief.

Of course, he would be shocked by this revelation.

Although he had been cultivating all this time and didn't pay much attention to other matters, he still heard of Su Hao's reputation and the things he had done. It was just that he didn't personally witness it. Su Hao's reckless massacre had won him the title as a calamity star. Not to mention the recent rumor about him beating Chen Sheng.

His strength is, without a doubt, terrifying!

Such a character who is strong and domineering, named as one of the top ten most violent men just like Lie Shou, Su Hao is actually the same little brat whom he saw outside Jianghe City?

"I have a headache." Lie Shou thought he was dreaming.


Su Hao was a bit embarrassed by this reaction. He was shocked with Lie Shou's appearance, but he never thought that Lie Shou would be shocked by him too. Plus, from Lie Shou's reaction, he still didn't seem to recover from that discovery yet.

"Senior Lie Shou?" Su Hao attempted to call him.


Lie Shou recovered from his shock and realized that he had acted differently than his usual self. He bitterly smiled; just a moment ago, he was acting cool in front of the crowd but Su Hao...

Exactly what kind of perception does he have to be able to improve this quickly?

The curiosity within Lie Shou's heart had been flicked on.

"Su Hao, you..."


Light flashed, and Lie Shou's words were interrupted mid-way as a dazzling ray of light appeared from off in the distance. Everyone held their breath because this time, it would most likely be the arrival of the examiners.



As expected...

In just a few breaths, a black shadow appeared in front of the crowd. However, when Su Hao saw this shadow, he was stunned again!

WTF, it can't be!

Meeting this Lie Shou, someone whom he knew, he already felt that it was a coincidence.

And now...

He actually met another acquaintance!

And it's not an ordinary acquaintance!



In two steps, that figure instantly arrived in front of Su Hao. Without showing any signs of movement for a long time, both of them just stared at each other with inexplicable expressions.

That person looked at Su Hao with an even more thoughtful gaze.

The surrounding spectators were shocked by this scene and didn't dare to say a single word. At the same time, their heart was filled with doubts. What's going on here? Forget about knowing Lie Shou... what's with knowing this examiner too?

And it happened to be before the trial assessment. Isn't this clearly cheating?!

It was just that they weren't able to differentiate that those gaze from these two men's eyes are definitely not of friendship but instead... a unique kind of murderous intent.


Lie Shou coldly snorted in dissatisfaction. His figure moved, stepping in the front of Su Hao and directly entered into an offensive mode.


Wild aura swept across the surrounding like a gust of wind.

At this moment, nobody would have expected that in a blink of an eye, a heavyweight battle had already erupted.

A battle of auras!

It was just that this battle got disrupted by Lie Shou.

"You don't have to be so impulsive, little brat. I don't plan to make any moves." The man casually smiled.

"You know him?" Lie Shou's brows twitched. He didn't bother with the man but looked at Su Hao instead.

"Of course." Su Hao shrugged his shoulder and explained in a resentful tone, "We came from the same city."

That man squinted his eyes while smiling happily, "Of course, we're from the same origin. Isn't it right, Su Hao? To be frank, I have been waiting for a long time for this day to arrive. However, I never expected you to be this fast."

"I am not that happy with your tone of speech." Su Hao tried to play it down.

"Then what else do you still want to hear?"

That man was very happy, "After all, you're the one who killed my actual younger brother. What else I can do but to resort to such an expression?"

Lie Shou felt that his view of this world had been turned upside down. Forget about Su Hao's ridiculous improvement, what's going on with this scene? Killed his actual younger brother? Then, how could he still smile this brightly?

"Stop trying to come at my head with something that you did with your own hands." Su Hao smirked.

Sun Yaohui shrugged his shoulder. He didn't comment or deny it but casually smiled.

A breeze blew past them.

Lie Shou felt the atmosphere was a bit cold.

After exchanging a few sentences, Lie Shou could clearly identify that this person is definitely a madman with A few screws loose! Whether or not his brother got killed by Su Hao, such an attitude is absolutely abnormal! Coupled with his feminine tone, people subconsciously felt he is akin to a poisonous snake.

As the situation around these three was kind of strange, the crowd couldn't help but look at them.

At this moment, Sun Yaohui clapped his hand and turned around to look at the crowd, "Now, everyone who is participating in Tian Long Court's disciple trial, please gather here. Oh... I forget to inform you all that I am the one in charge of this assessment."


"This guy?"

"Isn't he a student?"

When the crowd heard this, they felt unconvinced with this decision.

Tian Long Court's disciple trial is related to one's future. Yet, the school actually arranged a student to be in charge of it?

What is the school trying to achieve here?

There isn't a clear class division between the students of Tian Long Court due to everyone being at the peak of the professional realm. Even when one's strength might be stronger than the others, what qualification does he have to access everyone?

"I want to apply for a school teacher to be in charge instead!"

A student was unhappy with this arrangement and stood up to protest. With his oppressive aura, it was heading towards Sun Yaohui. Those selected to participate in the trial are all among the best in the school. Who would be able to stand being judged by another student?

"I also don't agree that you should be in charge!" Another student stood up.

The whole scene turned tense, and nobody dared to approach within ten meters of this area.

"Me too."

Soon, another student stood up. Well, this was the first time for Tian Long Court's disciple trial to be handled by a student. Obviously, they wouldn't be satisfied with this arrangement. Even Lie Shou wanted to join the trio, but when he was about to step forward, he had a glance at Su Hao, and his heart skipped a beat without knowing why. This caused him to stop his action as he knew a fact...

Su Hao should be the one who knows how terrifying this Sun Yaohui is.


Su Hao understood Sun Yaohui.

Although they might not be close, after a few confrontations with each other, he had a clear impression of this Sun Yaohui's heart and soul. A guy who can easily kill his family without any hesitation is definitely no joke! With Sun Yaohui's intelligence, he definitely won't be playing a ridiculous game. As for his actual goal?

It is definitely not simple.

Thus, Su Hao decided just to observe the scene unfolding quietly.

Ignoring Sun Yaohui, Su Hao just closed his eyes and waited. However, through Synchronous Playback, Su Hao could still observe the surrounding scene clearly. Naturally, he realized Sun Yaohui's action of glancing over at him and wondered if it was intentional or not. What's he waiting for? There must be some sinister plan of his behind the curtain!

Or perhaps...

What he is waiting for is Su Hao to make a move!

Because once Su Hao makes a move, Sun Yaohui could openly kill Su Hao without abusing his power! Su Hao was stunned. This guy, sure enough, he's a truly insidious man.

Plus, even if there is no conspiracy behind this, Su Hao still won't be taking any action.

Because through his 2D map, he could clearly see how bright that red dot which represents Sun Yaohui.

He's extremely strong!

In fact, he's not any weaker than Senior Wan Cheng.

Just as he predicted; when Su Hao finished organizing his thoughts, he heard a loud shout. Several students who tried to make a move on Sun Yaohui were all blasted away and immediately vomited blood.


The several students spurted blood.

Just an aura attack was enough to cause serious injuries!

Only now did Lie Shou looked at Su Hao in fear. Fortunately, he decided to follow Su Hao and didn't join the party. Otherwise... However, one has to question is this guy really a peak professional esper?

He's actually really strong at this level!

Three peak professional espers who are considered geniuses actually failed to hurt him! Instead, they suffered serious injuries!

"Little brats, you guys still have a long way to go."

Sun Yaohui glanced at Su Hao for a second. One couldn't guess what he was thinking right now. Perhaps he was regretful that Su Hao didn't participate in the protest just now. Turning his body around, he walked forward, "As for the others, come in with me. Tian Long Court's disciple trial officially begins!"

"It has begun?"

Everyone was shocked.

As they turned their back, they saw those three who received an attack from Sun Yaohui were still lying on the ground and struggled to get up. Although they were selected for the trial...

They probably can no longer participate in this trial.

In the future, they won't have another chance!

"Such a black-hearted man!"

Everyone sucked in a mouthful of cold air.

When they looked at Sun Yaohui again, fear began to linger in their hearts.

Sun Yaohui's facial expression always had this faint smile which makes one feel that he is easy to bully, but once he makes a move, he would be so harsh that he's willing to destroy someone's future.

However, it was Su Hao who sighed in relief, witnessing this scene.

Now this is the true Sun Yaohui.

Sun Yaohui the Viper!

Tian Long Court...

Sun Yaohui brought everyone to a room near to the main door but didn't go inside. Instead, he handed out a piece of paper containing information to everyone, "This is the mission for this trial."


Everyone's heart was wary.

A paper... In this era, using paper is usually for confidentiality purposes. What kind of trial is this are they about to face?


When everyone opened the folded paper, their face had a huge change.


A group mission!

To calm down the disaster in Gaoyuan City!

This mission stated that there are one or two king-level berserk beasts in Gaoyuan City, and their mission is to kill all the berserk beasts there!

"King-level berserk beasts..."

Everyone's facial expression wasn't looking great.

For them who are used to having assessments in the campus, this horrifying mission which involves king-level beasts is absolutely unreasonable!

"Because you all don't have experience against king-level beasts, this is why it's a group mission."

Sun Yaohui smiled and continued his explanation, "Let me see. There are 15 people participating in this trial. Oh... wrong, it should be 12 now. Hmmpphh... it shouldn't be that difficult. Oh yeah, the duration for this trial is one month. Then, I will welcome you guys back when the deadline arrives."

"King-level beasts, huh?"


Su Hao just looked at Sun Yaohui and revealed a smile, "After one month, we will definitely return. Senior, you shouldn't try to roam around, it might be bad if we accidentally consider Senior as a berserk beast during the outside trip."

After finishing his words, Su Hao turned around and left.

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